Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kat MG's Cafe

Date : 24th June 2008
Time : 12.34PM <--- SEE! So mny times 1234!
Listening to : Instrumental In MG
Where : MG's Cafe - Sunway

Feels so seorang diri here right now. Supposed to work on the storyboard for Video shooting this Thursday. Sigh~! Not say worried la. Just feel quite unprepared. Dunnoe if it's the right choice to even make the trip down this week. But I guess it's for the best. The whole class will be taking the trip down this time even though it is my group's project. We had to engage other members' help and in return we will help them with their shooting also. Called my fav. Uncle Gary and asked if we could borrow his car for the weekend. He is so nice he said yes. We need the Unser to fit in 7 of us. Couldn't risk taking 2 cars. Anyway, thank God he agreed. What a blessing. Well, anyway, will sign off for now. Waiting for y photographs to be processed. A freakin RM11.60 for 29 snapshots. Empat posen satu!! But I think consider ok liao kua... (Just to make myself feel better) T_T Studying in The One Academy can make me broke. But really thank God la my Photography class, the lecturer doesn't require us to print weekly progress and assignments unlike my bro's class. Dunnoe how many hundred ringgit washed down the drain already. What to do, the lecturer happened to be Christopher, a professional photographer. Wei Meng also la. I like her red thread work in her website. Just google Foo Wei Meng. And check out her work. Ok..for real wanna cabut now. And anyway, just a random note, aku terjumpa Patrick tadi. Ingat defler disappear not studying here anymore. Perrr.... k...for real, really off now. Bye!


::Update::: [12.56PM]
Darn idea block man. I dunooe how to translate my ideas and thoughts into words. Mangkuk man... @_@ Pening. Mana si Tan and Sel nih????


Ideas approved but gonna die this week. Seriously. Penat sekali.


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