Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Huge Battle between the Hugh(s)

Date : 29th November 2008
Time : 7.37PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

Okay... So Tanyus was IDOLIZING Hugh Jackman in class today, clearly within earshot and vicinity of our lecturer and tutor, Musa and Sook Chiung. LOL. So I decided to disturb her abit. Frankly speaking, Hugh Jackman is okay. But I personally prefer Hugh Grant. In fact, I think Hugh Laurie is one heck of a sexy old man. Selvia thinks Hugh Grant is way better than the other two.

So, I did a poll (Look at my side bar). Please cast your votes. And we'll see who takes the first place wokie?

Hugh #1 (Jackman)

He is the Wolverine in X-Men. Other than that, I think you guys will be familiar with The Prestige. He's the rival of Christian Bale.

Hugh #2(Laurie)

He's Dr.House from the series House. He's well known for that sarcastic and yet talented character. And if that doesn't ring a bell (My goodness...where have you been?), perhaps the father of that white little mouse Stuart Little will.

Hugh #3(Grant)

He plays the president in Love Actually. He also starred in the movie, Bridget Jones' Diary. Okay... If still doesn't ring any bell... How about Music and Lyrics?

Okay, that's a pretty short intro. Anyway... special note to Tanyus. NO MULTIPLE VOTES FOR JACKMAN!! Lol. I'll take my stand for Hugh Grant. He's smackin sexy. HEHEHEH.... Cast your votes at the sidebar. Poll will close in 3 days. Or until Hugh Grant wins. Just joking. XD


Friday, November 28, 2008

Roller coaster of illnesses...

Date : 28th November 2008
Time : 8.44PM
Listening to : Zafri saying, "Eating now??0.o"
Where : Room - MC

Aaaarghhhhhhhhh... exactly one week ago I fell "kinda" sick. By Monday, I was really really sick. Now, a week later, I am "semi-sick". Sick whenever I woke up. Okay in the afternoon and health bar took a dive by evening to night. It's pretty annoying considering the amount of assignments that I still have. Figuring out the logic of my ADM game now. And I feel a bit out of touch with it after a week. But I guess it'll be alright. I hope.

Motion Graphic. SIgh sigh sigh sigh.... Pretty crappy work from me. 3D gonna kill my computer also. I think MGD and 3D are as good as married to each other. They are out here to bring my laptop down. T_T

I got no time to update further. Gtg!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Wedding photos pt.1

Date : 27th November 2008
Time : 8.39PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

Sorry for not updating. But as mentioned... I am really behind schedule for my assignments. Anyway, I still cannot update on the wedding yet. So I shall compensate with photos first ok? Aaron actually uploaded some on his blog. And I love the shots. ^^ Check it out k?

The Bodyguards (Which I thought were real)

On the bicycle...

Imitating the backdrop. ^^

Who's the next bride? (Reveal next post)

Grace's sister, the bridesmaid

Geng Yi, Adrian and Wei Jin

MGC youth (The bunch of people GY "brought" up)

The MGC-ians

Ngamngam 3 baskets. LOL

Juliana, Yen Mei and I

Imitating Geng Yi

The Specs

Tea Ceremony

Basically, that's all for now. Gtg~! Contact me for the pictures if you guys want. ^^


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Congratulation Sebastian & Grace!

Date : 23rd November 2008
Time : 2.17AM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

Congratulations Sebastian & Grace!! You guys looked great today. ^^ Have a God blessed journey together.

Anyway, I can't update now. Suppose to sleep so I can wake up for church service. I lost my voice for real this time. I will not be able to sing tomorrow. T_T I shall worship God silently.

P/s: The bride is so pretty. Such matching couple. And I love the church setting. So romantic.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Wedding Preparation

Date : 22nd November 2008
Time : 12.49AM
Listening to : My Own Typing
Where : Room -Malacca

Oh nooo... My voice is breaking and quivering. I'm losing my voice. 0.o! How am I to sing later for Geng Yi's and Grace's wedding. T_T Melissa don't know whether she's singing or not. If she's not, I'll be the only one for the low echoist. Falling sick too. Dang man... I started to feel my voice's breaking when I finished BSGC's children ministry on Thursday. I was one of the sinspiration helpers. When I travelled back Malacca that same day to go for the wedding's rehearsal, I felt the flu coming up. And when they practiced "In Your Presence", I seriously cannot sing. Bah...

