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DMSJ quiz~!

Date : 30th July 2006
Time : 5.28AM
Listening to : MY FM

Just a quick drop by… Woke up at around 4.33AM… Can’t sleep la. The night before played RE Outbreak. Finally did the Normal mode for outbreak. *Lame* Neway, woke up, started doing laundry, washed dishes and wrapped up the rubbish. Haih… Suddenly feel so hardworking. Always like that if I woke up way too early. Going for DMSJ now… So, c ya!

Ends : 5.29AM (Really a one minute post…hehe)


Date : 30th July 2006
Time : 7.48PM
Listening to : Love affair (OST - Legend of 1900) -Ennio Morricone

Haih… Came back from Shah Alam at exactly 6pm. What a day. Uncle Anthony came to fetch me at around 5.33AM to his house. Daniel was already there when I reached. Had breakfast there. Then had to wait for GY and those ho followed is car. (Mark, Mun Yee, Kevin and Federick) They had breakfast there too. Then we started our journey at roughly around 6.15AM. Supposed to have Gary to meet us when we reached somewhere la. But thank God for Kevin. He’s from Shah Alam. His house is just somewhere near the Shah Alam Gospel Centre. So, he led the way. Daniel was supposed to follow Uncle Anthony’s car but Mun Yee came over to our side since she’ll be the only girl in GY’s car and Daniel the only boy (besides Uncle Anthony) in Ju’s car. We had a long chat. All the until Dengkil Rest house. I remember us stopping there last week when we were on the way to Tapah. Mistaken it as the rest stop that Shaun had his PSK title. Hehe. But turned out to be that the rest stop was the place Shaun ate his Satay Kajang. Hehe.

We continued our journey at say 7.55AM I think. Someone said were very near d. Service starts at 8.30AM. Took a turning that reads “Cyberjaya/Putrajaya” We reached the same time as Uncle Ivan. Everyone got their T-shirts. Saw Sin Lan, Hwei and Jess they all. Well, the rest of the youths too. Saw Uncle Dexter. Neway, we were ushered up to the 1st floor and I initially took my seat at the first 4 rows next to Sharonne before we decided to change to the last 3 rows, joining Ju they all. Sat beside Sin Lan. Full band worship. Very nice. Was quite surprised to find Mao Ke Ai there since we thought he wouldn’t be there. Neway, Shaun seemed to like wine. I really don’t know why. Today’s message was given by Brother Michael William. Ju kinda reminded me that he was the one who came to our youth function last year, “ A night to remember”… Funny thing is, he was the one that told us that we can’t speak anymore since we were so noisy last year. Haha. Funny. Well, can’t remember if we did that not. Neway, today, he spoke on Jonah Chapter 2. Nice.

After the sermon, we went down for a light refreshment. Ju and I didn’t eat. Was not into eating this morning… Hehe. I had a rather uncomfy stomach. Breakfast too early liao. Saw Tim Keong also. Nyahnyahnyah. 2 victims one shot. Didn’t torture him much. Federick asked me to explain the meaning of the T-shirts. I went speechless. I dunno why. I can’t explain it right there and then and I ended up didn’t. And that girl was like, “But you designed it…” Man… Haha… Sorry…. I just can’t… *shy sial* And Ken… Yoh… He’s a scary kid. My shirt is like new and he attempted to spill some milo on me. And I hid behind Zheng. And he said, “Why?” And I went, “Ken is going to spill milo on me and my shirt is new!” and he laughed and said something like, “And you use me as shield? My shirt’s new too!” Kakaka… Sorry man Zheng. You were the nearest one. Neway, Shuen came to my rescue. Ended up flattening myself next to Ju.

Then, had a discussion with Daniel about our MGC cheer. What a surprise when he said it’ll be in the tune of the World Cup song. Gosh. He wasn’t kidding ok. You know, the one that goes, “Celebrate the day… ae o ae…” Something like that. Haha. Then Gary took this stewpig pic of mine. Sheesh and Uncle Ivan was supporting him. Mannn…. Gary…anyhere near your blog, I’ll seriously…seriously hunt you down. *Eye brow up…left eye…* Neway, like what Uncle Ivan suggested, stay calm and all will be forgotten. *Erased from my memory liao!* By the way, Uncle Rodney wore the same colored shirt as the people from JB. Haha. Its just so weird to see him in that shirt. Neway, our shirt and DGH’s are white, JB one is yellowish orange and SAGC one is fluorescent green, just like this year’s RBS shirt. Stephen came just in time before we were gathered upstairs. Muahaha… Cena gave in bout da shirt. Gave us the credit.

