Sunday, September 21, 2008

First GLO Reunion

Date : 21st September 2008
Time : 3.46PM
Listening to : Xiang Nian Ni
Where : Room - MC

It's a beautiful Sunday. It wa raining just now, right after I came back from church. Yesterday night, I followed Uncle Thiran back from GLO Taiping. On Friday, I followed Timothy Keong to Taiping. GLO Reunion. Got to know his friend Jonathan. I've not met Tim for like 3 years already. Perr... Still that sot. Anyway, we reached Taiping at 11PM. Mannn... I missed that place. Haven't been there for like years. But too bad only Ee Ee from my batch able to make it. Michael Bubu was there too. Got to know a few former GLO-ians there but to be honest I didn't really manage to mingle with them much. Were doing some assignment. Friday night, I chatted with Uncle Thiran a little bit. And also Michael.

The next day we had morning devotion. The girls went out for breakfast. They did not not know about devotion. It was such a long time since I woke up that early to have devotion. Beautiful morning. After that, we had breakfast. Uncle Thiran was talking about the job of a consultant. Pretty funny conversation. And then at around 10AM, we went over to the church hall. Mr. Ken Harding was giving a sermon. Very inspiring sermon. After that we had around 5 hours break. You know, that was like the only time I had such a long break in GLO. Last time when I was a student there, the longest break you can have was like 3 hours. So Michael, Kok Cheong (Life Chapel guy), Ee Ee and I prepared some brochures to be delivered to all the churches. Cracked so many silly jokes. I thought Kok Cheong was going to collapse from laughing so much. That Zheng la. She told me this joke which I told them.

Question : Why Doraemon and Nobita scared to come Malaysia/
Answer : Cos GIANT is here.

When she told me I was quite ok nie ar. But hen I asked them, that Kok Cheong couldn't stop laughing lae. That michael said I otak tak betul. Haha...

Then I went back inside my room to work. Then Michael ajak-ed everyone go Cendol. I didn;t want to but in then end I decided to just tag along cos I had idea block. =,=
One thing led to another. Michael, Kok Cheong, Uncle Rasam and I ended up going to Taiping Zoo. It's not bad lae. I think better than National Zoo. But we didn't manage to finish going round the zoo. We had to head back to GLO to freshen up for our Reunion Service. Message by Uncle Ung was very thought-provoking. And I met Titus! He came down from Penang. Wooo... He's like the only GLO-ian that came from the year 2006 aside from Ee Ee and I. Nat couldn't make it. Anyway, I chatted with him. And when Uncle Thiran said he was leaving already, at around 8PM, I made a very hasty and sudden decision to follow him back. I was supposed to come back today with either Tim or Michael. But I think I got worried with my assignment la. I didnt take any pictures there... But I took pictures of zoo animals. =.= Don't ask.

Anyway, had a great chat and journey with Uncle Thiran and Uncle Rasam. Reached Mentari at 11PM. Did my quiet time and fell into bed asleep. And after 2 months, I went to BSGC for Sunday Worship. It was good.

Ok, I have to go now. Will update bout the later stuf later.



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