Thursday, August 31, 2006

This is for Hwei

Sigh... In the office alone now... Merdeka day sammo... My darling in sad... (My darling = my laptop) Have to do some alteration for Mr. Kc. Cis... Neway... Andrew called last night... Finally...After waiting for it... BUT i tertidur...Bodoh!!!!! Haha..Takper... He'll call one day i guess. And he dropped me a message 2 hours before he left.

I read Hwei's blog for the first time ever. The blogspot one. Well, it set me thinking... Did i actually made her feel so insignificant? I was really sorry about it when i read about it. Hwei.. Seriously... You are not insignificant. Whenever i think about MGC, i will think about you too because you just so...part of my life already that i took you for granted you see... I mean, i took for granted of alot of people until when they are leaving only i will realize that , YES... i do love them you know. I mean, Hwei, i hope you will be reading this cos' seriously,. you are not just my church member okay because you are more than that. I've made you feel small and stuff like that but you are not. So, i am really sorry for every single thing that i've done or not done to make you feel like you are my friend and also a sister. And don't think that i am writing this to make you feel better or even me better. I am writing this down so that you will know that you are not just a passing breeze. You tornado man! Kakaka! K la kla... Let's not make this awkward. I summarize eh? Ok... Ah Hwei is equally impostant in my life as other people and she super introvert but...nah... maybe not after i train you up... Hehe... So, i am sorry okay? And don't go.. "Chenli! Nooo...i don't mean to make you feel bad or something like that... and blablabla" And goes on and on about how you shouldn't have written it down or something like that cos' i think you should have. And yeah...just so you know... i don't think you brag so yeah... Don't worry about it. And also.... keep on trying to drown the biscuits/pau's/bread or whatsoever in your murky/brownish MILO... Ewww... Hahaha... I shall save my food from you!

Lastly... This is not to make either of us feel okay... But... We are okay, right?


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Nolstalgic Night Out

Date : 30th August 2006
Time : 12.18AM
Listening to : Let my words be few - Passion Worship Band

Hmmm… Andrew left the departure hall already. I called him but his battery kong liao… He called back after that and we talked awhile. Aih… He said it was sadder than last year. I think so too. I guess it’s because he already knew how America is like… SO no excitement or something like that. Sedih giler… Well, Chuan will agree ar. He called me just now… What a funny conversation. He went, “Chenli?” You know, the last time he called was years ago and I went, ‘Thye Chuan!” cos you know…just like a rare occasion for him to call and he said, “Ae…you angry ar?” And I went blur … “What angry? With what.. Don’t tell me it’s the blog thingy that made u think I’m mad ar” And then he said, ‘No no…. The MSN message..” And I lagi blur cos’ I was slacking off today and I went back home and sleep. Haha… And I told him I didn’t online but prob. my cousin. And he told me what happened. He said he saw my nickname saying, ‘Umpama bidadari…kau selalu menenangkan ku’ and he messaged me saying, “Umpama monyet…kau menggelikan hati aku” Hahaha… Waaa… When I heard that I laughed like dunno what… Then he said I replied him, “FU”… Chai chai ar…bad words… And he thought I was mad. Sorry man Chuan… It wasn’t me ar…My cousin ar… Sorry yea. Btw, you don’t have to be so worried over it ar…. I will be the last person to tembak you over monkey business. Then we talked for a while on the phone and yeah…I guess we do care about that JPA dude ar… He asked if I cried ar.. Cis… Diam ar Chuan… This week meet up with you… Then Andrew messaged saying “My hp no battery d…sorry…ask shan ar..I wanna go fly d…sob sob..i’ll mis u” And I replied back la. And then the message came, “He left the departure hall already. Andrew’s pa”… Aih… Guess we’ll meet again next year if Chuan’s prediction comes true. Hehe…

Just now went out with Juliana and Yen Mei. Went to eat malim’s Ah Ne. Hmmm… It was just like usual you know… Yen ordered ice kacang and after that Ju and her will be off getting some other food while I will be at the table there waiting. But then you know, I was looking when they walked off and laughing and joking… I felt something warm rushing inside of me. Sigh… They will not know how much I will miss them. *Sob* Then we went MP with Ju’s parents. Yen went to got some of her pictures (Actually 103…not some) from her computer to get it developed. Then we went burger king to eat. Siao man! We had such laughs… The move of the day is John’s Cena “You can’t see me” and his shoulder thingy. Lawak sial…. Totally tortured Ju. Then we had a conversation about stuff like Yen and I when hang out with guy friends, they won’t think that we are girls. Cis bedebah. Then we went to the book shops and stuff before Yen going off to get the pictures… Wah piang… No manners mia fella… Go cut off Yen’s pic. Cis… What a disgrace and disappointment for a good photographer. Cis… Kesian si Yen. Then Ju, Yen and I too some of the pics to the shop to complain and left the rest with Auntie Tina. Complained complained lagi kitorang tak puas… Cis… Nemind… We left anyway… kesian mia Yen. Then we went to get Auntie Tina and Uncle Anthony. Auntie Tina said she sees all the pics with us in it she feels like crying. She cried though. Haih… Kinda like sad also cos’ I’m leaving d. So many departures in just a month. Ok.. maybe only 2. First, I have to see Andrew cabut balik. Aduih. Then I have to leave. Cis… Gonna so miss my family, my church members and my friends like Juliana, Yen, Hema, Yi Kwan and Shan… Cis… These few days hang with him. Reminded me of last time. Per la. Then we went to Tengkera for dinner. Yen was browsing through the pictures. So many pictures of us. Seriously… Never ever in my life I thought I will end up being so close to them lor. Well, like what Yen said, they thought I was always with the other group. I beg to differ. I am a drifter. I was with yikwan, people…. And I was with Dhanya and Vivian too. But praise God for His wonderful plans. Gosh… We had so much great memories. I am so reluctant to leave now. Haih… Oh yea..haha…
On the way to MP that time, Ju said that this Sunday we should sing a song for Uncle Tony, our kawan. Haha… We will sing in the tune of Ashlee Simpson’s L.O.V.E song. We will sing, “T-O-T-O-N-Y! Let me hear you say!” Hahaha and so on… Gila man..And Yen came up with “ Gimme a T! Gimme an O! Gimme a N! Gimme a Y! Gimme TONY!” Hahahahaha! Siao man… And I went, “Tony!Tony!Tony! We want Tony!” Hahaha… Lawak sial… We really drive Uncle Tony mad man… Auntie Tina says last time it was Ju’s sister’s batch. Now it’s our turn. then after us no one else d…That’s why we need to train people up… Haha…. And Ju said that a lot of people told her that her gang is like so much more crazier that her sister’s. And her sister’s gang takes pictures nice nice one while we all take all the nonsense one. Kakaka… tak fotogenic la kitorang…Aper nak buat. Then we talking about Geng Yi… Haha..Tak sangka he can tahan us three. I will really vote that we’re the sampat-est people I’ve known. Well… talking about laughing… I kena a lot from that 3 stooges (Alch, Chuan, Shan)… “This girl can’t stop laughing sial…”

*Break* Kejut man… Just received a message from Andrew’s number that goes, “U are welcome. We are on the way back to melaka” Kakaka… Bodoh mia me… I was thinking, “What? Andrew balik Melaka?” before I reminded myself that it was Andrew’s Pa. Cheh….

Tomorrow… Ju, Yen, Hema and I will probably gather in Yen’s place for our Merdeka photoshooting. Haahaa… Semangat kemerdekaan! Yeh… And maybe will take some old school pics ar…. I want the sawah Yen….

My heart treasures your tears… Forgiving you for your errors…

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A satisfying weekend!

Date : 29th August 2006
Time : 2.19AM
Listening to : Who am I - Casting Crowns

Finally get to blog about last week. K… This will be long… =) Okay… I was able to make it for Andrew’s gathering. Actually I thought I won’t be able to. I went to Youth Meeting late cos’ got some work. By the time I reached, Uncle Jeff already started his sermon. He talked about being a religious person and a Jesus person. Taught me about judging others. Then, we had captain ball. Liaoo… crazy one this time. Childish one also. Haha… Cos I disturbed Livia whenever she got the ball. I was quite sad actually dunno why… I think it was because I felt that I just got to know her better but I have to leave in a week d. I am so going to miss the people in Malacca. Then I followed Juliana back to her home. haha.. Long story la… Kevin, CK and Stephen were invited to have dinner at her place and I bising-ed because I was not.. Kakaka… Then I disturbed Ju for being unfair and stuff and I just wouldn’t let her explain. But the reason why she didn’t call me because she thought I was going to Andrew’s gathering. I thought I was too until I realized I can’t drive there that night. So, I ended up going her place. Gila mia MMU-ians… before I go KL already started to scare me with snatch thefts and stuff… *Frown” Auntie Tina cooked Hainanese Chicken Rice. Syoh… Got pizzas sammo… Hehe… You know, I’ve always thought the boys’ stomachs can take in a lot of food… I was wrong la… They reserved the pizzas for supper. Haha…

Uncle Anthony dropped me off at my place when they were on their way to church for Uncle Jeff’s sermon. Shannon messaged and told me Mel will come and fetch me… Waaa Liao… How to ask mom whether can go out again or not when I wasn’t even inside the house again. Phew…luckily she went, “Har? Again? Okay okay….” *Sweat* Quickly went to bath and change and Mel came to get me. Fuh.. Si Shan tu gentleman betul…Let me sit in front. (Shan.. Real or not? Or you scared accident? LOL) And yeh…finally get to know where’s Andrew’s new place. Banhyaknyer orang…I want pengsan liao. Thank God that he let us 3 have his room and we hang there like nobody’s business…. Too bad he’s too busy to layan us ar… Can’t believe the whole thing repeat again… I thought it is so over last year with all those MGSS teachers coming and stuff… The teachers thought I work liao… Aduih… (Cher… No la… I belum masuk uni also) Then, Shan played the guitar. He’s good… No kidding but he still owed me my guitar strings! You left it to rot man Shan! Andrew came upstairs once in a while. But not for long ar… Busy man la he…. Then Andrew’s dad came up and asked for the guitar… Mel and Shan tagged along downstairs to see him play… (Yeah… that 2 guitar players) and so alch and I sat down on the floor and talked then tetiba…”Andrew! Andrew!” haha… Mom called liao… Adoih…Then he told his mom he was talking with me…And he came back in and we talked about his life in the states and then, “Andrew! Andrew!” Hahaha…. Adoih…. Nemind la Andrew… Geng Yi called somewhere in between and asked to go yam char but I can’t la..Sorry yea GY… I think he went with yen after that. Then Shan and Mel came back. Mel was so quiet… I wonder why.

