Monday, July 31, 2006

I passed JPJ test!!!!!

Date : 31st July 2006
Time : 5.08PM
Listening to : Light & Easy
Where : ID Room - Office

Man... I passed my JPJ driving test!!! Okay...SO happy to say this... without bribery. Sheesh. Thank you LORD!!! Muaks! Neway, my bro passed too... Gosh... Thank God for answering my prayers.

Woke up at 11.15AM like that and waited for Uncle Robert. Tunggu tunggu also tak datang so i watched my bro PS 2. So tempted to start a new game. But then, better don't. Then started praying so hard for this test. *Sweat* Neway, when we reached MSDC, i strated getting all nervous. SMS-ed Uncle Ivan before that. Asked him to help me pray! Waaaa... Takut man. Cos' i heard they usually will try their best to fail those that did not bribe. Mannn.... Then my battery went dead. Waited for the officers to come back from lunch. Praise God for making me and my bro take the test at the same time.

Naik Bukit : This is bad. I tak sampai line for the first time. Tried again, praying so hard. Finally was able to make it. The brake so makan one. So not used to it.

Parking : This is one of my worries. All these while never langgar tiang before. I so scared i'll "finally" langgar tiang today... Phew... Made it out unscratched.

3 point turn : Easy cake ar this one...but thank God also cos' if i never turn properly i would have langgar tiang also.

On the road : This is the WORST part. I got so nervous i started to fumble. Can't really remember the officer's name. Ahmad something. Forgot to wish him. Mannn.... I made so many mistakes. First, forgot to put down handbreak. Then when potong that time, almost gesek another. He was on the phone that time and he went, "Woh!"... Sheesh... *Shy* only... Haha... Then he said i drive too slow. !!!!!! What?! Limit not 40 mph mer? Aper ni.... Nemind... Pass liao dowan to complain d.
For my bro ler... Hehe... I prayed so hard for him to be able to recognise the road cos he can't seemed to get it right. I prayed that God will show him the way. My tester asked me take Road C... But my bro said his asked him to take Road A (The easier one) but when his tester saw me taking the Road C, he asked my bro to take that as well. Then my bro said he followed every single thing that i did. When i put signal, he did the same. Wherever i turned, he did the same too. God really helped him man. He guided him using me. Happy to be at His service. And my bro thank God for it too. Although, just for good manners sake. -.-! happy i passed.... So happy my bro passed too... But very irritated cos now... i have to continue on Mr. KC's house. Come on man! I thought i'm over it! Have to change the guest room design. Guess being an Interior Designer no easy task man... At least this will prepare me well.... -.-!

DMSJ quiz~!

Date : 30th July 2006
Time : 5.28AM
Listening to : MY FM

Just a quick drop by… Woke up at around 4.33AM… Can’t sleep la. The night before played RE Outbreak. Finally did the Normal mode for outbreak. *Lame* Neway, woke up, started doing laundry, washed dishes and wrapped up the rubbish. Haih… Suddenly feel so hardworking. Always like that if I woke up way too early. Going for DMSJ now… So, c ya!

Ends : 5.29AM (Really a one minute post…hehe)


Date : 30th July 2006
Time : 7.48PM
Listening to : Love affair (OST - Legend of 1900) -Ennio Morricone

Haih… Came back from Shah Alam at exactly 6pm. What a day. Uncle Anthony came to fetch me at around 5.33AM to his house. Daniel was already there when I reached. Had breakfast there. Then had to wait for GY and those ho followed is car. (Mark, Mun Yee, Kevin and Federick) They had breakfast there too. Then we started our journey at roughly around 6.15AM. Supposed to have Gary to meet us when we reached somewhere la. But thank God for Kevin. He’s from Shah Alam. His house is just somewhere near the Shah Alam Gospel Centre. So, he led the way. Daniel was supposed to follow Uncle Anthony’s car but Mun Yee came over to our side since she’ll be the only girl in GY’s car and Daniel the only boy (besides Uncle Anthony) in Ju’s car. We had a long chat. All the until Dengkil Rest house. I remember us stopping there last week when we were on the way to Tapah. Mistaken it as the rest stop that Shaun had his PSK title. Hehe. But turned out to be that the rest stop was the place Shaun ate his Satay Kajang. Hehe.

We continued our journey at say 7.55AM I think. Someone said were very near d. Service starts at 8.30AM. Took a turning that reads “Cyberjaya/Putrajaya” We reached the same time as Uncle Ivan. Everyone got their T-shirts. Saw Sin Lan, Hwei and Jess they all. Well, the rest of the youths too. Saw Uncle Dexter. Neway, we were ushered up to the 1st floor and I initially took my seat at the first 4 rows next to Sharonne before we decided to change to the last 3 rows, joining Ju they all. Sat beside Sin Lan. Full band worship. Very nice. Was quite surprised to find Mao Ke Ai there since we thought he wouldn’t be there. Neway, Shaun seemed to like wine. I really don’t know why. Today’s message was given by Brother Michael William. Ju kinda reminded me that he was the one who came to our youth function last year, “ A night to remember”… Funny thing is, he was the one that told us that we can’t speak anymore since we were so noisy last year. Haha. Funny. Well, can’t remember if we did that not. Neway, today, he spoke on Jonah Chapter 2. Nice.

After the sermon, we went down for a light refreshment. Ju and I didn’t eat. Was not into eating this morning… Hehe. I had a rather uncomfy stomach. Breakfast too early liao. Saw Tim Keong also. Nyahnyahnyah. 2 victims one shot. Didn’t torture him much. Federick asked me to explain the meaning of the T-shirts. I went speechless. I dunno why. I can’t explain it right there and then and I ended up didn’t. And that girl was like, “But you designed it…” Man… Haha… Sorry…. I just can’t… *shy sial* And Ken… Yoh… He’s a scary kid. My shirt is like new and he attempted to spill some milo on me. And I hid behind Zheng. And he said, “Why?” And I went, “Ken is going to spill milo on me and my shirt is new!” and he laughed and said something like, “And you use me as shield? My shirt’s new too!” Kakaka… Sorry man Zheng. You were the nearest one. Neway, Shuen came to my rescue. Ended up flattening myself next to Ju.

Then, had a discussion with Daniel about our MGC cheer. What a surprise when he said it’ll be in the tune of the World Cup song. Gosh. He wasn’t kidding ok. You know, the one that goes, “Celebrate the day… ae o ae…” Something like that. Haha. Then Gary took this stewpig pic of mine. Sheesh and Uncle Ivan was supporting him. Mannn…. Gary…anyhere near your blog, I’ll seriously…seriously hunt you down. *Eye brow up…left eye…* Neway, like what Uncle Ivan suggested, stay calm and all will be forgotten. *Erased from my memory liao!* By the way, Uncle Rodney wore the same colored shirt as the people from JB. Haha. Its just so weird to see him in that shirt. Neway, our shirt and DGH’s are white, JB one is yellowish orange and SAGC one is fluorescent green, just like this year’s RBS shirt. Stephen came just in time before we were gathered upstairs. Muahaha… Cena gave in bout da shirt. Gave us the credit.

Buat some kecoh when we took a MGC group pic before the quiz. Hehe. Our participants were Jess, Jeremy and Shaun with Hwei, Livia and Zheng as the floor members. Then, Daniel and some of us started to discuss about our cheers. We elected CK as the leader. A few times we almost call it off. Just before the quiz started, CK came up with “MGC boleh…ae o…ae….” if we scores and I came up with , “It’s okay…ae” if we didn’t. So, when Jess managed to answer the first, we cheered. It was rather funny ler. So lawak. Sent us all laughing. And I think we caught the rest in surprise too. SAGC used their cymbals. Hehe. One thing about the quiz was these 3 kiddos from MGC la… Celine, Joel and Ken. they seemed to know some of the answers from Children’s Hour (This year’s topic on 1 Samuel) and they whispered so loud. Man… Haha… It’s a task to just get them calmed down. Dengan sebulat suara, we’ll send these 3 next year. You know, with that football cheers ar, Ken got really excited every time we started doing it. And it’s real lame of me to try to tikam all answers. Haha. Sent Ju going nutz man. And there was a question on how old was the bull offered and something like that… Tim answered “Old enough” which sent the adults laughing. Haha. And really like the answer given by DGC when asked about Goliath’s reply to the Israelites when he saw that David was sent up against him. They said, “You little boy” (Something like that) haha. Uncle Philip and Auntie Guan Ngo joined us at around twelve plus like that. It was a real funny moment when everything was so quiet and suddenly, we heard from the playroom, where all the children were, started singing, “Ae o ae….” Hahaha… So lawak…. And SAGC cetak rompak-ed our it’s okay cheers… Glad that we brought some crazy music… Heehee….

