Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A very random KL trip and Happy New Year~!

Date : 31st December 2008
Time : 9.30PM
Listening to : Spiderman talking…
Where : Living Hall – Malacca

Okay… It’s the last day of 2008. Don’t really feel nostalgic or anything. Anyway, Yen Mei and I decided on a very random trip to KL. I dunnoe. Just very random. Just the two of us. But on Sunday, when we were having breakfast in church, I turned to Adrian and asked him to join us. Hahaha..So random but he said yes. Asked Andy too but he decided to stay home. Kesian si Wei Jin kena kerja. Anyway, we planned to go KL on Monday morning and back Tuesday night.

Okay, we started the day very early. Bus leaves at 7.30AM. Yen Mei came over to pick me up at 6.58AM. Reached Sentral at 7.10AM.

This is so NOT sentral...and not morning...Wrong setting on my Nikon babe but I thought it goes well with the morning theme. Hehe.. ANYWAY, we met Adrian at McD and we had breakfast there. We reached Pudu at around 9.30AM I think. Bought the ticket for Malacca. 10PM tickets.

Walked our way from Pudu to Kuala Lumpur KTM station. Here are the 2 peeps that came to KL with me, Yen and Adrian. Adrian looked pretty sedih with all those luggages. Hoho.

We had little Elmo with us to! >