Saturday, October 28, 2006

Am i willing?

Date : 28th October 2006
Time : 11.41 PM
Listening to : Ni pu zai - Lee Hom
Where : Room (Malacca)

Haih... Finally finished one of the Design One assignment. Haiyo... Teruk la... I only like my first two... Aaaargh... 2 more assignments from DO to go.... Procrastination is seriously killing me... Shall discipline myself.

Neway, yesterday, i went to get Ju and we went to Yen's place for Gubra. I brought my figure drawing there cos' if i don't start soon, i will be killed by boon tiong. The show Gubra seriously does not live up to our expectation. Sepet was good but Gubra? Almost everything in it looks wrong... Tetek berbulu?!?!??! Wah piang... Crazy. It was funny in away... Some part of it... But i think the writer/director overdid it. I think they wanna make it funny la but come on man... Tak kena la wei. Overdoing it. Will a husband describe to a nurse about the wife like this : "Yang tu, rambut kusut masai macam baru keluar dari longkang tu isteri aku..." Wahahaha... It was funny la but what la... Tak kena langsung. Cis... disappointed.... Lucky i brought my drawing and also Yen switched channel. Watched "So you think you can dance?"... I think that's the title. Both Yen and I were like... "Man... I wanna learn Jive...." And ju wanted to learn... Hmmm... Cannot remember... hip hop is it? Nemind... Anyway, i did finish one figure there. then Ju and Yen decided that i would like T-Bag from Prison Break. Wah lao... They shown me some clips. Behtahan... K la... Want Scofield heh? Take la... Hahaha... I do not want T-Bag! *Slurp* What you gonna do about it...*slurp* Pwettry?..... Wahaha.... Siao....

Then i had this crazy craving for Ramli burger. So when i was driving Ju home at around eleven twenty, i told her that i will buy from Malim, in front my hse. But babiiiiiiiiii.... Tutup!!!! Geram. But i don't care... I told her i'll make a turn to the opposite road after i drop her to get the burger anyway from other stall. I did... Wahaha.... Happie wei... My supper at 12.00AM....


Neway, mission failed today... No fear factor day la... All woke up late. I slept late yesterday. I started on my assignment after lunch. Finally get to eat from the shop i always go when i was working with mom...

Really nice one okkkk....

Worked on my assignment then stopped half way and went for Youth Meeting. Today's speaker spoke on depression. wah piang... Darn funny. What la... The youth targeted on me everytime he mentioned on the symptoms of madness... " Yoh... chenli la....".... "Chenli never take medicine"...Hahaha... Even the speaker came to me twice and joked about me should have tell him i got madness and stuff... Waaaa... I also dunno how to answer... Wakaka.... Speechless la...

I came back home and continud my assignment. Sheesh... Finally finished... Sien la.... 2 more to go... 7 more figures to draw... one still life to be completed... Gary's assignment yet to be compiled.... Pop up mock up yet to be done!!!! This really spells disaster man.... Shall i worry? Nah... I shall not.

Looks super ugly.. The bottom two were a failure.. sigh..

These two are the ones that i really paid attention to... hmmm.. i think... Love the red one.

Okay... serious stuff now... Yesterday i was telling juliana that i am backsliding really horribly. I am such a classic case man. I think it shocked even me myself that i would backslide this bad. My worst fear came true!!! Aaah... gosh... But then again, i refuse to deny that i backslide because denial tears me away from God more. You know, i was really desperate to get back on track my i don't know how... Please... my fellow church youth members, i know you guys meant well but please don't counsel me right now cos' i am really afraid it will have reverse effect on me. I might shut myself away more. I will talk to Uncle Ivan or Uncle Philip when i am ready. Till then, I am trying to discipline myself to listen to God. Now i have to find out the root of this backslide which i am pretty sure that it is some sort of a cherished sin in my heart. But the thing is right... i dunno what it is you know... Then yesterday i was so desperate to hear from God that i went to Google and i typed, "God, please talk to me..." and a few came out. I clicked on the one... "God, Please talk to me..." and the content asked me to read Mark 1... And so i did... What struck me most was....

40A man with leprosy came to him and begged him on his knees, "If you are willing, you can make me clean."

41Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. "I am willing," he said. "Be clean!"

42Immediately the leprosy left him and he was cured.

Leprosy is associated to sins in my term. Look, He is willing to wash away all my sins... forgive me BUT... the thing is, am i willing? Mannn.... Flesh is weak...

God, prepare my heart again.

Nobody knows how weak i am better than You. Win this spiritual warfare with me, Jesus. I don't care how people look at me now. A Christian freak... Lunatic... whatever. I refuse to be lost anymore. Stop releasing the string. Pull back now. I want to come back. Make me come back.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Bed? Workstation? What?

The reason why i can never sleep properly. My bed is my workstation... Haiyo... My mom said since i came home my room was like in a horrible mess.... Can't help it ler... Table too small la... Okla...big and long la...But not enuff ok?!?! Shucks... How to sleep tonight? K...gtg... Have to go fetch Ju and serbu Yen's place.


Mission fulfilled!

Date : 27th October 2006
Time : 3.29PM
Listening to : Hate me today - Blue October
Where : Room

I just came back from Ah Ne ice Kacang with Yen and Ju... Fuh...My day started off like this. I woke up around eleven. Slept like a pig and when i washed up d, i onlined and Yen msg-ed me on MSN... Muahaha... YEa...Wanted to go Bak kut Teh in Bukit Cina for lunch. So planned to go at 2.30PM. Buthen i ended up going lunch with my parents so i called both of them to cancel the lunch date. But i had to get some stuff from Ju so i drove to her hse. Before that, i went to check if Ah Ne was opened cos' Yen said it was supposed to be closed for a week. (Aaaargh~!) but it was opened wor! So happie. So i called Yen and asked her to meet us there la. Ended up in Ju's hse i drove us there.

Aaaahh..... So very the happy to get to eat ice kacang there. Mission fufilled. Muahaha! Then talked some crap with them. Yen got a new croc red shoes. Wahahaaha... I laughed like crazy. That day when we were in MP, she asked me get a croc shoes and i said aloud, "Wah lao! Dowa la... Damn cham ngan (Eye pain)!" Bad timing... A girl walked away from us and we saw that she was wearing one. Wah lao! Almost ROTFLOL... So darn paiseh. The next thing i knew, si Yen beli in Jonker.... waaaaa... Must take a picture... gaahhaha.... cannot help it la....

My Ice kacang! Okay...sorry la i ter-smash it... Heeheee... Si yen and her crocs.... Lawak....

Then we planned to go Yen's hse tonight to watch Gubra... SO long never watch movie with them d. Okay.... I hink i shall bring chips. I'm bringing my assignments also... Die la...die.... And tomorrow could be an all day fear factor makan day. Shall have eat those intestines, stomach, liver for breakfast, lunch and maybe dinner. Hehe.... Cool wei...


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Very very long updatesssssssss...........

Date : 26th October 2006
Time : 10.34PM
Listening to : The rain outside my house... cis...
Where : Room (Malacca)

I have so much to update... Ok... here...

1) My dad was so funny. He bought me a pink T-shirt which was oversized. Forget about being oversized... But heck... PINK?!? Haha... He cracked me up la. He is super lawak. I just love him so much. But because he bought it in Phuket and that he thought i will learn how to wear pink (Super sweet pink), i will definately keep it and wear it. One of these days... yeah... Just to please my beloved dad. Bryan asked me to frame it up. Crazy fella. Haha.

2) On the first day of Raya, I fetched Mel to Jaziah's place. I borrowed dad's car after we had breakfast in this very old Bukit Cina market. The Pig's liver mee. Darn old wei this place. Then while my dad went to take the car, mom, 2 bros and i went to get some stuff from this dry sundry shop. Old style wei. I was in awed cos' i seriously, honestly love old stuff like this. The uncle was wearing a school boy short. The blue color bee loon one. And a singlet. Retro wei... Too bad no camera. My lil' bro asked me a very funny question. "Chie... The duck lay the egg already like that ar? (Pointing to the saltedduck egg covered with charcoal)" I laughed and laughed. I told my mom and she also cannot tahan and laughed. We explained to him that the eggs were preserved like that. We told my dad also. So lawak. I dropped my family at home before i went to get Mel. Then we went to Jaz's placeI was darn surprised i managed to drive my dad's perdana in such a small kampung road and park in such a narrow lot. Crazy wei for a "P" driver like me... Met Ju and Yen there. Food was superb man. I tell you, it was great catching up with Jaziah. She perasan case la. So lawak wei. Haha... And because her house was so big and have so many empty walls, we started to camwhore la like mad. Last year Ju, Yen and I had a Levi's pose on her white wall and this year we attempted to pose the same way but alaaaaa.... tak berapa sama la... Then to our surprised, we saw a damn huge mirror in her hall wei... Wahaha... Gila liao...started to pose and take pics liao. Thick skin giler our gang. Gila... Then before we cabut back, i managed to paedo sikit. There were these 3 kids... wah lao... Darn cute wei... Model of the day... Here... All the pictures in Yen's blog since she haven't give me the pictures.

Then I drove us to Mahkota Parade... Aaaah... How i miss this mall. I thought i saw some changes but Yen convinced me that everything was the same... I doubted for a moment until she was like, "Believe me chenli... It's still the sameeeeee...." Okkkkkk.... I believe you. And guess what. My arm was too short to press for the ticket i had to open the car door to take it... Sheesh. I thought Ju was the one with such prob. Haha... And when i tried to reverse out the car, i had such difficulties cos of this bodoh mia driver parking illegally. Dahla my kereta panjang... Mel was making me panic sammo. Sheesh... thank God for Yen. And i broke my fasting from wrapping papers!!! So sad..... Haih....

4) After dropping them in Jaziah's place, i shot all the way to Ding's place. Stopped in front of Rivera Bay i think and called her... "Oi... Get ready... Meeting up with Shan... Faster reaching d ar!" Haha... She was so shocked. When i reached she haven't even got ready. Then we went to Shan's place. Pusing pusing and i cannot find his house. Wahaha... Called him and i laughed like mad talking to him. The conversation went something like this.