Overally, we got the 3rd place. Well, Shaun’s “prophecy” did not come true. He said we either be first or fourth, just like our usual record. Haha. This year’s winner is SAGC. Runner up is JB church, then MGC then DGC. What an agony… I mean..waiting for lunch time. Had group pictures before we were dismissed for lunch. Got separated from Juliana. Tried finding for her but cannot. Aiyo…. Finally found her sitting in between Mark and Federick. Totally tortured by their SS-ness. Joined Shaun too much probably. But mark claimed that Shaun joined him too much instead. He was like, “Go be a glutton and get me a cup of water”…. hello… misinterpretation of “gluttons”… Earlier on, I called myself a glutton but don’t really think it applies in this case lor. Then he said again, “Now, go be a glutton and get me 2 cups of water”… -.-! Aper nii…

Neway, we opened a counter to sell our T-shirts. It was in between SAGC and DGC. Betul-betul kalah to SAGC. This guy, Darren was like yelling himself hoarse trying to pull buyers. What a competition. And some asked for warranty for the shirts and stuff like that. Should get more L size lor. XS too big but L too small. What irony is that anyway. Ended up buying something from SAGC anyway. Got the DGC tee too. Sama bangsa white ma. Hehe. Neway, we had fun. Daniel followed Uncle Anthony’s car and Mun Yee followed Uncle Philip’s. Ju, Daniel and I talked for a while before we finally dozed off in the car. Darn tired. Poor thing Daniel. Can’t wait to go home. Tomorrow got exam. Actaully, everyone also la except for Ju and I. And Ah Zheng. Totally schoolless now. Sien~! But then again… I don’t feel like leaving. Four weeks from now. Aaaah! What to do le! I just don’t like the feeling of leaving. But I definitely hate the feeling of my friends leaving even more so I shall be contented with me leaving first… Sigh~!

Btw, heard a dreadful news from yen just now. Her coursemate just passed away. he fell down from the 18th storey. Really dunno how it happened. Man… hope his parents will be okay… his friends too. And definitely hope yen will be ok. Se seemed ok. Neway, for MGC’s participants, good work yea… despite being so busy with exams and stuff, you guys still made the time to study for this. 181(3) - 3 chosen by Zheng… go buy 4D… haha… I was just fooling around… Dun buy…

Ends : 8.44PM

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A happie day~

Yesterday was our Cell Group meeting. This week, it's at Uncle Rodney's place. At around six plus, i walked over to Ju's house, cutting across our weekly Pasar Malam. I can't remember what was it but a thought just crossed my mind and a smile was pasted on my face like throughout my journey to her house. Can't remember la. Neway, saw Uncle Anthony on my way there. Yen was already there when i reached. They made melted chocolate. man... It was delicious considering the fact that i love choc. We dipped biscuits with it. Niceee... But it sent us hperactive. Really. Just started laughing non-stop... with me as the butt of the joke of course. Calling me Wong and stuff. And whenever i decided not to answer them, Ju will start with, "Jangan ler macam ni Wong... Kita kan kawan?" and both of them will roared with laughter... Well, it was funny... at first... Neway, we were trying to figure out where that line came from since Ju kept on using it. I thought Ju was the one started using it until one of them remembered that it was rom Stephen. Well, in OA... when he wanted the MP3.... They just can't stop quoting it... I mean... first with the wong thing... I really don't find calling myself wong THAT funny... Besides, it's like darn well spread now. First Ju, then Stephen, then Geng Yi and now Yen... Waaaa... Super stress.

Then we walked over to Auntie Jen's house to get our youth T-shirt... It's not that bad. I love it... Kla... have to support ma... but i really like it. And the wong thingy got real outta hand. Sheesh... Whatever... And Daniel really man... Gave us each a cup of 100plus... Siao liao man... Totally burst! Had a chat with Auntie Jen and Daniel before we decided to leave. Took the longer way back cos both Ju and i seriously need to walk around due to our full stomach. Ae...honestly full ok?

Then when reached Ju's place, Yen had a chocolate tart freshly out of the oven. They baked a batch of them to bring to CG. Neway, really love CG man. I mean, that night's topic was really thought-provoking... It's about ex-communication (i think it's spelled that way) in a church and mainly about marrying a non-Christian and gays. Forget about the former, i was more interested in the latter. I was just thinking, if gays aren't allowed in, then how to reach out for the non-C gays... And thinking about it, with some thoughts from Auntie Grace and Uncle Philip, if a person truly repented, then they won't be a gay right? But still, just like us normal ppl, we are not allowed to lust right? And Jesus said that if a man lust over a woman then he's already committing adultery in his heart right? So, if a normal man or woman lust over somebody it'll be over the opposite gender right? So as long as they don't lust over anyone, they are not sinning, right? So, if a gay don't lust over another same gender person, then he's not sinning too right? And a normal person will have phases in their lives when they don't crush or like another in a special way. So can a gay right? Man.... This is so controversial but gays and lesbians issues are just something that i can't help pondering about. Ok...drop this...but.... comments please...

Anyway, yesterday's CG, we managed to finish 6 questions only. Normally we were able to finish the whole chapter but with these topics, i guess, it's inevitable that we can't finish it. Neway, Ken really sees Ju and me as his murder victim man. It's like his brain was programmed to attack us. Sheesh... Hehe... Neway, this time CG, our PSK shaun decided to tag along... Not to join in CG discussion but to read for DMSJ. Tomorrow's the DMSJ quiz in Shah Alam Gospel Hall. Today, the particpants including the floor members and some supporters went up to KL. Just now Sherene messaged me telling me that they're lost. But gary came to the rescue. And Sam Lee messaged too... And what a shocking news too... The sms went something like this ...

Sam : eh, chenli... i heard u organising d MGC choir...heeheehee...

Chen : What?! Is there even such thing?

Sam : haha... hv u been peiksa-ing ur email anot... pi periksa la.... ada msg dari makcik

Chen : Oh my gosh... My emails has been left unattended for weeks... you are not kidding are

Sam : nope... me reli serious.... heehee...nama kamu Wongchenli p'riksa...ada
pesanan frm auntylina

Chen : Oh man.... This seems really weird.

Sam :haha...nt weird...ur still in reality...relax...neway d email is abt d prsntationof items by
selected churches.MGC is 1 of em n ur d chck ur mail la...

Chen : Sure mistake one.

Chen : Don't have le. You forward gimme.

Sam : aiyo.... aku ni serious. i dah baca d email... i no bluff u wan... :-)

Sam : adui...u dun hv? kk... i 4ward 2u... im nt at hme nw...gimme abt 30mins...wil sms/miscal
u bila i dah 4ward

Chen : Ok.

Isn't this weird? I don't even know nothing bout it.... Man... And right up to now, i haven't receive any mails bout it. Sam... if this is one of your late april fool prank, i will go nottingham uni and hunt you down.

Neway, yesterday, while i was preparing to get one of m late christmas present done, i saw a note right above my quiet time and prayer items reminder. It says this :

Must Do! : Change my sleeping time from 10PM to 8AM EVERY DAY.

My dad's handwriting. Nyahnyahnyah... Sent me laughing man... He's like so funny le. But then again, can't do that since i came back from CG at 11PM. At around 12AM, my dad came to check on me just when i was about to get ready for bed. And he said, "What time is it?" I muttered some sort of a 12AM. He said, "Saw the notice not?" And i said yes and grinned. Then he asked,
"And still not following?" I grinned and he gave a funny frown.... He's about to smile anyway... Hahaha... So cute.... I woke up 11AM today neway.... Man... Will i ever sleep at 10PM? But i let the note sticks anyway.

Today, i was really delighted that i get to help one of my mom's fellow indon worker. His name is Man. He's a very good guy. A bit shy. And today's girlfriend's birthday but he doesn't have any money to get her a gift so my mom and i get him some jewelleries and i wrapped them up for him. I am really happy we get to help. I dunno why i feel that way but it gave that sense of satisfaction that i rarely get. I wonder if his gf will like it. I truly hope they will have a wonderful time together. And to think that i used one of my wrapping papers to wrap the gift (even though it's from yikwan and i left less than a text book size), i did not feel relunctant.... i guess maybe its not my fav. kua... But then again, i accepted GY's challenge the other day. Whenever i see wrapping papers that i wanna buy, i wun buy it and the money that's supposed to be spent on the papers goes to the OA ministry. Sheesh... This thing will go on til end of this year. Wish me luck cos'..... i really love wrapping papers... How heart-wrenching is that!!!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Orang Asli Missionary Trip... Nice...

Date : 24th July 2006
Time : 10.12PM
Listening to : Don’t Lie - BEP

Phew… OA trip was fantastic.. No kidding. Actually, my whole weekend was great. Shall blog about this…

Okay… So, on Friday, I went to the office a lil’ earlier to try to finish Mr. Chan’s house. The children’s room were done the day before. Then I saw GY’s msg, asking if I’m free for the day. Wanted to go get some OA food stuff. So I said, at around 4.30PM. mana tau, cannot finish by 4.30PM so I asked for 5.00PM. Thank God he said can but have to go Dr. Sean’s farewell programme straight after that. Mom left for an appointment and I was charged to finish the rest of the stuff. Tension arose since I it was around 4 plus liao and I haven’t even start on the Masterbedroom. Stress man… Sammo my cousin buat kacau sammo. Stress betul but he was of help also la. Called my mom, telling her I don’t think I can make it lor. She said just try my best. Tension was really high liao lor cos she said she made the appointment with Mr. Chan that night d. When GY called ar… waaa… My meter was like max liao. Called my mom to tell her I really cmi and she said it’s ok. Phew… I still feel a tad bit sorry. Ran back to my house and I saw GY’s car waiting liao. *Sweat* Juliana was driving cos’ GY had to send the van to be washed. Then GY drove us to Cowboy shich sent Juliana and I… “Goodness… Cowboy…” Really don’t like Cowboy. Super dusty. But we went in anyway. Juliana ter-take an auntie’s trolley. Haha. Sent us laughing man. Trolley thief. When we went to check out the price of the sardines and also baked beans, Gy said it’s more expensive than Tesco’s. So, we ended up going Tesco. Boleh pengsan. GY pushed the trolley and when we saw stuff we need, he asked to get it and he pushed the trolley along with him finding for other stuff. Ju and I went, “Aper ni… What’s trolley for” and we laughed. Caught up with him and bising-ed him abit. Darn funny. Lawak betul. Bought a huge bar of Cadbury choc… Well, just in case we need it on our hike up. Actually, we really looked forward for this OA trip. It was a sort of a way to make up for our Maxwell Hill hike… So, when we heard that the we won’t be hiking at first, we were really disappointed ler. I mean, really lor. I wanna hike~! But GY said, we need o hike one… have to cross a hanging bridge sammo… We became excited..