When we were about to go back, we gathered outside his house. Shan and Mel ended up playing guitar in the middle of the road… And I caught up with Andrew again. Then I sat down and watched that 2 exchanging info bout guitar’s chords or something like that. Alch’s neighbor so cute man… He’s a kid around the age of 9+ or something. So lawak. He was inside his house and he called out to Shan to play louder and sing for him louder. Liaooo…And he said Shan sang too soft. Ghahaha!! Think back also wanna laugh.
Went back dunno what time liao…

Then on Sunday, a lot of my church members thought I was leaving the next day…Sorry man… Wrong info… I felt like a celeb man…haha… They wanna take pictures with me! Super SS liao… (Shaun ar! jangkitan yang tidak baik!) And during breakfast, we had such a laugh over Adrian’s blushing… Waaa… this is real gila man… Cannot tahan… he always go, “hey sista!” to me… haha… Lawak… After devo, Aaron ajak us youth for cendol. (Piggy Federick simply mess people’s hair…*Frown*) So GY fetched us the 3 stooges and Aaron fetched Sherene, Sharonne, Lilian and his another girl friend. Totally kena bully man Aaron. Haha…lawak betul during the cendol thingy. After that, GY fetched us to the Coconut House for pizza but belum buka ar…So ended up going Tesco. While Ju and Yen were paying for some stuff in Popular… GY and I witnessed something so funny…Cannot tahan..had to take picture. Nyahnyahnyah! Then, went home at around 2pm and mom asked me fetch my bro to tuition which is at 3PM. They asked me makan first but I “chai-chai” I takda masa one… My bro cabut-ed go bath and I went up to my room and grabbed 2 little ghost thingy that I bought in Thailand but still haven’t found the right person to give to. That day I found the right person to have it. I wrapped it up in such haste and wrote a short note and dumped it in a paper bag and chucked in the letters that I wrote last year but never did sent it. My bro bising-ed me say he’ll be late liao and I was supposed to fetch Yen and Ju for badminton at 3.45PM. No time to change also after coming back from church have to fetch my bro to tuition d and after that I drove to Andrew’s place. tak puas ar the day before…Aper ni… Too many people we can’t talk one. Gila… I scratched my dad’s Perdana! Liao… haha… Passed Andrew the stuff and we had a chat. Yea…that was better than the day before. He’s like one of my closest friend ever man. And he’s so leaving d and I always..ALWAYS ffk him one. Kesian…Sorry heh, alch… I was really busy. Tak tipu mia… really…. And eh..kawan… If you are reading this… Just because you’ve never seen me in skirt doesn’t mean I tak pakai okay? Cute = retarded… Laugh all you want. *Frown*

Was late fetching Yen and Ju…Aper la Yen! Tunggu kejap pun tak leh…ish… You know how scary or not driving that car into ur sawah road…Tension sial… *Sweat* I think Ju sweat more… haha… Badminton I played 3 games. No mood ar…. Sedih mia sedih…Cis… US man… Per la Alch..So smart for what…. Now gov. send you far far… per la! Then after badminton I fetched my bro back from tuition and Ju, Yen, me and my bro went to eat Ice Pat-poh…My driving was crazy! If it wasn’t for God…I will be in such big trouble…. *Real sweat* Then I sent Yen and my bro back before sending ju back to bath. We had a PS2 date. haha… We stopped by Melinda’s hse a while though. Had 2 muffins. Nice… then we went back to my place and eat then we on the WWE RAW/Smackdown game. She took kane again! And I of course take John Cena… Waaa… Super extremely lawak playing with her. Common sentences used, ‘Put me down!”… “Gimme back my leg!”… “Aaargh!!!”… “Gosh…I hate John Cena”…. “Your Big Bad Croc is so ugly I don’t wanna touch you…”… “ Don’t la Chenli… Let me stand up….” … “ I don’t like that stupid exercise !” … “I no more stamina….Let me stand…”… “Take this! Eat this! Hmmph! Don’t let me stand up la! Eat this! Kakakaka!” … “John Cena is so ugly…”… “You can’t see me!” … “Rematch!!”And most of the time rolling on the bed laughing until sore throat. Gila…. Hahaha…. But it was fun playing that stupid game. My bro trashed me of course. Ju loves my john Cena… Hahaha!

Then today… Okay…yesterday la since past 12AM liao… I went to send Thye Chuan off in Sentral. Andrew was there d. Gila la then Thye Chuan… Crapz sial… Spiky shoes and bag? haha… Siao man… We had such hilarious talk. Alch started the topic about bad dreams and he said he dreamt something like Final Destination one. And I shared that my nightmare was funny. I dreamt of Chuan died because he ate pork. kakaka! Waaaa… No kidding ler… I was so sad because he ate pork and died. Hahaha… And Chuan said his worst nightmare was his mom died because of Sugus…. Hahaha! That one I really cannot tahan. I ketawa until wanna die. The way he said it was so funny. Then we walked him outside. he called me monkey…wah lao… Chuan… Tolong ler… First I’m not a girl…now I am a monkey… tak guner… He then let me hear a very funny recording from his phone… It was a girl singing in the shower. they heard her when they were walking past her hse… haha…Then before he went up the bus, he gave both of us a hug. Sweaty fella. Then Alch and I went to Tesco and got some stuff. Sampat-ed man…. Then we went for ice kacang in malim Ah-Ne… Then sent him back. Passed him some stuff before he reached home. hah! Read until buta…Listen until pekak… Nyahnyahnyah… And yes, alch… Aku dah puas dah.

Then I went to fetch my parents and bro and then after dinner went to do the Tangkak hotel layout. then Shan messaged asked me see Siti’s wedding… No astro ar..kong liao… then he said wanna go out. I said cannot cos’ got work..see how… But ended up going also. Went to get his “sei tong” Andrew. Aiyooo… So tired of you la… Hehe… Takper…takper..kitorang tahan heh… Then we went papa Kopitiam. Gila..really gila..cannot stop laughing…Memang gila… We talked about alch mia “ahem” abit abit… Haha… K k…. Shhh… Diam…aku diam… Hehehehe…. Tortured Shannon. Nyahnyahnyah…He got a birth mark on his arm... Most of us will be pressing his birthmark and he will go, 'Eh! Don't la press my button!" And he sang that PSD song...Wah piang... Come on man Shan… You drive like that I will break my nose one day ler. Jaga la sikit…. I know la you all think I’m not a girl but jaga la sikit… Broken nose sakit ar. *Grinz*

And yeah, Alch…Have to adobe our face ar…Shan too photogenic… No place to stand man… I’ll give him pimples eh?

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Monday, August 28, 2006

My Friend....

Date : 28th August 2006
Time : 2.04AM
Where : My room

May I not take you for granted anymore, friend…
This song is for you…

Kamu - Nitrus

Oh mana bidadari,
Yang turun dari kayangan,
Indah nian tak berbandingan,
Terasa bagai disentuh bayanganmu,

Sesungguhnya kamu,
Terang… bagaikan cahaya,
Yang menyinari hidupku,
Tika aku kelam…. kelam,
Terciptalah aku,
Tuk kali pertama,
Dan akan ku buktikan,
Kesungguhan dari hati ini… Hati ini,

Umpama bidadari,
Kau selalu menenangkan aku,
Biar kadang ku terkeliru,
Izinkan aku menyentuh bayanganmu,

Sesungguhnya kamu,
Terang… bagaikan cahaya,
Yang menyinari hidupku,
Tika aku kelam… kelam…
Terciptalah aku…
Tuk kali pertama,
Dan akan ku buktikan,
Kesungguhan dari hati ini… Hati ini…

Terciptalah kamu untuk aku,
Terciptalah aku untuk kamu…

I watched you from the mirror as you walked away,
It was a reflection but you got smaller as you walked on,
You did not turn back,
I did not stop you,
You think I was alright,
I thought I was alright,
You think I will quickly forget,
You left with a guitar and a paper bag,
I left with tears in my eyes,
A feeling that I can’t understand,
It doesn’t matter what I gave you,
It was what you gave me, friend…
You taught me that I can love a friend for who they are…
If you can love me for whom I am for so long,
It’s time for me to tell you that I do love you, for who you are too,
There are words that I was too proud to utter…
There are actions that I dared not do…
If a hug is a taboo for them, will it be for us?
Then I am contented with my arms around you…
With only the breeze as our companion,
I had spent some precious moments with you,
A blessing from God with you as my friend,
I was too comfortable with you that I failed to see you as a friend to love,
I was too used to you beside me that failed to see you as an important piece that made my heart whole,
Friend, my world is a better place because of you…
Sorry that I was stingy with my love,
Sorry for not telling you earlier,
That you are indeed more than just a person that is passing through my life,
You came, and you stayed….
Because when you walked away,
You took away all the pride I had in me,
We are in two different directions now…
I drove away… You walked away…
You never knew….
It was not who you are or who I am when we were not together,
It was who I am when I was with you…
Because friend, even when I cried for you,
You gave me a good reason to do so….
When you walked away,
That was when I missed you most.
When you walked away,
I felt regrets…
When you walked away,
I knew that I do love you… simply for being who you are.

