Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I wanna sleep...

Date : 29th November 2006
Time : 2.00PM
Listening to : Sunway's radio playing christmas songs... (yawnnnn)
Where : Starbucks - Sunway pyramid

I cannot tahan man... Here i am, after finished art class, trying to do Malaysian Studies assignment... babi sial one...want me to do democracy crap... Darn sleepy ok... And then Sunway's radio playing slow christmas songs... Adoih.... These couple of weeks can kill me man... Not say never sleep la... But so little. Sleep somewhere around 1.00AM and woke up around three and hardcore till the next day then go class at 9.30AM and then comes back around 5.00PM and then nap one hour, wake up then work until 12.00++ then sleep then wake up around three and repeat ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!! Mau mati liao... Yesterday Zheng came over and we did our pop-up. Damn crazy. My pop up is DARN crazy. The details are so gila. People who sees the 3 hour roof that i made gives me only 2 comments. One is "You gila/crazy ar!!!" and another is, "I pity you chen..good luck" and its due next week! And William (My lecturer) saw it and he said, "Wow.... You didn't sleep the whole night sure one... You need magnifying glass to do is it?" haha... funny... But still, i hope to finish it. And i am rather discouraged cos i really want high distinction for finished art but now i dun think i can. Sad but it's ok.... Neway, my pop's not hard to cut the small details la but darn hard to paste wei...

I very tired and drained lor. Our dean bluff people one. During orientation said we will have time to go sunway lagoon every week. Where got. Sleep also no time d... Joseph, Carien and Ye Shan quitting school d... Too hectic liao. Darn gila... I still enjoy my ork la but i am yearning and dreaming and wanting so much sleep right now. If not because of my common test 3, i will go home d and wun go Malaysian Studies Replacement class today! I just wanna sleep. Aaaaaaah! I am going gila d. But then again... God put me here for a purpose and i am not sure it's to strip me from my sleep. So i will persevere!!! And i can't go back for Ju's birthday! I wanna kong d...

My figure drawing for last week was down the drain. I could not draw at all. Michael Scofiel almost killed me. i will try again this week. Kevin richardon from BSB was equally horrible. Siao Fan (My tutor) compared my work with the week's before and the standard like dropped 50%. Lacking of sleep seriously doing me NO good. Kong la wei... people, pray for me and my friends yea. I am gonna try drawing scofield and dr. House this week.

Yesterday we got to know that I-Ching, my design one lecturer will venture out into becoming a chef. SO she wouldn't be teaching us next term. too bad. Gess what. I was supposed to come up with paper bags designs and i was so dry of ideas. So the night before, after having a group discussion for History's project until 12.00AM, i tried to brainstorm for ideas but cannot. So i slept and woke up at four and still ntg. I prayed so hard for inspiration and thank God for helping me. Yoh. I finished around six plus. I-Ching was rather pleased. The first things she asked me was, "You are going to major in Advertising right?" i answered No and she said, "What?Why?" Sheesh... now i feel like i wanna take adver cos i am really interested. Sheesh.... And she asked me to do 2 paper bags cos she likes both. WHY AM I ALWAYS WITH THE HARDEST JOB?!? I am not complaining. Still, i have one and a half week left and i have so many finals to do. Sigh...

Kla... have to cabut d...neway... hehe... I get to eat at Monte's for super...Some sort like Tony Roma's but Tony is better....heehee...supper wei...Thanks to me parents! Pray for my ankle too... My last fall haven't healed yet... Pain la...

And Ju... Happy brithday!!!


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quick Updates

Date : 12th November 2006
Time : 12.23PM
Listening to : The exhaust fan churning
Where : Yi Zheng's place

Just came back from Life Chapel. Michael a.k.a Uncle BuBu came to fetch me at around 8.10AM today. Laughed all the way to church. He gave me the title Demanding Woman . Wakaka...So funny. Met weit Eu Gin, Hoong Cheong, Auntie Chiau Khoon, Auntie Mei Fong and also Vin Soon i think. I will be attending Life Chapel permanently i think. Anyway, BuBu dropped me at Zheng'splace just now cos' we will be meeting up with Bryan at Kelana Jaya's station to go Pasar Seni. Will be going to a paper gallery there to get our supply for Finished Art final pop up project materials. Neway, Bubu said there'sa art gallery that sells papers in Petaling Street so maybe i will make a stop there if Bryan knows where it is la. Me and Zheng buta KL mia jalan one.

Has been sick for 3 days straight d. Flu and cough and minor headaches occasionally.Plus with shan's stiff sammo made me feel a bit sad at times.Other than that i am doing fine. Haven't been getting enough sleep for a couple of days. Yesterday was the night that i slept the earliest which was 12.00AM++.... If not, usually i will kong at 2-3AM like that. Tired la... And have to wake up dan early sammo... Latest at 8.15AM... Not that i will complain though. I have tonnes of final projects to do... Let's see...

FA - Pop up project + Redos
Design 1 - Illustrator final project + Redos
History of A+D - Paint my own version of Monalisa (Die!) + Rococo art
Comm Skills - Motivational talk prep.

Not say not enough time la. I guess if i could reduce some sleeping hours i wasted and also reduce my dowan-to-walk-home-in-the-sun time that i spent in Sunway Pyramid or school. Haiya... But to be honest, this week i reduced both except for yesterday la. Neway, Boon Tiong was happy with my figure class saying that we improved overally. My work was on display wei... happie man...well...not good enough la i guess. I was so sick during my pencil drawing test.My tutor Jun Mei sen me down to get 100Plus to drink cos she said it will make me feel better but i was having coughs and flu...drink 100 plus sammo... haiyo... I ended up not going for my group discussion for history in Borders in Times Square cos' i seriously needed rest. I reached home and I kong terus. Didn't wake up until my bro came back to reheat food for me. Then i kong again until Eric came home. Then i started my figure drawing.Wanted to draw Fire Man but i ended up drawing another X-Men character which was a girl my bro drew before.I drew half way and then i slept from 12.30 am to 1.30 am. Then continued drawing from there until five. Then i kong again. Woke up feeling ok laaaa....

Haiyo...have to go d... need to go Pasar Seni d... man... I must prepare myself for the papers that i am going to see...I dunno if i will die there or not. Neway, Mel bought me 2 very very very nice wrapping papers. Thanks man.... And she told me there's one paper shop in Melaka raya opened by her student's mom. Man... I wanna go home..... Stupid obsession with papers. I have self-control. Yeah right....