Dr. Sean’s farewell event was great. I was really very surprised to see Timothy Keong. I was like talking to Kevin when I went into the church, asking him about the games and then suddenly Shaun went, “Look who’s here?” and pointed to Tim who was just beside Kevin all those time. I still can’t figure out why I didn’t see him. Maybe his hair style or something la. I just did not realize. Sheesh… Ju and I kinda tortured him during dinner. Since he cabut-ed to Cyberjaya campus, we hilang one mangsa to torture liao and had to replace him with Adrian Mao. After our “main course”, Ju, Adrian, Shaun and I ended up at the food table there and eat right there and then. This Ju was telling me not to eat too much fruits or the next day will pang sai a lot. Haha. Gila…

Marcus did all the song leading for that night. he super lawak ler. Really. When he sang “Wind beneath my wings”, he did all those talking parts… Sheesh… Laughed until stomach ache. I really wondered how he did it with that serious face lor. At the end of that song, Stephen gave him a bunch of little flowers. Drama man… Haha… Shaun told me that he and Adrian chose me to do the “Wow” part in the song Come on and celebrate”. I told him that I won’t do it but I ended up doing it. And all those time Shaun was pestering Adrian to do it too…. Keji nyerrrrr… Asked me to do and they didn’t. Yen joined us after her exam. Too bad she missed Marcus’ performance. Had a meeting with the OA trip participants before we cabut home. What a night. Really gila. The talk outside the church was really sampat… The one with Juliana, Sherene, Sharonne and Stephen. About gayism. Boleh pengsan. Sent me dreaming yang bukan-bukan. Gila…

Went home and packed. Mom gave me some stuff that she needed me to do before I leave tomorrow. She asked me not to do until late night for Mr. Chan one. If cannot finish also never mind. She can postpone the appointment until she comes back from Penang on Tuesday. I had so much trouble finding my sleeping back. Sakit man my finger… Then did my Quiet Time and started on Mr. Chan’s master bedroom a little after 12AM. Did until 3 plus and sneaked into dad’s room. Dang~ He caught me putting the laptop down. -.-! Bising-ed about sleeping late. So happy to get to sleep finally at around four plus. Then at around 6 plus, my bro sneaked into my room, finding for small bag. Dragged myself up and find for him. Then went back to sleep. Woke up at 8.00++ nearly nine and prepared to go to the office. Thought that mom haven’t see the design before shooting off to Penang. But she called later and she said the purple design is not that bad. She also said I shouldn’t work until so late… Aiya… I just feel that it’s not that good if we postpone again. So, I started printing the views out. The printer was real slow man. When Uncle David reached with Ju liao the thing haven’t print finish also. Ran all the way back home and scrambled into the van. Went to fetch Sherene and Sharonne before going over to Bukit Beruang to meet up with GY and the MMU-ians. The MMU’ians climbed in asking for sleeping bags… Haha… And when I saw Kevin… Sheesh… wearing white,,,, Really berani man… Hehe… Beng Hui will drive up with Alicia later. Ju, Yen, Shaun and I followed GY’s car. The rest followed the van. Ah Hwei can’t join us. So, those who went were Sherene, Sharonne, Mun Yee, Juliana, Yen, Shaun, Geng Yi, CK, Stephen, Mark, Kevin and Uncle David. And me of course.

I can’t stop yawning man. I was so tired. Can’t sleep but I just can’t stop yawning. How irritating. I was really glad I followed GY’s car. Got pillow. Shaun took the front seat. We had many pit stops. The journey there alone was crazy enough. Just can’t stop talking. Kinda drive GY crazy man. Haha… There was this issue about Pang Sai thingy and they were like saying Ju will be the first to pang sai first and stuff like that and Ju said she won’t be. Man… what a topic… Can faint… Sammo the music in GY’s car was crazy man… Britney Spears 10 in 1 songs. The transitions not say smooth. Gila man the song. Droe us nuts…. Kakaka…Then suddenly everything became quiet and I fell asleep and so was Shaun. Then, I heard Yen and Ju said to Shaun, “why you wake up and smiled at us?” Then suddenly he farted. Liao mannnnn…. Can pengsan… then he say he stomach ache wor. Tension man. GY sped up like mad… I was like asking him a few times if he was okay cos’ he was leaning to the front holding the stomach there d. Then he kept on rubbing his nose; we thought he was crying in pain. Tension man… All three of us were quiet all the way. Was praying that he can tahan. Reaching the rest area that time, Shaun already put his hand at the door d. Stopped only, he already burst out of the car. Wow man this budak… Sheesh… So sleepy man while waiting. When he came back, he was all full of smiles. He didn’t cry it seems. This incident earned him the title, “PSK’ - Pang Sai King…. Haha… and the search went on for PSQ, the pang sai queen. Shaun they all keep on saying it would be Ju… ahaha…

The pang sai topic did not drop until we reached we left the Tapah rest house. I like this rest house. Got Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins one… Hehe… Yen, Ju and I went to Dunkin Donuts. Finally get to eat the Choc Pudding man… Every time ask my mom to buy, the branch that she went won’t have Choc Pudding… While queuing up, Shaun, Stephen and Mark came in. So we bought five and we get one free. Shaun gets the free one. So nice~! Dunno why in the world DD closed down in MP and was replaced by Starbucks… Gila one… CK came in after that and bought a box of donuts. Then we walked over to the food court there. Uncle David Teo was there d. He was the one that will bring us to the OA village. Then CK said he wanna try to go pang sai. -.-~!! I dunno when the topic will stop ler… And yen also went to try. Really dot dot dot man… Talked to Mun Yee and Juliana… Actually, I went for this trip with one of the intentions to get to know Mun Yee better cos’ I really didn’t know her that well. I’m glad she came along. Then mark joined the table. Then Sherene and Sharonne. Then somebody tapped me from behind and I turned to my left. Nobody… Sheesh… Tak sangka kena fooled by that Kevin Kwa… He threw two packs of the Lot 100 mango candies on the table. So, we took and eat la. He was holding the badak sumbu cooling water of some sort la. By that time yen balik liao. Her attempts failed… haha… Then Ju said, “This kind of water still can drink one mer?”… Then they asked why not and she said.. “Nevermind la..dowan say”…. Then we pestered and then she said something about Auntie Tina mentioned before that the water actually from dunno what sumbu one… I went so blur because I forgot what’s badak sumbu… *Gila right? Like that also can forget* Then Kevin said, “Not as if it’s really from the sumbu or what right?”… something like that la… And the issue, to me… still hanging there… I still tak faham… haha… Then CK came back… His attempts were successful. haha… Syabas man CK…. And I started with the advertising of LOT 100 mango thingy. Sharonne taught me in Chinese… Exactly like in the movie one. Piggy she… laughed at the way I said it. I know la my Chinese a bit rotten… Asked Stephen to say it cos his Chinese pronunciations were somewhat rotten. Muahaha…. Stomach ache man with all those laughing… LOT 100 kuo chi luan tang….. And also the A Taste with Jason in AEC one also… Sheesh…

The rest of the journey there was equally nutz… Ju and I started singing Lee Hom’s song, “Kiss Goodbye”… Haha… And GY and Shaun fumbled to try to on the radio to drown our voice. Kakaka… Mana tau the reading of the CD has errors… They had to endure another few minutes of horrible singing… He on dunno what kinda songs… Like river dance one… Lagi teruk. We sang along making noises… Ju, Yen and i… Laughed until stomach aches man… Seriously tortured GY and Shaun to the max…. Then got the soundtrack from the show “Perhaps Love” and I think to their surprise we knew the lyrics. Betul-betul lawak man… On the way to the kampung, we saw a sign board that says, “Hutan Rekreasi Kampung Woh”… Three of us went, “Hutan Rekreasi Kampung…..” Stopped a while and then, “Woooooooooh~”…. Haha… Gila… Sent all of us laughing. I really dunno why we did it but it was the immediate reaction we had. Just when I thought “Pang Sai” would be the word of the day, “Woh” took over. When pulled into a kampong area, GY announced that we reached d… I was soooooooooo disappointed. I thought they won’t be any hiking… Sammo, in the car, Ju and I said we will be strong and GY + Shaun laughed at us. We said we will save them. Look us no up~!!! Ish~! But then, GY said he was just kidding about reaching. Uncle David Teo showed us the church in making… Spacious. Then we had some durians. Saw the lil’ pups. So adorable.

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Then, those who was in GY’s car hopped into Uncle David Teo (Let’s call him Uncle David II and MGC’s Uncle David I). GY drove the other van. Then we started our journey to the kampong we were supposed to go to. Yohannes, a 25 year old guy followed us. Btw… Yohannes means Peter in Malay I think… can’t remember…We had a good chat with Uncle David II. Since we kept on using the word Woh since we saw the sign board, we decided to ask for the meaning. So we were told that Woh means water in OA language… And our immediate reaction was.. “Woh…” We just can’t help it ler… Our responses were only right if we say woh… And we got to know that only 3 families in the village are Christians. The rest are Muslims…… Man… Throughout the journey there, Uncle David II showed us the Malay OA kampungs… It seems like most of them are Muslims lor… Then, he parked in front of a Presbyterian church. Got our stuff out. The boys were to carry the food stuff. I helped Kevin with his Bible cos’ he had to carry the pack of rice. Was so excited. Hehe… Was really prepared for a one hour hike. When we started the journey, the trail was easy. Then we reached the bridge. It was across the river, made of bamboos. Seemed easy. And I said aloud, “Kevin! If I can’t make it across I’ll have to throw your Bible!”, thinking that he was ahead of me. And then GY said, “He’s behind you la!” Hahaha… And Kevin said, “And I will throw you!”… Nyahnyahnyah…. Yen asked me to cross with her and Ju cross with Shaun..