Dear, God…
Thank you for every single person that you put in my life. Thank you for all the blessings you have graciously poured into my life. I took things for granted but You fixed things right for me even though I did not deserve it. Thank You Father for everything. Every single thing.

For all the stands You stood for me,
For all the truth that You made me see,
For all the joy You brought to my life,
For all the wrong that You made right,
For every dream you made come true,
For all the love I’ve found in You,
I’ll be forever thankful…
You’re the one that held me up,
Never let me fall…
You’re the one that saw me through it all…
You were my strength when I was weak,
You were my voice when I couldn’t speak,
You were my eyes when I couldn’t see,
You saw the best that was in me,
Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach,
You gave me faith cause You believe,
I’m everything I am because you loved me,
You gave me wings and made me fly,
You touched my hand I could touch the sky,
I lost my faith You gave it back to me,
You said no star was out of reach,
You stood by me and I stood tall,
I had Your love, I had it all…
I’m grateful for each day You gave me,
Maybe I don’t know that much,
But I know as much as true,
I was blessed because I was loved by You….

You are the light in the dark, shining Your light into my life, God…
You gave me everything by giving me Jesus…

Dear Green Hugger,
Our friendship meant a universe to you…
Too bad you are not the only one who thinks so… *Grinz*
“The boy’s cup was now, half-full”
I hope it will always remain full…
“Although all grown up now, he still is the little boy that he used to be. He once told me that he will never forget this phase of his life when he was happiest. He hoped that she will not forget it too as time allows her to remember.”
Maybe I did… once in a while… Sorry… Hee… *Grinz*
Be happy, little one. You are one of my bestest friend ever. (Bestest? haha… bad English)

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Greatest day ever....

Yesterday was one of the greatest day ever. Ok... Over liao sikit.. Nemind... Okay, so, the night before, GY asked if wanna join the Orang Asli people in our church for their nightly Bible Study. So i went. Juliana's phone got proble ar... call d tak leh receive call. So i ended up going myself. Te topic was about Islam and OA. And got one very cool website.
After the bible study, Ju called ajak call Tong Sui in Tmn Asean. GY will tag along. Played with the kids awhile. So funny. That OA boy, named Felix was super hyper active... Ken kalah d... Even Uncle Rodney said so... Joel and Celine so penat. Hahaha....

Yen was a little down because she just had 3 exams in a row. (Cheer up yen) Had a chat with them and stuff. Finally cracked Yen up abit. Hehe. Then ju and i talked about whether or not wanna make jellies for Uncle Kian boon's potbless dinner. So we said we will go Tesco the next day and GY tumpang beli Honey Dew.

Then, yesterda at around 3.10PM, i borrowed my mom's perdana (My fav. car) and i forgot it's an auto car. Sheesh... Mana der clutch... Bodoh man.... Fetched Ju to Tesco and we bought the jellies stuff and GY's honey dew. Yoh... Her phone problem man... Then, we went back and tried to make the jellies. Okay... we were bad la ok... Half way melting the jelly thingy i had to run to the minimart to get more jellies because the whole thing like too much water. Dunno how much sugar to put sammo. Liaooo.... Panas man.... After our "ordeal" is over, Ju and i decided to play the Smackdown/RAW game. She wanna try and i actually got addicted to it after i played with my bro. Weplayed Tornado 6 man tag team or whatever cos that's the one my bro played with me. Ju took The Rock (???) and i took John Cena like usual la. He is darn short. -.-!!! And i never win before with him. Sheesh. Ju got lost and so did i cos we super noob man. Haha. Then my cousin said we had to cabut liao cos i'll have to take the car from him. So after sending him back and stuff, I decided to face my "challenge" and tried to turn in to Yen's place. Super freaky. Masuk sawah i really die for real. But i made it! WooHoo! And Yen thought we were kidding her when we said we were in front her hse. Kakaa.... Sorry Yen... Didn't mean to disturb u study man. Then Ju said she wanna play the game sammo. So we went back my place and play la. this time we played single. I took JC and she took Kane! haha! I think because i kept on singing his theme song all the way home ar. This game is 100% lawak. Not only the real show lawak... The way we play lagi lawak. Hahahahahaahah! Got such a thrill to just bash each other up. Laughed more than concentrating on the game. My bro was like becoming our tutor... Which button is what and stuff like that. Siao man.... Ju... let's do it again this sunday. Whacking u is so much fun. Haha! We took 45 minutes to finish the game because she kept on breaking my count. -.-! Played until 7PM when she finally gave up... (Okay...Kane did... she tak puas) LOL! Went o fetch my bro and dropped her home. Then i went home and checked on the jellies. The first one was set but the 2nd one...which was sweeter did not... Sigh....

I called my dad and asked if i can drive to Uncle KB's place because i will be late ma.... And i need to drive to Kota after that to meet up with my old friends. He said yes and i drove me bro to my aunty's place cos he wanna stay there and it started to rain. Waaa.... i got wet. Sheesh. Ju thought i was crazy. Then we went to Uncle KB's place. No more food liaoo... kesian kitorang... See... play WWE until like that. Haha... But seriously... the show is so lame... it's so lawak that me and my bro will choose it over football. We know what will happen before it happens. Sheesh... The one ith Ju in mamak one was so funny. Whatever that we predicted came true. So lame la... Lame show = funny... Comedy man....

Adrian was crazy. He was trying to stop people from eating the jellies because it was made by me and ju. Haha... And Marcus said it is very "healthy" because it was sugar free... It is not sugar free la friend... We just didn't put enough ok? Haha... And Stephen beat Aaron in solving a puzzle. And Adrian tried to do it. SO budak and i decided go budak with him. kakaka! Aaron said that he first knew him when he was 14 and now that he's 18 he's still the same. And the solving puzzle part was so chi sin... haiya... crazy... And there was a conver on Extra virgin olive oil... Haha... And yes... Minyak Teruna.... Only Aaron paham what is teruna... Only know what is dara. Kenot tahan. Then Uncle KB asked the people to gather around cos' Uncle Jeff (The guest speaker from Austrilia) was going to speak to us. Find it a little hard to understand him. But i learned something from him. He said, we can ask people what the believe in and don't force someone to believe something that you believe in by saying what they believe in is wrong. We should say could make them feel comfortable after sharing like , "It's interesting" or something like that. And they will likely to ask us what is our believe. And we could just share but don't force it. Let the Holy Spirit do the work.

I cabut-ed at 9.30PM and drove to Kota Laksamana mamak. And i saw Yiding, Karen, Shannon and Mel. I sat beside Mel and talked to her for awhile before shifting my place to Ding's side. Waaa... Shannon super gila. Kenot tahan. After a while, Christina and Kristina joined us. So long liao never see them. Since CNY. That was the last time i've seen them. Asked about our other friends and stuff before Kah Joon, Andrew and Thye Chuan joined us. Ee Hoong dropped by for 15 minutes or less and she's shorter d according to Thye Chuan... Hahaha! Sat beside KJ. Cracked Ding up before the night before, we talked for 2 hours plus straight and when KJ called, i disturbed him a bit ma. Haha.... Ended up beside me. Chi sin. Then some switched place and i now sit beside Shan (Shannon). What a chat we had. Yoh... He cracked me up so much la. Gila sial. And NONE of them believe me when i said i can be serious. Ding laughed it off. Karen bet RM1 mil that i won't be serious. Andrew said i can be serious.. (Thank you Alch!) Then Shannon laughed and laughed and he of course made me laugh also la. Then he said, "See!" Hello.... That is unfair ok. Then Chuan... He's the worst! He said, "Yeah... You can be serious" and then he went MUAHAHAHA! So many times he did it. Waaaa... I can be serious people... And Ju also didn't believe me. You all are so not supportive. So i ended up telling them, "I am not funny... I can be serious... It's too bad that you guys kept on imagining that i am funny when i am not" And Alch, Shan and Chuan laughed and laughed... Sigh* I gave up. Can never lawan this 3..... Chuan claimed that i am a boy. And i tembak balik saying that i thought so too but the mirror always proved me wrong... i am a girl Thye Chuan. Didn't get to talk to the girls much cos' they were talking bout stuff that i dun understand like Business course and also i was a bit out liao since i was talking to Shan about stuff. Didn't talk much to Joon also. In fact, didn't really talk also. Andrew ler, i just dunno why when there're a big crowd, we don't really talk. Today, he's having a gathering in his place. I just got bising-ed by dad so i really hope i can make it since he's going back to US and wun be back till 3 years later and stuff. Before i cabut-ed back home "extra early", Karen they all asked me some questions and soe silly answers came out. Will i ever be serious? I am so going to lose man.... Chuan! Your laughter very keji!

All in all... I am really happy that i went for this gathering. I really missed them alot. So long si nce i last meet them. Hope to see them tonight.

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Room

17-year-old Brian Moore had only a short time to write something for a class.
The subject was what Heaven was like. "I wowed 'em," he later told his father, Bruce. It's the best thing I ever wrote." It also was the last.

Brian's parents had forgotten about the essay when a cousin found it
while cleaning out the teenager's locker at Teary Valley High School.
Brian had been dead only hours, but his parents desperately wanted
every piece of his life near them-notes from classmates and teachers, his homework.

Only two months before, he had handwritten the essay about encountering Jesus
in a file room full of cards detailing every moment of the teen's life.
But it was only after Brian's death that Beth and Bruce Moore realized that their
son had described his view ofheaven.

"It makes such an impact that people want to share it.. You feel like
you are there." Mr. Moore said.

