Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

Date : 27th December 2008
Time : 1.50PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - Malacca


Fuh, finally I found the time to blog about stuff. The days leading to Christmas were filled with practices and I was kinda lazy to blog. Anyway, this year's Christmas event was pretty rushed. We started practicing for the musical at about 5 days before the event. I was assigned the role of the "irritating and annoying person that didn't want her present during gift exchange". So I was the one that was to initiate the musical. We didn't tell the audience about the musical. So everything was to be normal and gifts passing around in a circle. And I will keep wanting to change my present. The 3rd time, Shaun will say, "Eh, enough la! Just take it" and I will say, "NO!". Then the music will suddenly start and I will SUDDENLY start singing,

"This is not what I want...
This is not what I planned...
And I just got to say...
I do not understand...
Something is really-"

And Juliana cuts in suddenly, "Something's not right!"
Then I continued, "really wrong!"
Both of us, "And we got to get things back where they belong~!!!"

Yeap...from the first High School Musical, "Status Quo".

Anyway, then we have the duet from Juliana and Shaun accompanied by the Harmonious 4(Yen, Qi, Shuen and Andy) and occasionally very sudden singing by the every youths in the circle. Adrian was the host for the night so he had some songs to sing also.

Anyway, during practice, it was fun and easy cos I know everyone there. It was so funny also since kitorang kan semua gila gila punya. We had to practice a dance also which I had problem cos I CANNOT dance. LOL. And I stood at the front row sammo. Darn lawak. let's do this in chronological order. No photos cos...they are not with me. LOL.

21st December 2008
After practice in church, Juliana, Yen Mei, Sarah and I decided that we should have dinner together later in the evening and then buy the presents for the event. So I went back home first. Mom and Dad left for Teluk Intan already so I didn't get to see them before that. It was Tang Yuan day and she made Tang Yuan for us. Too much though. I ate so much already but still cannot finish. Anyway, Yen Mei fetched us to MP and we had Sushi King for dinner. Then we went around searching for presents. At first we went to the pink shop. Eww. And Juliana and I saw this very little boy trying on wigs. LOL. When we smiled at him he quickly took it off, grinned and ran away. Ahhhaaha! So lawak. Then he tried hairband and stuff. Ju and I thought he might just turn sissy. =.=! Then Ju and I went next door to Vincci to look at the shoes. Yen and Sarah went somewhere else. Only some shoes were nice. Anyway, Ju and I had a hard time searching for presents. In the end we just went to Thai Kuang and get some notebooks instead. Then we met Yen and Sarah in Living Cabin. On spot, Ju, Yen and I chose our own presents. Hahaha... All same one and cheap. So random sial we all.

24th December 2008
Christmas Eve! Went over to Juliana's place for dinner at around 7.30PM. Those present was, Jess and family, Uncle Philip Lee's family, Auntie Judy, Sharma, Wei Jin, Sarah, Yen Mei and me. The food was great. It was Uncle Philip's birthday also and Auntie Judy made cheesecake. So nice mannnnnnnn. ^^ Then the youth stayed indoor to watch Elf. Then dunnoe how come the conversation turned so drasticly to previous crushes that we had in church. Wah lao. Juliana betrayed me. Tak guna...... T_T But then again, was pretty funny when we know about other people's one. Gahahaha... Anyway, the day before, I bought a little turtle and an aquarium. Yen Mei and I were sharing the cost to give it on Christmas Day during gift exchange. We went home at around 10 minutes to midnight. Reached home only, suddenly the whole Malim Jaya (my area and Ju's) had a blackout for about 2 hours. Only my youngest bro and I were at home. So I asked him whether he wanna follow me to church tomorrow morning and evening. He said yes. Woohoo!

25th December 2008
In the morning we had our usual Christmas Service. Pin Pin followed me. No message that day but we had a couple of sharing from the members. After that we had lunch. Then we had practice after my bro went home. Later in the evening, Melissa came over to fetch my 2 bros, 2 of their friends and me. Quite a good turn out that night. Yiding and LiuBi came too. Man...been such a long time since I last met them. Ju and I were supposed to usher. Ah Derk made 2 signs, "WELCOME" and "HELLO" and made us carry it. -.= Quite lawak but tiring. Anyway, the singspiration was good. During Gift Exchange session, I was very nervous already cos none of the guest knew about the sudden musical. And it went like this.