Ding : Shannon! Where's your hse?
Shan : Blablablah.... (I wasn't on the phone)
Ding : Lost la!!! Chenli coming to get u...
Shan : Blablablah...
Ding : Haiya! You talk to her la! (Pass the phone to me...)
Me : Wei! Where are you?
Shan : At home la!
Me : Where your home?
Shan : Where are you?
Me : Wahahaha! Where are you????
Shan : Gahaha! I'm at home!!!!
Me : Where's your home????
Shan : Here la!
Me : Wah lao! Wait for you at surau!
Shan : Arr! You wait there don't move!

Gila wei.... Then i got lost trying to find the surau. Habis my tank. But we managed to reach his house la. Then he got inside the car and we went to get Elaine. Tis was so unexpected. Started from my impromptu visiting. haha. Then after we waited for Elaine to get ready, (Cos' we serbu her house tiba tiba) we went to Mel's place, also tetiba one. Waited for Ngan Chen Li to come. Yeah... same name. Haha. Mel got a small dog named Rumba. He very the noisy la when he saw Shan. Even in the cage. Very the lawak. I think the dog gay la wei. Haha. When Ding released him, defler terus went to Shan and started to excite over Shan and Shan ran away and the dog chased all the way. So funny. It happened twice. I laughed until almost died. Shan was like glaring at Ding and I in a funny way for causing him this trauma. Hahaha. When Ngan arrived, I was so shocked cos she dressed EXACTLY like me. Jeans and the same FOS black top. Toink~! What a coincident. Same name, smae gae, same dressing, same day. Gila sial... haha. Then all cramped in my car and i drove them to Melaka Raya. We went to this shop la. I forgot the name. had a cake there. darn filling. Had a chat there. Went home at around seven plus. Then my bros asked me fetch them go eat. So we went to eat wantanmee. My youngest bro asked me what i ate today and i said, "Hmmm... Breakfast with you all lor, Then less than one hour after that i ate in Jaz's place so much... Then after Jaz's place, I went to eat cake... then i just reached home you all ask me to go eat d..." His eyes went really big and he said, "Waaa... How come you can eat so much and never got fat one?" I then told him that i got big stomach la. And i do get fat la... He tak nampak only. Hahaha! He thought i was crazy to eat so much. Then i went home and did my figures, teaching my mom some Intericad 3000 func from time to time.....

4) I got a new pair of glasses and a new phone. Yen, I didn't get the desired K800i... haih... I got the 2nd desired one instead... W810i.... RM1270.... K800i gila la... 1800 wei... My dad said better get a proper camera. Neway... I still love my new phone very the much la. Haha....

5) Today's FA class was crazy. I saw the samples of the students work for the Pop Up design. Crazy. Real crazy. I have to redo 2 assignments. Siao liao la. I wanna redo my passed one also. I wanna get high distinction for this subject. Cos my Figure and Drawing sure kantoi one. I missed the KL people also la. Cos spent so much time with them right. Danny was late for class cos' he thought it was eleven o'clock. He darn lawak today. Anyway, the day before, Uncle David and Aunty Marion followed us to KL. Aunty Marion gave me some jokes for my com skill assignment. I doubt it's enough. I think i'll flunk this time. Jokes?? Come on man... I suck in telling jokes. No kidding. After class, we went to meng Tien and eat. So lawak la this Chris. She told us a couple of jokes which cracked me up. Sophia, Zheng and I laughed like mad. Crazy fella. Then we went to Sunway Pyramid's Secret Recipe cos' Rin wanted to have her cake and earl Gray's tea... Like L... Who is that? I was waiting for my mom... Then i cabut-ed to meet her up. On the way, i bumped into the people again. Intro-ed my mom to Michelle, Ting Wei, Bryan and David. David was so funny... Haha... My mom said he was interestingly talkative. She asked if they were all couples. I told her only david and Michelle. Snapped a couple of scary pictures today though. Sampat-ed one also.... Haha...

6) Uncle David and Dad went around finding for the acclaimed good food in Sungai Besi but ended up in the same road junction twice. Aiyo... Kept on changing our mind wnd we ended up eating this famous yong tau foo in dunno where. Oklaaaa... I was so full i could almost burst. See ar... After eating Shanghai Mee in Meng Tien, I ate the Beef pepperoni flip. (Darn pedas) and then after that YTF.... Gila...all less than 2 hours. Crazy!

Good Points : All in all... I am very satisfied with this week. I get to eat the chicken rice and duck noodles in Bukit Beruang, Tong Shui and Nasi Lemak in Tong Shui House, Wonderful dishes in Bunga Raya and also Pig Liver's mee in Bukit Cina... Fuh... Nice. Still, i have yet to fulfill my mission for Jonker's or Ah Ne's ice kacang, Tmn Asean's mamak and ikan bakar.... Aiyo... Sammo the 9-layered cheese cake... Beh tahan.... So much homework sammo. Dying d....

Bad Points : I don't like the way somebody could control the speed of my heartbeat. Super ridiculous you know? So just leave me alone. I am not what you want, trust me. (No comments please for this.... I only will layan questions from Yen and Ju... Other than that, forget about asking)

I'll post the pic when got better connection la k?


Monday, October 23, 2006

I can type with 3 fingers la, GA....

Date : 23rd Ocrober 2006
Time : 4.34 PM
Listening to : The light is forever - Kevin Kern
Where : Room

I had a great conversation with Andrew on MSN just now. Haha... It's like 3 AM there in US. I miss him la... I talked to him sometimes can make me roll on the floor and die one. Haha... And he tak percaya i could type with 3 fingers... sheesh...

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:01 PM):

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:01 PM):
this time

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:01 PM):
u nv call me go sleep one

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:01 PM):

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:01 PM):
hey, i think i will snailmail u la during my free time

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:01 PM):
sure the other time u got something to do

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:01 PM):
then call me to sleep

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:01 PM):
hahaha..i also rarely have any free time la GA

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:01 PM):
i neve call u go sleep cos u sure tell me u cannor seep one

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:01 PM):
me too lor...nampaknyer GAs mmg busy wei

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:01 PM):

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:01 PM):

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:01 PM):
can i can sleep if ordered to

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:02 PM):
memang busy

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:02 PM):
its life

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:02 PM):
college life at least

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:02 PM):
im busy with procrastination

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:02 PM):

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:02 PM):
me too wei

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:02 PM):

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:02 PM):
so horrible la we two

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:02 PM):

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:02 PM):

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:02 PM):
u actually procrastinates

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:02 PM):
u sure not..

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:02 PM):
procrastinate more, die faster wei

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:02 PM):
sure laaa

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:02 PM):
u think i workoholic mer

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:03 PM):
snacking on mr. potato la.... cis...takda cottage fries

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:04 PM):

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:04 PM):
mr potato not bad aper..

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:04 PM):
aper flavor?

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:04 PM):
habis la laptop kau minyak minyak

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:04 PM):
bawang dan krim masam

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:04 PM):

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:04 PM):
aper...i use only 2 fingers to eat hor

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:11 PM):

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:11 PM):
use 2 little fingers ar

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:11 PM):
i use 10 fingers to type ler..

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:11 PM):
u use less than 10?

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:11 PM):

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:11 PM):
i use only 3 ler

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:12 PM):
2 left one one right

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:12 PM):

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:16 PM):
u type with 3 fingers?!?

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:16 PM):
what the hell...

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:16 PM):

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:16 PM):
can u do that?

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:16 PM):
of course la

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:16 PM):
how to type all fice

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:16 PM):
and u can type so fast

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:16 PM):
for ur blog?

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:16 PM):

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:16 PM):
with 3 fingers..

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:16 PM):
hey hey

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:16 PM):
why lau all always said i type so fast

chen - Design One homework alone can kill me... sheesh... says (4:17 PM):
sms also got ppl complain i typed fast

alch[hangover - bad] says (4:17 PM):
kenot blieve sial..

Oi...believe la... cis... I am ur GA u know... I wun bluff u one la! Neway, was chatting with Collin also... aka Nilloc... Hee... I thought we wouldn't have much to talk about but nampaknyer after not seeing each other for like years, there was still stuff to talk about. Was talking about Shannon coming up to KL and work and then Shan msg-ed. Panjang umur wei...


Men banking Finance? Siao wei....

Date : 23rd October 2006
Time : 1.18AM
Listening to : Crumbs - Disagree
Where : Mom's room

Gosh...Parents will only be back tomorrow. Neway, i had one of the greatest night ever with Yen and Ju. Hmm... I enjoy going out with these two crazee fellas. Cracked me up like mad. Yen and I left for Thong Shui House at around eight plus. Ju joined us later. Too bad Yen didn't bring her camera cos' the food that i ordered looked kinda fantastic. Taste fantastic too actually. And although didn't fulfilled my desire for cendol.. Not exactly cendol... more like ice kacang, i still get to eat tong shui la. Hehe... Happy wei... I was kinda like full but then after that we went to the new 24 hours drive through McDonald. Damn gila wei. Macam syok saje to drive thru. We actually intended to do another crazy stuff. Ju suggested that we drive thru 3 times. Change driver each time and order different thing buthen alaaaaa.... The route not exactly convinient to make a 3 rounds trip. Disappointed? Nolaaaa.... We have crazier things to do like going around the malim roundabout 3 times. Hahaha... After we got our fries, apple pie and choc sundae, Ju ased where to go and eat and i said let's go to Jusco's fountain there and eat. Wahaha... Crazy la wei... The other end of town.

Then in the car, we heard a song by Justin Timberlake. Siao wei... Ju and Yen naik gila again... Accusing each other for stealing their "boyfriends" and stuff. First Michael Scofield from Prison Break and then now Justin. Wah lao... Behtahan. So lawak. Then Ju said that she have 2 MBF. One is Mak Bapak Finance and another one is Men Banking Finance. No withdrawal one. Deposited d cannot take out and give people. Hahahaha... Siao... And how dare she to say she likes Edison Chen when she didn't. Wanna drag me in. Tak yah ler. Haha... I have enough just by listening to you guys. Damn lawak. Then what's with the sperm bank and ice cream man. Wahaha... Sorry la Ju... we betul betul slanderer la wei. I don't think i will post the curang picture la. Later you die laughing and rolling on your bed like that day. Gila sial. I see d i also almost died. I thought it was for real ler until i saw that... Eh... Aper ni... You kissing actor? Pi lah.... Tak ajak... Hahaha....