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At first I wasn’t scared… Really… But half way through, I started to tremble abit liao. I was like muttering under my breath, “God… I can’t do this… Sheesh… So scared… CMI la~!” But I made it across. Horrible Mark was like, “Ar ar… Fall…” -.-~! But I made it… Hee Hee… Hopeless me. Then we continued our journey. We were told that we had to cross a stream. I thought the big one… Aih… It was just a small one… After the stream, we hiked for like 2 minutes and I heard someone said, “Reach liao…” I was like, “What?! Don’t bluff ar”… It was like less than 15 minutes ler since we started our journey on foot. I thought they were kidding but we really reach liao. So disappointed actually. Expected some horrible climbing. Aih~! No chance to save Shaun or Geng Yi… Hehehe… But I guessed God knows better cos when we going home that time, I was really glad it was only a 15 minutes walk. So, I am not complaining about it liao.

The kampong got only 3 houses and lotsa kids running. The dogs there were so thin. We were told that the house we staying in (Which was the biggest) is the real OA house. I climbed in and it was really cooling. Got all those stuff out. Then Shaun and I started talking with one of the kids. We asked for his name and he was so shy… Asked a couple of time before he actually told us his name… “Ramesh”… So shy la that kid. Then he hid behind the door with a few other kids. Then Shaun made them laugh. Then start la his SS-ness… Said that he’s the one to make them laugh. Cheh… We were successful also wat… Then both of us dunno what angin started playing kejar-kejar with them. Then Yen and Ju joined in. No need kejar one. Just start doing some sort of a dinosaur’s sound and move one step the kids will start scattering liao. They run very keng one lor… zig-zag one… I no stamina man. I climbed back into the house and fell flat on my back. So tired… I gave up man. I left them to Shaun to handle. But not long after that, he scrambled into the house and fell flat beside me. Hahaha… Penat sial… Then, I helped with the petai peeling. Sherene scared me man when she said that I mixed in the wrong petai… Sheesh… False alarm… Then Ju sat beside me and I shifted my attention to the boiling of the veggies. When I introduced myself as “Wong”, Juliana stifled in a laugh… Aper ni…. Very funny mer? We then talked to a 19 year girl and Yohannes. CK was there talking with Yohannes. Unlike the OA that we went in GLO… This village was really different. No electricity one. I was quite glad also. Cos’ the one in GLO was way too modern. Got 36” TV and CD player… Then, Shaun and I went over to the corner of the house and I started counting aloud, trying to fool the kids… Haha… Shaun reached his hand into the hole and they grabbed him, dowanna let go. haha. Heard GY saying outside, “Tarik dia!” Haha… I was like trying to pull him in again. When we finally got him free, we ran back to the main hall and said, “No more man~!” Then I helped with the luncheon meat. Supposed to chop them. I purposely find a brighter spot but Shaun buat hal ar. He accidentally stepped on Stephen and Stephen pretended to be mad and Shaun was like sorry all the way man until Stephen finally smiled. Because of that, Stephen who was lying down, sat upright and blocked my lights and Shaun was in the way too. And the worst thing was Stephen started calling me Wong instead of Chenli… Aper niiii… Very funny mer call myself wong… First Ju then Stephen. Then I chopped the meat la. The plate was very shallow so one chunk fell out and he said, “Waste 30cents…” Dot dot dot… And someone asked him, “You know how much one chunk cost mer?” Hahaha… Yeala… who knows right. But Shaun they all really blockers lor….. Blocked my lights. I went over to the windows to continue my work. I talked to Mun Yee and seemed like she enjoyed this trip lor. So glad she tagged along cos’ I really want to get to know her.

Then we decided to take a dip in the river. Girls took the lower part of the river while the boys took the one further up. The trail down was quite steep. I was like, “Ju… hold me.. ju….” Hahaha… The water was cold man. So nice. My stupid lip balm kept on floating out of my pockets. How irritating. It was really slippery lor. Mun Yee was like papery white man. I think too cold. And gosh… thank God for my blindness without the specs. haha. The little boys started coming in naked. Ju was like, “eee…” And yen lagi funny… “Sini perempuan punya”… Muahaha… And aper la she… So lawak. So semangat one. Only six girls only cos’ Beng Hui and Alicia weren’t there yet. Super nice…. On the way up, I slipped and fell. Crazy man the rocks. So slippery. Sakit man…. My towel was all wet. Changing was another big issue… Stress… And we really wished we were guys at that moment. In fact, Mun Yee was saying that she wished she’s a guy for like forever. Haha…

Before dinner, I had a chat with the kids. Shaun was known as Saun, GY as Robot but they ended up calling him cartoon, Stephen as Cena, Kevin as King Kong, and Mark as The Rock… What a name ler. I can’t remember Ck’s. Dinner was delicious. Loves the bamboo shoots with sardines. Nice…. Had to eat with the aid of candle lights. Ate with Sherene. I brought my toy car torchlight that I got from our church’s Sports Day. Darn bright. Had a chat with Sherene. Then, Mark called some of us to help him with a sketch. Super last minute man. Really salute Mark. Last minute also can think. It’s a sketch about a box representing God’s love and sharing them. (Check yen’s blog for the storyline) After he told us about our roles, I joined Ju and Mun Yee in their conversation. Then I decided to join Sharonne and kids. Aiyo… So adorable la those kids. So playful. I really miss them. Can’t wait to see them again. They like the torchlight. There was this baby boy. So big la his eyes. So quiet one. He was like taking the car torchlight and use my lap as the racing track. So adorable. And this curly hair boy kept on poking me and turned away smiling. The boy behind him too… His name was Bobur. And pretended like I wanted to bite them and tickled them. You know, being there alone made me happy liao. I was thinking before I tagged along to OA what was the reason I come. I can’t figure out. Although I really dowan to come because my friends get to go but I ended up going because of that I think. I don’t even know what was my reason being there. Haih… But those kids made me really happy la. Really. By then BH and Alicia reached d. I talked to Mun Yee also. She said she will soon accept Christ. Really thank God for that. I can’t remember what time the gathering started. Ju was the first to give her testimony among us three. Then Yen then me. I hate giving testimonies. I really don’t like cos’ I sure cry one. Super crazy man…

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Sherene song led. That little boy really gave me tension man. He seemed so interested with the candles. So scared sial he go touch the fire. Then the curly hair boy started with the poking again. I whistled once and he followed. So whistled twice and he followed then I did it thrice and he started laughing liao. Haha… Then the sketch. Really like the music that CK played on the guitar. Haha. The sketch was really nice la. With the music sammo. Really suited the sketch well. Asked the kids if they enjoyed it and they said yes.

Then Mark started discussing with CK about the Sunday School songs. And I ran off somewhere to do m Quiet Time. Since my Bible was too heavy to be taken along, I took only my New Testament. I just simply flipped and it opened to Romans 9. Dunno where to read since I was doing on Jeremiah so I just read whatever that I flipped on. I can’t get it right. I just don’t understand the context. It’s mainly about God’s mercy and His choice of people to be saved and stuff like that la. I really don’t understand lor. I was confused. So I went outside to find for Geng Yi la. He was with CK, Mun Yee and Sherene; playing with the kids. So I asked him and Ck came to help also. And the conversation about some stuff regarding Christianity arose. CK started off by explaining to me those verses and some ppl’s opinion about human’s free will and things like that. At that point, I just couldn’t get it. I have so much questions and I had so much burden weighing down in my hearts that I was literally at the lowest part of my spiritual life. I started spilling out my spiritual condition cos’ I just feel like I am way too sinful. I kept on thinking that whatever that I do I have bad intention behind it. It was so bad that I was literally in the self-condemnation phase in my life ler. And I am always thinking if I had been a good testimony at home cos’ if I did then why does it seems like my family can’t see it and it seemed that I was nowhere near bringing them to know Christ. GY shared with me that things aren’t like that. I just need to trust in God and obey Him. I was really glad for these 4 ppl that was there for me that night. They prayed for me. Really wanna thank God for them and thank them too ar. It was really meaningful to me la. We each had something to share that night. And I think it did us good. Then CK, Sherene and I went up to the house while GY had a chat with Mun Yee. Shaun asked what we were doing outside and bising-ed me about not ajak-ing him to pray also. Aper ni Shaun… It was so sudden. How would I know.

We got ready for bed and Mark was like, “Chenli… give me your blanket la…” Haha… I went, “Noooo….My blankie very small and thin one… Doesn’t help one…” And he was like, “It’s better than nothing right?” Hahaha… I gave him anyway. poor mark. No sleeping bag at all. Kesian… But he brought his pillow. Hehe. While preparing to sleep, Ju and Yen asked me what was happening outside, so I told them I just had a prayer thingy with them la. and I said I have some problems of my own la. They asked why I didn’t share with them. I also dunno how to answer. So, I told them that I have some self-condemnation problem ar. And Ju whispered that my this issue really was bad enough d lor. I totally agree. I just wanna get out of this phase. I slept between Mun Yee and Ju and Yen was just behind us. It was warm at first and then it got really cold. The floor was made of bamboos so it wasn’t really a bed that we get used to in one nights. Woke up a couple of times and so did MY and Ju. I heard someone snored. hehe… Prayed a couple of times for God to give us a good night rest. GY prayed for the same thing. What a night man… Even in the middle of waking up and sleeping again, I still can dream lor. So real sammo that dream… What’s with the mattress and blanket and stuff…. Gila man… And what a real dream sammo.