Gifts exchange #1
Pass pass...pass... Music stops.
Me : WAIT! Adrian, I got my own gift back... can go again?

Gifts exchange #2
Pass pass...pass... Music stops.
Crowd : Noise noise... blablabla...
Adrian :Okay guys, everyone got their gifts?
Me : Sorry guys! I got back my own gift again. So sorry~! Can we go again? Last one!
Crowd : -__-??
Adrian : >< Okok! Guys, since she's a laddddddy...let's go again.

Gifts exchange #3
Pass pass...pass...
Crowd started observing me with frowns.
Music stops.
Adrian :Ok, everyone ok?
Me : Wah lao weh! Again? Can you guys stop passing me my own gift?
Shaun : Aiya! Just take the gift la! I like the one I'm having now!
Geng Yi taps my shoulder from the back. (He didn't know about it either. Just came back from KL)
Geng Yi (whispers): Eh, how many gifts u brought-
Me : NO! (started singing) *Musical starts*
Geng Yi started laughing.

Hahaha... and from the feedback that we got back later... we found out quite a lot of laughable incidents. When I started singing, my bro's friend asked Shaun, "Why so weird one... Suddenly sing..." And Shaun shrugged and said, " weird....". And then suddenly he stood up and sing. My bro's friend went.. o.0!! "This is weiiirdddd....". And he said to my bro, "Your sister very kesian kena pushed around" cos I was in the middle with the youths pushing me around.

And many of them were pretty shocked by the musical even though they started noticing that I actually didn't get my gift back. Grace whispered to Ju, "Why so silly one? Always get back her gift...". LOL... And Uncle Anthony asked Uncle Philip Lim, "Why she always get her own gift back?" Uncle Philip went, "It's an act Anthony.". LOL.

I would say it was a success la. Even when Adrian forgot most of his scripts, the way he said it and acted out, people thought that was part of the play. Hahaha... It was a great event. During makan session, I sat with Yiding, LiuBi, Melissa, Yik How, Sarah, Wei Jin, Sharma, Sherilyn, Xu Yee, Xu Zheng and Ah Derk. Had a great laugh over lame jokes and riddles and about how Melissa was so into Twilight.

Night ended pretty late. At around 12 my bros and I reached home. My youngest bro and I decided to go Mamak while my other bro took the dog for a night stroll. Reached home, bath and went to bed. But 3 of us started talking about the old sega games like Ice Climber, Contra, Dig Dug and many more la. It was a great night.

26th December 2008
I slept till 11.30AM. Yen Mei called after getting no reply from me. El Sen ajak-ed go lunch at Nando's at 1.30PM. So we went there and had lunch there with Shuen, Hwei, Shaun, Ken, Adrian, Sarah and Elsen. It was such a great meal. Feel so much like Christmas cum Thanksgiving. After the wonderful meal, we hung around discussing about the next day plan. Decided to watch Bedtime Stories. Then Yen and I went to get Christmas present for Melinda. Then went Tesco awhile and lepas tu balik.

Then at around 7.30PM, parents came back from TA. Yen came and we went to Melinda's Christmas party. Hung there awhile and then we balik to my nest. Talked and talked before Yen and I decided to watch Australia. Wait..yen decided to watch Australia and I just tagged along. Actually it was just both of us. Then we decided to call Wei Jin also cos he's nearby MBO. 3 hours sial the movie..Almost la. Not too bad la I think. I just can't stand Hugh Jackman. I dunnoe why. After the stupid poll of the Hugh... =.=!

Anyway, we reached home at around 1.30AM. Woo..penat giler.

Okay... That's all for now. Later at 5pm, will meet up with my church members for a movie. Woohoo! One of the best christmas ever. Will share about the message of Christmas later! Meanwhile, check YEN's blog for photos and message. Ta!

THE REASON FOR THE SEASON IS JESUS CHRIST. It's NOT Santa's birthday. It's Christ's birthday. Merry Christmas again.


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