Reached home dunno what time la. Quite early. Got started on Design One but then cis... Forgot to bring back all my instruction paper so i messaged Sophia. Ended up calling her and she gave me all the details. And had a 25 minutes chat with her. wah lao... her choice of words can kill me wei. Darn gelifying. I almost died-ed just by listening to her. Siao wei.... Then my phone went crazy again. Cis... So we ended up sms-ing. Kla... gtg... Tomorrow have to work hard d... Sheesh... I just hate travelling back to KL just for a class... But thank God for Ju and Yen... Phew...glad that they will be joining me in KL for 3 days. So Ting Wei... Sorry wei... Dun think i'm going ice skating after all.. haha... i can't skate la.... Kla... Gtg... Bubye!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

A tree in a wrong forest... I suck in chopping....

Date : 22nd October 2006
Time : 4.27PM
Listening to : Blossom in the wind - Kevin Kern
Where : Room (Home)

Yeah... Just finished watching The Island starring Ewan mcGregor (So like this dude). It was alright. My phone was giving me a problem too just now... People can't hear me speak. Susahnyer... Why la you wanna rosak now? I want a camera! But yeah... nemind la. I can live without it. Currently alone at home. My Singapore friend, Agnes is out in MP and my two bros cabut-ed go friend's place. My parents up in KL... So alone lor now. Guess i'll start on Design One colour wheel homework tonight. Can't go out with Ju and Yen tonite... haih... Out for dinner with Agnes in Jonker later. Sorry guys. Probably would call up one of the crazy people in Rin's place tonight.

Came back from church dunno what time. Didn't see the time. I don't know what was it but it didn't feel like last time until i heard Sarah giggling at the back. And then the feeling of being in my home church rushed into me. Yeah... The extent of missing the people in church kinda like numb me d since i went to KL. I am glad to see them. Glad to be able to disturb Uncle Tony. Hehe... Anyway, most of the outstation students from MMU malacca were back to their hometown. I saw only CK. But those malacca outstation students were all back except for Sin Lan. I had a chat with the 3 kids in church. Haha... They were super lawak la. I was the only budak besar at the table. Anyway, i was rather surprised myself that i told Juliana about what i was feeling disturbed about when i was in KL. She was surprised that what i feared the most before i left for KL actually happened on me. Sigh... What i had proudly stood for here kinda like shattered in within a few weeks. And during devotion i actually shared with my group members what i was struggling with. Quite taken back i think cos' yeah... ini kan chen li... It could not happen on me. But i guess it does. I am dealing with this issue.

I am not using the name of religion to excuse myself from things. Understand that when a man named Jesus died for me on the cross, He gave me everything. And yes, i am backsliding. Much to my regret. Sigh. I am still trying to get back on track but it's tough. But then again, i shall move on la. I wonder what is His next step for me. Hmmm.... Not to worry though. Hehe...

And so, 2 to 3 years ago, i had a problem with relationship. Dunno if the issue was about commitment or not but i knew that i will be happier on my own. Sounds really weird but i think i am not made to be in a relationship. I thought it will wear off someday you know but i am not sure now. Yesterday, Agnes talked to me. Not quite sure if people will understand what i am going to write next but here goes... This is what she said... As i could see now, you haven't even sharpen your axe yet. Inspecting the tree yes.... But you don't even wanna chop it... So you left your axe to rust and have no intention of polishing it yet... Not anytime sooner. It;s like this tree just jumped right in front of you and you were so stunt. It's not in the forest you would like it to be.
Hmmm... It does make sense. I don't even dare to hold that axe cos' i might just stop chopping anyway since i suck in chopping. That tree seems like the right tree but in the wrong forest. Haih... I am not going to do tree inspecting or chopping soon... Right forest or not. I think i just have an unconscious phobia on this particular issue. I think i am afraid to disappoint a person when it comes to this issue. I am so not a normal girl when this issue pops up. Just keep running la, chen. You will do well....

No se que decirte
esa es la verdad
No me ames.....

I don't deserve such care and love.

*I will appreciate it if no comments are made for this post*


Saturday, October 21, 2006


I read Andrew's blog... Rather thought provoking ain't it? I think i posted about that topic before... yeah... before i went KL that is. And so... Andrew... stereotyping that word is human's nature la. You see, if you don't miss that person doesn't mean you don't love that person right? I mean, i don't usually miss my family but then again who can say i don't love them right? So yeah.... That's one thing.... And dont be confused. *Grin* I am going to pengsan soon. What a confession i just spilled to my sis. And this is what she said...

May is dying hair says (10:27 PM):
wah lau its ok wat!

May is dying hair says (10:40 PM):

May is dying hair says (10:40 PM):
then just go ahead la

May is dying hair says (10:40 PM):
and seriously... life is short...

May is dying hair says (10:41 PM):
but life is abt striking a balance

May is dying hair says (10:41 PM):
dun be silly

May is dying hair says (10:41 PM):

Nolaaaa.... Cannot! I will be silly then... I Mati-ing.... Mati-ing... Chen! Shuddup!


Date : 21st October 2006
Time : 8.48PM
Listening to : So much in love - All 4 one
Where : Parents' room

I dunno what to write actually... Yeah... So i'm back in Malacca... I went to hema's house just now for deepavali. Sms-ed a lot in her place and we watched some episodes from The American Next Top Model. Hmmm... Dunno... Stick thin is like so scary... Finally get to see my friends so yeah... It was really great.

Then we dropped by Ju's place and i had a chat with Auntie Tina. Hmmm... It's nice getting back to my Malacca life. Just a bit hard picking up from where i left off. When i went to church, it dawned on me that... "yeah... I am back..." I am happie to be back. great to see my church members again. Ah Zheng was back from KL as well as Eng Siang... Sheesh... Auntie kiat tin mentioned that three of us lose weight. She asked if i was stressed in KL... Nola... Not enough food la... Haha... We had captain ball after Uncle Philip talked on the book of Leviticus. I walked away at one point cos.. I dunno la... Weird la... Dowan to talk about this la. Don't ask me. I won't answer you. Captain ball was fun. Great to see Shaun again. He made me ketawa la that fella. Then disturbed Jeremy saying he's taller d... wahaha! Captain ball was boys against girls. Kong la wei... ju was the first goaler, then Yen and then me... Teruk wei. Kena whacked at the forehead. Paining sial... When sweat very the sore. Ju fell down and injured her back again so we cancelled our outing plans. Sammo i got tonnes of assignments to complete. We girls lost the captain ball la.... kata kata semangat also din work la... Haha... It was not as crazy as usual la... Haha... But it was super lawak when Jeremy was surrounded by girls defender. Super funny to watch from my position cos i was on the chair as the goaler. Mosquitoes bite weh... sheesh...

Went back home and helped my mom with the ID work and then i drove her and my two brothers for dinner near Southern Hosp. Dad was in tangkak. Mom said she was gelified with my driving. Hahahahaha! Cos' I like tak kisah only when i drive. What la... I know la i still a noob... Muahaha.... I am glad i went dinner with her. The food was fantastic. I ate most of it la since my bros and my mom can't finish them. What a waste... Enjoying food is a bliss... Ignorance is not... as quoted... Yeah... i finally found another person who agrees on this... Ok... maybe others too but they've never told me before so... nemind... here am i... Beside my mom, with the wireless on... chatting with Ting wei and Sophia. Yeah... I am getting rid of that feeling cos' if i don't... Yoh... I am as good as died-ed. So yeah... Jesus help me!!! Just not brave enough... You are right, Rin... No me ames... If i dwell in it i will be like a walking zombie d so yeah... I can't live up to what you've advised me to. I don't know if i can or not but probably i will not. And i read your blog. Be happy, friend. Shall pray for you. K la...cabut first... Mom still working on the wall construction. see ya guys....

Finally home....

Date : 21st October 2006
Time : 12.12 AM
Listening to : My Memory – Instrumental
Where : Room ( Malacca… Finally!)

Haha… yeah… I am back in Malacca. Happienyer aku. Haha… I felt so elated I could almost roll on the floor and laugh in joy. Okay… Now I really sound crazy. Ok… This post shall be free from Mr. Chang’s name. Sheesh… If anymore of his name I think I will die from “rumors shoot out” from TOA CD068-1. Really.

Neway, today after class, which was drawing… we went to Meng Tien for lunch. Yoh… Prawn mee again but without tauge… Tauge is evil. Tauge is a no no… Hee! Then most of them wanted to go for the Critic Session for our figure class but me and another friend decided not to go la. So we went to The One Gallery and watched the animations and short films screened there. The sofa darn comfy wei. Wanna tidor. Saw yao Wei there, my bro’s class mate. And yeah, if you mgss girls remember, I was watching an animation by our fellow student Yow Wei Teng. And the short film was crazy la. Spinning and spinning until I pening. We waited for the rest to pass by the gallery but we didn’t see them. Sammo my batt kong liao so cannot call them. But Chris called his handphone anyway and we got to know that they were at the ice skating ring d. Chris, Michelle, David, Ting Wei, Bryan, Danny and Zheng decided to go ice skating today. I die also dowan to go. Pay 16 bucks to cicak on the wall. I dowan la. Dunno how to skate and sammo my parents were coming to my apartment at around 6PM. Before they went into the ring, Chris, David, Michelle, Zheng and Ting Wei stood outside with a paper that read, “We come I peace… please wave back” and the ice skaters were like quite stunned to see that. Haha… eventually there were a couple who waved back again and again . Then they became crazier. The message went to, “I love girls who can skate” , “ I am finding for a room mate. If interested please wave” and another one was, “Want a donut?”… jeng!! I thought I was crazy but I surrender la. Totally kalah wei. I watched from the 1st floor as the 7 of them went into the ring. Darn lawak. Super glad I wasn’t in there. I tell you, I will be cicak-ing all the way and fall flat on my butt. If with Juliana or yen mei takper la. We’ll all be in it together. Haha… Dah biasa being gila with them. But today, I have my own reason not to take part. Yeah…

So paiseh just now. I came back home (Malacca) and went to the toilet, locked the door and I saw a tai tai keong scuttled near my feet and I dunno where this reaction came from I started screaming. I don’t scream that way one ok! Wah lao! I burst out of the toilet and my bro looked so shocked and my mom looked at me and said, “Roach?”… Sheesh… how she knows ler…. I seriously almost died-ed. So scary wei. Why la why? So sudden. That scream came out of nowhere I was shocked I could scream like that. Waaa… can go act horror movie liao… Sheesh….

