Saturday, September 19, 2009


Date : 19th September 2009
Time : 5.10PM
Listening to : UP soundtrack - Married Life by Michael Giacchino
Where : Room - MC

Gaahaahhhh! I know! It's been so long since I last blogged here. Sometimes I do randomly dropped some thoughts down at Tumblr. But neway... graduated for about a month edi. Everything went well. One of these days when I have the time and energy I might just post up some photos of the whole grad campaign. Fuh. Thank God it's over.

Gonna start work in another 2 weeks. Will be working in Immerse. Ogilvy and Mather actually called up but I had to decline. I don't think I wanna start off in a big company. Don't ask me why k. I feel more comfy with something smaller and tight knitted. Dee got the job though! XD

Guess this will be my last post in Mentari Court. I am all set to move out by next week. I am already missing most of my friends who left. Lately hung out only with male friends. No more girl friends around Mentari. X.X! And for 2 weeks in a row I had Wednesday movie session with Zafri and Sathom. Amir joined us this week. It was so hilariously fun.

I was annoyed on Thursday. GAH! But you know, I dunnoe wtheck is wrong with me I went ahead and purchased it anyway. x.x! Darn...babi...semacam. Kla! I gt pack! Ta!