Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hazmer pun nak jadi model

Date : 25th June 2008
Time : 10.46PM
Where : Uncle Gary's house
Listening to : Nothing

Yesterday we had a very crazy chat. All of us in MM class minus Dee and our last term lecturer Hazmer. I was actually doing the game work thingy and suddenly Tan put me in the chat room. Darn lawak... Mangkuk was the word of the day. Was it just Malaccans or what because I seemed to introduced new words everytime I come back from Malaccao. o.0! Lawak... Elaborate later. Today, we saw Hazmer and the first thing I said was, "Miss MakDatok!!!!" Hahahahaha... Anyway... we stalked him just now and we saw him posing... Quickly asked Tan to take his photo... This pic was grabbed from Tan's blog.

I think the 2nd pic looks more like Michael Jackson pose from the back rather than sad... Yes... I think we all quite jahat cos this is one lecturer that we helped to make 6 packs by making im laugh. Wait... I think that makes us good. Yeah..So he should chia us Sushi Zanmai. Angkat tangan untuk sesiapa yang bersetuju! *Angkat 2 tangan!*


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kat MG's Cafe

Date : 24th June 2008
Time : 12.34PM <--- SEE! So mny times 1234!
Listening to : Instrumental In MG
Where : MG's Cafe - Sunway

Feels so seorang diri here right now. Supposed to work on the storyboard for Video shooting this Thursday. Sigh~! Not say worried la. Just feel quite unprepared. Dunnoe if it's the right choice to even make the trip down this week. But I guess it's for the best. The whole class will be taking the trip down this time even though it is my group's project. We had to engage other members' help and in return we will help them with their shooting also. Called my fav. Uncle Gary and asked if we could borrow his car for the weekend. He is so nice he said yes. We need the Unser to fit in 7 of us. Couldn't risk taking 2 cars. Anyway, thank God he agreed. What a blessing. Well, anyway, will sign off for now. Waiting for y photographs to be processed. A freakin RM11.60 for 29 snapshots. Empat posen satu!! But I think consider ok liao kua... (Just to make myself feel better) T_T Studying in The One Academy can make me broke. But really thank God la my Photography class, the lecturer doesn't require us to print weekly progress and assignments unlike my bro's class. Dunnoe how many hundred ringgit washed down the drain already. What to do, the lecturer happened to be Christopher, a professional photographer. Wei Meng also la. I like her red thread work in her website. Just google Foo Wei Meng. And check out her work. Ok..for real wanna cabut now. And anyway, just a random note, aku terjumpa Patrick tadi. Ingat defler disappear not studying here anymore. Perrr.... k...for real, really off now. Bye!


::Update::: [12.56PM]
Darn idea block man. I dunooe how to translate my ideas and thoughts into words. Mangkuk man... @_@ Pening. Mana si Tan and Sel nih????


Ideas approved but gonna die this week. Seriously. Penat sekali.


Murder Scene shots

Date : 24th June 2008
Time : 10.59AM
Listening to : Jentayu -Sheila Majid, Nora. Johan Nawawi
Where : Room - MC

Just updated my design blog. Take a look k?

And yesterday, Tan and Dee suddenly decided to take up the name designerd. Haha... Identity stolen. Used to be the nerd of the class. Now everyone wants to be nerd. And guess what, if we ever berjaya form a company, that will be the firm's name. How come ah? Tiba-tiba semua jadi nerd? Is it because of Dee's post? Hahahaha... My doppelganger. What a nerd topic.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Farewell... sucks.

Date : 22nd June 2008
Time : 8.11PM
Litening to : My own typing
Where : Room - MC

Well... The thing about farewell is... It sucks regardless whether we're going near or far, oversea or overland. So, the first to go was Ah Zheng. He went off to UK yesterday. Though not very close with him but still, I guess it's pretty sad knowing that he's going for a long long time. Yes, of course we can always pretend that he's off to Kajang to study but it will never be the same.

Ah Zheng... with the rubber band smile

Group photo. Too bad Hwei and the rest balik liao...

So last Saturday, we decided to buat surprise for him "Eng Siang" style. I brought Tanyus along and yes, we were very mad that I think she got clueless a bit. But our surprise tak jadi!!! So I forced him to act surprise again. Got the video but maybe later la. After the surprise for Ah Zheng yang tak jadi, we decided to surprise Sharma instead. So we tipu him that Ah Zheng not yet come back and he rushed to the place la. And when we were in the dark pretending that we were waiting for Ah Zheng.... Suddenly Ah Zheng asked him from the back, "Eh, who are we surprising ar?" Lol.. Quite lawak although expression tak lah impact sangat. Neway, they chose the wrong person la to give speech. Chose me... Aper la... But it was a great night spent with Ah Zheng.