I was tortured in class by Scott and David! They are so evil! Sheesh. Forgiven though… You two 18 year old evil tyrants! *Frown* I cannot finish my kettle today ler… Yoh… the reflections were crazy. The shape itself almost killed me. Early in the morning I came and Sophia, Zheng, Rin and Danny conspired against me. Cis… Danny Leonard Omar… You tak guna… You bored who teman you go Sunway? You naik gila who naik gila with you? Har? Now you support that 3 fellas and not me? Cis….. And Sophia… You teruk mia budak… Sit beside me wanna ahem ahem so much… Rin… I haven’t hantam you so you wait until Thursday and Lee Yi Zheng! You… I speechless… Haha… I know one… You sure support that Rin Zhen one. Cis. I shall stand strong and steadfast. This is my message for you guys. Heehee…

Special note for Sophia. Great chat with you just now although it was very the crazy. You macam experienced jer. Umur 16 but has good advice hor? But not applicable la to me. I darn tua liao la. Haha…

To Shan. Hoi… Don’t sedih la. The PC doctor will cure your darling one la. Now you know what ducky feels la when my darling laptop masuk hospital. Ketawa sammo you. Okla… don’t sedih la… See if got time I bring you go play pool wokie? Or maybe you bring me la. Eksiden wait if I fetch you… You crazee fella… hehe…P4 will be okla… Dun sedih liao la har…. Later andelu ketawa kao kao you sedih. Muahaha! Ahem… Sorry… Hee…

Ju, Yen…. I was thinking about the satay celup stunt. But then next Friday dunno got Bible study not. Sammo I dunno if I balik from KL d not since I got class on Thursday. But then again… Tak cukup kaki to pull the stunt right? I get cold feet wait. Take camera boleh la… hahaha!!!!! Yeah, can’t wait to go hema’s place for deepavali. Then jaziah’s place for Raya. Wooo…. Talking bout food. Sheesh. The nine layered cheesecake was a crazy attempt to make me drool wei… I dunno if I can finish it or not but I will definitely try the ice cream steamboat. Gahaha… I love Malacca!

Sheesh… Go KL got stomach exercise… Come back Malacca sure got stomach exercise also one. Mati la… Dowan 6 packs also cannot. Laugh until kong. I am starting to agree with my Malacca friends. Chen Li… Wong Chen Li… Serious? Blah la… End of the world…


Friday, October 20, 2006

Street Map

Street Map - Athlete

I would like to think our paths are straight
Disconnected from the choices we make
That there is no reason why it can't be like you said

One day it's gonna happen
I don't know when
I'll be on your street
But I know one day it's gonna happen
You're gonna be swept off your feet

I would like someone to make a map
Mark my home and draw some lines that match
All of the reasons why
It can be like you said

One day it's gonna happen
I don't know when
I'll be on your street
But I know one day it's gonna happen
You're gonna be swept off your feet

I don't know when
I don't know why
I don't know when
I don't know why

One day it's gonna happen
I don't know when
I'll be on your street
But I know one day it's gonna happen
You're gonna be swept off your feet

But all that I know is it's gonna happen
I don't know when
I'll be on your street
But I know one day it's gonna happen
You're gonna be swept off your feet

I love this song... Seriously... Sigh... But made me quite sad also la...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ridiculously Funny....

Date : 18th October 2006
Time : 10.54AM
Listnening to : Street Map
Where : Room (KL)

Sigh… Two classes today. Going to Zheng’s place first. Haven’t check Uncle Ivan’s mail. No net la… Got time. No net. Sheesh. I hope I could finish everything by the end of this week. Sigh…. This week cannot go back sammo. Yoh…. William! Why you cancelled Finish Art class wei???? Replace in the middle of next week sammo. Tak guna wei! See la… I cannot go back d. Sakit hati wokie? Parents coming up later. Friday after class gonna cabut go GH and then maybe I’ll ask them drop me in KL. Susah la go an come back from Malacca. Then maybe next fri I will cabut home lor. Yoh… I really wanna go home ler….

Neway, On Tuesday, we had our History of Art and Design presentation. David’s group on AWAM got the best presentation of course. I got cold feet when the whole presentation starts. I was very comforted knowing that my group will be the 7th to present. Seven is a full number ok? Sheesh…. I was glad that I called GY to pray for me also cos‘ I dunno when I started to have this fear to present. In front of my bro’s and my class sammo. So different from Com Skills ler…. And then Hooi Chiat, our lec, said that the audience can ask question after each presentation. I stoned sial…. Honestly petrified. Then Rin said, “Don’t panic, Chen… Calm down…” Fui… Gila… Calm down… And then Scott went, “Chill la wei… Chill…” Sweat…. Sophia said she prayed for me.. (Thanks friend!) But overall, everything went really well la. It was not blasphemous. I am not saying this for the sake of getting away from criticism but then it’s seriously not. Mr bro’s team was the last to present. Haha… When I went out to present, his friends were like, “Go! Richard’s sister! Yeh!” and stuff like that. Haha… And when his group coming out, I went, “Go, Mr. Wong!!! Woooo!!!!” and my friends around me did the same thing also. Sent us all rolling in laughter. I like his team’s poster. I lost my pendrive’s cap! Cis!!!! Nemind la… Wun die one… After class we went to Meng Tien for dinner. Cannot tahan the vendor there. No manners one. Cis….

Neway, on Monday, we had our Com skills. No presentation that day but we had this speech game. It’s like this : Everyone will have to speak non stop for a minute, picking up from the last sentence of the previous person. Our storyline was not anywhere near the dirty genre but I heard the other half of the class was. Phew! Gary, our lec started first. He used Bryan’s and Michelle’s name. From going langkawi the storyline took a turn to horror genre. Bryan started drooling goo…. “I” started to get scared… (“I” was still a mystery to us… No name yet…) Then from horror, it turned to funny stories. Then became fairy godmother frying all the Bryans (Which appeared after Rin came up with many many Bryans and Michelle Junia came up with Bryans having flour on his face and Michelle Lim said the fairy godmother who looked like the female version of James started to fry Bryans and hang them like hanging chickens in chicken rice shop…wakakakaka!) Then after that, everything went back to horror… And came my part, I was left hanging with the sentence, “Bryan said, “Hey, put her down…”” from the previous speaker. “I” was carrying naked Michelle from the toilet la at that point of the story. It is strictly not dirty. Cannot tahan. So I went to the front and I went, “And then I went, “Hey, Bryan… calm down man…” And Bryan looked at me and said, “Boon Tiong! Put her down now!” And I said, “But I thought you were gay?!?!” Then Bryan looked at me and replied, “That is why I asked you to put her down.. Come Boon Tiong… Come to me baby…”’’’ Wahahahaha! What a twist. Set the whole room in laughter. Boon Tiong is our Figure Studies lecturer. They asked me to reveal who “I” was so I chose BT. They was expecting Li Wen (Our Design Workshop lec) or Scott. Sammo Bryan do not like to be called gay one. Muahaha! Laughed until stomach ache. Then from this gay story, Sathom turned it into a chasing one. Someone asked where to buy fried Bryans and stuff. Wahaha… Funny wei… Then suddenly came into the woods with so many scouts. By then Bryan turned into The Hulk d. Wahahaha! And then suddenly dunno how BT got handphone… Digi number sammo and he called David for help. (This one was James story) Then Amir came up t wrap the whole story up. Suddenly there was this very strong wind and David appeared with some sort of a superhero suit. Wahaha… complete with coconuts and food in his arms and he said, “yes, what can i do for you?” And BT asked him to get Bryan out of that place and up Bryan went with David. Haha… The story ended in the toilet… It was just some sort of a dream. It couldn’t be a reality right? It was so ridiculously funny.

Kla… have to cabut d. Goodbye!!!!


Monday, October 16, 2006

Hangover liao... Evil Bryan... Crazy day in Scott's place...

Date : 14th October 2006
Time : 10.36PM
Listening to : Love will find a way – Lion King II
Where : Room (KL)

Sigh… Just came back from Scott’s place. Was very the surprised when I opened the front door cos’ I heard Joshua, Eric and my bro said, “Surprised!” and they were at the dining room doing assignment. Sheesh… neway, Eric needed a place to stay desperately. Going to ask Bryan on this asap.

Neway, slept at 6.00AM doing figures. Sheesh… procrastinate sammo la….. Woke up at 8AM and prepared to go school. Bryan msg-ed saying that he relunctantly fell asleep during his 3rd sketching. Gahaha.... Wore skirt to class today cos’ ahem… I haven’t wash my trousers and jeans. No time la. Cis…. So tired. I reached class and I saw Chris and Scott sleeping on the tables and Danny having stomach ache. Today, Rin, Zheng and Ting Wei were to tie two ponytails high up and wears clothes that make them look cute in exchange to David having make up on his face. Yeah… They wanted to include me as the 4th girl but NO WAY man… You can throw me in the fountain, ask me do the satay celup thing or even push me in a trolley like Ju but I will never wear anything cute with my hair done up like that. They look normal and fine but I will never look anywhere near normal. Anyway, David was really… hmmm… indescribable la. Boon Tiong was shocked to see him that way and cracked a couple of jokes about it. He taught us how to capture the face muscles in human portraits and giving it a 3D look. Dismissed us an hour early.

Went over to Nikmat to have our lunch. Cannot tahan TW and Michelle. Cute can never be used on me. Seriously! It sounded so cacat on me… Not on others but cacat on me. Cis… Neway, Rin, Zheng, Chris and TW were talking about animation during lunch and I am not into anime and stuff la so I talked to Michelle, David and Bryan. I think Michelle and David not into anime also. Bryan and I definitely NOT into anime. Hmmm… Okla… Except Samurai X la. I like Kenshin. Hehe…. Then David was supposed to drop Danny and I back at home but he ended up bringing us to Scott’s place for his group assignment. Apala… No time to turn back also. Danny sat in front. I sat in the middle behind with TW on me… Sat between Michelle and Bryan. Paining sial….. When we reaching Scott’s place, Bryan turned to ask me, “You awake or not?” I was half awake la actually cos’ hangover la. So tired. Not half la… maybe a bit sleepy la. But still awake la. Then I said a bit sleepy la. Then he asked, “Want me to wake you up?” And I asked how… Then suddenly he used the drum stick and poked my side. Wah lao! Pain ler Mr. Chang! Cis….