It was that darn crow that made me wake up once and for all. It kept on crowing until I finally sprang up and said, “ I will slaughter that chicken~!”… GY told me later on that he woke up upon hearing that. Sorry man GY!! Ju laughed and she said, “Now you know how Nat feels in BGGH”…. Man… Nat… I understand… I really do… And I sat down there, so sleepy, talking to Ju before four of us got up to brush our teeth. I zipped up my sleeping bag and threw it on Mark, covering him cos he was the only one without sleeping bag. Cold sial. I know how it feels to be in cold. Horrible.

The water was freezing cold man… This yen spat the colgate at the wrong place… Haha… Mun Yee mentioned to us yesterday that after those trouble of bringing colgate and toothbrush, we mush brush our teeth cos at night we can’t see so we can’t brush our teeth. haha… This girl very lawak ler. Sherene and Sharonne just finished washing up when we reached. Alicia was still washing up.

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This GY very funny one ler although I totally agree with him. He said when he was still sleeping, all he could hear was CK walking to and fro. He opened his eyes, he saw CK walking pass. Then again he opened his eyes and there goes CK again. Haha. I heard him too… And Shaun and also their conversation about taking a dip in the river. Gila… So cold ler.

Breakfast was Milo and biscuits. CK made the Milo… One jug of them. When Kevin tasted one of them, he asked what was it. Haha… Milo la… Then we said CK made it and CK said he only made the one in blue jug. Since Kevin poured from another jug, we told him it wasn’t CK. He said, “Earlier dowan tell…” Uncle David I seemed really tired lor. He’s the only adult there. Then had a discussion with Mark about story telling. Don’t think I can do it for story telling. Borrowed a Malay Bible from CK and read up on Jonah… yeah… everytime about Jonah. Then I chickened out and asked Mark to do the story-telling but he dowan so I asked Sharonne and she agreed but Mark ended up doing it.

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Ju seemed really tired cos the night before she can’t sleep. Kevin was asleep too. Worship was later than usual. So Stephen played the guitar and sang a silly song. The one on Juliana was really funny. Can’t remember the lyrics. Something about hairy like a gorilla and stinks like a zebra. Chose her because her name rhymes with the words. Poor thing.

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Worship was nice. Sang Malay hymns. Before the message, Mark, Sharonne, Stephen and Kevin followed the kids out for the Sunday School. Kevin and I in charged of the games. It was a game of balloons.

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During their singspiration, Kevin and I did the game preparation. He blew the balloons and I hid them. Passed some to the little kids that weren’t involved. Hate it when the balloons popped. And it really made me wonder, how easy for a guy to just scoop up a lil boy in their arms ler while I have to usually “ugh” and “argh” sometimes. After hiding and blowing the balloons, we joined the SS. CK played the guitar, Mark was telling a story with the help of “pesawah” Bobur. Haha… It was about the four soils one. They improvised on the song “I love you Jesus” to “Pesawah tabur benih… Benih ditabur” Haha… I heard from Shaun it was really an impromptu thing. Keng la they all. Kevin was the first benih. Caught him by surprise. The kids had fun watching and I am very sure Bobur enjoyed her role as the pesawah. Kevin was the seed that fell on the stone. And Shaun and I acted as the birds that ate him up. Then Stephen became the 2nd benih. He was the one in the thorns. Shaun and I had to poke him with sticks. Coming to the next seeds, Shaun and I were pushing each other liao. Suppose to have 4 seeds ma. But Mark forgot the one on the road one. So when he said, “ Benih terakhir…” I was so relieved because I know Mark sure choose Shaun one. Shaun’s suppose to be the one on good soil. Haha… A dancing seed. So funny. Those kids love him la. Can see. Hehe…. Sharonne took a video of those “Benih”… The games went well… Glad that they enjoyed it. One thing about the OA kids is that they’re really tough. See the way they climbed trees and stuff like that really sent me going “wow” liao… And yes… “Wow” was still the word of the day. We distributed the chocolate sticks to the children after the game.

Then we went back to the main house. Uncle David II had a praying session for the sick. It was new experience to watch him pray. With such authority. Then we had our lunch. This time, I ate with GY and Sharonne. And there was durian. Uncle David II said that Malacca boys must know how to eat Durian with rice. Didn’t know that. He taught Stephen how to open Durian. Then we had a group picture. Then off we go again for a last dip in the river. What fun we had. Sherene, Alicia, Mun Yee and Sharonne didn’t stay in the water long. I decided that I want some cleaner water and I climbed over to the rocky side and duduk bersantai there near the flowing water. Its always cleaner that still water. Ju and Yen laughed, asking what as I doing… malas ar… And we found another good spot. The current was rather strong. Like massage chair like that. Yen’s hand is still in pain because of the currents. We were about to get back when two lil OA girls slid down from a rock. Yen went, “Wow! I want to do that” and he clambered up the rocks and finally sat on the big one and slides down. Man… I was so tempted and I gave in. I climbed up too but told that two girls not to push me… haha… What a fun slide. Then Ju tried. He fell down twice. Kelian… She still got bruises. I really have a short tem memory lost. the last time I tried to slide down, I got scared. After doing it for a couple of times, I became scared out of a sudden. Yen asked from below what was happening and I said, “I can’t remember the feeling of sliding down… I scared!” Hahaha… I tell you… Yen said my short term memory lost was worse than hers. So gila man that moment. But I took a deep breath and I took the plunge. Man… So fun! So refreshing! I am so glad we’ll be coming back in November to witness their baptism. Can’t wait. While waiting for the male species to come back, I dozed off on the floor. So tired ler.

Was so sad to leave after that. We took a few pics with the kids. So heavy hearted. Thanked the people there for their hospitality. They were really nice. The penghulu was an elderly man and he was a really good man. Before going off, Shaun asked a boy, “Aku hansem tak?” for the final time after asking it for so many times and that boy in blue said, “Hansem!” with so much semangat. haha.. Then he asked the curly hair boy the same question, his reaction sent Ju and I laughing. He laughed in such a mocking way man… So lawak….

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Crossing the bridge this time wasn’t like the first. A total fearless walk. So proud. haha… Too bad we didn’t have the chance to save GY and Shaun, eh? Haha…. *GY, Shaun…. we will prove to you guys man…. Don’t look us no up!* Shaun was demoted to the back seat on the way back to the 1st kampong cos there was another uncle that tagged along to buy petai. RM30 for 100 tangkai. Had a conver on buaya darat and the real buaya. And also about this estate manager who tends to shoot his wife with a shotgun when he got drunk. He converted to Christianity 4 years before he died and he stopped getting drunk. What a funny story. And no… his wife did not die whenever he starts shooting. She just starts running.

The journey back was a rather quiet one. We fell asleep. I woke up a couple of time thinking if GY will feel boring but I saw him singing along with the songs so I continued sleeping. We woke up when he pulled into Sungai Buloh rest house. When we passed a toll, we stopped to wait for Uncle David. Then we noticed that we were at Bukit raja toll.. Man… took a wrong detour. There was a diverged road. One leads to Klang and Shah Alam. Another to Klang and Bukit Raja.

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Uncle David went to right road so they had to continue without us. I suggested that we take the Shah Alam and Klang road. They asked why so I started crapping saying that we should take Shah Alam and Klang road cos there’s always CK from Klang and Kevin from Shah Alam to help us if we get lost ma. Haha… But the rest said we should take the Bukit raja and klang one. Aper ni~!!! Don’t trust me. GY called CK to ask for direction and yeh~! I was right….

We reached Malacca at around six plus I think. Stopped at Shaun’s place and went in for a drink. Ah Hwei just woke up from sleep. Enter the house only, ken started attacking Ju and I… Adoih… Kesiannye kitorang… Then, GY drove us to the Peranakan House next to Newton food court to eat laksa… man… So satisfied. Asked for no tauge and extra “see hum” (Kerang)… The owner was a very friendly guy. He started chatting with us until we finally cabut-ed. Had a chat about stuff in the car. Told them I wanna buy a Malay Bible. And to my surprise, GY said he too planned to do that. And I was saying stuff about secondary school… Sorry Yen… if you reads this la… just wanna say sorry if I made you think that you were mean last time. I didn’t mean it that way. Just to reassure you that I just didn’t know you that well… Sorry yea… I was just being a tad bit nutz that night. Went home, bathed… Started praying and I knew I am out of my self-condemnation phase. So glad.

Overally… I am honestly glad to be able to make it for this trip. It gave the desire to want to learn the Bible in Malay… I want to learn to serve not only those in common language as mine but in another language. Uncle David II said if we have the heart then we will have the strength. Miss those kids man…. Really….

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

OA at last!!!

