Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aetherealm battle field mock

Date : 17th March 2009
Time : 7.41PM
Listening to : Shake your love (It's a very stupid song on Light fm... repeat this verse for 100 times)
Where : Room - MC

Okay...still too busy to update about my birthday. And plus, I haen't got the pictures from Dee Dee yet. And I went for a field trip today. We went to 8TV and we visited the mini studio where Quickie was held and also the mandarin news studio. They are so freakin small... The mandarin news one like smaller than m room but it looked so big in tv. =.=! We went over to see the diting and control rooms also. Then we were brought over to Creative Studio Department. That's where we'll be working if we ended up in broadcasting field. And it's so stressful looking. Anyway...photos will be up when Dee pass them to me.

Anyway, today, I had fun in Game Art and Planning class. It's a replacement class. But I dunnoe... I just had fun doing the production for our MMORPG game. Here's the mock up look for the battle field environment done in Photoshop. Will generate them in Lightwave later.

Malas wanna decribe gameplay. SO loooong... ahaha... Kla... next time will post up other works. Ta!!!



Tekkaus said...

War..went to the 8tv studio? Good for! I don't think I will ever have the chance to go there at all! =)

Chen said...

work there then u have the chance. XD