Anyway... This is going to be short post. Today (Actually yesterday since past 12AM d), we youths went to church at 8PM for the final rehearsal for GY's wedding presentation. The aunties were there earlier to decorate the church up. It was really beautiful. The theme was in purple and white. SO they chose the little daisies and also orchids. Anyway. Practice was fun. And Melissa wasn't around so I was practically trying my very best to not be "influenced" by the normalist and also saprano echoist. =.-!

As mentioned, this is going to be short. I will be giving more details on the preparation later and also VBS back in Sunway. Gotta catch my very much needed sleep before the wedding tomorrow. I am gonna look like some worn out hag man. =.+! Here are some photos of the church. Will update the "decoraters" and "rascals" soon. The youths are the rascals of course.... XD. Alright. Enjoy the pics. I love the Ball of Rose the most. And the daisies...

The Orchids

The Ball of Roses

The Daisies with Ribbons

Baskets of Daisies

The Daisies by Auntie Grace

Backdrop by Yen Mei

Rows of Seats

The Chapel Hall

It's been pretty long since I took photos with my own camera and edited it. Hope to get nicer shots tomorrow. ^^ Nite ppl!

(I am so behind time with my assignments~!!!)


Monday, November 17, 2008

La Cupcakes~!

Date : 17th November 2008
Time : 10.12PM
Listening to : Benci Tapi Rindu - Glenn Fredly
Where : Room - MC

I thought I wasn't going to make it to class today. Ugh. The cramps came on and off. And my Motion Graphic was in a mess by 12PM. So I started all over again at 12PM. Class was at 2PM. =.=! I must be extremely mad or something. And I felt feverish. So agonizing you know. During work period, I had to go down to KK to get Panadol. And I sms-ed my sister regarding some health issues I'm currently facing and she called back. The first question she asked me was so ridiculous. LOL. Totally threw me off my seat. Good thing I wasn't sitting down. +.+" Alamak... can't believe she asked me that lae. AHAHAHAH!

Today's class was relatively simple. To be honest, I wasn't paying much attention. I was fixing my MG. Gah. Work period was around 2 hours. At around 4PM, my lecturer came in to class again. She brought us cupcakes that she made for Oh&Ah. Only got 3 so 6 of us had to share. Dee and Joanne weren't there. Anyway, it was very nice. This time I didn't fall off any stage. =.=! The last time a lecturer offered me her homemade delicacies, I fell off the stage and sprained ankle. That was I-Ching from Design 1 Class. She made a very nice chocolate brownies. I wasn't being a glutton ok. It just so happened that I was very near the edge. =.=! And I have no idea why I-Ching offered to call Li Wen to come and see how I was doing. o.0! But in the end, another lecturer with some Qi Kong power came to do some "inner healing". It was warm. But I still can't walk painlessly. =.=! Talking about cartoon life....

After class today, Tan, Sel and I helped Chris with the video equipment. Darn berat lor. They get to use the small TV and also big camera. 0.o! While Chris was downstairs at the Operation Dept, the rest of us delivered some stuff back to Kenny. As usual, we'll bising Kenny. He labeled us as Monkeys from MMo68 in his blog. =.+ He's such a funny lecturer man.

Geng Yi called today. He said Friday he's having open house at his place. Asked me to go so he could discuss with me about his wedding reception details on Satrday. So fast man... The wedding's this sat. Wooo... But but..the thing is...Shuen called also. She asked me to attend the practice for GY's wedding. I think among all, I'm the one with the least practice one. Die man. I dunnoe how now. Which one should I go first. I think I shall go for the practice first. The reception thing I can go later at night I think. Or I could just give him a call. I'm quite excited. Can you believe I actually chose the dress I'm going to wear almost 3 months ago?? Lol. The first friend that got married. ^^Y <---That's the peace lala sign. LOL!

Then the 4 of us had our dinner in Strawberry Fields, Taipan. Travelling in car was so lawak. Singing nonsense and all. Haven't felt this relaxed after class for a long time. Almost all the time eat in Sunway. Ugh~! Jelak liao. We talked about the Rantai-rantai exhibition. Decided to work on a large canvas and see what we can come up with. AAAAARGHHH!! Stomach cramp!! I shall stop here!



Date : 17th November 2008
Time : 12.43AM
Listening to : Remember your chains - Steven Curtis Chapman
Where : Room - MC

Aaaarghh~! My cramp is being such a nuisance you know??? Ugh~!