Yeh~! Phew... It's 10.10AM now... Still in the office doing my last minute job. My mom say i no time management. Said that she told me the night before if i cannot do finish the work dun do until solate. Mana tau... sueh sueh let my dad see me stole into his room to return the laptop after i finished which was 4 AM!!! My dad was like, "So late d still not yet sleep?!" Sheesh.,... Sweat*

Now doing my last printing... Sheesh... can't wait for the trip...coming anytime to fetch me now~! Better do fast and go home and wait... Update bout dr.sean one later~! Yehhh! OA... (Hopefully titik hitam di Maxwell hill wun repeat~! Juliana and i have something to redeem ourselves from... )

Thursday, July 20, 2006

English Placement Test? Unlikely~Fear Factor apartment? Very likely~

Yesterday, went for The One Academy English Placement test...I slept throughout my journey there... Went to Mel's house the night before to get the apartment keys. Okay, i was still nervous in stepping into TOA. I really dunno why. We waited for like 15 minutes before both my bro and i dilayan... Hehe... Went to the counseling room for the test. Sigh~! The people there seemed very cold ler... But neway... about the test. It consists of 3 different parts la. One is of course english test la. The other one is a question on IQ and the third one is a question on creativity. I started on the survey until the IQ part. I was jammed... Nine dots... (3 by 3) connect them in 3 lines without lifting up the pencil. Ok.. before anyone of you guys said anything like, "I can wor..." or "I've seen this before" or.. "It's possible".... Let me remind you... Please, take a paper and try it and tell me the answer cos' i am dying to know. I can do it in 4 lines. But since it was written there 3 lines... I surrender... Really. In my very own opinion... (Only mine and mine alone), since my IQ not very high... 3 lines = absolutely impossible. I am just thinking too rationally maybe but nope... 3 lines not possible. A line can only touch a maximum of 3 dots no matter how far you stretched it. Ok, i am just being to rational but please tell me the answer ok...anyone....

Ok, the creativity test... I must thank Davy Jones for this... Really... They gave us a curved line... (Just like the Aid's ribbon shape- outer line only i mean) and asked us to draw something out of it... I was super jammed ler... And i started wondering if i really should be in TOA... (I just like self-criticizing) And i was praying for inspiration m an until i started seeing Jack Sparrow in my mind... And then Davy Jones and then the awful tentacles and i started drawing an upside down octopus complete with their suckers. I glanced at my brother, and i gave him a quick look on my octopus which made him laughed...Said i siao... He ended up drawing a flower complete with buzzing bees... I dunno la we two...

For the english test.... No means of lifting myself up... It's quite elementry la... Like grammar exercises. But to be honest... i have some questions that left me hanging between answer A or B... Sheesh... I karat liao... And there's an essay... I started crapping. Really.... And for the last 1/2 hour, my bro and i was cracking our head on the nione dots thingy... I left it empty. The effect lasted for the whole day. Whenever i see dots, i will try to figure out the answer until i came to my own conclusion that it's not possible.

My bro and i walked to our apartment after that. I really dunno what awaits me there man since mel haven't been able to go up there to clean up all the food that was there three weeks ago due to her accident. I opened the door and went to kitchen... *Horror*Horror*.. To be perfectly honest ar... I rather clean up the boy's dorm in GLO 10 times than to be in the situation i was in yesterday.The fruits were rotten bad... With fruitflies around it... Ok.. I was like telling my bro.. "Wen, please...." And he did it. He cleaned it up. Then i took the moulded loave of bread and threw it inside the plastic bag. Then we started to clean the kitchen cos the fruitflies were lingering on everything. If you thing fruitflies are nothing... Listen to this... I turned to my right and i was so shocked. I saw a black thing resting on the wall with a swarm of fruitflies on it...on the wall, on the rice cooker, on every surface la they can land their feet on. And i was super grossed out... It was a 3 week old rotten bananas!!!!!!! I felt like fainting. I just can't see thin gs in swarm. I just can't. My bro so kelian... He cleaned up the bananas but fruitflies just started flying around and then rest on the walls, windows, plates... and stuff.... It entered my mouth man... Lucky thing it's fruitflies not roaches... Cos both my bro and i are hopeless when it comes to that creature. I was really stressed, what's with my dad calling and started telling me off for not waiting and stuff like that. Haih~! But my dad was stressed too so i understand. Then i saw the rotten eggs.... *Faint* You know, i just can't get rid of those flies... I called Yiding and EeHoong for shelltox but none of them has it... I was really stressed, i dunno what to do... (Btw... I am easily stressed if i am in a situation where i can't do anything about it) I got so frustrated and i started doing cleaning up non-stop... I don't care about the flies, i don't care about those rotten smeall and i just started cleaning... And then i saw the dead, moulded plants next to the sink... In that thing goes into the dustbin... Then my parents arrived... Mom took some feng shui reading... and they seemed really interested in buying one apartment... I was like... You sure not? And off my parents went to see block C while me and my bro continued cleaning. And then my bro noticed a small ice box. I was like praying all the time... Really... And i asked, "What's in it?" My bro took a look, slammed the lid shut and looked at me, smiled... "Oh... Nothing much... Just two rotten oranges.." Needless to say, ice boxes are meant to store things in ice... So you imagine la the box filled with rotten oranges and melted ice fopr 3 weeks... My bro did the digging out the solids which includes plastics and i did the washing. I carried the box to my bathroom, sat on the toilet bowl, lifted my legs up and threw the water away... Unfortunately, i ter-splashed on my feet which sent me, "Aaaaah~! Wong Twee Wen!!! Ewwwwwwwww"...... That was the final straw... It's between me and those rotten stuff. I stepped on those dirty rotten water with some whitish thing floating on it and started washing the toilet. Cannot tahn d... I left the fruitflies to die after that. Really hope they wun multiply....

Then my four of us went to see the rest of the apartment... dunno if they are serious about buying one... I was hoping not... Due to several reasons... Sigh~!

I just can't look at bananas for a couple of days at least... Really. It's just so horrible....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

POC? And now on hobbies?

Gosh... Suddenly was asked to watch Pirates of Carribean yesterday... Man, was hoping and praying that i could make it. And finally did. Well... I love Captain Jack Sparrow man... He is like so super funny and Johnny Depp... Sigh~!... Seriously love that dude. But watching this movie came with a price of course... No sotong for me or any sea food for at least a week man... But then again... I could end up eating my words la... Ok... Review for this movie :-

1) Funny and honestly hilarious
2) Extremely dirty... literally...pirates kotor... Don't get the wrong idea man... This is ...
totally a G rated movie... (General i mean..)
3) Seriously sickening and gross... (Yea... especially the part where Captain Jack was about to be
4) Great! ( Really... it)

But i really hate the part where he was tied up by that horrible, terrible Keira Knightley... really dun like her in that movie... Sheesh... And really dun like the ending part... I have to like wait for next year in order to see part 3... Sheesh... And may i opt for TGV for the sequel please? I have to like switch place with hema in order to get a clear view. Thank God for her height... Or i would have to spend 9 bucks to watch half of Captain jack's face... Definately will drive me crazy... I will rant and kick up a fuss for probably the whole night. Thanks Hema. Cos' i mean... It's not very often i get to watch a movie ma right...

Davy Jones... Goodness me... He's sick ler.... What's with Juliana running her fingers on my neck when i was talking to hema... That is like darn gross lor... Imitating Davy Jones and his tentacles... Should see the part he played the piano with his tentacles... Nothing is grosser than to see the tentacles' suckers up close... ok...except for the part where the canibals hang a necklace of human toes on CJ... And, he actually took a bite man... Sheesh... I love the ball cage too... With that funny music on when the trapped ppl tried to swing their way through... That was catchy man... clever of them. Oh, yea... the part where the rmit crab mutant lose his head was a pretty funny part.

All in all... we had fun. I went over to Thai Kuang to get some stuff also.. And i rally did finally get to term that I, chen li... definately not a material in photography and editing although i honestly love photography. I get really lighted up when i see beautiful photos and unique well taken one. Dunno how to define uniquely well taken one la but then view usually doesn't really seem normal to alot of people. So, i guess, i have no skill in it (And also no proper camera...only proper editing tool) and probably not having a stronger interest in it. But, i found out that i am really into crafts. Seriously... Yen Mei hates it... So did Juliana... But i find working things out with my hands were really therapeutic. Especially in gift making. But sadly, ideas don't usually work out well... Too imaginary i guess... Some are just too hard to be carried out. And time are scarce now. And i really wanna complain about materials in Malacca. It's like really scarce ler.... Colours are lame when it comes to papers and i have a freaky smount of wrapping papers in my two drawers (Ahem... newly built in to store them) and that two narrow drawers are currently "certified" overflowed... Ok... So, i have two solutions here... No. 1... Stop buying and No. 2... get a bigger drawer... No. 1 is definately out. As crazy and as obsessed as it may sound, i just can't stop buying nice wrapping papers~! *i do use them of course... it should not go to waste but i am careful about finishing them which is a no-no* I guess it's some sort of a collection la but Ju said a collection is meant to be kept not used... but then again... i will neve allow myself to collect something that i cannot use. That's one thing la... Wrapping papers are abundant but papers... Something that i use so much... the colours are sort of like monotonous and quality can be a problem... Monotonous in my term means... They're just too common. For example blue... Only two weeks ago i finally find the right shade of blue.. And yet, there'll never be the right shade of yellow for me... How frustrating is that... And the MAIN problem is.... Money is never there... Strangely, while i will save up my money instead of buying a top that i like, i will never save on art stuff... And to think that most of the thing that i make... actually all... i gave it a way. never for me to keep and yet i am willing to spend on it... Gosh... Like what our LORD Jesus said... Giving is better than receiving... Well, i guess... He has proven what He said right in me. Thank You Lord for this satisfaction of spending~!

