Saturday, February 03, 2007

I walked in my sleep!!!!!AAAAAARGHHH!

Date : 3rd February 2007
Time : 4.38Am
Where : Living hall - MC
Listening to : Forever Love - Gary Barlow

So early in the morning... Cis... padan muka me have to wake up so early. Yesterday nugght reached home at around 10.00PM and i terus kong without bathing. I was so dead tired. Now i have to wke up and do my 101 Initial Design an also type down my drama script. Aiyo....

Neway, On Thaipusam night, my classmates and i had steamboat + Teppanyaki at my place. everyone came except for Sathom, Hailam, Michelle Junia, Sophia and Christine. It was fun. we watched X-Men and i fell asleep once in a while. Juliana was supposed to stay but she had to go back early so only Melinda was there. After everyone went home, except Zheng and Danny (Cos' i don't allow them to go home after 11.00PM...They wanted to walk ok?!) I started cleaning up and had 2nd round with Danny, Zheng and Joshua and my bro. I was like a zombie d i tell u. I haven't finish my 101 and i was so going to pengsan. Haiya...all in all, i was doing the 101 after bath with Zheng and Joshua was talking to her and sometimes turned to ask me stuff but i didn't reply cos i was so dead tired. I was really like a zombie... Really... At one point, i just kong on the carpet... I dunno when i suddenly jolted up and i remembere Zeng telling me that i should go back my room and sleep. I staggered into my room and i pushed all the stuff off my bed and kong. Then the next morning when we were walking to school with Amir, Zafri, Scott, Bryan, danny and Zheng, she told me that i woke up in the middle o my sleep and started to talk to myself when i walked to the hall. Oh my gosh... I don't even recall that and i asked Joshua and he said that i actually mumbled something like wanting to do my 101 design thingy and then i went back to sleep. Die la wei... Am i that gila? I don't even remember and lately i've found that my room door was opened in the morning and the water was running in my bathroom. At first i thought it was Melinda who forgot when she left for work but i woke up one day finding the same situation and i got a bit angry cos i tot Mel forgot again and i wanted to write a note to remind her. When i opened her door, i found her still sleeping and she was late for work. OBVIOUSLY she hasn't been up and my bro definately won't open the door wide w/o closing it one lor!!!!!! I told Zheng i probably walked in my sleep and see! I did walked in my sleep and wanted to do my work. It wouldnt be so bad if i walked in my sleep but do my work right?!?!?!?!?

Sigh... I don't wanna talk abut it lest i have mental problem. I am not that stressed out ok? Haiyo... Neway, yesterday we were at drama lab soing our History of art and design presentation practice and it was crazy man.... Okl.... i don't really feel like blogging d... Sien... I wanna go back Malacca. I just wanna go back home... it's not that i don't love my course but my brain going dead d. For those who think that they are dying becaus of goverment examination, wait till u go for tertiary education....lagi mati... adoih.....

Ends : 4.52AM