Thursday, February 21, 2008

Risk Taker?

Date : 21st February 2008
Time : 8.00PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : MC - Room

Just came back from school. Today we got back our review and marks for our Influence Workshop for Design Method 2. We had to do I-Map in clas also. I thought it would be boring but actually quite fun also la. And I will happily announce that my marks are satisfactory. But most important of all, I learned alot of things lah through this project. Lecturer commended on my risk-taking character. Adaker aku risk taking? Tak tau. But this was the first attempt that I tried user testing and interaction. So quite scary la. Got 16/20. ^^Y

Anyway, tonight have to refine the flowchart for flash class. Kepala pusing. I think I will change my idea for the project la. K la...can't write anymore... Ta!


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