Brian Moore died May 27, 1997, the day after Memorial Day. He was
driving home from a friend's house when his car went off Bulen-Pierce Road in
Pickaway County and struck a utility pole. He emerged from the wreck unharmed
but stepped on a downed power line and was electrocuted.

The Moores framed a copy of Brian's essay and hung it among the family
portraits in the living room.
"I think God used him to make a point. I think we were meant to find it
and make something out of it," Mrs. Moore said of the essay.

She and her husband want to share their son's vision of life after death.
"I'm happy for Brian. I know he's in heaven. I know I'll see him."

Brian's Essay: The Room...

In that place between wakefulness and dreams, I found myself in the
room. There were no distinguishing features except for the one wall
covered with small index card files. They were like the ones in
libraries that list titles by author or subject in alphabetical

But these files, which stretched from floor to ceiling and seemingly
endless in either direction, had very different headings. As I drew
near the wall of files, the first to catch my a ttention was one that
read "Girls I have liked." I opened it and began flipping through the
cards. I quickly shut it, shocked to realize that I recognized the
names written on each one. And then without being told, I knew exactly
where I was.

This lifeless room with its small files was a crude catalog system for
my life. Here were written the actions of my every moment, big and
small, in a detail my memory couldn't match. A sense of wonder and
curiosity, coupled with horror, stirred within me as I began randomly
opening files and exploring their content. Some brought joy and sweet
memories; others a sense of shame and regret so intense that I would
look over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching.

A file named "Friends" was next to one marked "Friends I have
betrayed." The titles ranged from the mundane to the outright weird
"Books I Have Read," "Lies I Have Told," "Comfort I have Given,"
"Jokes I Have Laughed at." Some were almost hilarious in their
exactness: "Things I've yelled at my brothers." Others I couldn't laugh
at: "Things I Have Done in My Anger", "Things I Have Muttered Under
My Breath at My Parents." I never ceased to be surprised by the contents.

Often there were many more cards than I expected. Sometimes fewer
than I hoped. I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the life I had
lived. Could it be possible that I had the time in my years to fill
each of these thousands or even millions of cards? But each card
confirmed this truth. Each was written in my own handwriting. Each
signed with my signature.

When I pulled out the file marked "TV Shows I have watched", I
realized the files grew to contain their contents. The cards were
packed tightly, and yet after two or three yards, I hadn't found
the end of the file. I shut it, shamed, not so much by the quality of
shows but more by the vast time I knew that file represented.

When I came to a file marked "Lustful Thoughts," I felt a chill run
through my body. I pulled the file out only an inch, not willing to
test its size and drew out a card. I shuddered at its detailed content.

I felt sick to think that such a moment had been recorded. An almost
animal rage broke on me. One thought dominated my mind: No one must
ever see these cards! No one must ever see this room! I have to
destroy them!" In insane frenzy I yanked the file out. Its size didn't
matter now. I had to empty it and burn the cards. But as I took it at
one end and began pounding it on the floor, I could not dislodge a
single card. I became desperate and pulled out a card , only to
find it as strong as steel when I tried to tear it.

Defeated and utterly helpless, I returned the file to its slot.
Leaning my forehead against the wall, I let out a long, self-pitying sigh.

And then I saw it.. The title bore "People I Have Shared the Gospel
With." The handle was brighter than those around it, newer, almost
unused. I pulled on its handle and a small box not more than three
inches long fell into my hands. I could count the cards it contained
on one hand.

And then the tears came. I began to weep. Sobs so deep that they hurt.
They started in my stomach and shook through me. I fell on my knees
and cried. I cried out of shame, from the overwhelming shame of it
all. The rows of file shelves swirled in my tear-filled eyes. No one
must ever, ever know of this room. I must lock it up and hide the
key. But then as I pushed away the tears, I saw Him.

No, please not Him. Not here. Oh, anyone but Jesus. I watched
helplessly as He began to open the files and read the cards. I
couldn't bear to watch His response. And in the moments I could
bring myself to look at His face, I saw a sorrow deeper than my own.

He seemed to intuitively go to the worst boxes. Why did He have to
read every one? Finally He turned and looked at me from across the
room. He looked at me with pity in His eyes. But this was a pity that
didn't anger me. I dropped my head, covered my face with my hands
and began to cry again. He walked over and put His arm around me. He
could have said so many things. But He didn't say a word. He just cried
with me.

Then He go t up and walked back to the wall of files. Starting at one
end of the room, He took out a file and, one by one, began to sign His
name over mine on each card. "No!" I shouted rushing to Him. All I
could find to say was "No, no," as I pulled the card from Him. His
name shouldn't be on these cards. But there it was, written in red
so rich, so dark, so alive. The name of Jesus covered mine. It was
written with His blood. He gently took the card back. He smiled a sad
smile and began to sign the cards. I don't think I'll ever understand
how He did it so quickly, but the next instant it seemed I heard Him
close the last file and walk back to my side.

He placed His hand on my shoulder and said, "It is finished." I
stood up, and He led me out of the room. The re was no lock on its door.
There were still cards to be written.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."-Phil. 4:13

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that whoever believes
in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16

My "People I shared the Gospel with" file just got bigger, how about yours?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Come to my rescue....

Date : 24th August 2006
Time : 2.31AM
Listening to : Rescue

I had a sudden urge to check my calendar and I was seriously shocked cos’ I thought I still have like 2 weeks plus left but I realized I was so very wrong cos’ I left 11 days only. Sigh~ 11 days… If I am left with 11 days, what will I do?

I have something to say. I know people don’t dream everyday but I do dream everyday. I will be terribly contented if I could just fall back and land on any scene from my dreams. Shaun had this on his MSN status. Something that goes, “People usually dream about something that they can’t be”…. How true is that? I dunno… I thought people usually dream about something that they can’t have. Bleah…. Shucks…. I can’t have what I have in there.

You are the source of life,
I can’t be left behind,
No one else will do,
I will take hold of you,

I need you Jesus,
Come to my rescue,
Where else can I go?
There’s no other name by which I am saved,
Capture me with grace,
I will follow you,

You are the source of life,
I can’t be left behind,
No one else will do,
I will take hold of you,

Cos I need you Jesus,
To come to my rescue,
Tell me where else can I go?
There’s no other name by which I am saved,
Come capture me with grace,

This world has nothing for me….
I will follow You…

I will retire now… I dreamt that I was contented. I may not feel the same always but I am very sure I did feel contented in many points of my life. And this is one of them.

End : 2.55AM

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Seriously... Seriously! When is this going to end? I am going to get the fireplace done for Mr. Koh Ch'yan's house (Jessica is so going to laugh at this) and he better not alter any changes... pleasssssssssseeeeeeeeeee~! Man.... Whatever la... Change change la... I am ready!

Things are just freakin scary nowadays. Like how different some people could be and stuff. Sheesh.... Some things better left unknown, untouched and unreachable. No kidding. And if only that nincompoop ant would just stop scurrying across my computer screen and keyboard.... I am very tempted to squash it. But again... I'll do fine by just blowing it away. *Shrugg*

It is not a choice and i don't need that choice.

You know... Now it's not down to choices. It is just so much easier for me. That's it. Don't even bother to try to remind me again. It won't happen. Don't try.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An evening in the factory...

Yesterday, my dad asked my cousin to fetch me to the factory. Got some kind of a function something....related to the ghost month one. I didn't wanna go. Wanted to fake sick...i mean... i really did have a headache. But after sulking for a while, i ended up going. When i reached there, i told my dad, "Pa... I won't take any joss sticks ok?" And he nodded... Then i didn't feel sulky about it d. I went there at around six. Every year, my parents (The boss) will gather the factory workers and their family for this function. My mom cooked and stuff like that and they will have someone to help out with the prayers and stuff. But, this year, my dad called a lot of his friends lor.

When i reached there, the ladies were folding the dead people's money or something la. And i sat beside my mom. And helped her hold the paper. Then suddenly she said, "Eh...You Christian hor.... Cannot touch..." Then i told her touch only nemind one. Which i personally think it's alright since i was just preventing it from flying and stuff. At 6.45, i went to get my 18 year old bro from home.... then go fetch my lil' bro from tuition. Darn freaky to drive out from the factory. Then i came back to the factory and i saw my uncle and then i saw my dad's sister and husband in a Kancil driven by a girl. I thought it was my cousin cos' she came my house that morning. Then i noticed that it was not. It was cousin's girlfriend. First time i get to see her face to face. Not bad. Only 18. Not long after that i was sent off to buy stuff again... Wah... Got license = drebar.... My bros tagged along and pestered me to drop them at home. K looo.... And for the 7th time... i forgot to off the car's lights when i got down from the car. -.-!

Neway, it was a very noisy evening. Uncle Adrian played cards with the ladies. So the funny. Hahaha.... My dad's friends are seriously jokers man. Real lawak. Ah Choi uncle will just give me a hi-five when he sees me... Kakaka... His 2 year old son very very adorable one... No kidding...He went on the PD trip with us. Then it was time for cutting up the roasted pig. Cannot tahan... Sheesh.... My cousin and i gave the same reaction.... People offered us the legs, we went.."Yerrrr".... So lawak the way they eat... Like never eat pork before. Uncle Bonnie was like, "Arrr... This one's the best.... This one good..." But i ended up eating a few... Nice...

Then my mom asked me and my cousin to distribute the food they she bought (Like canned food, rice, oil, maggi mee, fruits and stuff) to the workers. You know, when i was looking over to the factory workers, i was kinda like thinking to myself.... "I was the only Christian here" Quite sad actually seeing everyone there like that. If ever one day i take over the business... Haha... Bible study every friday... Just kidding just kidding.... Then Man (The indon worker), he asked for a can of lychees... So i gave him. I was covered with the joss sticks dust... Sheesh. Then i sat down with Uncle Benny's daughters and we played cards also. And we had such crazy night. So funny. The elder one was Jill and the younger one (currently working with us) is Joanne. At around 10.45PM, my mom asked me to drive back first and Jill and Joanne tagged along. Tired man... Seriously.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Yen's Birthday!