I think I really have a problem. I am so judgmental when it comes to people's work. The problem is, I am not even qualified to judge. But I can't help it. When I see a work done in haste with so many flaws that could easily be fixed, I will tend to want to fix it. I really don't want to appear snobbish or acting like I'm such an ass or something. It's like a disorder man. Ugh! Sometimes I wish I could just ignore it or something but when it's nagging at the back of your head, you really can't just forget it. Sigh~!

Then the other day, I called Auntie Tina. I didn't know she changed her number and I reached the new owner of the number instead. So I said sorry and called Juliana instead. But the new owner called several times in church today and it was so annoying. So I finally picked up and I asked who is he. He mumbled something like he's a Bangladeshi. So I said it's a wrong number and he kept trying to keep me on the line. How annoying! So I just ended the call. Then just now in the evening when Zheng, Zaf and I went to find Amir, that dude called again. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!! I was so freakin angry with him. SO I picked the call and I said, "Hey! You better stop calling ok?!" and he mumbled something lah. Then I said, "If you call one more time, I will call the police!!". And he said, "okok..." and I ended the call. Bah! I call that harassment ok? I don't care if I appear rude or what. So annoying that he kept calling. Aaaargh! If he call one more time, I will pretend to be a guy and scare him off. Hmmph!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nothing much

Date : 16th November 2008
Time : 5.05PM
Listening to : The rain...
Where : Room - MC

I'm feeling a little light headed and having stomach cramp. Ugh~! Yesterday, as usual, Zheng and I cooked dinner at home. This term, we've been cooking at home more often than we ate out. (I think). Yesterday was particularly quick. ~o.0~ We used to take 45 minutes or more to get simple dishes done but yesterday was 20 minutes or so. Guess we were used to it already. After dinner, I decided that we should get some ice cream. Somehow in the end we ended up in Jusco for our groceries shopping. =.=! We planned for our next week menu. I think this time we'll be attempting new dishes. I don't know about Zheng but I don't cook at home (Malacca) but I think Hainanese can cook somehow. I'm not that good but I don't think my cooking can kill either.

Yesterday, I had a 9.00AM class with Musa. The class supposed to hae 5 people. But yesterday, only 2. Selvia and I. Wahyu dropped the subject, Samantha went back hometown and Tanyus had a migraine. Honestly, I feel more comfortable this way. I asked questions like nobody business without fearing I might stall time. And since array wasn't much of a problem already, I found it sooooo much easier to catch what Musa's trying to say when he showed us the whole CRAZY lines of XML codes. And yes, I'm so glad we'll learn XML also. Ohohoho! Next term, my choice of electives are Game Art & Planning and also Advanced Web Design. At the end of Web Design 2, I told Chong, Jo and Eugene that I will take AWD. For one, I wasn't satisfied with my inability to arrange my codes and make it work. Secondly, I'm very clear of the direction that I want to take which is Interactive. I like Motion Graphic. But I think that can come later. Not my main interest for now.

The day before, Jo, my lecturer sms-ed me and told me to dress in smart casual on Saturday. They need to take my photo for some show reel or something. It's about my Smelly Shoes game that I did in Digital Media 2. So yesterday I asked Sook Chiung about it and she said it was some sort of a game showcase or something that Sweii wants to show dunnoe who and my game is one of the selected one. I dunnoe la. I think that game was so silly. I mean really silly ok. And not practical at all. Not to mention short sammo. But anyway, the photo was taken by Reuben and Sook Chiung was there too. She is so funny ok. Cannot tahan. I don't know how to describe. She is just so funny. I think even Reuben also cannot tahan.

Back in church today, Michael Fun gave a talk on Youth Sunday. He started the sermon with a quiz. So he chose 6 people to participate. 3 adults and 3 young people. And the adults range from teenagers in the 60's, 70's and 80's. The young people range from 90's to the current one. The quiz is to understand how big the gap is between the adults and the young people. So the first round was about the short abbreviation and see how well they know them. The adults one was pretty easy but they still found it hard to answer them. But for us young people, we could answer their questions more or less. But towards the end, the adults seemed to be able to answer them. All the abbreviation thrown to them were daily short text used by the young people. For the young people's turn... it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo terrible. The questions and abbreviations were from the 60's to 80's; all the abbreviation used by our parents and all.

SWALK : Sealed with a loving kiss... 0.o~!
AAF : Always a Friend
TTYL : Talk to you later (This was from our parents' time???)

