Monday, September 29, 2008

Lelabah Theme

Date : 29th September 2008
Time : 9.01PM
Listening : To YiKwan
Where : Room - MC

I heard something from a friend... And friggin so pissy at first but in the end...watever lah...

Anyway... SOmething we did in church on Sunday. Lelabah Theme.

Yeah..will update pasal si Hazmer, bbq and Mamma Mia later.



Sunday, September 21, 2008

First GLO Reunion

Date : 21st September 2008
Time : 3.46PM
Listening to : Xiang Nian Ni
Where : Room - MC

It's a beautiful Sunday. It wa raining just now, right after I came back from church. Yesterday night, I followed Uncle Thiran back from GLO Taiping. On Friday, I followed Timothy Keong to Taiping. GLO Reunion. Got to know his friend Jonathan. I've not met Tim for like 3 years already. Perr... Still that sot. Anyway, we reached Taiping at 11PM. Mannn... I missed that place. Haven't been there for like years. But too bad only Ee Ee from my batch able to make it. Michael Bubu was there too. Got to know a few former GLO-ians there but to be honest I didn't really manage to mingle with them much. Were doing some assignment. Friday night, I chatted with Uncle Thiran a little bit. And also Michael.

The next day we had morning devotion. The girls went out for breakfast. They did not not know about devotion. It was such a long time since I woke up that early to have devotion. Beautiful morning. After that, we had breakfast. Uncle Thiran was talking about the job of a consultant. Pretty funny conversation. And then at around 10AM, we went over to the church hall. Mr. Ken Harding was giving a sermon. Very inspiring sermon. After that we had around 5 hours break. You know, that was like the only time I had such a long break in GLO. Last time when I was a student there, the longest break you can have was like 3 hours. So Michael, Kok Cheong (Life Chapel guy), Ee Ee and I prepared some brochures to be delivered to all the churches. Cracked so many silly jokes. I thought Kok Cheong was going to collapse from laughing so much. That Zheng la. She told me this joke which I told them.

Question : Why Doraemon and Nobita scared to come Malaysia/
Answer : Cos GIANT is here.

When she told me I was quite ok nie ar. But hen I asked them, that Kok Cheong couldn't stop laughing lae. That michael said I otak tak betul. Haha...

Then I went back inside my room to work. Then Michael ajak-ed everyone go Cendol. I didn;t want to but in then end I decided to just tag along cos I had idea block. =,=
One thing led to another. Michael, Kok Cheong, Uncle Rasam and I ended up going to Taiping Zoo. It's not bad lae. I think better than National Zoo. But we didn't manage to finish going round the zoo. We had to head back to GLO to freshen up for our Reunion Service. Message by Uncle Ung was very thought-provoking. And I met Titus! He came down from Penang. Wooo... He's like the only GLO-ian that came from the year 2006 aside from Ee Ee and I. Nat couldn't make it. Anyway, I chatted with him. And when Uncle Thiran said he was leaving already, at around 8PM, I made a very hasty and sudden decision to follow him back. I was supposed to come back today with either Tim or Michael. But I think I got worried with my assignment la. I didnt take any pictures there... But I took pictures of zoo animals. =.= Don't ask.

Anyway, had a great chat and journey with Uncle Thiran and Uncle Rasam. Reached Mentari at 11PM. Did my quiet time and fell into bed asleep. And after 2 months, I went to BSGC for Sunday Worship. It was good.

Ok, I have to go now. Will update bout the later stuf later.



Saturday, September 13, 2008

Having a Game Room is Racist

Date : 13th September 2008
Time : 1.01PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Parents' Room - Malacca

Yesterday I was suddenly pulled into a chat room consisting of Tanyus, Selvia and Diana. And Tanyus went, "I am playing games now. So hard~!". Something like that. She was having problem with the pixel hunting kinda game. And I told her I was playing escape room games too. Dee went blur. After that Tanyus told me about the briefing. As I mentioned earlier, Tan, Sel and I were suppose to attend an interview for quality control thing next week. The briefing was yesterday at 6.45PM. I did not go. Tan updated me on that. The first thing she told me was:


I went like this : o.0! I wasn't that surprised la cos' Hazmer actually told me we're having a new gameroom. But the next sentence was:


I went "Woots~!". Takyah fight. Hohoho. But anyway, it's for study purpose and I doubt we have time to play also. Next thing she told me was:


Given the structure of the sentence, I assumed she meant MM students la right? So I was like, what? Say again? Elevator?? WAHAHAHAHAH! And then she said it was for IL students onli. I went...bugger... All labs will be in main block and other classes will be in other blocks. Meaning I won't have to run to other blocks la. After I knew about N block, I told Sathom.

