Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Huge Battle between the Hugh(s)

Date : 29th November 2008
Time : 7.37PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

Okay... So Tanyus was IDOLIZING Hugh Jackman in class today, clearly within earshot and vicinity of our lecturer and tutor, Musa and Sook Chiung. LOL. So I decided to disturb her abit. Frankly speaking, Hugh Jackman is okay. But I personally prefer Hugh Grant. In fact, I think Hugh Laurie is one heck of a sexy old man. Selvia thinks Hugh Grant is way better than the other two.

So, I did a poll (Look at my side bar). Please cast your votes. And we'll see who takes the first place wokie?

Hugh #1 (Jackman)

He is the Wolverine in X-Men. Other than that, I think you guys will be familiar with The Prestige. He's the rival of Christian Bale.

Hugh #2(Laurie)

He's Dr.House from the series House. He's well known for that sarcastic and yet talented character. And if that doesn't ring a bell (My goodness...where have you been?), perhaps the father of that white little mouse Stuart Little will.

Hugh #3(Grant)

He plays the president in Love Actually. He also starred in the movie, Bridget Jones' Diary. Okay... If still doesn't ring any bell... How about Music and Lyrics?

Okay, that's a pretty short intro. Anyway... special note to Tanyus. NO MULTIPLE VOTES FOR JACKMAN!! Lol. I'll take my stand for Hugh Grant. He's smackin sexy. HEHEHEH.... Cast your votes at the sidebar. Poll will close in 3 days. Or until Hugh Grant wins. Just joking. XD



senorita.. said...

Four Weddings n a Funeral..! Hugh Grant!

Chen said...

^^ I like Hugh Grant too. Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

I'm going for Hugh Grant too!

Chen said...

Lol! Yeh! Who's this? o.0!

Anonymous said...

It's all in the eyes ! Hugh laurie, getting better with age, such a great actor,musician, author and he's even in a band.

cluelessfreak said...

grant grant.

Chen said...

Grant and Laurie. Wooo~! Btw..I have nothing against Jackman. Just not my cup of tea. But apparently he's the sexiest man on earth.

Chen said...

Ey, Laurie can sing?