And many more la. The next round was about Lingo. =.=! Pipe down la... Hang out la... stuff like that. Can't believe all that came from the 60's to 80's.

Anyway... Not feeling too well now. Gtg. Malacca peeps, I'll be back on Friday. See ya guys then.

P/s: I'm not being greedy.. Really. BUT WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE ME A 4GB RAM COMPUTER THIS CHRISTMAS?!?!!?! *Ahem* Really... I'm not greedy. If I am, I will ask for a workstation already.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Array (At last)

Date : 14th November 2008
Time : 9.17PM
Listening to : Above All - Michael W.Smith
Where : Room - MC

Yesterday I went to Uncle Thiran's church (Kelana Jaya Church) for a talk on Evolution & Creationism. It'll be interesting if the speaker spoke more clearly. His accent was very heavy. He's a professor from India. Anyway, the talk was nice. Today's one I didn't go. It's on Cloning and Biotech. But I'll get the slides from Michael Bubu.

Yesterday Michael came to pick me up for dinner before the talk. We went to Alladin. A Chinese Muslim restaurant. Very nice. Very kenyang and it's on Michael. ^^ And then we talked about the working opportunities outside la. And I think I'm quite clear on my choice of working enironment. I want to be in small companies. At least I get to try on different things.

Yesterday, I managed to get my script right for my game. It's the long repetitive way. Then tried to "globalize" it but still it was quite long. And it works. Then before I slept, I somehow dunnoe why took a look on my prev notes on Array given by Ah Bonk. And everyone knows I suck and I hate dealing with Array. Then today, I went to school for 3 reasons.

1. Get Geng Yi's wedding cards
2. Meet Kenny for 3D
3. Meet Sathom for lunch (AT LAST)

Then while waiting for Kenny and Sathom, I did my work in the library. I took a look at the ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook on Array. Somehow it made sense to me. SO I photocopied the section and brought it home. And guess what? 15 minutes... And I got it to work. Waaaa!! Thank you God~! Wooo~!

Anyway, I dunnoe why the library was filled with SOOOOOOOO many students today. And it was pretty noisy. Lunch with Sathom and Abdullah were nice. We ate in Nando's. Did a little bit of catching up with that dude. Man, it was so long ago since we last met.

Okok..I gtg Bible Study d. See ya!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

The japs invaded my dream!!!

Date : 13th November 2008
Time : 10.19AM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

Man.... supposed to wake up at 7AM to do my work. =.=! But I was waaaaaaay to exhausted.

I had such a weird and panicky dream last night. It started off with me in this market place cum college ground or something. It was very busy and kinda happening. I remembered meeting Xue Fa there. (Yes I know... So random kan? She's my primary school mate) And Xue Fa told me that her bro's studying engineering in Lim Kok Wing. Then after that, Ah Fatt (My junior in TOA) came over and passed me a drink or something. Then suddenly the whole crowd started partying. Melissa Lua (My classmate in Secondary school) then dragged me and wanted to bring me up a truck. Apparently they're going to have a rave party. And I can't drink. SO I declined but she was pushing and all. SO I said, "I can't drink ok. I will get heart seizure!" (True experience from Uncle Kian Boon's house). Then she said it's nonsense la. So we were struggling for a while and suddenly somebody pushed me down to a table filled with tomatoes I think and that person said, "Hide!". I was taken by surprise and out of a sudden, the Jap military from WWII came running down. And one of them looked and me and said, "So stupid. Such shallow box you think you can hide?" and dragged me out. (Just for side information: Wei! I did not hide ok?? Someone pushed me la! Stupid mangkuk...) Then he pushed me to the cornr with Melissa. And then I saw Danny (My TOA my Bro's classmate) beside me. And he was pretty calm la. But I was all panicky d. Then I saw this super huge and fat guy, you know, like Rikishi from WWE?? And he just came and purposely pressed himself on us. My goodness. And I dunnoe what happened after that. I think someone kicked his leg and he fell. Then the soldier pulled me out of the line and put me in another line where I met Dee (My current MM classmate). I was crying and crying because I couldn't find my brother, Richard. I was so worried. And Dee said something weird... "People that get into accident can end up in the hospital for 20 years and still look ok. But crying like this and look old, forever you won't look ok...". 0.o! But I continued crying like dunnoe what. Then dunnoe how I ran away and went into a big house. Apparently my bro's home. And he hasn't heard of the troop yet. And you know who's my bro?? Roger Kwok Chun On. That guy who played Ah Wong in the TVB series. =.=!