Me : I hate you man.
Sathom : 0.o
Me : You IL students have a new block N complete with elevator.
Sathom : Heh? How come I don't know about it?
Me : I just got to know through the briefing.
Sathom : Hehe
Me : But MM has a new game room for game students with PS3, XBox, Nintendo. Kinda beat your elevator.
Sathom : What? Are you ok?
Me : Yea. Are you ok?
Sathom : Wth?!?! You guys get games now?? This is racist!

The conversation was longer than this but more or less going this way la. It was pretty funnywhen he thought I was sick when I mentioned the game room. And I have no idea how that was racist. =.=!

Then in the chat room tiba-tiba Selvia said she's playing games and it's pretty hard. Lol. Cos' she doesn't play games often so I guess play a lot of these kinda thinking games can help her learn a lot of things. I did research on learning thru games ok? So many articles to read man. Well, anyway, I sent them a link on how to make good games la. And then discussed with Dee about her scripts for video class. I sent her one of my short stories. My fav actually. She likes it. Thanks yea Dee. Pretty good response from those who've read them. But anyway, she had her own idea about paper planes already so maybe we will discuss about it. Not taking video class so not so stress thinking of the filming. Fuh. But have to sweat on scripting.

Ok, I have to get down to read all the articles. And then off for Ice Cream Day in church. Ta!


Friday, September 12, 2008

My first week of 3rd year 1st sem

Date : 12th September 2008
Time : 1.49AM
Listening to : Fan Spinning
Where : Room - MC

Completed my first week of 3rd year 1st sem. So cepat pelajar tahun tiga liao. Not too bad. Let's jut summarize a bit. On Monday, I had my first Motion Graphic class with Joanne. It's a new thing for me, learning a new software : Adobe After Effects. I am not a big fan of MG. That's why I didn't sign up for Advance Motion Graphic. Well, I might just like it after this semester maybe. But I won't choose AMG still. Reason being I intend to do things related to something interactive like websites and games. That's why my electives are 3D for Multimedia, Advance Digital Media, Gameplan&Design and Advance Web Design. Anyway, Joanne's class was interesting. Have to come up with 2 concept board next week. On Tuesday, I had Design Method 3 with Sweii, my head of department together with Sook Chiung, my tutor. As usual, due to our small number of students, we have discussion instead of a real lecture. Design Method could be quite boring when it comes to the first few hours. But usually we'll have free&easy time for researches before having a one on one discussion with the lecturer about our thoughts and idea. This week we got our proect brief entitled "Re-Interpreting Playground". Basically it's about our POV on the dying traditional games against the rapidly blooming digital games. From there we had an hour to do research in whichever way we want. All of us were glued to the internet. Way too lazy to move our butt ove to the library. Then we talked to our lecturer/tutor about our POV and takes on that issue. All of us ended up with different ideas about that issue. And we have to be specific about what area we want to target on. I am not very sure about my classmates ideas but I know we targeted on different perspective of that issue. For me, I am going to concentrate on the "Brain stimuli from games". I seriously have no idea how to even build a project from that. More research!!

On Wednesday, I had class with Kenny. This class we have some of the seniors with us. They chose to take 3D later. Like I mentioned, it was pretty stressful. Haha. I have no idea why. Anyway, this class we are going to model an object and then animate it. Fu... Software to learn from this class will be Lightwave. First class went well. Hopefully will be able to handle it. Then Thursday, Hazmer's class. Only Tanyus, Selvia, Samantha, Wahyu and I take this subject. Advance Digital Media. Sook Chiung is our tutor. It was a recap session. So Hazmer helped us to recap what we've learned 2 terms ago. Went pretty well but many a time got interrupted with burst of laughters. So random. After class, we buka puasa with Hazmer. Samantha and Sook Chiung did not join us.