Date : 21st August 2006
Time : 4.14PM
Listening to : The other half of me - Bobby Darin

Yesterday was Yen's birthday. Fuh~! Finally got another fella join the non "teens" group. Now waiting for Juliana only. The late baby. -.-! Good also la... December can get to eat 2 times. Kakaka... Ok...About yesterday... I think Yen won't post much la since she's more on pictures. So, i'll do the boring part la. WoOorddssss.....

I was supposed to drive yesterday. But tak jadi. Still "young".... Haha.... After i came back from badminton, i got ready for Yen's birthday lor. Mel came at around 7.45PM plus minus... Stress man.... She's hungry. Meaning, everybody....stay off the road. No kidding. Nemind that... Mel came up with a place for us to go. Havana... Dunno where's that actually. It was so hidden. Just across from the Koperasi Polis mia budget hotel and near the Mei Lin Vegetarian Restaurant. Nice place. Honest... Very nice place. Kla... Recommend to those who wanna go dating ar or wanna have nice food with little budget below RM20. I really like the interiors. I won't talk much on the food there la... See how it goes. But the food there can easily lawan Secret Recipe mia main course and cakes. No kidding. We ordered one Apettizer, 5 main courses (One person each laaa), 6 drinks, 1 Tuna Mayo croissant and 2 cheese cakes. Minus the cheese cakes, (Sponsored by us...not yen...Birthday girl ma) it all totaled up to only RM123.06.... All on Yen, of course. Thanks Yen.

That place gives off a very nice ambience to the surrounding. It has nice music and it was supposed to be a quiet place to eat. BUT.... with our presence, it will never be quiet. We talked so much nonsense and it was really very hilarious you know. We were all really happy to be able to gather around that evening. We did not buy Yen any gift yet cos' she still dunno what she wants. We were having our meal half way when Geng Yi messaged me. Then Yen sms-ed him back and so on. And Mel gave him the direction to Havana. Ju decided that she was still hungry after the main course. So, Yen asked for the menu. Mel tried calling for the waiter. I tried whistling (which got stares from my was a joke la friend!) and then tried clapping. Yen then finally raised her hand and caught the malay waiter and she drew a rectangle in the air, indicating for the menu. Sheesh.... It reminded me of Jing Yi and Abby in Shibaraku. Nevermind that. Then, Mel gestured me to follow her. So i did. She decided to buy cakes for Yen. And we went to the counter. Hmmm... The cheesecakes looked really nice. Then this guy, i think the boss' son attended to us. He reminded me of our church's Daniel Lim. Not look-a-like but just somehow reminded me of him. So i told Mel and she said quite. Then he told us the cheesecakes contained NO FLOUR.... Woooo...Pure cheese man... nice man. Totally beat Secret Recipe.

We decided on one slice of Dark Chocolate cheesecake and one slice of Cookies cheesecake. We asked them to put 2 big candles on the cakes. The cakes were delicious. Yen seemed to enjoy it. Actually, every single one of us (Yen, Ju, Hema, Mel and I) were really noisy. Hema and i noticed that the waiter were like laughing at us because we were so gila. Geng Yi joined us after that. Yen decided that she want a foam mustache.... So, we all had on one and GY helped us to take a picture of it. Waaa... Real gila. Yen can pose pose outside the toilet feature wall sammo. Ju entered the wrong toilet... She enteresd the "Gents" toilet. Wahahaha! Actually i didn't notice. I saw one on the left and another on the right so i entered the one on the right. So Ju took the left. When she closed the door, Hema said, "Ae...Ju... You entered the men's toilet" Kakaka..... Siao... I like the sink design. Very unique... Not common but not new in market la. Jarang i get to see.

Then, from Havana, all 6 of us went to Jonker. By then i was quite drained liao. No energy. Somewhere along the way, GY and i lost the other 4 girls. So i aid to him, " Dun worry.... Just go to the side and wait... They won't be ahead of us... They will be behind us" Then he asked me how i know... I just know lor. That 4 fellas ar... In Jonker walk will definately stop at stalls for sometime one. So it's not impossible to just pass by them. So, we went to the side and waited. We started talking on some issues. He taught me something new actually. It's "I won't know until i am in that situation".... Hmmm.... A food for thought. Then, we saw the four of them at the opposite road. Nyahnyahnyah.... I was right. Sometimes it's just so weird that i know them that well. Then we continued walking until we say one shop that sells clothes at a very high price. Super cut-throat one.... Mel and GY decided to go see the lamps outside while Yen, Ju, Hema and I went inside the shop. Yen spotted one pair of shoes. Very unique one. But we won't buy one la. Then yen went outside. Dunno what she did and Ju tried to call her but she can't hear. And i tried...tak jadi... So, i said aloud, "Qing Ai de!"... Kakaka.... Lawak sial... She heard me of course.

Then we tried the marshmallow dipped with chocolate. I malas d man.... On the way back to the car, we stopped by Calanthe... Our hang out spot. Took some pictures with the weird looking giraffe. We got to know from the staff there that her name was Gigi... Mel talked to the staff there and some silly questions about the giraffe's gender arose. And i gave a silly answer. Real silly that they laughed and doubted if i was really that tired. I can't tell the the whole answer here because it's really silly. I was really out of my mind. No energy liao. We cancelled our plan to go Taman Asean's Tong Sui....

Although i was really tired, i really enjoyed my time with them. Yen, real glad for yesterday. Glad that i DID hug you. Hehe... Happy Birthday....

P/s: Pictures.... Go to Yen's blog... Pretty sure she'll upload it. Sure Filmloop one...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A girl, A boy, two brains and a game....

The other day in the office, my parents went out, leaving only me, my cousin and the new clerk. Both my cousin and i got sooooooooo tired of doing the Intericad programme so he started searching for online games in the net... (I only know of yahoo games only... -.-!) I can't remember where he found the game site la. And he played this really lawak mia game. Get to whack people one. Muahaha... Yoh... So funny... He beat me man.... kla... kla...understandable la... Then after that, we searched for games sammo la... The Bee Boxing one was stupiak man. Plant Eater also. Then we saw this ----> Samurai Sam.... So we tried out ar... Actually, he started playing. Then we couldn't figure out how to attack and stuff. So, i was in charge of the directional buttons and he with the rest of the movements. Seriously not easy. It's like our brains were thinking something different and it was just so funny to see that poor samurai being slashed because of us. Weirdly, this samurai's enemies got green blood... eeee.... We never got passed the 2nd stage also. Really lawak man... But despite thinking the different thing, we did sometimes had the same thoughts and he will say, "We got the same thinking!".... Nyahnyahnyah... And he said, "You are my perfect partner".... Yea right.... I got him killed numerous times....

Yesterday's CG topic was from 1 Cor 7. On Marriage and singleness.... Sheesh... Aaaah... let's drop that. And Ken, Celine and Joel tickled me. Play cheat oe... it's supposed to be on Sunday...i mean our deal and NO tickling allowed!!! I am so dead this sunday... Gonna miss them when i go kl man....

Friday, August 18, 2006

Finally a new layout!!!

Aaaah.... After almost 2 weeks... Finally able to do my very own template...although, i have to steal the codes from pannasmontata.... So, i will still keep her credits there... Phew.... Took the "cherrylicious" template's code and change everything minus some parts.... Boleh mati.... Now i can rest in peace... Sigh.... Got a few more lessons to give... K la...sign off here first...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What a weekend...

Date : 13th August 2006
Time : 4.53PM
Listening to : Tell Laura I love her
Where : Bro’s room

Ok… Ju ended up not going Unisel (Stands for Universiti Industri Selangor)…. Not that she was choosy or what. She intended to enroll actually. She even packed her stuff d. But then, that place is really ulu and the nearest town is like 2 hours away. No public transportation and no church. It’s bad when it comes to NO church. It’s a big issue. Ok…long story….

Ok, on Saturday, I drove my bro to tuition… Heehee. Ok…Friday too… So fun… But I was muttering prayers all the way because I was alone for the first time and man…. that car‘s fuel meter memang show zero all the time and I didn’t know. I was like, “Are you kidding me? Don’t fail me now wei! Aaaah~!” *Bang*Bang* on the dashboard. (I’ve seen my cousin doing it for dunno what reason) And the meter rose a bit then dropped again. *Sweat*

Youth was like usual. Uncle Philip spoke on Exodus. Stopped a couple of times because he thought Ah Hwei was distracted. Haha…. Then, we had Captain Ball… It was like last week…only worse. I partnered Shaun at first and Yik How, Zheng and Marcus are a team. Then Jeremy joined our group. I became the goalie but had to run down and catch the ball too. Then Uncle Ivan joined my team. Jeremy belot go the other team. Ah Zheng kept on stealing our chair! And everything went crazy and so funny because we started dragging our chair around again. Then Yik How fought for the chair with Shaun because the new rule was that we can steal other’s chair. Haha. And Uncle Ivan helped Shaun to grab YH from the chair. Hahahahahaha! So funny. He just lifted YH from the chair effortlessly ler. And there was a period where Marcus and I was standing next to each other on our own chair and we fought for the ball. Shaun dirtied my shirt. He’s lucky that it’s not my youth shirt! Ah Zheng got confused because the chairs kept on moving and stolen.

Then at night, I went to Ju’s place. She told me about Unisel. She just got back. After that, I drove us to Papa Kopitiam. She was crazy! Made so much silly stuff like screaming, “Chenli’s driving! Move! Move!” and some other crazy stuff. Yoh… Stress* Cannot drive her la. She cracked me up. We had a great chat in PK. Melinda joined us at around ten plus. We talked about navind a bit. Then, Yen called Ju. Mel decided to go eat Tong Shui. So I drove Ju back cos I thought I left my stuff there. manatau after she ran around finding for it at home, I realized it was in my car. Hahah. I made her run with a full stomach. Mel drove us to the tong shui place. My youngest bro tagged along. What a crazy night.