Neway, I took a very short nap in Scott’s place. Stayed all the way till nine thirty. Was watching them doing their assignments. The power point not working la… I mean with the sound and stuff. We ended up not going to our tutor, Nicky’s church concert cos’ everyone was so tired. Scott’s mom cooked us a superb meal of fish and chips. And we watched this Japanese drama while eating. So funny ler. Sam Lee called and we chatted a while. Missed the GLO people man. Then Ting Wei and Michelle tried to get Bryan to do his evil look thing. He didn’t wanna show. So far only Danny and I saw that evil look before among all seven of us there tonight. But then again, Bryan gave me that evil look… really superbly evil one today but I forgot when. What Danny saw was not as bad as that ler. Sheesh… that sadist.

After dinner, David sent us all home. I sat at the front cos’ I was the first to reach. So glad…. Haha. No need cramp at the back. Oh yea… Scott shown us his goldfish with a missing right eye. I was so gross out and *HONESTLY* geli-fied when he said that the sucker fish sucked the eyeball out. He even demo how the thing popped out. Mannn… I almost pengsan-ed. Dahla I got vivid imagination…. Cannot la… So geli. Yerr…. Very tiring la today. Had so much crazee laughs in Scott’s place while doing the assignments. Slacked off a bit la. Mom called to ask bout us. We’re doing fine la. I checked my blog and I saw Ju tagging me. Seemed like we going to do another food hunt la… ice cream steamboat. Geng Yi called just now also and he told me that there’s a place in Melaka raya that sells 9 layers cheesecake! Sheesh… I hope I didn’t hear wrongly man…. I wanna try. See how much my stomach can expand. Kinda like mengecut d since I came to KL although I must admit that I am getting back my appetite… hehe…

Okay… will really try to live for God d. slacking off. Skipped 3 days of Bible reading. No time la. Must finish my race strong! Dad went to Phucket d!!!!! Gah… I hope he bought me stuff… Nyahnyahnyah! Not gonna blog bout what happened on Friday la. It was a day in Starbucks doing our assignment for History. Zheng came up with a superb tag line. Insaintly Great…. Haih… I hope it’s not blasphemous to promote beer using the last supper. I presenting sammo. Haih… See la how. I think it’ll be ok right? I dunno la… I wanna forget about it…get over with it. So much assign… mati ler aku…. But thank God no need to redo any work so far… Kla… wanna sleep d. Good night!


Pengajian Malaysia twice in a week!!!

Date : 12th October 2006
Time : 10.21PM
Listening to : Plain Love OST
Where : Room (KL)

Sigh… Yesterday Rin, Zheng and I had a sleepover in Zheng’s place. So yeah, yesterday, we had Finished Art. William took over Debbie’s place as the lecturer. Super darn stressed because I didn’t have to do any redo works since the first assignment and I think I’ll have to redo when he takes over la. Nemind la. Try to do my best. Neway, he’s a nice fella. Also my diamond box and “cheesebox” got an 8 and 8 ½ marks. Phew…No need to redo. But the pop-up project was crazy la. My final assignment was seriously tough man. Gosh… Got the same type of assignment as Rin and Bryan… Mati ler aku…. Dunno how to do…dunno where to start. Then when we were about to leave, this Zheng asked me to look and she shown me her finger… Wah lao!!!!! So much blood… I cannot tahan. I really went shivering cos’ I cannot see fresh human blood like that. And Zafri was making fun of me. I really cannot tahan. Not drama here ok… I really cannot stand blood one. Sheesh…. Sathom was like going to laugh d. And Zheng purposely shown me more and Bryan went to the extent of taking the bloody tissue and torturing me with it. I am so NOT kidding when I said I cannot stand blood like that!

Neway, after FA…As usual la… We’ll go McDonald to be ganja-fied… Haha…Weird term… Sheesh…. But I’m not very up to it la. I got separated with the gang at Esprit cos’ I walked off alone. Reached McD but nobody was there yet so I drifted off somewhere else before David called and asked where we were. I went to McD and told them that I got separated with the rest. Sigh… It was a mood swing day for me la. Ganja didn’t work. I just felt so moodless. And yeah… we had a replacement class for Malaysian Studies. Most of them didn’t wanna go but I did not intend to skip class. Thank God that David and gang didn’t wanna skip class so I won’t be alone la. But either way my bro would still be there la so I won’t be alone. Then we decided to go play pool before class. I felt so sucky before that but I was really glad I decided to play pool. It was fun. Played 2 rounds. Won once. Sigh…Missed that 3 stooges man when I played pool. Neway, Mr. Ari’s class was ok. David, Michelle, Ting Wei, Bryan, Danny, Amir, Zafri and I were the only one from our class. Danny and Ting Wei were exempted but they came anyway. Not too bad la. Mr. Ari said that he could tell by the person’s face if we were attached or not. He wasn’t accurate at all so I asked him what he thought about me and he smiled and said, “You ar… If you don’t have a boyfriend… I’ll cut myself…” Muahaha! Bryan and Danny offered me a blade. Gahaha…. Apala… As for Danny, he said that he will soon have one… Hmmm… Maybe la since he currently had a crush on a girl. But Bryan one I really behtahan… He said that he got naughty look… He has 2 -3 girlfriends. Hahaha… Poor thing la. David and Michelle no need to say la. Both together d… No need to tell. Also, he asked who intended not to have a boyfriend and I raised my hand. Bryan turned and asked, “You sure or not???” Cis… Of course la… I am not capable to “love” a person that way liao….

After class, Bryan and I walked back to Zheng’s place cos’ he needed to use Illustrator for the next day’s assignment. Rin was there d. Zheng and Bryan were doing their butterfly assignment on the laptops while Rin and I kong on the bed d. I woke up feeling so blur. I let the 3 of them hear the “O’Balak” voice clip. Too bad Rin couldn’t understand canto. The other two were laughing like crazee d and Bryan had to stop my Media player to laugh first before he continues. Muahaha… It was sampat-ed la… really. Then we watched a bit of Russell Peter’s video before we headed off to Secret Recipe.. malu saja… Brought Bryan to the wrong place. Cis….

I missed SR la… Reminded me of Melaka Raya one… Sheesh…. Their Chicken Cordon Bleu was the best. Neway, I saw Hailem passing by. I dunno what time we left la but it was late d. So tired. Went back to Zheng’s place to do my assignment. Was feeling horribly not nice. Chatted with Shan… I couldn’t find Andrew online and I saw Shan but his status was away. Thank God that he replied me. Dahla Yen not there. Sigh… I was feeling so down. Don’t ask me why la. I dunno la. I think I was just being homesick. Chatted with him. Cheered me up. Aiya… He so sampat-ed… Sure can cheer me up one la.

Yesterday night was crazee la. Rin was darn hyper. Zheng was laughing and I was victimized. Cheh… These two budak never got tired of the same old thing one. What la. But I believe they’ll be tired of it soon la. Just ignore!!!! Neway, it was darn cramped. I had a dream about my bro. It was weird la. Nemind…My dreams are always weird but nice. So, whatever la. Today morning, I woke up and checked my mail. Chatted with Andrew awhile and also Yen. Then I went for Design I workshop class at around 12.45PM. Sheesh… Today’s class was tough for me la. Both Rin and I were a bit agitated cos’ we didn’t seem to get it. But ok la… nemind la… Still got Danny to help me. Met my bro on my way to Vision Art. Then I went Meng Tien and I sat beside Scott.. He ate my meat! Cis! This turned out to be a joke you now cos’ it fell on the table and bising-ed cos’ it fell ma. So put on the empty plate and he said, “Still can eat wat….see!” and he popped it into his mouth. Muahaha! Then Chris and I tembak-ed him and disturbed him. Gahaha… So funny. Yeala… Not his fault la. And Chris was asking for the word of the week cos’ I just seemed to say something unusual every Thursday. It was unplanned one lor. So I told her that the word was “Pilo-Pili” cos’ at exactly 12AM the night before, I was telling Rin to behave “pilo-pili” which meant properly. And it became word of the day d… -.-! But Rin gave a more powerful one la… “Meleleh”… Wah lao… I cannot tahan this gang. Headache.

Then we went for Malaysian Studies… Yes… 2 days in a row… Adoih… Okla… I don’t mind Mr. Ari’s class. I find him rather funny. Some find him irritating but I’m fine with him la. Managed to get one or two question right. Today’s class were rather funny la. I exchanged some portrait references with Amir for our Figure class. After class, we went over to meng tien for supper. Class ended at around 7.30PM. Ekmund came over to ask some stuff which I managed to korek the info for him from my bro. Haha… Sad news though. Eric and Bryan are looking for a place to stay cos’ it took them a very long time to travel to and fro. Chris left early leaving Michelle, TW, David, Danny, Bryan, Zheng and I . My bro joined us later. What a crazy chat. Mostly about Scouts and Girl guide. I know nothing bout GG. Malacca’s one was rather limited compared to the KL-lites. Yeah… Interesting to hear their side of story though. It was funny la in a way.

Went to get my stuff from Zheng’s place with my bro. Then we walked home. Talked with my bro along the way. So tired la. But I think I’m going to start on my figures now. Tomorrow’s drawing class…. Aiyo… Still life…. Phobia liao. Can’t go home this week but next week will definitely go back. Exploration week d. So glad. So happy… Can go YM. Yeh! See Ken and Joel!!!!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am not you know!!!

Seriously... i cannot tahan d.... Aiyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I need to go back Malacca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Sorry GY...need to do this* SHUCKS!!!!! I wanna go homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! If you gimme a month break, i'll be more than grateful.... I am not kidding.... Aaaaaaah!!!!! Shannon!!!!!!! I come back i come find u... Then we go play pool. Behtahan d... Behtahan d!!!!!! I wanna lepas stress... Ju, Yen... i have to go eat. I am so grrrr... i dunno how to describe la.... Andrew, come home fast... I cannot d la!

Weird post....