He has a wife and his wife can speak Indonesian. And when she spoke in Indonesian to their kid, my "bro" said, "I don't like it when you speak Malay in Indonesian. I see the way you flirt with the men in the market. They like Indonesian girls. Why can't you be like me and be proud to use Malaysian language?" =____-!! And then I tried to tell him about the Japs but he didn't wanna listen. Then I looked in the mirror and I saw my bloodshot eyes. I cried so much that some parts of my eye white area was...a bit torn. Ok, things started to get pretty gory here. Since my "bro" doesn't wanna believe me, I showed him a video of what the Japs were doing. (I have no idea how I got it). And in the video, we saw 2 Jap soldier barging into the room (EXACTLY like 007 QOS scene... I watched it yesterday) and started fighting with another guy. Then jumped to another video where everyone was dead except for one guy with a chainsaw.... And he started sawing randomly at the dead bodies. ( I have a feeling this one came from reading Ah Bonk's blog). It was a bit grosteque la. Then suddenly behind me, I heard Zheng (My housemate) said, "Ahahaha! Simply saw. Later ter-saw his own leg only he knows. Hahaha!" 0.o!

The end. And I woke up after snoozing for the tenth time. Amazing how after each snoozing I can still continue my dream. So random right?? You see how many different people in my dream? Man... Anyway, 007 Quantum of Solace was alright. I prefer Casino Royale. Opening credit was ok only la. We MM students, when we saw the first bullet in Motion Graphic, we went, "wowwww~!". But after a while, I lose interest. I didn't like it. Casino Royale was nicer in Opening credit. But this QOS was filled with actions and dangerous scenes. I enjoyed it a lot. Not to mention there's the actor that I really like in Diving Bell and Butterfly. Swoon~! Mathieu Amalrig (Dominic Greene). Ok I like weird guys. And I really like Mads Mikkelsen who acted as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. I melted in my seat like a cheese in the cinema last night. Anyway, it was a good movie. I just feel that the storyline was a little left hanging though.

After the movie, we (Tan, Sel, Chris, Abdullah, Zheng, Zaf and I) went to Subaidah for supper. We actually stayed there and watched a Thai movie with extreme twist of storyline for almost one hour. My goodness... That movie was so funny la. The way they twisted every single incident. -.=! And Abdullah tried to scare us by suddenly making a loud noise. It ended up very funny. I couldn't stop laughing. Ahahahaha... Anyway, the movie was called Loveaholic. +.+ What a name.... But I love his house~! So nice ok? Anyway, here's the trailer. Darn punya lawak this movie.

Anyway, I gtg work on my missing FLA already. Ta~! Click the egg~!! (It's the post before this) Rememberrrrr...


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dressing in my bro's clothes

Date : 11th November 2008
Time : 2.57PM
Listening to : Neighbor drilling wall. =.=!
Where : Room - MC

Waaaa... I can't believe I actually took up Tanyus' and Selvia's challenge to dress up in my bro's (Richard) clothes today. My goodness... It was hilarious. Chris was taken by surprised. She came into the class and exclaimed, "Shit!" and then went back out again. Lol. It's weird maaaaan... And Dee said I looked so tomboy-ish and Chris said I looked like I'm stuck somewhere between the 50's to 70's ( I dunnoe why she said that) and also I look like a lesbian. =.=! Yea yea...Like Dee's friend hasn't voice out his suspicion over my gender preference last term. I am straight la ok? See??? I like James McAvoy. That's very straight I tell you. This photo was taken yesterday. I looked like McD delivery boy man. And his trousers are sooooooooooooooo comfy!!! And yes, he has small waste line... Make me feel like I'm bigger... WHich is prob true anyway. Hahahahah! Today I decided to forego the cap and pouch. Fuh...

Saw this egg in Tanyus' blog. Hers was blue. So I decided to get one myself. Eheheeheh... Click the eggg to help it hatch. Left only 7 days. The more you click, the higher chance it'll hatch. If not, the dragon baby will die. Save my baby dragon~! Puleeeeeeeeessseeeeeeeeee..... Click the eggie~! If it's hatched, I will let you guys be the godmoter/father. LOL!

Adopt one today!

Anyway, have to go catch some sleep now. Ta~!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Uncle Kenny Sorrrry~!