Today service was ok. Finally get to see baby Sarah after 4 weeks. But she was sick so she got very very moody. In the kitchen, I had a perang mulut with that kiddo Ken. He did something and I disturbed him saying, “It’s not funny!” and he grinned and said, “It is!” and I said “It’s not funny!” and he repeated “it’s not!” and it went on and on. I pretended to merajuk and walked away. Then when I came back, he said, “Big nose!”… And I said, “Big stomach!” and he laughed and said, “Big nose!” and I said, “Big stomach!”…. Waaaa…SO long this went on. Then, I joined Joel and Ken in the play room. I lost! 4 - 1!!!!! First it was the right hand push then left hand push. I lost! 2 against 1 ok…. Then it was a butt fight. I lost… How can one butt win 2? Then it was the arm wrestle… Ahem… Of course I won la… even though they tried to play cheat. Luckily Celine supported me. Then it was a hand push sitting down with Ken. Play cheat one!!!!! Joel pushed from behind! *Frown* Then Joel and Celine had to go home liao. Next appointment is next week. Nyahnyahnyah!!!! I am not bullying kids okkkk…. I helped Ken to packed his toys. He kept on trying to fool me. And I carried his teeny weeny bag. Sheesh… Ini budak.

Then we had devotion. Shaun joined us. What a devo… Banyak bising. -.-!!! After devo, a group of us gathered around the piano and started singing nonsense. We had our own version of High School Musical and it was so hilarious. Cacat man…. Then got pancaragam from Shaun and Jeremy.

Come back only, had to bring my bros go eat lunch. Then my mom asked who’s fetching my bro to tuition so I said me la. Then she went, “You??? You can not?” *Sweat* To be honest, she didn’t even know I was the one driving my bro to tuitions for the past few days…. Blur nyer…Then I said yes I can so she said ok. She’s more easy going about stuff like this. But not long after that my dad called. He asked, “You can drive mer?”…. I said yes. Then he said, “How many times you drove liao?” and I said, “Many times… I fetched your son to tuition for a couple of days liao ler dad…” Then he went, “When wanna cut must see you noe?” And I said, “Yes, dad” And he said.. “Ok ok…”… Hahaha….

I finally get to go to Yi Kwan’s house. For the first time since I knew her. She’s my best friend for like 11 years and I haven’t been to her house… How weird…. Glad to see her. May her journey to find the true God be fruitful laaaa….. She’s reading so much on Islam and Buddhism and I am so gonna get her a Bible. Since she wants to know more ma…. And talking about how the Dead Sea got her name seriously cracked me up…Muahaha!

Ends : 5.33PM

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Date : 12th August 2006
Time : 12.25AM
Listening to : Nah… Watching Who’s Line is it anyway?
Where : TV Room

Hahaha… Lawak man this show… Betul-betul cracked me up. If I watch this show for one hour straight, I would have stomach cramp for half a day. Neway, Was trying to change my blog layout… Expecting a lot of colours but then again, I might not change it. Hehe…

Neway… Ju’s leaving for uni this sat liao… Meaning today actually. It was very sudden but I kinda like expected it since Ah Hwei made me suspect it when she mentioned about Ju leaving; which, I have no idea about…. (Haha…. super funny… What a show…I mean…WLIIA? Gosh… They are good… If I have the talent I would probably ditch my ID ambition and start crapping on stage… Muahaha! I am just kidding!) Ok…back to Ju… Well, I think Yen was upset about it in MCDonald when we went out together (Ju,Yen,Hema and I). I mean, it was rather abrupt but she soon cheered up. Well, we were fooled by her about having a haircut in Meglio… Sheesh…. Well, somewhere along the way, Yen and I drifted of somewhere without Ju and Hema…since they wanted to try on some clothes. So, Yen and I went to Radioactive and started browsing…Nothing much. Then we went over to a new shop, CoolMax… I think… We walked around there and talked like nobody’s business. Quite oblivious to the cashier I would say. AND…. we had such a laugh there. Well, some stuff…you know…funny when you just talked about it out of a sudden. And believe me… Yen’s action was a total lawak man.

Met up with the other two before we entered parkson. By now Yen had on a bandana on her liao. Hehe. Neway, I was stopped by a salesgirl/promoter/brochure giver/ whatever you want to call it…Again. Come on!!!! Why is it always me? Yen said it was because I tak elak. Jeng! Really? And exactly how am I supposed to do that? I can’t really do it without feeling like I just ruin someone’s day. Sheesh. Aah…Whatever.. We went to eat tong shui after that. Man… Somehow, I am glad I am leaving soon too. It’s not the same when one of us isn’t around. But, we’ll get used to it. And I am not going to sigh about it.

And I am going to church alone! I mean, if Ju is not coming back for on Sunday…. Yen’s off to her bro convo… Aaaah…. Alone… Ok…not alone… I need a more cheerful blog. Black is so not happy!

Ends : 1.00AM

(2.18PM : I received an sms from Ju...She said she's not going Unisel... I am going to go real crazy now... )

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A trip to the dusun...

Date : 10th August 2006
Time : 1.17PM
Listening to : Light and Easy
Where : office

Haven't really got the time to blog about PD trip... Overally, it was okay. Had a barbeque at night. The sunset was very nice. Watched my siblings learning how to swim... Yea, coach was Raymond. And was really happy that a 2 year old kid name Jun Ting tagged along. He is really really adorable. Not only that, he's really the cleanest kid i've ever seen ler. He is really the sort to hate dirt. After every bite o food or something, he want to get himself wiped. -.-! Stress... And he refused to step on sand because he fet that it's really not clean. Haha... So funny. But he's very cute la.

The next day, my bro had to go school so i tagged along at 5 AM for the journey home. My the other bro tagged along too but my sis and Raymond decided to stay back. Reached home only i tidur balik... So sleepy man...In the chalet didn't get the rest i needed. Throughout the night, there was this "snoring ochestra" by 5 people... I am dying t get some sleep. Sheesh. Then at around 12++, i went to the office. Yen called to ajak go Tesco. So we went lor. Thought got sammo Thai Fair but dun have d. So we ended up going for food shopping. That day cacat abit. So many things i wanna eat. Then, when we were about to go home, we passed by Secret Recipe. Man.... Stupid fella, got all the fresh cakes out of the boxes. Then dunno how Yen and i composed a song. It went like this in the tune of the song, "You're beautiful"...

It's delicious x 2
It's delicious it's true
I saw the cake,
In the display case,
But i have to leave this place,
And it gave me such heartache...

Haha... But it was really horrible not to get to eat those cakes lorrrrr.... Sheesh....

Then, 2 days ago, i went for a medical check up with my sis... Got free coupons ma so my ma dragged me along lor.... Hate the procedure... And i hate syringe.... Eeeeee.... The ECG test was horrible. Dowan to describe. Then went to buy painkiller for my gum ache. Totally knocked me out... But not because of the medicine i think. Then around four, my sis came in to wake me up. She said we're going to the Tangkak Dusun... I went... "Alamak...." But i tagged a long anyway.... Didn't take that long to reach Tangkak. The dusun wasn't that big but the tress was weighing down with Rambutans. So, just plucked and eat lor... And we were lucky enough to find a ripe durian. It was almost sunset d when we were about to go. I like the view that i saw there. I think Yen would take a great snapshot of it. It's noce to see the sun stole in through the cracks of the pondok...

On the way back that time, my ma asked us a question about the lamp post... She just enjoys testing our IQ.... But to irritate her a bit, my sis and my dad started giving crazy answers with only one thing in common... all related to monkeys. Adoih... Real gila...

Hungry lah! Dowan to write d!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Date : 7th August 2006
Time : 10.21PM
Listening to : Okay…not exactly listening to anything, I am in fact watching House.
Where : TV room

Well, quite distracted right now… can’t exactly type properly without using the “Backspace” key… I am really trying really hard to just type without looking at the keyboard and screen. Not too bad… Just now I saw an advertisement on Animal Planet, which says this, “Sex is a very selfish game in animals’ kingdom”… Okay…somewhere along that line. It made me went…”Huh?”… Isn’t it the same for every species on earth? Okay… I was siding human actually but let’s drop this. And Dr. House just went super lame with his teachings. I mean, he’s attending to a bunch of medic students and they are discussing on some patients’ cases. I love watching him, really but I really do not want to be his students because he will make me go mad with his weird antics and stuff… Antics… is there even such word? I think so…. Haha… I just saw one funny scene. This guy was bitten by his dog and House sent two of his doctors to get a sample of that dog’s saliva. Well, that dog is crazy and okay… I will not continue… It doesn’t sound that funny anymore after I put it in words… Hmmm…

Well, last Friday, we had our regular CG meeting. We’re continuing on our Chapter 6 of 1 Corinthian. This time, we had a more “legal” topic to discuss on. Uncle Philip asked us a question that went, “If a Christian is suing you in court, what will you do?” This question was asked cos’ we were reading on 1 Cor 6:1-10… About Christians suing another in court. *Just went to take ice-cream in da fridge* Uncle Philip gave us a situation… Say, a Christian brother decided to sue you for something and you need to pay him RM 30,000…. What will you do? Will you fight him in court or give him the RM 30,000 and be declared a bankrupt? Okay, so, after a thought, I decided to go with the second option cos’ what I gathered from the verse (My own understanding), we’re not to go against our bro in court ma. So, that’s my answer. Okay, apparently, my understanding was not quite right and I choose to go with Uncle Philip. Malas wanna elaborate here. =) Neway, Ju and I had a lot of rambutans sponsored by Auntie Grace that night. And what I actually realized that night was, when I say I am full, I do mean it but even after saying it, I will still continue eating because I feel like it. Thank God for Ju….she shared the exact syndrome… Compulsive Eating Disorder… Haha… Just kidding but the above are real, minus the CED.