Date : 10th October 2006
Time : 10.51PM
Listening to : Welcome to our world – Chris Rice
Where : Room (KL)

Today, my group members came. We went to Starbucks for research. Shan chatted with me online. He asked me a shocking question. I will not repeat here. Sigh~ You see, not everything that I wrote here on the blog meant something common. I know I tend to repeat a person’s name a lot. You see, if I like that person that way do you think I will dare to repeat that person’s name so many times? Human minds always speculate what they think is right. So will I dare to reveal so much in such a publicly exposed blog? I’m glad he asked though… So I could have the chance to explain…. Here… Let me just say what I really wanna say. I don’t know how to like a person that way. I don’t do relationship. You and Andrew will know la this character of mine… I don’t even know if I am okay. I am still struggling to know if I am alright… So don’t ask if I like anyone. I am a handicap… OKU… Orang kurang upaya… Kurang upaya untuk commit… *Grinz* Even if I like a person… I don’t trust myself enough. Maybe one day I will be okay. I will tell you. I really will…. I am straight okkkkkkkk….. *Grinz*

Anyway… These 2 days, I had been praying for one of my friends. A person who thinks that he is void of emotion. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but I do feel that he is not void of emotion but he is just not able to express it. Well, I have faith that he will be able to get out from that emptiness one day. Good luck, friend! One day the barrier will break. I don’t know how or when but I just feel that it will break one day. Until then, I will continue praying. I hope I will be fervent in my prayers for everyone. Sigh…. KL is so full of temptation… I wished He will take me out of it but then again… I wished I could have done Him proud by being strong in His name… But until now… Haih… I failed miserably… Will I ever be doing Him proud? I think most people thought I would enjoy m life in KL with all these stuff that I blogged about. Can people not pass me off as a typical girl? Can people look at me in a different light? Do I have to cry and moan to really show that I miss Malacca? Will you all know that it is so hard to be a good Christian here? Do you all know that I miss the presence of my Christian friends? I am not discriminating the rest but I just wanna tell you guys that I do miss you people. I am in my mission field. Not as tough as the real missionaries of course. But it is enough to make me struggle. I don’t want to backslide… I don’t want Him to tell me that I forgot about my First Love. I need to go home…. I really need to go home…. If I don’t, I will really forget….

Just now, I talked to Him… I told Him I don’t want to be hurt anymore because I had enough. It’s nothing serious…really. I just don’t want to be the person who gives in anymore. I shall be steadfast. I am not wrong YET. But I will be if I don’t stop. Geng Yi, Hwei, Ju, Yen…. I am okay… Nothing serious. So don’t worry for me. Worrying is atheism. Don’t ask me…. I am okay.


Just finished my triangle box a.k.a cheesebox as Rin called it…. Sheesh… I hope I’ll pass… Don’t have to redo….

[12.37AM] assignments got 8 1/2 and 8 marks for the assignments....


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Movie Appreciation

Date : 10th October 2006
Time : 10.55AM
Listening to : Heart of Worship – Erin O’Donnell
Where : Room (KL)

Yeh… Holiday! But my group members are coming over in a few minutes to finish up our History of Art and Design assignment which is due next week.

Neway, yesterday, I had my communication skills class. This week’s assignment was Speak with Sincerity… Phew…. I thought I will flunk it. So scared. You know how horrible I can be when I’m sharing about stuff. I chose to share about my dad cos’ we could only choose one. Yeah… Got an A for that… This assignment is bad. Cos’ it requires us to dig out what we want to be left untouched. It’s about incidents that made our relationship closer and stuff. What an emotional one. My class was not as emo as E2 class. Thought we’ll miss Bryan’s presentation but we ended up watching him doing it in the E2 class. Muahaha… I was trying so hard not to laugh cos’ the night before he said I look him no up when it comes to sincerity. Cannot tahan. And he said he’ll create something up instead of talking about the real thing. So when he finished, I asked him if his story was a real thing or what and he wouldn’t tell me. Then he asked if he was sincere enough and I wouldn’t tell him also unless he tells me whether it’s real or fake. Cos’ if it’s fake, the sincerity level of course is different from the one that is true right? So he said it’s real la… I didn’t quite believe him… Haha… So I said I go toilet first before answering him. Yeah, sincere la. Bettr than the one he’s trying to be sincere to Danny.

Originally, my class ended at 1PM but at 2PM we joined the E2 class. Then at 5PM, we went down t Meng Tien for early dinner. Didn’t stay long. Danny, Bryan and I went up to Lecture Hall because Bryan and Danny wanted to watch Battle Royale and I was the one with the laptop. Cis…. My laptop couldn’t read the file. Sheesh…. Bryan can’t get his ganja. Then Rin and gang came up with popcorns and junks cos’ today for the replacement class of History, we’ll have a movie appreciation. We’ll be watching Monalisa Smile. I took the front seat with Zheng and Rin. James and Chris were beind us. I persuaded my bro to get me some junks. Kakakaka….Then Bryan shifted over to the front, beside James cos’ he wanted to return me the laptop. The movie was interesting. I like the setting. I like the place. I like the songs. After the class, my bro went down with Joshua and Eric to have dinner and the rest of us (Our CD068-1 class) went down to Meng Tien again for dinner. Four tables. Haha… An we had that Super Spicy Taiwan Sausages again. This David la… Wanted the Garden kids to try it so much. Waaaa… This time I cannot tahan. I felt that it was more spicy than the Saturday’s one but Bryan thought it was better. -.-! Chris took a few mouthful feeling nothing. Sophia complained that it was really hot and Carrien was oing to cry d. Haha…. Mannn…

And we had some really funny jokes that night. It was funny. David was using me as the “mangsa”…. Tak gunaaaaaaa!!!!! Then, 7 of us squeezed into David’s car again cos’ he offered us a ride home. We sent Danny back first. Then we raided his room. Haha… Okla… Then we sent Zheng back but Danny followed…. Apala… And Michelle sat on my lap. She’s so bony!!! Aiyo…and it was so painful…My right leg. Danny thought I was going to die cos every time David drove over a bump, I’ll be like, “Mannnnnnnnnnnn…..” to myself. And we raided her room. Ended up blogging there… And they watched Battle Royale there… Hmmm… Maybe I didn’t really see the gruesome part but I thought it was okay… I think ghostly stories are scarier la… Then we had to leave already cos’ Michelle’s parents called d. So we dropped Danny back and then me. When I reached my apartment, I went over to the playground cos’ I thought maybe I could bump into YiDing there. I did. And I sat on one of the empty see-saw and a small malay gitl came and we played the see-saw together. I don’t know each other but we were like so crazy. She’s probably six? Maybe… Very crazy… Making faces at each other and laughing like nobody’s business. Ding thought I was crazy. And then I thought the girl how to turn her hands to make the batman mask. Heee….. And then 2 other malay kids came and her bro came also and I taught them all… yeah… including Ding and her housemate. Haha… I was so exhausted man. And then I went home, bathed, did my Quiet time… Had a chat with my bro and sms-ed for a while before I fell asleep. Woke up this morning finding a message on my phone…sheesh…tertidur while waiting for a reply. Haha…

Sheesh…where are those people ler… I thought eleven supposed to be here d…Finished typing d still not here… Sigh…Kla…do assignment first then… neway, Yen… I hope you recover from your flu okay? And after your final, we’ll come up to KL ok?????? With Ju-on…. Hehe…


Monday, October 09, 2006

Trying to unwind after Boon Tiong's class....

Date : 8th August 2006
Time : 4.20PM
Listening to : Ming Zhong Zhu Ding
Where : Room

Sigh… So tired… Got one more post not yet post. Gonna post it together with this. On Friday, after the drawing class (which was quite horrible btw…), we went for lunch in Meng Tien. Guess what… appetite balik liao after so long. I mean, not fully la like Malacca but can la. Anyway, Scott helped us to photocopy some human portrait references. Then, Scott called David and David asked if we wanna join them in McDonald. Danny eventually went with Scott but for the rest of the “ganja” gang decided not to go la. We usually go there after Debbie’s FA class cos’ according to Rin and Zheng, they need “ganja” after her class. Well, I dunno… I like FA class. One ganja day per week is enough la. Go everyday can mati one. So, we ended up going Starbucks. Rin followed Chris to park her car. So, Zheng, Bryan, James and I walked there. Then we passed by the DOME café. Then Bryan said something which I didn’t get what he meant but Zheng and James did. Zheng went, “Yerrr…..” And I was so blur… Dunno what was happening until the later part when we were drawing, I found out that Bryan separated the DOME word… Wah… Beh tahan….

Anyway, the 5 of us, Zheng, Rin, Bryan, Chris and I gathered at Starbucks to do our assignments. James cabut-ed back d. All of us except Rin took out or drawing board and started on the figure drawing which was due the next day. I haven’t even started on any of the 4 portraits man. Gila… Rin did Gary’s work. She seemed a bit unwell. One by one, we went to get some coffee cos’ really cannot tahan d. I darn sleepy d. I don’t even drink Starbucks one ok…. But that day I cannot la. Almost kong d. Rin went back early. By the time we left it was already 6pm liddat d. I knew that I won’t be sleeping early d one la that night. But the stupid Starbucks coffee no kick one… Cis….

I went home, bathed, eat and started on my assignments. Before that, I had a chat with Ju-on… What a crazy chat. Sent me dreaming yang bukan-bukan after that… Pig la you… I threw everything that I drew in Starbucks and started all over again. Rin msg-ed after that and she said she can’t draw. She sounded really depressed lor…. I dunno how to help her. But Chris talked to her after that when she didn’t reply me. Prayed for her. By twelve, I cannot tahan d man…. I sms-ed Bryan saying I’m mati-ing d and he said he also mati-ing d. Scared cannot finish and stuff. By 2.45AM, Zheng msg-ed asked if wanna go Sunway Lagoon and swim after Figure class. I replied back saying, “I mati-ing d… Where got strength go swim man….” Haha…. At that time, I was about to take a 15 minutes nap. Then I got up again and started on my drawing again… By around 4.30AM, I just scribbled through. And then I cannot tahan I swept the floor. By five in the morning, I don’t care d… I went to sleep. Woke up around 8.00AM feeling somewhat between grateful for the 3 hours and tak puas because only 3 hours. Not say tak biasa la buthen every time also feel so light-headed after that. Melinda was like, “Oi!” cos I almost toppled over when I took some stuff out from the wardrobe. Gah! I won’t faint one la. That’s one thing that will not happen. She drove me to school.

I was the earliest, I slept upon reaching there. Sophia came after that. Sorry ar, Sophia… Didn’t mean to ignore you but very sleepy la. Then Rin came. She was okay d. Then Chris came and we slept on the table. Both of us slept around the same time. Gila. We wrote a mogok msg to Boon Tiong. Haha…. It was a joke of course but he didn’t come so the tutor took over… Cis… Supposed to draw a guy’s face in class but I shifted to the most back and Zheng came after that. I took a 3 minutes nap. Then Rin joined us. Did some stupid singing. Haha… So funny. Then Bryan came to the back also. His hair har… seriously looked like he never sleeps at all. He slept later than me. I think he never sleep also. Our class starts at 9.30AM. He needs to travel 1 ½ hour from his place to TOA. Say la need 30minutes to wash up and stuff, by 7.30AM have to be up d. Got time to sleep mer? If me, I’ll choose not to sleep d. Stay up better. Cannot tahan. Sky joined us also. I eventually completed the 2 eyes only by the end of the class because I was so restless the whole day.