Date : 10th November 2008
Time : 10.45PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

Waaaa... I feel very guilty. Today was joking with my lecturer. But then I didn't know what really happened before that so after he told us all I was like 0.o~! Sweat. Goodness. Feel freakin darn bad right now. Dunnoe what to react after that. Alamak...


Really sorry one. No joke. T_T


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dear Livia

Date : 9th November 2008
Time : 7.41PM
Listening to : The hamster running on da wheel
Where : Room - MC

Yawn~! A great day in church today. I helped chair the children ministry closing and prize-giving. I had time helping out. The youth's performance was so very very funny. The midgets and humpty-dumpty. My goodness. If I get the video recording, I'll post it up here. Lately, I've felt myself warming up to he members. Feels nice. And in this church, I was very moved by their effort in children works. Met the special kids today. And seeing the photoslide of the ministry's work really inspired me to serve God more in this area.

I've been attending Uncle Thiran's bible study group for 3 weeks now. This week I met his wife. Starting to warm up to the members there too. ^^ And although it was quite tiring due to homework, it was really interesting to learn about God in another language. And seriously, the info gets in your head better cos' I need to put in more effort in understanding it.

Anyway... Livia's leaving on Wednesday. Sigh... To New Zealand. See! I told you New Zealand's gonna rob me of my friends!! I also dunnoe when I'll see her again. Last week I mae an effort to go back and meet ehr. I couldn't join in the original farewell in the afternoon. SO when I reached Malacca in the evening, Yen, Ju, Jess and I went to Secret Recipe with Livia. It was a short outing but fun. Quite a time there. And I couldn't get a proper shot of Livia cos' you know la...she doesn't like having her photo taken. But she enjoyed using my Nikon though. Hahaha... But anyway Livia, sigh... have a great and safe trip to NZ. Must remember to come back meet us ok. It is so amazing that somehow we can grow close to each other. Remember how you and QiQi always kept to yourselves? Lol. Sigh sigh sigh~! And all those silly times when you all play with my phone. =.=! Hahahaha. Anyway... really, keep in touch. Will miss you so much after this.

Anyway, I updated my work blog. Click image for more.


Friday, November 07, 2008

Why Why Why??!?!?!?!

Date : 8th November 2008
time : 12.07AM
Listening to : My own mourning
Where : Room - MC


Programmers, look at the below picture and tell me what's wrong.

You tell me what's wrong?!?!!? Ah Bonk!! Tell me what's wrong??? Can you sport the missing file??? Can youuuuuuuuu~! Nononono... Why why why why!!! My class at 9AM tomorrow. WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

My freakin FLA raw files with my graphics and codes.... GONE. Poof! Just like that. Why??? Sebab my harddisk disconnected when i moved the computer. Aku..sungguh bertenang.... tapi tak sangat. Tapi... Haih... At least God left the swf as a proof of my work for Musa. Oh God~! I will trust in You. I can do this. I can make it. I can! Thank You for my Swf. Sorry for complaining but it was just so sad~! Nooooo.... Why why why.....


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Our Port Dickson Trip

Date : 5th November 2008
Time : 9.47PM
Listening to : My Washing Machine
Where : Room - MC

This post was delayed for almost a week d. But before I get started, I wanna say...


Actually belated la. Cos now 5th of November d. And another shout out to Ee Hoong.


Anyway... I haven't been updating this blog cos' it had been a very very hectic week. I shall start my very very long post now. No worries. I have pictures to give ur eyes some breaks in between.

Well, I didn't mention in my previous posts that my class and I planned a trip to Port Dickson last week. It was 3 weeks ago when Tanyus pulled all 6 of us into a chatroom and said, "Let's have a barbeque~!" and followed by Selvia, "Let's do at the pantai~!". Very random. I know. Then I think Dee suggested Port Dickson and I came up with the accomodation suggestion. As usual, the trip was then not discussed until 2 weeks ago. I checked out the location earlier on. I suggested Desa Lagoon Residence, a place I've been staying every time my family goes to PD. It's the cheapest and it's very nice and clean for such a price. RM250. Beautiful chalet. So we did some job distribution.

Tanyus & Dee = Food Planning
Chris = Transportation (Duh~!)
Wahyu & Selvia = Apparently supposed to plan activities but ended up being photographer
Chen = Accomodation and sleeping arrangement.

It was so random when we decided to the date that we wanted to go. Initially I proposed this week. But Chris and Dee has video shooting to do. So we said, "Next week then!". That's how I ended up calling Desa Lagoon minutes later. And we had our room booked.