On Saturday, I asked for the day off from my mom. I will get it no matter what cos’… Hmmm…. Let me think…. Dang…. I dunno why. Guess I want it. I woke up darn late that day… At around noon and my sis and Raymond were still asleep. Dad called and said he will bring us for lunch. So, I packed my Bible and the Bible Study book. We went to Kampung Pantai for lunch. I really love this place. It’s near Jonker and this is the only place that has a well. They’re still using it right up to now. And I really like this place because it gave that “Good Old Days” feel. They have like 4 generations working there. Loved their simple food. It’s really down to the minimal. But it’s nice. Got into a chat with the auntie there about the birds. Since young, (Yea…we went there since young) we noticed the same species of bird in the cage. It’s a magpie and she told us that it’s for fighting entertainment purpose. Cool, eh? Would like to watch one day. Then, dad dropped me at the church. Uncle Ivan is our teacher. We were discussing a lot about lies. Lies are the language of Satan because he is the father of all lies. So, when we lie, we’re actually speaking in Satan’s language. No such thing as white lie…I’ve learned that. So, I have a big problem now… No white lie. It does not exist. Somewhere in Hebrews said, “Tell the truth in love”…. Okay…tell the truth in love. After Bible Study, Yen and I had a chat about her moral play. Got very excited until, well, we thought it’s not very moral related but I must agree that it’s a good story line.

Worship was abit emo for me when it came to the song, “To the ends of the earth”… Right now I am thinking, will I really? I sincerely hope I will but I must admit I am not very sure about it. And then, we had an OA testimony giving after viewing the pictures. There were a few real lawak moments. You know what, (Especially for Geng Yi)… I really don’t like giving testimony…. not that I don’t appreciate God’s presence and works in my life but I don’t like giving them because it made me cry! It’s ridiculously horrible to just cry when you talk in public… Sigh~ Okay, I shall give testimony when I am asked but I don’t think I will ever volunteer. *grin* Then, some o the youths had a practice for song worship tomorrow. Shaun, Ju, GY, Yen, Fong Wan, Yik How and Jess had a game of Captain Ball. It’s hard… Cos’ there’re so little people. I thought it wouldn’t be that hard by watching since they don’t seemed like they were out of breath. I had a chat with Daniel. I wasn’t being in the mood for a game but I gave it a try neway. I joined Ju, Yen and Shaun’s group… Yea… the PSK clan. The driver joined the other group. This is the craziest one ever. It was so tiring. We had to run more and Shaun and Yik How, being the goalie decided to play every part, the defender, goalie and players. It’s hard to describe but it was fun, really. The game ended up having a real change and we started dragging our chair along with us and we get our goalie up to catch the ball whenever it’s strategic. I started dragging the chair along after Jess kept on stealing our chair away. Sheesh. I decided to “protect” our chair. Then Yik How followed suit. The whole game ended up having both chair next to each other and everyone trying to score. Laughing and running and yelling at the same time… It was a good exercise. Really. It cheered me up… real up!

I went back home and had a bath. Melinda, Ju, Yen, Hema and I were to go Calanthe that night. While waiting, I decided to continue with my RE : Outbreak game. Shucks man…. Mel arrived before I even found a saving point. Ended up making them wait for me. I shall not just waste my game. Hehe. Mom nagged a lil before I was off to Calanthe. It was fun. I was a bit at lost actually. Finally had my smoothie BUT…. it was too sweet…. Gosh… I am not into sweet stuff nowadays but I gulped it down neway. Tried finding for the nyonya kuih but can’t find it. Dad asked me to buy it for our PD trip the next day…(Will blog about it later)… Then, we went to Taman Asean for “Tong Sui”…. I had a craving for it and so did Ju. And I got my own “theme song” there…. “I like to mov it…mov it…” Yea, linked to the way I laughed. I moved… I mean…in a very funny way… So, I do like to express my laughter freely but guess as much that most joke on me will last for at least a few days…. We’ll see about this. And Yen’s one didn’t hit her that much cos apparently mine… has more impact. Not very nice…but I can live with it. Anyway, I left like 3 weeks before I run out of my weekly dose of my friends’ teasing. I will miss it. But at the mean time, I shall be putting on my annoyed face to tune down their laughter… haih…. Love you guys.

Ends : 11.28PM
(I am so going to eat another large serving of ice-cream)
*Oh, and btw…Hwei, I am dropping my “it’s okay” habit…So, no worries…I hope..*wink*

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I am not okay....

Date : 5th July 2006
Time : 2.52AM
Listening to : Berhenti berharap - Sheila On 7
Where : My bedroom

Okay… So my last post was a lil’ over. But just for the record… I am not okay. Even though you may hear me say it often… I am not always what I am. I can be not okay but it’s just my nature to make people feel okay rather than making myself feel okay. So, I’ll live with it and sure hope that you guys are okay with it too. Okay… Everything is alright. No, I mean it… really…. Everything is perfectly and honestly okay.

Just this evening, I had such an outburst… No… not the previous post. It was after what I posted another thing just came up and I just loath making someone do something that he/she is not obliged too and yet I am “charged” with the job to force it on that person and this seriously is not nice at all. What will you do anyway? Force it and live with the fact that you just make someone’s life miserable or don’t force it and face the music? I ditched both ideas and started my own round of solutions. Without God ar… seriously… I’ll end up in an asylum or something because I started breaking down and my bro was so nice to come and ask what is wrong and for the first time after so long I blurted out what I feel. I went something like, “I am not okay! What makes you guys think I am okay? Just because I said I am? Just because I want to make them feel alright I stripped myself off the rights to be okay too? And yea… So? I can’t blame anyone because I am ALWAYS finding reason to back them up and in the end the arrows just point at me then… I am not okay!” Seriously… there’re times when you wonder if what you said actually comes genuinely from your heart or not. But this is real. This is really what I feel because my heart was released from this burden after that. My bro was quiet all the time and I started sobbing like non-stop and I kept on thinking I was a freak to just snap at such “petty” stuff. I was really convinced that I went mad after that because it’s just so not normal to snap at such little stuff and yet withstand all nonsense that comes from the big stuff. *Heavy sigh* Madness…. And I asked for a break today (Yea… 5th July)… because I want it and because I need it. And I am going to youth Bible Study and Youth Meeting and then will meet up with Mel they all and go Calanthe and just chill out. I called Yikwan because she’s the one that will say things that are right. Right in the sense that it’s not what I want to hear but right in the sense that she’ll tell me what other people won’t tell me. She doesn’t talk common sense to me. She just comforts me like I am some sort of a kid… well... because I was crying like some sort of a moron. Sheesh…. But anyway, I really can’t believe that this episode just went by because I am just not the sort to break down like some crazy nutcase in front of my brother. But bother…. After ½ hour, I was back on track… Jumped on the bed and watched Samurai X with him again. I freaked him out maybe… I definitely freaked myself out also. Please don’t see me differently… I am still what I am. But I can live with different treatment if it does occur. Don’t ask me if I am okay because I will tell you that I am. And I am okay. Now.

Mcdreamy… Okay…weird term. I had a Mcdreamy and yeah… like the meaning behind this weird term… It’s only a dream. And people who caused you to dream about something (which you usually don’t get), that person is your Mcdreamy. That is MY definition. My Mcdreamy; made my life miserable usually but sure enough light it up also… More light than rainy days because..yea…I am easily satisfied. Learned that I can’t ask for more. Just live with what you get and focus on God because He’s the only one that I won’t call my Mcdreamy because He is faithful and He fulfills His promises. Unlike any Mcdreamy -ies that I bestow the title upon, I can count on God to make my life full. For now… Mcdreamy, just leave me alone because I don’t want to label anyone as my Mcdreamy now. I probably will just leave it as it is. No Mcdreamy, no dwellings, no nothing. I am currently just someone who is trying to be a person that I can look at in the mirror and tell myself I can be right too. I am not always wrong. Because I CAN be right. Satan can’t make me condemn myself any longer because I can be right.

May I clarify again, I am seriously fine.

Ends : 3.29AM

Friday, August 04, 2006

I am soooooooo geram!

Date : 5th August 2006
Time : 12.34PM
Listening to : My own madness

Yeah!!! I am so geram! It's like the 2nd time that i'm being asked not to go!And now what? The worst song ever you can listen to when you are mad is SHE songs. They are the worst singers everrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Ok... when i'm mad la of course. But i seriously am so geram!I hate the way i feel ler. Yeah... it is so reasonable with all those things they said which made me unreasonable if i argue about it. And asked if i'm ok and stuff... What else can i say right? I'm always the "'s ok... i am ok... i am not mad... go on with whatever your plans are... i can live with it..." Mannn... This is madness when you get so mad and yet you keep on thinking you are at fault. Grrrr.... I am just so... dunno what to say. So crap. Ok...i won't dwell in this hostile feeling towards myself. I can live with it. Yeah, so everything they said is right and yeah yeah... i am overreacting in the office by myself. Yeah, there goes... chen li... the problem maker. Never ending history.... I need to be pacified... And shan... great job about that getting married, study and work joke. Kinda like worked. Let's just be quiet about what the issue is all about yea... Thanks neway.