Supposed to go Life Chapel after that but David, Michelle, Bryan, Zheng, Sky, Danny and I ended up going Sunway lagoon dry park. We went McDonald first. I got to now David and Bryan were in Scouts. One of them said, “Oh, so we’re family then…” Something like that la… Cannot remember la…. My first ride in SL was the roller coaster. I thought I’m going to be pengsan-ed although I sat Corkscrew before. But I didn’t la. The 2nd time I went was better la. But I STILL hate the 2nd drop. The 1st time we took the ride, David was screaming so funnily it reminded me of Geng Yi. I thought he was faking it but he said it was real scream cos’ that was his first coaster ride. Then we went on some other rides la. Took the stupid flume ride that got four of us wet… (Zheng, Michelle, David) David suggested that when we going down the highest drop, we’ll shout, “Bryan, we hate you!!!!!” cos’ he didn’t take that ride. -.-! Michelle screamed, “Boon Tiong I love you!” and I went, “ Li Wen I hate you!!!”….

Then we had this big float thingy… Seriously no manners la the ride. The first time always kena me one the water. My Nike shoes became so slimy! Yerrr!!!!! The 2nd time Sky and Bryan kena the most. Then came the ride I fear the most. The Pirate Ship and Tomahawk… This thing went 360 degrees one. Danny and I wanna sit out. I was so scared you know… What’s with the height and stuff… Bryan said, “It’s like sitting in a very very fast car…” Apa…. I don’t think it’s so simple like sitting in Joon. Shan or Teng Hock’s car ler…. Then David said, “Chen… I got over my first coaster ride… try this la… Not scary one….” Yoh…. Then Michelle went, “Don’t worry… Not scary one…” I went ahead even though I was really scared lor. When they buckled me in, (Which was super darn tight I almost can’t breath!!!) I seriously wanna mati d. At one point when the Pirate Ship almost turned 360, I was yelling, “God, I can’t do this ler!” And yeah, it still turned… And 3 times sammo… Not only that, it left us upside down for a while… But I decided that it was fun. For the Tomahawk… I really wanna sit out cos’ it’s so fast but aiyo…. I went after that… 2 times. The first time was crazily scary. I can’t believe I talked myself to take this ride. Zheng, Michelle, David and Bryan took the ride 3 times. Sky took once and he carried Danny inside for the last ride. Muahaha… kesian man… He was so scared. I thought he will be died-ed. Then we tried taking the bridge. Zheng was super scared. She squeezed my hand so tight until the blood stopped flowing. Sidai-ed our butt in the hot sun cos’ it was so wet. We watched people surfing from the bridge too. Danny and Sky were feeling sickish so we walked back. Then we settled down to have a drink before we exited.

Ended up in Meng Tien for dinner and we tried the super spicy hotdog. Gila… Bryan took the last bite and he was like suffering for quite some time. Real sampat-ed…. It was like fear factor and they actually planned to play a prank on the next birthday person. Haha… Cis…. Horrible people. David offered to fetch us back. In his Satria… 7 people… I was like thinking, “ I don’t think GY’s car can fit this many people also lor…” On the way to his car, we saw a guy and a girl. The girl was struggling and crying. So drama… And that guy was grabbing her and she fell to the ground and cried. Then he pulled her up and tried to hug her and she struggled again and we became so concerned. I was praying that she’s alright and the boys went to get the police which was just next door… (And what… Malaysia is so “Safe” hor?) Michelle and I heard her screamed, “Help me” and both of us got so worried. David wanted to go over but Michelle said no. When the police came, that 2 fellas just pretended everything was ok. I saw the girl when she walked past me. Expressionless… Nothing…. We felt so cheated…. Wah lao! It’s like the Ashton Kutcher show you know… We’ve been punk-ed… Adoih…

We squeezed into David’s Satria. Boleh pengsan. Sky sat in front. I sat between Danny and Bryan. Michelle on my lap and Zheng’s on Bryan’s. The funny thing was, before Bryan came into the car, Zheng came in first. Then Bryan said Zheng should sit on his lap. And Zheng went, “I’m heavy you know…” Aiyo…. So funny… I was thinking to myself… Then Bryan should sit on her is it? Haha… Bryan said, “Ae… I’m a guy la…” And Zheng so kelian… David shut the door and trapped her hand. Sheesh….

I offered my help in Sunday School ministry. The children were really adorable. And it was a one year old baby’s birthday. Reminded me of Sarah. Called Ju and had a chat before her devotion. Andrew (Not Alch) fetched me home cos’ Uncle Kevin forgot about me! Oh yea, he knew Michael… Uncle Bubu… Muahaha… I miss his crazy antics la… Behtahan… Okla..gtg d… I haven’t found a suitable content for tomorrow’s presentation… Speak with Sincerity… Siao man… How??????? And then we have movie appreciation in History. And before that, they’ve decided to watch Battle Royale…. Bryan brings the CD and I’ll bring the laptop… Yohh… I think I’ll try to finish that show….


Mid-Autumn Festival

Date : 5th October 2006
Time : 10.11PM
Listening to : I’m still here – Vertical Horizon
Where : Bedroom (KL)

What a tiring day. Went Zheng’s place at around 12.30 liddat and tried to email Uncle Ivan the camp stuff. Then we walked to TOA which was across the road and went up to the 1st floor. When I reached, Ting Wei came to me and asked me super duper shocking question which almost made me pengsan because it was a ridiculous one. She asked, “Chen, you like Bryan ar?” I almost couldn’t speak ler. I actually wanted to tease her like how I usually tease Jess whenever she asked donkey question like this. I wanted to say, “Wah? How you know? I’m so in love ah… So much I wanna die d!” But then I thought, some people may take this too seriously so I went, “Ting! What kind of question is this? First, he’s younger than me, why you matchmake him with someone older than him?” And she went, “What’s wrong with that?” Aiyo…I dunno how to answer that so I said, “Nothing wrong. I don’t mind if people do that but I feel that it may be unlikely for me cos’ I never thought of it before…” Then I gave her another reason which was more practical. “I cannot be unequally yoked la Ting…. I’m a Christian…” And I added “So even if I like him, we can’t be together” to make her laugh cos’ she looked very serious d. Then she laughed. Haiya, Ting…. Don’t repeat this question already.

Then Danny told me Ting asked him, “Danny, you like Chen ar?” *Fell flat on my face when I heard this* Super pedophile man… He’s 16 ler! I might as well go like 8 year old Ken then? Wah liao… He was so shocked. And both of us agreed that Ting Wei was out to disturb us. Cis… Luckily I get a lot of training from Malacca. What a question…. Ting… if you read this, I almost died-ed….. Do this on April Fool la…

We had some Illustrator CS practice today in Design I workshop. Okla… Didn’t finish the butterfly cos I left a bit and Li Wen asked us to pass up d. Then we went Meng Tien to eat. I honestly almost choked! Apa la! Suddenly talked about swim suit and polka dots and whatever. I took my food and drink and shifted table, sitting alone and eat. Even that also they didn’t spare me. Then we went for Malaysian Studies. Poor Mr. Ari didn’t feel well. Scott was super restless today. Zheng and Danny joined us although they were not supposed to be in the class. Our lecturer let us o early cos’ he didn’t feel well and we have this Mid-Autumn (Mooncake) festival on the 2nd floor… We stayed to watch. Not bad. Rin, Bryan and I then decided to try to solve the riddles on the tanglungs. We got the answers and then went to tembak-ed them at the counter. Haha…. We caught the SSD people in surprise at that point because we got the available questions right. Won 8 prizes one shot and they asked us to take a picture because we won so many. Muahaha! CD0681 rocks… then we had some mooncakes. After that we tried to solve some more and the SSD people said we were black-listed liao. They were like, “Wah! Black listed d still come!” Haha. Most of the riddles are crazily sampat-ed. Give you one example… A one storey house has everything in it in blue. The toilet is blue, the table is blue, the curtain is blue. What is the colour of the interior staircase of that house? I wanna pengsan… I said blue eventually but Bryan and Rin said it’s not that easy one, tried to think again and then I wanna punch myself… Come on la! One storey house where got staircase one?! Another one, There was a boat filled with a lot of people. But when a picture was taken, why was there not a single person on the boat? (Something like that)… This one was easy. Because they were all married and attached la…. Adoih… Haha… We got the 9th gift for this riddle. Then Rin went to have her hand “decorated” and I went back to the exhibition corridor to read the riddles. Then Bryan came also and we can’t solve the puzzle that went: What happens twice a week, once a year and never a day? Then Rin came and Bryan said, “Oh, so you found us?” This Rin corrupted minded one started interpreting it wrongly. Wah lao… She’s still torturing me with it. And then, I saw these few photography stuff on the wall… Great concept one. I like it… haih… I wish I have a good camera… I saw Ka Ping (SSD dep) with his camera I wanna go died-ed d but I think it’ll be too big for me anyway.

After everything was over, Danny, Michelle, David, Ting, Bryan, Rin and I gathered in one classroom opposite of the venue for that festival and we had such a crazy evening. Pikachu la… Serenading la… Drama la… Aiyo…Laughed until kaki lemah. I cannot tahan. Really. When this Ye Shan said that David asked her to shave bald, I collapsed man. No kidding. It was so sudden I was shocked also. I laughed and my knees just gave way. Crazy right? Worse than playing badminton. Banyak mia bodoh. I’m so glad I didn’t start rolling on the floor….

Sigh… K… tired d… cabut first! Night!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

*I'm a dope*

Haiya... Friends are there when you are near. (Minus a few la) But it's like that one la... Sheeesh....

Aiyooo.... I'm a malaccan....