I am complaining on papers... Goodness me... I am going nuts with all these... Neway, do me a favor guys... Anywhere to find nice art crafts stuff and especially papers... Do inform me, will ya? I know... I know.. I am super nutz... But this is NOT an obsession... Alright? It's just a hobby that is hard to fulfill with this kinda situation... *Both in mind and place... Ideas hard to be carried out... materials are either too expensive or virtually non-existant in Malaysia*

Btw yen... Guess how lucky you are win your hobby... You can capture your materials in your faithful Mico or your digi cam. Wish i could be you for a moment. Neway, keep up your fantastic work in photography. With no means of distracting you, i really do feel, freelance photography and graphic adver are a good line for you. But wherever God leads you, i now you'll follow.

K la.. Must stop all these craps... Neway... will never kow if Yen ever reads this. She just hates reading... Hehe....

Monday, July 17, 2006

OA trip... Wish i Can Make It`!

Gosh... Today was my first ever proposal visit... Okla... I did not say anything la...But it was fun to see all those comments and reactions after all those hard work... Bottomline is... Ahem... The only room that i get to choose thecolour... They loved it... That's why... Bold colours = attractove = it works~! Okla... They loved the other rooms also la ok... but i am just happy that they made special mention of it... Muahahah! Thank You LORD!

Okay...I woke up today with swollen eyes... well according to my mom la but i don't think so la... What a dream i had last night... Can't remember la but seriously... what a dream.... Nice dreamS ... seriously a fantastic way to kill time... Just sleep and dream... Talking about dream, i am really blessed with great dreams ler... Looking back... My dreams were...hmmm.... just great la...

Okok... cut the crap.... My darn fluorescent light "kong" again... Sheesh... this is the first time it's "certified" dead since it wasn't like the usual time when the starter "rebel" against me... Sheesh... I guess it really did went dead. Neway, on the way to Mr. Koh's place, Geng Yi called me. he asked if i really can't make it for OA this week. I dunno la... I really don;t think i can make it lor since the projects are all due in within these 2 weeks with my driving classes and English Placement test in TOA. man... I really hope i can go... Please pray for ppl... Cos' there're only say...8 ppl going... and sammo GY heard there will be around 100++ ppl to be there... is it ar? I forgot the exact figure... And then, i checked my phone and there were 2 miscall from an unknown number. I was hoping and wishing that it would be Jean Nie but it was Gary la when i called back. He ajak-ed go his BD thingy this sat. That's why he asked if i can make it for OA... if not then join him wor... Well, gary... I will come if i'm not allowed to go OA... =)

K k... I have to go... Supe blinded by the orange light.... Sheesh...of all time to die... My light chose to die yesterday night.... Super stress....

Tribute to Yen Mei... And an answer to her challenge...

This is chicken rice ball.... Yea.... memang chicken rice ball.... Happy to get it right... *wink*

*Beat this Yen... I am an all time winner for being lame...*

*Crown me!*Crown me!*

P/s: Those who're lost...please refer to yen mei's blog... *Kaki blog*

My weekend....sheesh...

Date : 16th July 2006
Time : 1.14PM
Listening to : Don’t Ask Me - OK go (Smallville Ultimate soundtrack)

Phew… Just came back from church… Followed Auntie Jennifer there. Was the earliest there. So, read Jeremiah 7 and 10 there…. Hmm… Juliana and family did not go cos’ they went up to KL to check out the uni that was offered to Juliana… Anyway, don’t think ju-on going la…. This made me very glad. Cos’ to be honest (Although it may be very selfish of me), I rather to be the first to leave so I don’t have to watch anyone of them leave before me… Don’t like to stay at the same place and doing the same thing with different people. So, you know la… better I leave first. Different place, different thing, different people… I won’t feel half as bad although I know I will definitely miss everyone back in Malacca once I’m away. Sorry guys, I would really hate to see anyone close to me leave first, namely Ju, yen and hema since I hang with them more la.

Ok… Today, I went to church feeling extremely sleepy. Horribly sleepy. Feel so “uek”… Cos’ I was tired and was yawning quarter of the time. I was searching for the song that I requested last week… Managed to remember the title when Uncle Ivan gave thanks for the bread. Song 755, I offer my life… Hmmm… Like that song. After the sermon, I knew that I really… really need coffee. I was like lying down on the benches that I laid my eyes on. That was until Yen drove both of us to Nam Thye…. I was like telling her during worship that I really need the roti bakar there…. with extra thick butter…. Haha… I was definitely satisfied. I helped yen to snap a couple of shots of her la…wanna put new pics in her profile I think…. The coffee was rather kick la… I was awake for ½ hour. Ok la… awhile only. Then she drove us back to MGC… just in time for devotion. Saw Uncle Tony and Beng Hui talking at the stairs there. And baby Sarah emerged in between that two adults. So cute… Hehe… Disturbed Uncle Tony when I got out of the car saying, “What?!?! We missed worship ar? We came late?!”…. haha… And he was like… haha… dunno la… I remembered someone said we made it just in time for tea… Hahaha… Yeow Kui…. I held out my hands, wanting to carry Sarah… Muahaha… tak sangka she wants me wor… so happy… So long never carried her d… El Sen said she wanted to cry d when Yen played with her… But both Yen and I agreed that with her expression, it was signs that she wanted to smile liao… hehe… we were right ok?

Devotion was fine. Geng Yi finally “returned” to our group. Federick “finally” came to MGC… After devo, Marcus and the musicians had a practice for Dr. Sean’s farewell. Haha… You know, it was really fun ok… Expecially when they sang “Come on and celebrate”… All of us joined in.. So semangat… So gila… if only YM was like that… Full band and stuff like that. Hope to see a semangat YM before I leave… *Hint*Hint* Of course, I need to play my part also la…. Hehe… Then GY asked if wanna go Secret Recipe not… Was wondering if I should. Adrian and Shaun were a funny bunch. Especially when they sang the song “No greater love” I think… Haha.. That “ke ai” ar… seriously… Almost made me roll with laughter… funny fella…. And we made Marcus in a tight spot…screaming s if he was a superstar. Haha… And Ah Zheng dropped the bass… Sheesh.. Aaron “sim thia” man… Kakaka…

Then before I went down to Yen’s car (decided to follow her back cos’ I tot the practice would take a longer time), GY asked if wanna go SR or not… Oklor… Go only lor… Then joined Shaun, Yen and Kevin in a game of handball… Sheesh… Such simple game but entertaining… Yen ended up dowan to go SR so I told GY… Sorry man Geng Yi… And I followed Auntie Jen back. Had a chat with Daniel about form six. Jess seemed happy that Ju not going off this year… hehe…. I mean, she’s close to her.

Still so sleepy man…. On Friday, we had our Bible Study in uncle Philip’s place. During supper, the Uncles and Aunties chatted about stuff la… It was so funny. Seriously man… laughed until stomach ached man… And then when wanna go back that time, they delayed abit cos’ the adults had something to talk about… That was when Juliana and I were tortured by a child killer… Hahaha…. Ken scared us to the max man… He was like taking a toy screwdriver and started stabbing Juliana like killer like that. Pain one ok… according to Juliana la… haha… And when I locked Ju’s side of the door, I forgotten my side… when both of us settled down, he suddenly opened my door and I was honestly so shocked I screamed… he really gave us the feeling that we were in a thriller movie ler… Really lawak…So when we finally escaped from the car, (Cos’ he started crawling in through ju’s side with the ‘weapon’), we closed both doors. then he started to pretend to knock the back window asking to be released… I tell you… if Yen was there, she would really had a horror movie in making man… No kidding… And when lil’ Ken came out of the car, he headed for Ju cos’ she was his real target… Aku ni… mangsa sampingan jer…. I ran inside the car, closed both doors and locked it, leaving Ju outside being tortured… Hahaha… I was like catching my breath, laughing and saying, “This is really worse that Jurassic Park movie!”… and all those time, Shaun and Sharma was at the front seat… making their knees and armpit Orchestra! waaaaaaa…. Kejam man! Ok la… I’m worse la… they were like saying… “You left your friend outside ar!”… Hahaha… can’t help it la… Ju… sorry ler… One better than two right…. Finally right, we decided to talk to him and distract him from all that by praising him and stuff like that and he said, “Say la… say… I don’t believe you… I won’t be tricked…”…. we were like… “Wow….”…. Backfire man…. We tried talking about Superman and stuff like that… And finally he joined Shaun and Sharma in their “Armpit Concert”… So eww lerrr…. Should see the legs one… Super hilarious… I was speechless man….

On Saturday ler, I saw jack onlined… And I ajak him go our YM… Glad that he enjoyed himself la… Yesterday’s captain ball was one of the funniest one lor… Seen any goaler on the chair that kept on running down to catch the ball and ran back in position before the ball was about to be goaled? Man… we were like turning to throw the ball d and no goaler there… Cos Stephen can’t get back up with Yik How blocking him and I ended up trying to catch which I failed miserably. But most of the times he made it la…. Finally was in the same group as Juliana and Yen.. haha… I threw the ball to yen and hit her mouth… sorry Yen! and there was this really funny part when Shaun was holding the ball (Our group) and he wanted to pass to someone but cannot and he saw Yik How trying to block Ah hwei (Also our group) and he stopped, saying, “Ae, don’t kacau my sister ar”…. We were like.. “wow!”…. “Don’t touch his sister ar” Hahaha… So funny man and he passed the ball to ah hwei when Yik How backed off… Jeremy betrayed our team! So was Ah Zheng… Yeesh …. and then Stephen… I mean seriously…. The funniest player was Adrian… betul-betul man…

I was yearning for Ice pat-poh man… Thank God for Geng Yi, he fetched us there and we had a chat there. On the way home, I dunno what was wrong with me… I had a murderer mind… Sheesh… Sorry Yen… Don’t mean to bang anyone man… Signs of mentally ill problem… On the way out of Yen’s place, we saw this two little girls la…helping each other out of the road way… I started out by saying that I like to see small kids like that la… And both of them agreed also. I was like thinking…. Why it feels so much nicer watching from the inside of GY’s car when I realized, the music he played was really drama lor… wah piang… So drama… No wonder it felt so drama to watch from inside…. Super lawak…. But really haven’t been seeing GY for quite sometime d…. Wanted to eat “see hum” one… But have to kerja la me… So, postphone la… Before getting down from his car, I noticed that my phone wasn’t with me… I was like… Where did I last left it and blablabla…. Yen left hers in church… I can’t remember mine… I felt so weird without it. But really thank God I found it right beside Yen’s one behind the second last pew.