Date : 4th August 2006
Time : 1.28AM
Listening to : Inside of my guitar
Where : My bedroom

Okaaay… Just finished watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 Episode 19 and 20. Something very different from Scrubs I would say because, it has a more serious tone to it and I really like it that way… Really. So, these two episodes dealt with stuff that is along the line of “Love”. I know love has many kind of meanings. But it just doesn’t bring forward their meaning just like that. How to say… I was thinking about family love. This is the one that I often forget about. Because it is not very often shown in an obvious way. We go out for meals together, we spent time together and these are just another daily routine of ours. But looking deep inside… these are our ways of showing our love to each other. Today, I had a great time with my family. My dad’s side of family joined us for dinner, It felt like another round of CNY…only better. We had a great chat… we had laughs. And I really had a great chat with my bro in the car. I don’t know if he feels the same way or not but I have always enjoyed and looked forward to the time when we can talk. Family played such a role in my life but usually I let it go unnoticed much to my regret. I am very happy today actually… I told my 2 bros a story from the Bible… David and Goliath. Maybe the story is not exactly right for gospel sharing but I feel that it’s a start. I truly want my family to come to know Christ…

Then I thought about my love for my friends. These people played an important part in my life. Kinda like… What’s life without friends anyway. I like their companies. Actually, I knew that I actually do love my friends when I feel really sad when I hurt them, when they’re upset and when things just don’t seem right. This is the love that I often ignore cos’ I just don’t tell my friends that I love them. I cannot imagine how my life is going to be if I lose anyone of them. I was at the verge of losing one for life if not for God’s grace. If she’s taken away… I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again. Really.

Then, there’s this love for people I don’t know. I know it doesn’t sound right. Maybe I shouldn’t call it love but what else can I name it. I guess after knowing God’s love, you can’t help but to love some people that need to be loved. Can’t categorize them. This is the love that I can’t express.

Then, there’s God’s love. Love that I took for granted. Because I know God is generous with his love. And I know I shouldn’t take His love for granted. I don’t know… but I one thing I do know… I really love Him. Though my actions may speak otherwise. *Shame* Sigh… You know… I am so insufficient but He always fill me.

And there’s definitely the love for my church. They made me feel so at home. Never thought I would have so much love to spare. And honestly… I love my church.

In episode 19, something happened between George and Meredith which totally scarred their friendship. When you have so much love for someone and he/she just gives you that green light and ended up hurting you… I feel that’s when love is the worst word the dictionary ever defines. Seriously. So, George took chances and it was paradise but ended up like hell. *Frown* And say… if you love someone that much… okay… like say, friends, family or significant other and you lose that person like… they died or left or whatever… wouldn’t you rather didn’t love that person that much? I mean, pardon me… it definitely spare me, for example; a lot of pain. But 1 Cor 13 says so much about it. It only seems right when we read it. Comes reality, it all sums up to pain because if you think about it, what 1 Cor 13 says needs a lot of endurance. Like say, you like someone and that person shouts at you for no reason, if you really love that person or something, you’ll get hurt and stuff like that and even angry but just can’t stop loving them because love bears everything. For example, family members. We’ll all say we love them right… That is why when we were so darn angry with them over something but we still bear with it because we love them. Aaargh…. You know… when it comes to losing someone you love like for forever (To death of course)…. Love really sucks at times. If you don’t love that person that much you won’t feel pain that much either. Sheesh….

Man… Grey’s Anatomy makes me think! And I just love George O’Maley… Just a perfect inner someone that isn’t so perfect outwardly after all. You know, too much love for people around you is not good… because you start to feel for them and then you start crying for/with them and you ended up feeling burdened and sad and sucky and heartache just by reading the newspaper alone. And this is BAD because I am starting to hate reading the newspaper!! Can’t i read the newspaper in peace?!

Ends : 2.19AM

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finally got work!

Date : 3rd August 2006
Time : 1.02PM
Listening to : Light & Easy
Where : Office

Yohhh... Finally got work man. A proper one. Been hanging around in the office for nothing. Yesterday went to Prayer Meeting. As weird as it may sound, i did pray for work ler. It's like super darn bored lor...really! And God answered my prayer... *Thank You sooooooooo much Lord! Muakss!* Okay... Have to go back to work now. I just hate this Intericad malfunctioning at the wrong time! Aargh!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Date : 2nd August 2006
Time : 3.00PM
Listening to : My cousin talking on the phone...
Where : Office (Designer Room)

Aih... Don't really know what got over me actually... I told my mom i'll go back and read the ICS manual... (Accounting programme) and will see if i can try to key in for her... Mannn!!! I said that just out of the sudden ler... Betul siao liao... Looks like what Yen and Ju said were right. I suka cari pasal mia... Aih... I hope i can manage it!

Then just now brought my grandma go buy lunch. Well, i like the feeling of hanging out with my grandma... I had a thought about sharing the gospel with her but halted cos' i was overcome with my own "spirit of timidity".... Aih... But she does know about the gospel. Mann.... I really wished i had the guts....

Sis coming back liao... Yeh! Tomorrow... Nyahnyahnyah... Can't wait! Oh... yea... finally met Andrew in MP with Chuan and Shan. Gosh... What a shock. Aaah... and what a thing he said. Yeah, alch... I fat liao... yea yea.... Sheesh....

Last Month...

Date : 1st August 2006
Time : 11.33PM
Listening to : Rescue - Jared Anderson
Where : TV Room (Home)

K… 1st of August…. My last month here. Left 4 weeks. Yea yea…No big deal. It’s only KL… Sigh~ Maybe it sounds real dumb to feel reluctant about leaving for KL. Have so many friends who enjoyed KL life so much that every time they come back, they will complain about how boring Malacca is. Is it really THAT boring? I really don’t think so. It really depends on how and who you spent your time with actually. Haih…. KL…. Starting to dread going that place. Have to make new friends… Find new church… Equivalent to starting anew. I did my QT just now. Nothin much. But I remembered telling God about stuff that I’m reluctant to leave behind. Besides family of course. All my life… I never thought of me hanging out with Juliana, Yen Mei and Hema. Well, maybe Juliana… but only in da bus. *Sigh* They are my closest buddies ever. And so I did get to leave first. I’m going to make myself sound real ungrateful now. I don’t wanna leave. Amazing how God really blessed me with those people in my life. I’m so going to miss my lil’ bro. Yeah…weird that it’s coming out from me. I’m soooo going to be homesick… Really. Gonna miss those church people also. During these past few weeks, I managed to get to know some people better. Better now than never I guess. Aih~ I’m so going to miss disturbing our Yang Amat Berhormat Uncle Tony. *LOL* Better train Yen up to take my place. *You hear me Yen?* Why am I even feeling this way? TOA is the place I want to be, isn’t it?

I’ll drop that topic. Today, Yen came by my office to fetch me to her hse. Supposed to help her with the video thingy. She bought me a Spicy Foldover. She’s always fulfilling our kempunan but hers usually not fulfilled. Sorry Yen. Next time when I can finally be trusted to drive around, I’ll definitely try to fulfill yours. At least before I leave. (Dang!) On the way to her place, I started with my fries. Had a chat with Yen. She showed me something on her palm. It was written, “This world has nothing for me”…. It’s from the song Rescue by Jared Anderson. it’s a Christian song. It’s about following Jesus. Something along that line. Felt so sleepy after having my foldover at her place. She tried downloading Ulead VideoStudio9. It took such a long time. So, we watched Jack’s moral video presentation. Lawak man… The drug addict one was funny. And Jack looked seriously blur man…exactly like what Yen described to me. (Good work Jack) Then, Yen did her notes copying… Good girl… Cos we tak jadi do the video. I forgot totally about the video in 3gp form. Just not compatible with the editing software. Too bad. Yen had a pretty good concept. Just can’t be carried out. Oh, btw… Ju started work with Uncle Philip today. Wonder how she did. Then, Yen and I watched High School Musical. Finally man…. But, not very impressive. Okay la. I like the part where they sang Stick To The Status Quo. Cool dance man. But seriously… Something wrong with Gabriella part. The part when she sang When There Was Me and You. She looked WAY too happy to be broken hearted and she did some sort of a happy dance. I mean… What? And I like Chad so much… Way more than Troy. Haha. What an impressive hair he got there.

Transferred some songs and pics from Yen’s comp. And she have a really overloaded hard disk man… Need a real clean up man…. Then, yen and I went over Ah Neh there and ate Ice kacang. All the way out from her house to that makan place, I took a video footage. Just trying to see how long that video can tahan so I asked Yen some questions an stuff. It’s a 12 minutes video of craps. But… simple as this may sound; I really do appreciate the time I spent with her. I really quite a sentimental person so pardon me for being so… whatever. After makan, she let me drive her car which I did real badly cos.. mainly because she was there la! Hahah… No kidding man… Tak tahan to drive with her beside me. Nervous sial. And she taught me some stuff about driving. Drove to Mel’s place. Waited for her in the car. She had a rather long chat with Auntie Vel. And then drove back home. Cacat mia massage chair doesn’t work at first. So, we ended up watching “Spirit of Love”… Literally forced her to watch it since Take’ was being beaten up. Hehe. Then, I tried the massage chair and it worked so I let Yen sit on it. Ae Yen… at least one Physical kempunan tercapai right? Forgot what time she went back ar… Somewhere around 7 PM I think.

Kla… Better sign off liao. Been thinking about my blog layout but no idea coming up. May just give up. Still, who knows something may just pop up. And sis coming back on Thursday. So excited. Can’t wait to see her. Raymond maybe tagging along. I really do not know for sure. And Hong Sheng called just now. Made my heart raced like mad. He sounded really like my uncle and I will be speechless if it was really him. I don’t know exactly what he feels about HS’ conversion to Christianity. And I will be going back there on the 12th if I’m not going Singapore. It’s my grandpa’s birthday. Missed it 2 years liao so cant really afford to miss it. BUT…. I am really really really scared to go back there. Although they won’t scold me but they will probably talk to me about it. And I just can’t perform well in CONFRONTATION… Aaargh… But every single time I tried to find a way to not face all these, this verse keep flashing in my mind. 2 Timothy 1:7….
I guess I should face it la. Who knows nothing of that sort will happen. Mann….

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