Saturday, August 12, 2006


Date : 12th August 2006
Time : 12.25AM
Listening to : Nah… Watching Who’s Line is it anyway?
Where : TV Room

Hahaha… Lawak man this show… Betul-betul cracked me up. If I watch this show for one hour straight, I would have stomach cramp for half a day. Neway, Was trying to change my blog layout… Expecting a lot of colours but then again, I might not change it. Hehe…

Neway… Ju’s leaving for uni this sat liao… Meaning today actually. It was very sudden but I kinda like expected it since Ah Hwei made me suspect it when she mentioned about Ju leaving; which, I have no idea about…. (Haha…. super funny… What a show…I mean…WLIIA? Gosh… They are good… If I have the talent I would probably ditch my ID ambition and start crapping on stage… Muahaha! I am just kidding!) Ok…back to Ju… Well, I think Yen was upset about it in MCDonald when we went out together (Ju,Yen,Hema and I). I mean, it was rather abrupt but she soon cheered up. Well, we were fooled by her about having a haircut in Meglio… Sheesh…. Well, somewhere along the way, Yen and I drifted of somewhere without Ju and Hema…since they wanted to try on some clothes. So, Yen and I went to Radioactive and started browsing…Nothing much. Then we went over to a new shop, CoolMax… I think… We walked around there and talked like nobody’s business. Quite oblivious to the cashier I would say. AND…. we had such a laugh there. Well, some stuff…you know…funny when you just talked about it out of a sudden. And believe me… Yen’s action was a total lawak man.

Met up with the other two before we entered parkson. By now Yen had on a bandana on her liao. Hehe. Neway, I was stopped by a salesgirl/promoter/brochure giver/ whatever you want to call it…Again. Come on!!!! Why is it always me? Yen said it was because I tak elak. Jeng! Really? And exactly how am I supposed to do that? I can’t really do it without feeling like I just ruin someone’s day. Sheesh. Aah…Whatever.. We went to eat tong shui after that. Man… Somehow, I am glad I am leaving soon too. It’s not the same when one of us isn’t around. But, we’ll get used to it. And I am not going to sigh about it.

And I am going to church alone! I mean, if Ju is not coming back for on Sunday…. Yen’s off to her bro convo… Aaaah…. Alone… Ok…not alone… I need a more cheerful blog. Black is so not happy!

Ends : 1.00AM

(2.18PM : I received an sms from Ju...She said she's not going Unisel... I am going to go real crazy now... )

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