Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another working day with Vincent~

Cis! What a day! Okay, so i did came to accept that i have to work in the office... Multitasks girl..okay~ Tak aper... Boleh...No problem one... But that MR. VINCENT WONG barged in through the door and said, " Eh, Li.... Help me carry some stuff... So many things in my car.." Okay... Okay... Then when i went downstairs, he started passing me all those rolls of wallpapers... Not short rolls ok! Long long one! Takper...takper... I very strong one... I staggered up and down the stairs carrying the wallpapers while he carried from the car to the FOOT to the stairs which means I have to carry UP the stairs. Penat la~ Thank God he shut the car door before i yell at him... Muahaha! My stupid dong-dong left hand gimme problem sammo~ Cissss....

Then Uncle Benny came in and asked me type the quotation... Stress la... really don't like to type stuff for him one cos' he very very... skema... Then suddenly my stupid penyakit come back la... So long mever come suddenly come... My heart suddenly was seized with some sort of pain... Really like wanna die man... Luckily only for 15 minutes... Cis~ Real gila... That's one "friend" that i dowan to have... Hahah! Then while typing half way, Chien (Vincent) said, "eh...help la..."
Aper ni... How to do 2 things at one time... Nemind... Lucky it's him... If not... Then he asked me to hold one end of the wallpaper cos' he wanna measure the balance...

For information purpose : These wallpapers were for the hotel one so it's bigger than standard size.

So, i held one end... Very very heavy... And to think that he will go slow on this... My head la! He pulled so fast i was literally pulled along. Wah! This boy! Kejam to the max man! Then after one roll, Uncle Benny came back so i went back typing.... Tak lam then my cousin said, "Help la wei!" Cisssss.... Why did i even submit to his request anyway... Cut the story short... I was bullied by a guy 7 days younger than me... Aaargh!!!

Then he brought me out to buy lunch... Have to walk back to my hse which is just behind the office... (that's why i can wake up at 8.45AM and still not late to ork... which is 9AM...hahaha~) Kaki sakit la wear that stupid shoes... Then i reached his car, he asked me to step the brake cos his car brake lights rosak d...
........................ (speechless)
Nemind... Tak per.... I do only~
Then sidai me under the sun so long... Cis~

Then finally, i bought the lunches for my bro... Then he asked whether wanna go back office first or home... I said office ... cos i dowan to walk... hehehe... Then he asked..."then the lunch how to give ur bros"... i said, "You give la! I dowan to walk!"... Then he laughed and said, "Don't care you... Turn to your house!" Then he turned to my house even though my office in front only...
...................................... (After all the time helping him~)
Wah lao! Jia lat la this fella... Call me malas... Can laugh sammo... Malas better than evil... All the time spent with him really sengsara.... but i dunno why i still can laugh... Cacat~

Just now chatted with my sister... Haih~ Sick again... Suddenly she asked me whether May free not...Say wanna go vacation...both of us... Then she said maybe go Panang or Thailand... I was like... "Yeh! Penang!".... Haha... She terus blur.... Then i said i dowan go Thailnd because scared later kena bomb~ Muahaha! Terus kena sound form her... Hahaha!

Our Conver... (Very jarang we chat)

Blue = My sis
Peach = Me

u sick ar
why always sick one
everytime get fever when i dun get enough sleep
i also dunno lae
hey paik ge called you?
she messaged
i never reply
of all jobs

oh ok why?
wat job is it?
sell cigarettes in pubs and bar
job starts at 8pm to 2 am
wat wrong with her man
crazee not?
she wanna die ar
no need to wear sexy one she say
malas i wanna layan

ask her go and die la.. no wonder she tell me she will talk to you directly
talk her head la
sigh.. tak sangka got such friend
i wun answer her call

hey you early month of may free?
i will tell her stret i working with my ma d
she tried calling you ar/
should be la

no la i was thinking maybe we should go aomewhere
onli both of us?

err dunno lae
yalor... if wen wanna go then go lor
maybe should go penang!
or else ask dad to go thailand
yeh! go penang!
i no passport la

ya maybe la
penang no need la
i noe laaa
aper la

thailand then only make lor
thailand scary la
later kena bomb

if i see paik ge i surely scold her one
she ask onli la
bomb your head la
no need scold
YA!! but to even have the guts to ask!!!
haha... she abit sot

Malas wanna edit la~ Back pain d... sit so long... kla~ Episode 8... Hmmm~ Maybe another 2 days... Sorry la Artwork! I'll do it ASAP!!!!

Episode 7 - The Food have arrived!!!

Week two was also the rough game week. Hoong Cheong gathered us inside the church hall like usual at 4 PM on Monday…(sorry…not chronological again… Suddenly popped up) At first group 3 had to share about their personality… Surprisingly, all four of us in the room have different personality.
Lan = Choleric
Hwei = Melancholic
Ju = Phlegmatic
Me = Sanguine
Nampaknyer we all have different roles. Neway, after that, Hoong Cheong gave each group some hard boards and tapes and ect… Then he asked us to make the armor of God… Okie~
Joyce was our fighter… For group 2 we have Sin Lan and group 3 we have Melissa. Haih~ Let’s not get into detail who did what but the fight was… amazingly rough… I am so glad I was not the one in that Arena of War man… I sure die one… Lembik macam mashed potato.
But it was really fun to watch. Caught videos of it… yes… mute one… again… The “costumes” were recycled for the chapel class… AND for the KK Sunday school visual aids… Hehe~

