Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Movie Appreciation

Date : 10th October 2006
Time : 10.55AM
Listening to : Heart of Worship – Erin O’Donnell
Where : Room (KL)

Yeh… Holiday! But my group members are coming over in a few minutes to finish up our History of Art and Design assignment which is due next week.

Neway, yesterday, I had my communication skills class. This week’s assignment was Speak with Sincerity… Phew…. I thought I will flunk it. So scared. You know how horrible I can be when I’m sharing about stuff. I chose to share about my dad cos’ we could only choose one. Yeah… Got an A for that… This assignment is bad. Cos’ it requires us to dig out what we want to be left untouched. It’s about incidents that made our relationship closer and stuff. What an emotional one. My class was not as emo as E2 class. Thought we’ll miss Bryan’s presentation but we ended up watching him doing it in the E2 class. Muahaha… I was trying so hard not to laugh cos’ the night before he said I look him no up when it comes to sincerity. Cannot tahan. And he said he’ll create something up instead of talking about the real thing. So when he finished, I asked him if his story was a real thing or what and he wouldn’t tell me. Then he asked if he was sincere enough and I wouldn’t tell him also unless he tells me whether it’s real or fake. Cos’ if it’s fake, the sincerity level of course is different from the one that is true right? So he said it’s real la… I didn’t quite believe him… Haha… So I said I go toilet first before answering him. Yeah, sincere la. Bettr than the one he’s trying to be sincere to Danny.

Originally, my class ended at 1PM but at 2PM we joined the E2 class. Then at 5PM, we went down t Meng Tien for early dinner. Didn’t stay long. Danny, Bryan and I went up to Lecture Hall because Bryan and Danny wanted to watch Battle Royale and I was the one with the laptop. Cis…. My laptop couldn’t read the file. Sheesh…. Bryan can’t get his ganja. Then Rin and gang came up with popcorns and junks cos’ today for the replacement class of History, we’ll have a movie appreciation. We’ll be watching Monalisa Smile. I took the front seat with Zheng and Rin. James and Chris were beind us. I persuaded my bro to get me some junks. Kakakaka….Then Bryan shifted over to the front, beside James cos’ he wanted to return me the laptop. The movie was interesting. I like the setting. I like the place. I like the songs. After the class, my bro went down with Joshua and Eric to have dinner and the rest of us (Our CD068-1 class) went down to Meng Tien again for dinner. Four tables. Haha… An we had that Super Spicy Taiwan Sausages again. This David la… Wanted the Garden kids to try it so much. Waaaa… This time I cannot tahan. I felt that it was more spicy than the Saturday’s one but Bryan thought it was better. -.-! Chris took a few mouthful feeling nothing. Sophia complained that it was really hot and Carrien was oing to cry d. Haha…. Mannn…

And we had some really funny jokes that night. It was funny. David was using me as the “mangsa”…. Tak gunaaaaaaa!!!!! Then, 7 of us squeezed into David’s car again cos’ he offered us a ride home. We sent Danny back first. Then we raided his room. Haha… Okla… Then we sent Zheng back but Danny followed…. Apala… And Michelle sat on my lap. She’s so bony!!! Aiyo…and it was so painful…My right leg. Danny thought I was going to die cos every time David drove over a bump, I’ll be like, “Mannnnnnnnnnnn…..” to myself. And we raided her room. Ended up blogging there… And they watched Battle Royale there… Hmmm… Maybe I didn’t really see the gruesome part but I thought it was okay… I think ghostly stories are scarier la… Then we had to leave already cos’ Michelle’s parents called d. So we dropped Danny back and then me. When I reached my apartment, I went over to the playground cos’ I thought maybe I could bump into YiDing there. I did. And I sat on one of the empty see-saw and a small malay gitl came and we played the see-saw together. I don’t know each other but we were like so crazy. She’s probably six? Maybe… Very crazy… Making faces at each other and laughing like nobody’s business. Ding thought I was crazy. And then I thought the girl how to turn her hands to make the batman mask. Heee….. And then 2 other malay kids came and her bro came also and I taught them all… yeah… including Ding and her housemate. Haha… I was so exhausted man. And then I went home, bathed, did my Quiet time… Had a chat with my bro and sms-ed for a while before I fell asleep. Woke up this morning finding a message on my phone…sheesh…tertidur while waiting for a reply. Haha…

Sheesh…where are those people ler… I thought eleven supposed to be here d…Finished typing d still not here… Sigh…Kla…do assignment first then… neway, Yen… I hope you recover from your flu okay? And after your final, we’ll come up to KL ok?????? With Ju-on…. Hehe…


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