Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pendrive that went blank on me

Date : 27th February 2008
Time: 6.48PM
Listening to : Water Dripping
Where : MC - Room

I wanna shout but then again...not really. I have to redo my typo work that I did in class because my pendrive decided to go blank on me. Out of the sudden. But when I checked the properties, the disk space has 1.65gb in use. The same amount of storageI have inside that 4 gb pendrive. I cannot extract. And suddenly defler want me to format. SO I decided to just format but defler don't let. Dunnoe what this pendrive want. So I decided to leave it as it is and prob bring back to the shop and change it. Lifetime warranty..Better be... Blank on me 2 times already. I don't even remember what i have inside that pendrive already. T.T!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Room Cleaning!

Date : 26th february 2008
Time : 10.10PM
Listening to : Garth Brook - To make you feel my love
Where : MC - Room

Backstreet Boys coming tomorrow!!! Haih~! Takper Ju..lain kali yer... So near me sammo. Perla... Anyway... My neck cannot turn to my right or up. Benci... Sakit giler... Dunnoe why. Today Web Design class was cancelled. So we MM students decided to take a break and went to play pool team lost again. 2 kali. No luck in winning I guess.

Then went to do research for Design Method 2. Will be doing on the topic "Mistakes". And then came back home and realized that my room is indeed.... in a super d duper big mess. This was my room when I came home.

This is the mess that I've made yesterday.

This is my table that I never really use cos' I am currently borrowing Sel's mini table.

This is how my room looked like after the "assignment war"

Kinda top view...

And then I behtahan... and I have lotsa craft to do for Web Design class so I reorganized... for almost 1 and half hour or more...

Radio and references area..where I keep my stocks...

My bed area...and current workstation. I need my bed to put stuff one... SO must work near it.

The whole bedroom look from the door. Storage changed from shelves to bedside.

Collection of mags and books...

Proud of my mags...hoho! Dunnoe why...

Current books that're with me now. 3 more with Amir...

Collection of coloured papers... I didn't take my wrapping papers collection. Mom sees I die.

Storage area...temporal only... Until Web Design habis...

2 of my storage boxes...Out of 4...

Last but not least.... My kekawan yang menemani hidup. VA (Vincent's Armpit) the bear and Andrew the Snowman.... And the lil doggy at the side which I forgot.... hehe....

I dunnoe why I blog on this... Padahal I banyak kerja nak buat. But I guess a break won't kill. Anyway.... Do visit my other blog if you guys have the time. Ta!

Oh...and Andrew called from Michigan. HOHOHO! And I thought it was Karen though I was pretty sure at first that it was Andrew But my voice bounced back! GILA!

Oh...also... Danny and I almost mati dilanggar oleh perempuan yang tak tau law. Seriously... Geram when I think back. So better forget about it.

Kla... gotta be back to work. Bye!


Monday, February 25, 2008

New Zealand bongok.......

Date : 25th February 2008
Time : 9.23AM
Listening to : Time after time - Frank Sinatra
Where : Room - MC

Recently, I had dreams concerning friends that are far away. People that I don't usually see. Yesterday afternoon, I dreamed about Andrew. Something about he teleported back from Michigan whenever he wants to. And Thye Chuan was around too... to witness this "spectacular finding of alch. Sigh. Miss you Andrew. A bit sedih when u teleport balik. Haha.

Then yesterday night, I dreamed of Karen. I heard that she was leaving for New Zealand. That was a day before she left. Wanted to call... but as usual... I didn't. Sigh... You know what NEW ZEALAND?!?! First you took Uncle Ivan, then Hema, then Jeremy and Marcus, then Karen and next you taking Livia and Auntie Kim also. Dunnoe lah. I dreamed that Karen and I had a very long talk after a game. Just chatted about stuff. I don't consider us close but i think enough to hook up on a long chat. I kinda miss her. Actually, I really do miss her. Especially after that dream. All the best karen.

Itu la...wen ppl around, dowan to hang out. When dah hilang tu only wanna bising. -.-! Takper la... I think...hmmm... I will text si Karen and Andrew tu. And Hema. K...ta then!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Risk Taker?

Date : 21st February 2008
Time : 8.00PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : MC - Room

Just came back from school. Today we got back our review and marks for our Influence Workshop for Design Method 2. We had to do I-Map in clas also. I thought it would be boring but actually quite fun also la. And I will happily announce that my marks are satisfactory. But most important of all, I learned alot of things lah through this project. Lecturer commended on my risk-taking character. Adaker aku risk taking? Tak tau. But this was the first attempt that I tried user testing and interaction. So quite scary la. Got 16/20. ^^Y

Anyway, tonight have to refine the flowchart for flash class. Kepala pusing. I think I will change my idea for the project la. K la...can't write anymore... Ta!


1.26AM in the morning

Date : 21st February 2008
Time : 1.26AM
Listening to : Nothingness
Where : MC - Room

If I have a choice..........


But KENOT! MUST do cos' I need to do it and I now it's for my own good. Why everything that is good for us always comes with a price? x.x!

Anyway, for a very good news...which is quite petty to some maybe...BUT... I shall brag about it.

AKU BERJAYA MEN-SCRIPT-KAN pi equation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Eh, ah Bonk... see see... tuition class #1 berjaya! HAHAHAHAH! Ahem...

Anyway... I shall not be mad at this hour of the day/night. I am really out of brain juice already... How to improve on the concept and visual execution of my peer's work. Susahnyerrr.... Have to think think think.

Okayla... This is the pictures of my schnauzer. Finally right...hahahahaaha..... He is so super adorable but I think he's actually suffering from slight mental disorder. Like the owner la.