It was a freakin busy week. When I say busy, I mean really really busy. Especially for us ADM students cos we have Saturday class with Musa. And we haven't done our weekly assignment and project yet. Ahem! Anyway, on Wednesday, after our night class with Vincent (I seriously adore his teaching. Such funny guy), all of us except for Chris went to Jusco for the food shopping. And it was fun. Really fun. I totally tortured each and everyone of them with my silly antics on my cardboard gun. Wahyu kena tarik-ed there la obviously. And he had to push the trolley. Lol! Our budget was RM100 per person. We allocated RM200 for the food. Accomodation+ BBQ pit amounted to RM320. So left RM80 for the toll and fuel. Obviously not enough. We overshot our budget by RM25. Still okay I guess.

Anyway, since the 3 days before that we didn't have proper sleep, we were literally behaving like a zombie when we finished shopping. Dee was in charge of marinating the black pepper chicken kebab. I did the lamb marinating to roll up with asparagus and mushrooms. Sel helped me with it. Tan did the sweet corn. It was as hard as wood. We actually reached home at around 11PM I think. So freakin tired. The 2 girls went back to bath first. After my bath, I did the children ministry's stuff. When they came, we started preparing the stuff. We tested the lamb with asparagus and mushroom and it was... heavenly. Maybe we were hungry like crap la ok. LOL. Anyway, they went home at 1AM. I packed my stuff and then settled down to read The Glass Palace until 3AM. We were to wake up at 6AM to prepare actually. And I was to fetch Wahyu from his place at 6.45AM.

So I woke up at 6.15AM and I sms-ed everyone except Chris (She will wake up by herself). I said, "Everybody wake up!!! Please miscall me in 10 minutes or you shall receive a marathon of phone calls". Then I napped back. Lol. But I was very conscious of my time. And only dee replied saying "Please don't call me! I accidentally woke up. Sms me when you guys reaching Sentral." The rest... was silence. So I called Wahyu and he just woke up. And Tan and Sel woke up at 6.30mAM. We were pretty late cos when I fetched Wahyu, the morning traffic just started. So we went to the station at 7.30AM. Took the 2nd train cos the first was freakin full. It was a funny train ride cos of the conversation we had. Adakah patut maksud bercinta = having sex? And bersetubuhan is an old language??? Mak jaaaaangggggggggggggggg~!

We reached Sentral pretty early. At around 8.15AM. Chris and Dee were to reach at 9AM. So 4 of us had our breakfast at McD. Sedap... We didn't have to wait for long for the other 2. It wasn't such a long trip. But that 3 fellas, Tan, Sel and Dee camwhored kao in the Vitara ok?? Larat betul diorang ni. Perr... Anywho... The chalet was as nice as before. Maybe need a fresh coat of paint but good enough.

Chalet View

The beach is not superbly nice but clean enough to say, "Wow... it's the straits of Malacca...0.o!". Lol. We started our holiday with a PS2 fighting game. Indonesian Vs. Malaysian. It was quite accidental that we grouped this way. We won!!! Malaysian 6 and Indonesian 2. Woohoo~! I even invented a Loser dance. Loser~! Lol. then Tan and I took a stroll down at the beach there. Not bad...

Then I wanted to start on my ADM. So potong stim right. But after that Sel came into the room and Dee also. The start lah our poser poser shots tu. And my fav shot will be Tan as the isteri yang tua, Dee as isteri muda and me as the suami yang gatal. See the picture and you'll know how pervert-ish I look with the fake cigarette. Hahaha...

Baby tua...

The pervert-ish face

Then we all went out for lunch in this very yellow place. Hahaha... Then we went to the mini-mart to get drinks and pengepit. Then all 4 of us (Dee, Tan, Sel and I) had a nap. Dee woke up first then me and then sel. Tan tidor still. The 3 of us prepared the kebab. So colorful~! I very likey! And Chris and Wahyu played God of War dengan hati yang sungguh senang... in the name of research. =.+! Homework yang bagus. Hahaha!

Our Food~!

After Tan woke up, all of us changed to our shorts and shirt. Went to the beach and bergambaran. We did so many stupid things. Rephrase... I did so many stupid things. The worst one is that stupid idiotic lala pose that I will definately NOT post up in this blog. Oh my goodness. I tell you, I dunnoe what got into my head. I'm gonna bite that 2 fingers off. And then we have me as Daniel Craig trying to reenact James Bond scene when he came out of the water and walked up to the gf on the beach. Tan was my sidekick. Lol! Then many many silly jumping pose and also Selvia's slow motion run captured in video.