Date : 4th October 2006
Time : 11.19PM
Listening to : Listen to our hearts – Steven Curtis Chapman + Geoff Moore
Where : Room – KL

Been here for almost a month. Sigh… Getting used to the life here. I have no idea how to fit my life back in Malacca. Scared you know at times… Nope… No changes of me here. Still myself. Still Chenli. The same old crazy, laughing over own lame jokes, hopeless in horror + suspense movies Chenli… Minus the part I take part in crazy stunts with Ju-on and Yen. You know, I actually missed all those “actions” in my life although I usually video taped them instead of doing it. Not as talented. Hahhaha… Sigh…. Still, you know… missing it at times. Sometimes I feel quite lucky to have so much homeworks piling on me.

Anyway, life was okay here. Actually bonded rather well with my classmates particularly these few… Okay…Almost the whole class bonded well with everyone actually. Let me intro sikit people I usually hang with.

Shirin : Fellow Malaysian from KL. Known as Rin. 18 years old. Our class secretary.
Voted due to the fact that she collected e’one’s name and contact no. and
birthdays and blablablah… Yeah… That’s her… Likes anime… (Fav. Quote :
Etoo?, Hello Mario….)

Yi Zheng : A Brunei-an ( Got such word ah?) 17 years old. Sama geng here. Hopeless
in horror stuff but with sound effect one… really takut one. Haha… Kelian…
Super crazy… Cannot hang out with Rin, Danny and me in McDonald. Got
laughing gas. (Fav. Quote : Screw you man! -.-!)

Danny : An Indonesian boy aged 16. He reminded me of Dori from Finding Nemo.
Haha… Hung out with him the most. We could laugh at a lot of stupid stuff…
Really good in figure drawing. Like direct copy one. Likes anime….alot…
Especially Beastboy from Teens Titan.. (FQ: Haiya… Chen/ Zheng/Rin ar,Yoh!)

Chris : 24 year old Cheras girl who went to Japan to study for a couple of years. My
laughing gas. Super nuts. I cannot lawan her in jokes. My craziness was toned
down by hers. Thank God for that. Haha… (FQ: *Too much…em chai… hahaha*)

Sophia : 16 year old Indonesian staying in M’sia for years already. Knows KL better than
me. Initially, when she sees me, she’ll start laughing. Chris suggested us to be
separated cos’ when both of us start laughing, we can’t stop.
(FQ: *Unquotable… She laughs most of the time*)

Bryan : 19 year old KL boy. Rin commented that he looks like a Jap. Hmmm… A great
Fan of horror movies. I have no ideas why. He seemed very immune to gory
stuff. Have a very silent way of walking. -.-! Made me quite stress…
(FQ: Sueeet! (Sweet la in translation)

And sometimes, we’ll have lunch with David, Michelle Lim, Ting Wei and Scott. But most of the time, four of them and Bryan would go somewhere else. After class, usually, Rin, Zheng, Danny and I will go over to Sunway Pyramid. I got so tired of SP. I wished I have MP to go to. Never knew I will miss MP. Haha…

Today, I had Finished Art class. When Debbie (Lec) was teaching, suddenly the whole classroom turned dark. Then David, Michelle and Ting Wei brought in a cake and we sang a birthday song for Scott. Haha… So high school style in GBS. We had to make Diamond box today… I tell you, guarantee have to redo one. My last week assignment also sure has to redo one. I was so sick yesterday I could hardly concentrate in Design 1 class. My whole body ached. Unbearable. I wished I would just pass out and sleep the whole day but I haven’t done my FA work! Ish…. And then sammo after FA class got this History of Art and Design… Liao… Kong man… I went to lecture hall early with Danny. We both sick people. Ate some fruits and both of us almost died-ed. He got gastric prob and so did I but we had no appetite to eat at all. In the end we slept in LH until Joseph, MJ, Ye Shan, Carrien and Bryan came in. Then I felt better. But towards the end I felt like, “Cis bedebah… Apa punya penyakit… Gives me so much pain….” -.-!! I took a taxi home and collapsed on my bed and slept until nine plus. Woke up, did my Quiet Time and then FA hw and then collapsed again. Tidur until morning. Hee… And today I felt okay.

After FA class today, Rin and Zheng said they wanna go SP Mcdonald… nicknamed “ganja ice-cream place” by them and “Heroine something” by Bryan. I have no idea why whenever we gather there, crazee talks just popped up and we’ll laughed non-stop. Today’s topic was unbelievably, intolerably sampat-ed… It was only 5 of us. Zheng, Rin, Danny, Bryan and me. I cannot repeat the topic l. I don’t think I can make it till the end of this post if I do. Laughing while typing can kill me. Really. Then we went to TGV. I wanted to watch The Wicker Man. It was a “horror” movie. And so it seems from the poster. I wanna watch cos’ I have this crazy push in me that made me wanna opt for horror movie although I am super horrible in it. Ju-on and Yen can be my witness. I am not testing myself but I just dunno why la. Wanna watch but waste money closing my eyes listening to sound effect. And btw… got Nicolas Cage… hehe… So, I wanna watch. Wanna watch WTC also. Zheng, Rin and danny supposed to join me last week for TWM but too late la. Today the 2 girls wanna watch Devil wears Prada. I still wanna watch TWM. I don’t care man… If I have to watch alone I don’t mind. Danny actually msg-ed Mario to ask if he wants to watch TWM because he kept on thinking I will be died-ed watching alone! He kept on asking if I really don’t need back up. Jeng! Aper ni…. But ended up Bryan opt-ed for TWM thinking that it IS a horror movie.

After we bought the tickets, Rin brought us to the game arcade to online and show us a webside call TheHouse flash animation which Danny, Zheng and she claimed to be scary. I thought… “Okla… maybe I, for once, can be brave la… I mean… I got thru that stupid game of Alone in The Dark… can la…” So, when we reached there and she logged in, they had Bryan in front of the screen. Changed comp a few times because the headphones weren’t working. Must have sound effect wor. I sat near him cos’ they wanted me to watch. (Well known to be a coward after the dunky Battle Royale II) That time no sound effect yet. And guess what. It was such a suspense sort of flash and with occasional shocking gory stuff. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE SUSPENSE! I actually let out a stupid scream you know! Wah lao! What la… Then every time the scene changed, I will move backward and I ended up almost on the table by the last scene because of that stupid Ju-on(The real one) kinda face popping out on the screen. And that WITHOUT sound effect. Zheng squealed from time to time. Eventually, they decided that I still haven’t got a taste of the game without the sound effect. Bryan passed with flying colours. No reaction one. I have no idea how. So I took a seat and they restarted the thing. Man… the background music was crazily eerie. And suddenly got one little girl sort of voice giggling. Immediate reaction was taking out the headphones away and got up from the seat and cabut-ed. I cannot la. I need my bro with me. Haha…

By the way… TWM… Haiya… Special note to Ju, yen and Hema… Oi, don’t watch la… if you don’t like the village… You won’t like this also. Same la… Remember how we ended up in the cinema? Ju and I knocked each other heads at some stupid jumpy part. And they killed my Nicolas Cage ler! That was what happened la. I didn’t knock anyone’s head but I did some “neck exercise”… Not as bad as FD3… That was crazy… Haha… I remembered Eu Gin saying, “Kaka… Let’s go la…” in the middle of the show… And ju went, “Cannot, Eu Gin…. We must be strong… make it to the end…” And Eu Gin replied, “Okay…. How’s Aunty? (I’m known as Aunty)” Haha… and Ju said, “Aunty down d…” Kakaka… I was really really really down d. No kidding. It was a double shot okay that day. 2 scary movies although the 1st one (The Heirloom) not that scary la and Ju said it was boring but I find it interesting. I was down d. I turned away from the screen after that 2 girls died and mind my own business d. The way they died were super horrible. Yerrr…..

Anyway, Danny msg-ed me after the movie. He asked if I died-ed d or not and if I’ve turned to Bryan and stuff… Liao la this fella… I told him I am not the “Yerr… Bryan, I’m so scared..” type of person and he dared to ask that ler. Haha… Banyak punya berani. Anyway, I said it wasn’t a horror movie but a bit jumpy part for me. And I said I did turned away a couple of times but only twice to his direction which was the part where the bird suddenly flew out and NC 2nd dream because it was too sudden. And then he proceeded to ask me why I wanna put on a brave front and why not just whimper like Zheng when she’s scared… I went… -.-!!! And then I said that I am not trying to be brave okay. I admit I am scared la but it’s not my nature to be like Zheng to express everything like that. And then I went on to tell him that although I do get scared watching stuff like that but I will still like watching it because I dunno why… (Like maths you know… I can’t do maths… I am horrible in maths but I love maths) See… I am not sure if say this correctly… Whatever la… But I know how much I can take though. I won’t watch The Grudge 2… I won’t watch Ghost Game… Too extreme for me d… Won’t watch it even if Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, Hugh Grant or Ewan McGregor is in it. Unless if forced to, I may go… Or unless suddenly I have this sudden boost of courage la… But very unlikely la. By the time I settle down for the 1st 15 minutes ar… “Aunty down d”… haha… Liao la… Look me no up liao… Sheesh…

Haha… last one before I go… cannot tahan this one. Today I went late to McDonald with Danny. Zheng, Bryan and Rin went first. On the way to the escalator, Bryan saw us and we saw them but too far away to talk la. So on the escalator that time, I remarked la to Danny. I said, “Waaa… Bryan so lucky got two girls with him…” Then Danny said, “Yeala, I so unlucky!” hahahaha…. Wah piang! This fella! Haha… I was like, “Hor! Like that la now… I not girl la now?!” haha… And we started laughing all the way to McD. Stomach ache man… Seriously… Cis! And then we counted the girls in our class and divided them into girl type (Likely to wear skirt) and a bit boy type (Unlikely to wear skirt)…. Danny made the decision mostly and I ended up in Boyish category… Muahaha… We laughed like mad. Both of us. Cos’ the rest were in front d. Okla… I admit la… I am not that gentle la… Chuan called me a “not” girl and munky ok… Gah… Living up to my name… Keeping up to my reputation. Nyahnyahnyah!

And people in Malacca, I miss you guys… I hope I can come back next weekend. Yen, ju… I dreamt that we went to eat ice-pat-poh and Ju eneded up in some kind of a 8 hour tuition… Siao… 8 hours… Crazy dreams…. Hehe… k k… What a long post. Sure nobody reads one. BUT…. Don’t watch Wicker Man in cinema la har…. DVD can la… The worst part is the title. Translation…. The Wicker Man… Lelaki Wicker…. Bryan and I laughed at that part. Seriously… Lelaki Wicker? Try Underworld II… Dunia bawah tanah 2…. I almost pengsan in GSC…. -.-!