Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aetherealm battle field mock

Date : 17th March 2009
Time : 7.41PM
Listening to : Shake your love (It's a very stupid song on Light fm... repeat this verse for 100 times)
Where : Room - MC

Okay...still too busy to update about my birthday. And plus, I haen't got the pictures from Dee Dee yet. And I went for a field trip today. We went to 8TV and we visited the mini studio where Quickie was held and also the mandarin news studio. They are so freakin small... The mandarin news one like smaller than m room but it looked so big in tv. =.=! We went over to see the diting and control rooms also. Then we were brought over to Creative Studio Department. That's where we'll be working if we ended up in broadcasting field. And it's so stressful looking. Anyway...photos will be up when Dee pass them to me.

Anyway, today, I had fun in Game Art and Planning class. It's a replacement class. But I dunnoe... I just had fun doing the production for our MMORPG game. Here's the mock up look for the battle field environment done in Photoshop. Will generate them in Lightwave later.

Malas wanna decribe gameplay. SO loooong... ahaha... Kla... next time will post up other works. Ta!!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

The nice feeling you get in your dreams...

Date : 16th March 2009
Time : 12.11AM
Where : Room - MC
Listening to : How will I say I love you? - Light&Easy Swing Time

You know how sometimes you dream about some beautiful place and you have this kind of nice feeling deep inside your heart. Hmmm... I got it most of the time. And I always assume that it will only occur in those dreams but I kinda discover that nice feeling on my birthday. When I was taking over the wheel from my dad, driving from lunch to Alor Gajah toll. It was a sunny day and we were heading back to KL. Hmmmm... It was a great day and I feel really nice inside. Pretty dreamy. Anyway, I can't update on my birthday yet. Too busy. But thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. :) Will update soon.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

23 years old and still stuck at work

Date : 11th March 2009
Time : 1.18PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Video Lab - TOA

.......................................................................... I am 23 years old and I am stuck in the lab doing assignment. My birthday was spent juggling between Final Project Studio and Digital Portfolio.



Thursday, March 05, 2009

I need...

Date : 5th March 2009
Time : 1.34AM
Listening to : Kissing a Fool - George Michael
Where : Room - MC

1. I need a BIGGER table.
2. I need a DOUBLE king size bed.
3. I need MORE motivation.
4. I need EXTRA time.

Fuh... Reason for number one is I have no place for my stuff. It's very cramp and thus I threw my books and work on my bed. This led to reason number 2. With the things lying around on my bed, I hardly have any space left to sleep. And finding for my character design book took a while cos it was underneath my blanket. =.=! Number three... without more motivation, I would have slept my days off. And I need the extra time to jungle EVERYTHING. Sigh... Kan bagus if I can just walk out of work just like that? Interview is in 4 weeks time. If I don't secure a internship job, I can chuangpiak and stay blacked out for a year. HUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!


Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Date : 4th March 2009
Time : 8.14PM
Listening to : Wilbur Pan
Where : Room - MC

I....can....make...it.... Wooo~ Wooo~ So much assignment sial. But I finally forced myself to finish MGC's invitation card. Won't post it up yet till the design's confirmed. MY DOVE LOOKS LIKE A DUCK CUM CHICKEN CUM PENGUIN~! Total fail man... Ahahahha... Aduhai. It ws quite by accident that I worked with that style. After I finished, it was already 3AM and I sent messages to some peeps in the church to ask them spread the word around and take a look. Andy said I really freakin nerd lah. 3AM still awake. And Shaun said what an odd hour to send sms. 3AM?? No choice la dey...

This term had been a crazy term for me la yea. I mean really crazy. So MUCH group works. Notice it's MUCH not MANY sebab the assignments memang tak terkira. Woo~! Tolong! Tolong! I don't know where to start la. And sammo for Wai Khong's class, I have a whole lot of manual work to do. Finished Art revisited. Half excited, half worried. Given the time I have, I really don't know if I can make it or not. So MGC-ians~! Pray for me yea. Fuh.

Anyway, Mondays a holiday. So will be going back this weekend. Looks like I have to put Sathom's and my birthday's plan on hold. Actually...we got no plan also. Just going out for dinner with some friends. =.=! So fast 3 years d la. After this year, everyone will be scattered all over the place. Today I had lunch with Sathom and we did some catching up. Was quite fun. He actually told me how many categories of girls there are in Sunway. =.=! And I lost my card! I left it ith the library attendant. But he said it's not there~! WTHeck right?? Why would anyone wanna take my card? Cantik sangat ker muka aku? AHAHAHAHA!

kla...I gtg eat dinner d. Then get supplies for WK's class. Nite!