So we went Sushi Zanmai...again. When I see Sushi Zanmai, I see all 5 of us. =.=! Same goes to Starbucks. Anyway, macam biasa, ketawa until wanna die. And again, macam biasa, after sitting there for one hour plus, we made a trip to the toilet. And then we went to Starbucks cos Hazmer wanted to show us the music game in his DS Lite. Had so much fun playing that game. So funny the characters and all. It was quite an eye opener. We left starbucks at around... 11PM. Hazmer sent us home. In his car we talked about the coming new lecturer. We gave so many conditions for the new lecturer in order to teach our class, plastic surgery la, must be funny la, cannot too serious la, cannot deduct marks la, must eat dinne with us la and yada yada yada. Must sign contract also. Hahahahahah! Laughed until wanna die. Oh, it was such a joke about Hazmer's aboriginal face. Behtahan man.

And so after I reached home, I washed up, did my Quiet Time and did my assignment: play flash games. Serious la. That's my assignment. Our project for ADM is a Point-and-Click Adventure game. Part of me wanna pengsan cos I did point-and click for my DM2 class, the smelly shoes one. And also now I am doing Casually Killed graphics, also point-and-click game. A bit scared cos' I macam ada this fixed perception on how a PAC game should look like. But a bigger part of me felt very relieved it's PAC and not SHMUP game cos I don't really fancy shooting game that much. I am the sort of person who play a game for its' storyline. And also, during the holiday, I kept on thinking on the what kind of story I could come up with for a game. Still, being such a critic on storyline, I am afraid I will even criticise my own. =.=! Oh well, at least it's something that I really wanna do. So yea, my asignment will be, play more games. What a life. Not only that, for Motion Graphic, I should watch more youtube. Life is great until you have to build the whole thing out. -.=!

Oh, and I finally understand how Array works in programming. Wait... better dont say that until I try it out. =.o!

Kla..gtg. Tomorrow have to go back Malacca. Ta!


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Date : 11th September 2008
Time : 2.42PM
Listening to : Kids making noise
Where : Room - MC

First of all, Happy Birthday Jia Ling~! Although she doesn't read my blog at all. I'll be surprised if she does.

In the room now. Just finished sidai-ing my clothes. Smell of Softlan. Kinda like the feeling now. With the sun shining and all. A bit quiet with the exception of my fan spinning. Aih... I dunnoe... Just suddenly feel so serene.

Ok, that's all I wanna say. Gtg get ready for Uncle Hazmer's class. He's leaving all of us. ALL OF US just to go Japan. So keji right???? Sanggup he leave us good students behind. >:| Takper you Hazmer. You wait la. When you go Japan, har! See you miss malaysia and the crappy government or not! Ok ok...just joking. Anyway, have a great 3 weeks teaching us in TOA! I mean, have fun in Japan.

I'm coming back Malacca tomorrow~!!!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nothing much

Date : 10th September 2008
Time : 9.57PM
Listening to : Busy being fabulous - Eagles
Where : Room - MC

This morning at around 10.15AM, Zafri came over to our place and then we borrowed his car after dropping him in school. Zheng and I ent to TNB in Subang aya to ask about our "outstanding" bill and many others "phantom" bills. Weird how nobody was home for that month but we were charged RM206. How absurd rite? Anyway, we waited more than and hour. How annoying. After that we went for our brunch at Asia Cafe. Caused both of us stomach ache after that. Must be the barley drinks.

Class with Kenny today was pretty fun. 3D in Multimedia. Built our own temple today for class assignment using lightwave. Well, for the first time we combined with our seniors. A bit intimidating I would say. After class at 5.30, the usual 6 of us went to Uncle Lim for "dinner". There we killed our time before the next class by coming up with song phrases. We really have our own way of killing boredom. We played the game till we went for our next clas. While waiting for Vincent, Joanne Kok, our lecturer came to talk to Tan, Sel and I about the quality control officers who are coming next week. We 3 are selected randomly for an interview. Vincent's class was really short. Basically we need to come up with a proposal. I don't know what's with this term. Everything seemed to be connected to games. Is it the IN thing now or what. Weird. After Vincent's class, we buka puasa with Wahyu and Dee at Uncle Lim's again. Then Zafri fetched us home.

Now I'm back in MC. Going back Malacca this friday. Yeh...I know I ust came up to KL. Anyway, gtg continue my work now. Ta~!