Next... Daniel. Today is his birthday! Happy birthday Mangkuk!!! We gave him a surprise birthday in McD yang also tak jadi~! But it was quite fun taking photos and all. And at the same time, we celebrated.. not celebrate la actually, the farewell of Daniel and Ah Hwei. Daniel going off to Sabah to study. So far lah! And Ah Hwei going UM. Ehehehe.. one more kaki kat KL... Sedih la.... And Ju had a slip of the tongue...

Si Daniel Lim

"The most romantic lovers" Lol... was supposed to say leavers instead. And Sarah dengki. Hahaha... " Eh kurus nih..." lol..all in all it was quite fun la. but kinda sad after that cos' no one to bully d... Sien liao lorrrrrrrrrrrr~! Sigh.... And yeah, it was the most impromptu thing ever man. Ju and I went tesco. I went to get the cards and Ju went to get sausages for the pizza. The fastest made pizza ever.... =.=

Homemade pizza. Can beat Domino's and Pizza Hut anytime...

Birthday cum farewell cake...

The leavers...

Compensation for the failed surprises. 3 kali siot... Shock looks...

Trademark Mangkuk style!!!

The GIANT mangkuk of MGC~!

There goes our Mangkuk founder Daniel Lim.
There goes our tonggak Tse Hwei.
There goes our Mr. Nice Guy Ah Zheng.

Who's next? Sigh....

Will update bout Malacca asap.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Besame Mucho

Date : 19th June 2008
Time : 12.06PM
Listening to : My own typing
Where : Room - Malacca

Wokie... Last week color palette chosen was Besame Mucho. More color varieties this time but lesser of our silly antics. Most of us camwhored for other cameras in the studio too much it made us sick. It's not like we want to la ok... takda models ok? Sammo my bro came late so model tu lambat sikit. Anyway, won't elaborate much. We didn't do Lion King sebab si Hazmer a.k.a Pumba (as mentioned by Chris) tak datang. Wahahahah!

bésame mucho

Will update later about Photography. Malam ni ader mission kejutan. Eheheheh...


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aku camwhore akhirnya...

Date : 17th June 2008
Time : 1.13AM
Listening to : Dad snoring
Where : room - MC

The job brief for Photography weekly assignment is to take 80 snapshots of human portraits using different lighting and white balance.

I thought I might just have to forgo it. But with my ever kiasu-ness and not willing to lose marks... I finally camwhore koa koa this morning for human portrait lighting. I have NEVER camwhore like this in my entire life I tell you. So camwhore maaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Cannot tahan. No model to pose so have to use myself as model. Sucks.... Memalukan to da max... And God blessed us with an extra studio this afternoon before Vincent's class so Diana, Chris, Wahyu. Tanyus and I kinda hung out there. Chris, Diana and I took turns to shoot. Tanyus, Wahyu, Diana and I took turn to model. Kinda fun I must say. Thanx to the camwhoring practices I had this morning. Made me kinda sick putting timer 80 times. Lao... By the end of the studio shoot, we decided to go for catalog model shoot. hhahahaah.... And when I reached Mentari at around 9PM, I tangkap Bryan and asked him to pose for me. Eheehehe... Thanx dude.

::Natural Lighting shots::

I somehow like this overexposed shot. The chair spoiled the shot. =.=

::Studio shots::

My fav shot. Tan looks like she was in love.

One of my fav shot... Dunnoe why. Love that expression.

::Studio Shots by Dee using my camera::

Blur one but I love the body language. Macam sial onli...

I like this...

::Night lighting::

My fav shot...

K k..gtg! Ta!


Monday, June 16, 2008

2nd Color Palette selection

Date : 16th June 2008
Time : 4.10AM
Listening to : Street Map - The Athlete
Where : Room - MC

Web Design is going to be tough for my spine and ego. *sob* I foresee rejection for the 2nd time. I dunnoe why. Aih... But I will not dwell on it . Gah. Neway, had a very nice chat with Juliana and Yen regarding our vacation plan to Cameron Highlands. Settled on the hotel already but not the date.

And this will be the color palette for this Tuesday.

bésame mucho
And the arrangement will be...

Chen : Orange
Selvia : Red
Diana : Blue
Tanyus : White
Chris : Black

And Hazmer, got time, drop by la har. Ehehehehee... Perhaps this time we can try Lion King.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


Date : 15th June 2008
Time : 6.37PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

Yesterday was a terribly long, tiring day. Won't elaborate now. But will definitely elaborate later cos' it was such an encounter with the house owner and polices. =.= It's never easy to carry parang around. And the tomato ketchup.... It looks ok in color. But when convert to blac and white... it became like glue.... WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I wanna laugh but then I dunnoe why!!! Crisis wei! But I wanna laugh???? Really mad d. T__T And James aeroplaned me so I had to get Sathom. Now my photoshoot has a chinese, a malay and a maldivian... T_T And one baba. Multiracial betul.... Come back onie update. Gotta do marketing.

I realized I am pretty bad in photography. =_T .