Buat some kecoh when we took a MGC group pic before the quiz. Hehe. Our participants were Jess, Jeremy and Shaun with Hwei, Livia and Zheng as the floor members. Then, Daniel and some of us started to discuss about our cheers. We elected CK as the leader. A few times we almost call it off. Just before the quiz started, CK came up with “MGC boleh…ae o…ae….” if we scores and I came up with , “It’s okay…ae” if we didn’t. So, when Jess managed to answer the first, we cheered. It was rather funny ler. So lawak. Sent us all laughing. And I think we caught the rest in surprise too. SAGC used their cymbals. Hehe. One thing about the quiz was these 3 kiddos from MGC la… Celine, Joel and Ken. they seemed to know some of the answers from Children’s Hour (This year’s topic on 1 Samuel) and they whispered so loud. Man… Haha… It’s a task to just get them calmed down. Dengan sebulat suara, we’ll send these 3 next year. You know, with that football cheers ar, Ken got really excited every time we started doing it. And it’s real lame of me to try to tikam all answers. Haha. Sent Ju going nutz man. And there was a question on how old was the bull offered and something like that… Tim answered “Old enough” which sent the adults laughing. Haha. And really like the answer given by DGC when asked about Goliath’s reply to the Israelites when he saw that David was sent up against him. They said, “You little boy” (Something like that) haha. Uncle Philip and Auntie Guan Ngo joined us at around twelve plus like that. It was a real funny moment when everything was so quiet and suddenly, we heard from the playroom, where all the children were, started singing, “Ae o ae….” Hahaha… So lawak…. And SAGC cetak rompak-ed our it’s okay cheers… Glad that we brought some crazy music… Heehee….

Overally, we got the 3rd place. Well, Shaun’s “prophecy” did not come true. He said we either be first or fourth, just like our usual record. Haha. This year’s winner is SAGC. Runner up is JB church, then MGC then DGC. What an agony… I mean..waiting for lunch time. Had group pictures before we were dismissed for lunch. Got separated from Juliana. Tried finding for her but cannot. Aiyo…. Finally found her sitting in between Mark and Federick. Totally tortured by their SS-ness. Joined Shaun too much probably. But mark claimed that Shaun joined him too much instead. He was like, “Go be a glutton and get me a cup of water”…. hello… misinterpretation of “gluttons”… Earlier on, I called myself a glutton but don’t really think it applies in this case lor. Then he said again, “Now, go be a glutton and get me 2 cups of water”… -.-! Aper nii…

Neway, we opened a counter to sell our T-shirts. It was in between SAGC and DGC. Betul-betul kalah to SAGC. This guy, Darren was like yelling himself hoarse trying to pull buyers. What a competition. And some asked for warranty for the shirts and stuff like that. Should get more L size lor. XS too big but L too small. What irony is that anyway. Ended up buying something from SAGC anyway. Got the DGC tee too. Sama bangsa white ma. Hehe. Neway, we had fun. Daniel followed Uncle Anthony’s car and Mun Yee followed Uncle Philip’s. Ju, Daniel and I talked for a while before we finally dozed off in the car. Darn tired. Poor thing Daniel. Can’t wait to go home. Tomorrow got exam. Actaully, everyone also la except for Ju and I. And Ah Zheng. Totally schoolless now. Sien~! But then again… I don’t feel like leaving. Four weeks from now. Aaaah! What to do le! I just don’t like the feeling of leaving. But I definitely hate the feeling of my friends leaving even more so I shall be contented with me leaving first… Sigh~!

Btw, heard a dreadful news from yen just now. Her coursemate just passed away. he fell down from the 18th storey. Really dunno how it happened. Man… hope his parents will be okay… his friends too. And definitely hope yen will be ok. Se seemed ok. Neway, for MGC’s participants, good work yea… despite being so busy with exams and stuff, you guys still made the time to study for this. 181(3) - 3 chosen by Zheng… go buy 4D… haha… I was just fooling around… Dun buy…

Ends : 8.44PM

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