Sheesh…. such a long post… Sien liao… I wanna nap awhile before getting on with… *dreading this* KC’s house… This better be the last time I edit his house… if not ar… Aiyoooo!!!!!! I wun die la… I wun boikot say dowan to do also la… But I will really man… start pulling my hair liao and then continue doing his house… Sheesh… never thought I will say this but… I really enjoyed doing his house la but… in the long run… I can’t help but pray that the deal will close and he agree with the whole design by my mom… Can’t wait to graduate and start being a REAL designer. Until then, I will patiently help my mom to bring her concept to 3D and patiently wait to be called the real ID. Strangely, I am willing to wait….

Signing off,
[2.14Pm… Wow… so ngam… No kidding… One hour~!]

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Short short short post!

Oh boy.... A very rushed post... Going off to auntie Jen's house to take a look at the T-shirt... man... Then have to go interview Dr. Sherry for Dr' Sean's farewell thingy... And Jing Yi ar!!!! I was so disturbed~!


Date : 13th July 2006
Time : 12.35AM
Listening to : Kiss Goodbye - Wang Lee Hom

Ok... So, i came back from church at say... ok...not come back from church.. should be comin back from church and mamak-ing at around ten plus la... nearly eleven. Prayer meeting was fun. I didn't actually noe how upset i was about Ju's departure until they really talked about it la... Which really... not my favourite topic of all times. Haih... Let's drop this la... Hate it so very much. But thank God for the extension of 2 weeks. If she received the offer letter w/o appeal, she would be in uni now. Lame la me... Why do i talk like she's goin of to US? -.-! Ok ok..time out... drop this topic...

Well, Uncle Ivan was telling us about Dr.Sean's departure event to be on the 21st July... (Sheesh! I hate the 21st you know! What's with the leaving thingy ler? MANNNN!!!!!) Ok.. better dun emo. Hate it... ok.. Christian must learn how to love.. okok..i love the 21st... But then again, Christian not suppose to lie... ok... i dislike the 21st... ok la...only July la... Aiya...buat bodoh la me... k k... back to Uncle Ivan... Juliana will be in charge la. During mamak-ing, we talked about it. Seemed like it'll be some sort of a musical? I dunno... Then Uncle David was like telling us that all 3 of us got hidden talents...i was like.. "huh?" Haha... Uncle Ivan told yen earlier on that she's a very good photographer... Well, *thumbs up!*... I agree... very agree... I have a very good cook friend and a very good photographer friend... Awww... The blessing from God.. How bahagia eh? And not to forget Yikwan... Ok..back to hidden talent... We were rather flattered i least me la... it's really rare to hear that ma.. three of us.. hidden talent....

Yen Mei - Very good with drawings on comp.
Juliana - Very good in cooking
Me - Good with design... (I'm really not sure about this... i feel insufficiently good)

We went to Tmn Asean to mamak lor... been months since the last time we went there lor... we realized that that spot is a good place to think... Last time for Parent's Night, we got our ideas there but wasn't carried out la... Tonight, we had flowing ideas for Dr. Sean's farewell event... I hope that would be carried out cos' i think it'll be fun lor. Hehe...Seriously... i never really thought i would end up being best friends with these ppl lor... Was always in the wrong group... Sheesh... What an ordeal to go through during sec school... Nemind.. all behind now... Can't wait to start on Dr.Sean's farewell event... Oh yea... gosh... Uncle Ivan saw our Southern Hospital picture.... Aiyo... Dunno where to hide our faces man.. hahaha... Luckily yen took out Ju's wheelchair picture man... It's in Yen Mei's blog... Gosh... Doing crazy stuff during our visit to Melinda... *Awww... how could we?* Haha... But i was telling auntie Tina, that if we dun do this unexpected stuff now, takkan wait until old rite? She agreed with me. I feel that way too lor... So far ar... i think we really top the record in MGC for being the craziest bunch.... Let's see... For this year alone, we had a number of 'eventful' projects in our resume... hehe... Auntie Tina told me also about Uncle Tony... haha... Juliana told her that if Uncle anthony's 3rd child have difficulties in finding name, can always use her name, "Juliana"..if chinese name ler... Can use "Tey Chen Li"... Hahaha! He laughed and laughed and said, "Aiyo... That two ar... Wanna cekik they all"... Kakaka.... And he thought he got over those days when teens will disturb him... used to be Melissa, Shuen and Sin Yee... And then came us.... Pity... haha...

I realized something actually these few days... I really dunno since when i started to have low self-esteem problem... I feel to say... good maybe. I'm always feeling that i am wrong. Then i feel that i'm not good enough... My confidence just starts crumbling down for no reason. Aih... What's wrong with me la... But i guess i'll be fine... I'm always fine... Jesus shall be my Strong Tower~! And i miss my sister! Haih... I have the longing to see her man... Can't wait to see her... actually, come to think about it... I really can't remember when i last hugged her. I guess hugging is just not her thing. It's definately mine... I just miss her. Haih... I wish August come soon... But if August comes, so will September... And i will have to leave... Then, more people i will miss... There're always my family, church members, Yen Mei, Yi Kwan... Man... i feel really sad now... Ok.. i know... KL is near...but how often can i come back? And the feeling will be different... even though i only see yen and the church people during weekends, the knowledge that i am not in malacca will make the difference. Sammo i see my family everyday except my sis... Haih... How to get over all these? And hema... see her only once in a while... when can i meet her after that? Yikwan.. With her struggles now i dunno if i want to leave malacca like that even though i dun meet her often. I hope her verdict will come out negative. Sigh~! Why is leaving always feel so horrible? I thought i am numb with feelings manatau come out so much at the same time... I guess i am just too attached la... Shall detach myself, eh? But i am fine.. I am ok.. I am OK, LORD!

Btw... Ju ar... sorry man if i made u feel so much worse in church... Can't help it man... Nemind...i'll tape my "Ang Gu Gu Chiak " for you... haha... liaoooo....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A supporter from afar...

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:
chen li!!!!

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:
i saw d tshirt designs

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:
super cool la

chen - I don't like the arrangement but i know we'll be fine~ Dear, LORD, we'll be fine.... says:

chen - I don't like the arrangement but i know we'll be fine~ Dear, LORD, we'll be fine.... says:
good good

chen - I don't like the arrangement but i know we'll be fine~ Dear, LORD, we'll be fine.... says:
send u one

chen - I don't like the arrangement but i know we'll be fine~ Dear, LORD, we'll be fine.... says:
hoow's life?

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:
reali ar??

chen - I don't like the arrangement but i know we'll be fine~ Dear, LORD, we'll be fine.... says:
ae, u goin dmsj?

chen - I don't like the arrangement but i know we'll be fine~ Dear, LORD, we'll be fine.... says:

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:
not sure

chen - I don't like the arrangement but i know we'll be fine~ Dear, LORD, we'll be fine.... says:

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:
when is it??

chen - I don't like the arrangement but i know we'll be fine~ Dear, LORD, we'll be fine.... says:
we all goin

chen - I don't like the arrangement but i know we'll be fine~ Dear, LORD, we'll be fine.... says:
on the 29th

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:
when i join time dowan design like tat

chen - I don't like the arrangement but i know we'll be fine~ Dear, LORD, we'll be fine.... says:

chen - I don't like the arrangement but i know we'll be fine~ Dear, LORD, we'll be fine.... says:
not our fault le

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:
but reali la

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:
super wei

TurnTablist Tim aka DJ T-Rox says:
i hav 2 clap ma hands

Ok... This timothy really lifted three of our spirit man... we thought with all these design thingy, it's not exactly what ppl wanted but we went ahead with it. I really hope it'll turn out fine man... thanks Tim!

What a post...

Date: 12th July 2006
Time : 5.58PM
Listening to : Love don't cost a thing - Jennifer Lopez

Ok... Ppl... thanks for your suggestions. But the design was sent for printing edi. so... semua BANTAHAN TIDAK DITERIMA already... haha..sorry guys for not being able to fulfill hatever request a but we went for the majority.

Mannnnnn!!!! What a news! She got into uni...letter came late... yea..i am happy that she received the offer la but 21st this month is like so abrupt le! Yohhhh...... Actually... i always thought i would be fine if my friends leave for studies... But i really thought i would be the first to leave lor so i wun have to see anyone leave before me ma. But seemed like she's leaving next week d. God's will i guessed. i admit that i dunno what is His plan la and i wished it's not this way but then again, He knows best la... She should leave malacca first kua... Next week friday le... No more Pasar malam... no more pat poh tiga orang... ice-corn something.... no more ah-ne ice kacang tak mau susu.... more Trio gila liao...Calanthe no one order strawberry smoothies liao......dowan sound so emo here...but really feel sad lor..... haih...