Monday, September 08, 2008

I hate this place

Date : 7th September 2008
Time : 11.16PM
Listening to : Hana – Orange Range
Where : TV Room – Malacca

Going back to KL tomorrow morning. Sigh. I really don’t like this feeling. 5 weeks in Malacca kinda make me want to stay here forever. Although this time in church it wasn’t that hard to say goodbyes, I still feel VERY reluctant to go back KL. Dunnoe how many times I rolled my eyes thinking about the stupid hectic lifestyle. I don’t know why I am complaining. Long break makes me lazy. Today my youngest bro had his few friends over to celebrate his birthday early. He kept on telling me his birthday was on the 7th. But I clearly remembered it was 9th. It is on the 9th. Perrr… You know ah… I used to be like him. I’ve always thought my birthday was on the 9th of March. Cos my mom told me so. But it was on the 10th. That was back when I was young. ^^ And this holiday, my dad and I berkerjasama to catch all the ticks off my dog. Kesian defler kena bite. But kinda give me the itch. Ugh~! I quite geli. And I am pretty pro at catching already. And I can’t do them by myself cos this dog onli listens to my dad and mom. When he sees me… he sees, “Oh, this nenek wanna play with me. I shall run and make this nenek tired”. =.= Run run run… Buat hal jerrr.. And today while my Wen and I were eating, I said… “I DON’T WANT GO BACK TO SCHOOL…” And he said, “What school?” =.= Sweat la. Of course TOA la. Doink. Then I went to my grandma and I said, “I don’t want to study already. So ah po, I will go find one rich husband and become housewife and play mahjong everyday,”. She laughed and said it was a good idea. I think so too. Then I will make sure my very rich husband bring me go Morocco, New Zealand, yadayada…. Oh, did I mention the perfect plan I have for my life? By the age of 40, I will go BINGO club and play BINGO and spot for my ideal old husband. Then marry him and snatch all his fortune! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH! Punya konon that will happen. Gah! This is just so random. So sien. And going back to school this time means my bro will be in Malacca cos’ he will defer his studies for one term. Habis ler aku. Tiada pelepas stress lagi. =.= I very sad. Aih… Kla… Have to continue work. Bye! -chen- [11.30PM]

Date : 8th September 2008
Time : 10.29PM
Listening to : Fan Spinning
Where : Room - MC

Hate coming back here. I kinda merajuk once in a while in school today. I didn't feel like going to school and I missed home. Came back to this apartment and it was like horrible. Still is. People from above floors threw so much rubbish down I can make the word plural : Rubbishes. If there is such word tell me. I hate it so much Broke my window pane. Zheng and I cleaned the laundry area and my air-cond condenser with such agony. Bra, Shirt, Bones, McD and fishes and eggs!!! Gross... And Zheng told me the new apartment does not have rubbish shoots also. HOW STUPID CAN AN ARCHITECT BE LAH??!?!!?!? WHERE YOU GRADUATED FROM AH?????

I hate Mentari Court. I seriously do.

I feel so miserable here. I am so home/churchsick.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Term 6 Results

Date : 4th September 2008
Time : 2.25PM
Listening to : Love Exchange Drama
Where : Parents' Room - Malacca

At last. Result's out. I didn't really anticipate it la. I know I will pass (Thank God) but just not sure of the grades. But I couldn't wait to see this term's schedule. So yeah, last term's result:

Digital Photography : A-
Digital Video : A
Web Design 2 : A
Marketing : B

And this term's schedule, 4 days classes only. Wait... cannot compare to Chris and Dee. 3 days only~!!! Jealous jealous jealous... *Stab*Stab*

Monday : Motion Graphic (2.00-5.00PM)

Tuesday: Design Method 3 (9.00-1.00PM)
Advance Digital Video (2.30-5.30PM)

Wednesday : 3D for Multimedia (2.30-5.30PM)
Branding for (dunnoe what) media (7.00-9.00PM)

Thursday : Advance Digital Media (4.00-7.00PM)

But I guess 4 days also ok la. Study hours can be distributed. Term's gonna start on Monday. I'm gonna start my daily rant again. And have to get used to a new lecturer. Workload going to be ALOT. Aaaaaaah~!!!! Kenalah aku berdisplin kali ini. K k..have to go work now. Ta!