Sorry. Pictures blur sikit. I am so in love with this dude. He really makes me very happie one okay. Too smart for MY own good this fella. Kinda miss him actually. Jackie yang dong sekali.

On the 3rd day of CNY, I went visiting with my church youths. We visited the Old Folks Home. I had fun there. The people there so friendly. I can't really upload all the pictures. Just some for now. 5 more refused to load. Takper la...maybe next time...tgk dulu... kla.... wanna go do the peer assessment d. 2 more to go. Bye!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Masuk Penjara

Date : 19th February 2008
Time : 8.03PM
Listening to : My own typing
Where : MC - Room

Of late... I've been thinking about my parents, particularly my mom. Couldn't figure out why. So just now I found an excuse to call her just to hear her voice. I know it's silly to even need a reason or excuse to call her. But I don't know how else to do it. Well, you know... me. Will never understand myself too well.

Anyway... Today, I have a verse to share.

Hebrews 11.1 Now by faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:6 And without faith, it is impossible to please God because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.
I guess 2 verses then. Well, faith. Easy to understand. Hard to practice. Harder to maintain. But I am still learning.

Anyway... Couldn't find time a couple of days back to blog. But successfully submitted all my project 1 for all the subjects. Now Project 2 for all the subs are out. I am trying to meet deadline earlier so that life won't be as difficult as last time. I guess it's still quite inevitable that I'll be as busy as a bee soon. But I am trying to throw off as much delay as possible though I must say CrunchyRoll is really addictive. But managed to get quite muak about being so "fai chai" a.k.a useless piece of wood when I sat in front of the laptop watching the dramas for too long.
And too long means 2 hours. I don't feel guilty watching HK dramas. I DESERVE time off. Ahem. Anyway... back to assignment. My previous post was about how I think life is so meaningless cos it's so redundant. I go school ad then assignment and then sleep so little and stuff. Yet, I decided to have extra tuition classes with Hazmer to improve on my scripting for ActionScript 3.0. My first class was yesterday together with Selvia in Coffee Bean. It took us around 3 hours to finish the class. I am glad that I went for the class. It will definitely help me to improve. I hope we can all handle what will be thrown at us.

And yea... I dunnoe la... But sometimes I just feel quite put off by work. And then the next second, I will get very excited about it. And then the very next second, put off again. And so the cycle will go on and on and it never ends. As I type all these right, I finally figured out that this might be due to my stupid pms thingy la. It's been long since I had it. And finally!!!!!! Ahem... Don't read if u feel uncomfortable. This is my blog so scram if u think this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much info. Finally it came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem... So now I am proven to be normal XX gene human again. And yea. I snapped at Chris 2 times today and I wanna say sorry here yea. And Sel also la. Langsung takder mood la nak layan orang these few days.

Of all the things to happen to me, I was locked in my own room. The door mechanism failed to work. And I was locked in my room for 1 and a half our. Door was quite damaged. I tried to dig the pieces of wood out while my bro and zheng tried to do the same at the other side. They suggested to break the door but I dunnoe why I said no. Just my guts that told me that it won't work la. I guess they thought I was stubborn which I totally agree but if they are on my side, they will see why it won't work la. I also don't know how to explain but the door lock system was stuck between that whatever la... And imagin even trying to pry the wood open also so hard d, whats more by kicking. So in then end, Sathom had to climb through the opening at the top of my door to finish destroying the door knob cos I was really...really... out of energy already. Called my mom in between and she gave me some step by step tutorials on how to get the door knob out. Haha.... And my sis was so evil. She called and our convo went like this.

Me : Hello?
Sis : Saya ada satu mimpi...
Me: Mimpi apa... Mimpi saya kena locked up?
Sis: Saya mimpi kamu masuk penjara.
Me: -.-! Yeala... Solitary Confinement.
Sis: Apa kesalahan mu?
Me: Hahahahaha....

Something like that and she suggested that I burn down the door instead. -.-! My sister yang sangat sangat terlawak sekali. But I ws quite angry as the time goes by cos I really hate unexpected stuff and I don't like to be confined.

Okay la... I will be back for DMSJ by God's grace lah. With si GY and si Ju tu. hehe. K k...Taaaa!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Date : 13th February 2008
Time : 8.01PM
Listening to : Changing partners
Where : MC - Room

Perrrrr.... CNY yang takder visiting. Got la... But not as kao as last year but takper la... Janji siap assignment. Really gila this term. The night I was to travel back KL, i cried like dunnoe what babi-ted mia orang. I just couldn't stop lah! I really thought of quitting school lae. I was quite serious about it. But really, really by God's grace.... Assignment completed! Thank GOD!!!

Anyway... Really nothing much to update about and I really don;t want to complain about how super stress giler life is here. Anyway. Hazmeer, our DM2 lecturer had lunch with us today. Lawak man. And Sel and I hung our "experiment" at the Student Lounge already.

Ok...I have something to tell I guess... I kinda find my life meaningless in away. Sometimes I wonder why I work so hard for. Really serve no purpose sometimes. Maybe it does a but I really tader drive nak live on la. Gila kan my talk? Dunnoe la. I am not suicidal ok. Onli takder drive jer. I just wanna stay home with my mom and dad la. Entah kenaper. And it's kind of bad here in KL. I hardly talk to Zheng ok...And she is my hsemate. Approx 10 steps away from my room. I no time ker aper i dunnoe la. It's just so weird when I talked to her. Abit strange. Even Zafri you know. .. Maybe we just don't hang out that often anymore. Guess my workload is killing my r'ship with ppl one by one lah. There are so many things that I couldn't be bothered now. T.T!

Kla...lazy d...bye.