Attempts to throw Tan in the sea

Nice shots by Chris

Random shots on the beach

James Bond reenaction

By the sea...

Jump shots by Wahyu

The "perfect" jump by Chris

Then we saw the hotel staff preparing the BBQ pit, we went back to the chalet to prepare. It was a very nice sunset. Chris, Tan and I were busy jaga-ing the food. And the other 3 trying to capture the "moment" where purple and orange clashes. Beautiful.

Love the Lomo effect feel...

And the food was fantastic. The kebab was a hit. Too bad the cheese melted unto the pit. The lamb one was nice too. I think I might just do it again one of these days. The corn were so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Oh, sedap betul. But tiba-tiba blacked out... 3 times sammo... Perrr..So dark ok... And the cats were very attracted to our food. They were so clean la. And oh... I don't like the chicken wings. Cos it was marinated by the Jusco ppl. =.=! I took only... one small chunk of meat.

You can see from Tan's face the kesedapan kebab kitorang..Hahaha!

Group shots

Posing with our cupcakes!

At around 8PM, Dee and I went to get the cupcakes from the chalet. We celebrated Chris' birthday there. Dunnoe if it came as a surprise or not. But the cupcakes so nice lah. Ehehehehe.... We had a great time eating and laughing. Forced Wahyu to act like a girl. Lol.

The cupcakes

We went back to the chalet shortly before 9PM. I did my Quiet Time and then joined them at the hall for a TV session. We watched a model competition show. And then at around 11PM, the ADM students started our work. I switched on my extremely serious mode.... (You don't want to see me in this mode). Chris and Dee played Guitar Hero. Then tetiba, at around 2.45AM... Poof! My computer shut down. Sweat. I was programming half way lor.... But sudah lah. After that Chris and I went to bed. We were too old d I guess. The rest of them slept at 6AM. I woke up at 8.15AM like that and washed the dishes up and prepared the breakfast. Banyak la we bought. But anyway, after breakfast... Wahyu and I helped Selvia with her No Smoking motion graphic. Had to pose with the cigarette and all. So lawak. And I showed her how my father smokes and she laughed like crazy. =.=!

Our smoking punya muka...Lawak man...

We left the chalet at around 12.30PM. Then we made a stop at a public beach. It was low tide. And it was really nice...except for the brown murky water. But the sky was nice. And Chris went so far that she reached a small island of sand. Took quite a number of photos there.

In the car...On da way home...


The Girls

I like these 2 shots. Had the idea when I remembered one photo my sis took. ^^

Girls in MM68

I love the bottom shot. Snapped while they weren't looking:)

Try to find Chris... XP

Ooh... Satu-satunya model lelaki...

Then we went back to KL. Reached Taipan area. Ate at Strawberry Field. Nice nice... 3rd time there. Then reached home at around 3PM. Bathed and slept. Then woke up, did some work and attended Bible Study with Uncle Thiran. then came back home and worked till morning... Napped a while then went to class at 9.15AM.

I almost died of fatique. Cos after class, I came back home, packed up and followed parents back to Malacca. I had to cos Livia leaving on the 12th to NZ. I can't go back this week. So I went back last week. But will update about it asap about our outing together. Then Sunday, I did my storyboard for Motion Graphic till 8AM. 10.15AM I woke up to travel back to KL. And guess what... I forgot to bring my hard disk to school. Left it in Mentari when I unpacked. Aaaargh!!! So geram. Then after class at around 7PM, we reached home. I cleared some stuff and then Tan came over for our Design Method assignment. Things didn't look good the week before. So we had quite some things to change. I did the interface. Tan did the furniture preparations. Slept at around 5AM. Then went to school at 8.30AM. Feedback was good...only after waiting for one hour. =.=! Then went back home and slept from 5PM to 12AM. Worked from 1 AM to 2PM on 3D project. Then Joanne Kok, my MGD lecturer called me to inform me bout Kenny's leave. So class cancelled today. Alamak... Nemind la. So we went to Vincent's class at 7PM today. So that's basically summed up my weeklong activities. Livia's one later k?

Anyway, we all agreed that we should have more trips together BUT never...never attempt it during midterm or end term. We will .... Kantoi...

Ok..This took longer than I thought cos I had to edit the photos. Anyway, Gtg now. Ta~!

[12.26AM] <--- Almost 3 hours sial!