Friday was the last day we saw Uncle Lian. I really do think he has the gift of discernment. Hmmm~ After lecture on Friday, he terus cabut-ed without telling us. Aper ni… But he is by far my favorite lecturer cos’ he talked very enthusiastically. Very hard to fall asleep one. Neway, Friday… what happened ar… Oh… hehe… interesting week. Week 2 was the most interesting week. On every Friday, Auntie Lina assigned each group to clean up one place. Last week we were supposed to clean up the lecture hall. But Timon and Joyce cleaned up way before we knew it. So, Eu Gin and I decided to help out group 2. Then I went over to the library and I saw Titus acting like a Spiderman. Wah seh… This guy… betul-betul unpredictable one. This week we were supposed to clean up lecturer’s rooms. Hmmm~ It was a really fun experience. Instead of using the mop, Hazel and I used the shower head and sprayed the kitchen floor. We sprinkled some AJAX on the floor and the whole floor got soapy. I wonder what Auntie Lina will say when she knew what we were doing. When we entered the lecturer’s room, we were like… “Waaaa… The pillow so nice… the bed so nice… air-con sammo….” I almost fell asleep on the bed together with Ju.K. It was during the clean-up that I found out that Andrew’s good friend in US is Ju.K’s elder sister. Wow… What a small world…. Hey, @lch… if you happened to read this, just wanna tell you thanks for your call. Come home fast! Neway, we made a bucketful of AJAX + water for Eu Gin to mop the rooms’ floor while Shuang, hazel and I tried to push the water out of the drainage from the kitchen. Hahaha~! The hole was like covered with hair… Uek~ Uncle Lian’s hair…(Quoted from Shuang)… Very the geli ler! I had to pick them up. -.-! We assigned Timon and Siang to clean up Hoong Cheong’s room in the boy’s dorm. Then Eu Gin complained that we put to much AJAX into the bucket cos’ the bucket was brimming with foams d. Haha… Sorry, my fault Eu Gin! It was really funny looking at his blur face. Then from there we girls, namely Hazel, Shuang and I interrogated Eu Gin about the ‘fruits’… Muahaha! We knew Shuang was rambutan very long d…. But hazel… Honeydew?! Hahaha! That’s a new thing. And I finally dug out from him who was Mango although we exceeded his 3 guesses. I mean, Eu Gin vs. Aunty + Shuang…. Aunty sure win one… I cukup ganas… Hahaha! Sammo got reinforcement from Shuang. But we promised not to reveal to anybody.




Guava~ Jagung~


But still, Bell and Sher Lynn I think started to come up with a list of Vegetables names for the boys. I wasn’t involved so I won’t know who is what vege la. But I know somebody told me that Vincent was carrot. Why in the world carrot anyway? Aiya~ I dunnola. I only know I was so tired that I went to bed straight. Sammo our room ppl were so excited that day cos’ Tim Keong was coming! Happy not because he coming alone but because hw was bringing food from home! Muahaha~ Ju’s home cooked to be more precise. I was sleeping so nyenyak-ly when Sin Lan suddenly came jumping in announcing Tim’s arrival. I was so groggy when I went out to meet him. I can’t even remember if I did. I went back to sleep after that. So tired laaa. But when Ju came in with the “pigs in the blanket”… Really cannot tahan… have to attack d… Sammo got cheese cakes… Talking about being bahagia… 100% ‘xing fu’ man… Got home made pizza sammo… Talked to Tim during dinner. Still with the same hairstyle… Still cannot tahan Kaka and me. Still speechless when kena tembak. Still very lawak. Muahaha!

On Friday night, Auntie Lina gathered us all together for a talk. Haih~ Very the scared. She asked us to share our personal testimonies… Adoih~ While she were explaining… My phone kept on ringing… Gosh… It was Hooi Siang. He was supposed to be back that night. Then while Auntie Lina was explaining…. the phone rang… in the end I shut it. Adoih~ Sorry la Siang… No choice. He ended up calling Auntie Lina. Haha… Auntie Lina can’t pick him up so he had to take a taxi back to GLO from the bus station in Kamunting. When he came though the door… hehe… almost everyone cheered la. Good to see him back la… Really. Homecoming King… in all other sense of words la….

I'll continue about what happenned after Siang came back in Episode 8 k and no pics... later onli put~ Tomorrow have to work and i am dying d~

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Work? Yes~I did enjoy most of it...

Aih~ Today's work was like.... indescribable. Went there at around 9.45 AM.... Muahaha! Anak bos lambat 45 minit.... nemind la... Officially first day... In fact... i felt a bit guilty cos i had to hand over the follow-up session to Hwei. Haih~ Nemind la.... Started of with accounts... Maybank and RHB... -.-! Really dislike numbers.... Then my cousin, Vincent (I call him Chien...he's onie 7 days younger than me) came back to the office... my same age cousin... ahem~ sammo my fav.... But i guess he dunno dat la. He also one gila one. He was so bored he asked me to call my mom to see if she needed him to do nething cos my dad asked him to come back to sub Alex awhile. He works for my parents also. Then he ended up having to do my job... Faxing to all the suppliers. Hahaha! He was like, "Lao... Fax until morning also not yet finish la!".... I was like laughing cos' he asked for it... Then after awhile, he brought me out to buy lunch together with my grandma. Then went to buy stationaries for the office... This guy... apa pun takda... i mean the ex-worker. Actually Chien asked if my mom gave me any petty cash and i said yes... I tot i left onli like 70 bucks ... then he said he wanna pump petrol... then i said i supply only 20 bucks. He said ok. After that, i checked and i said... "Hey, got 170 bucks la!"... Then he accused me of bluffing him cos i dowan the car to move... He asked me to push the car! Hahaha! In the end we suggested my grandma to push the car... Muahaha! My grndma laughed... of course we managed to pump petrol before we ran out of it. Then while waiting for my grandma... i asked him to call my phone because my phone naik gila again no sound. He then take and knocked on his stearing so hard! Iwas like, "Wei! I still want my phone!"... Then he grinned and said, "I fixed phone before ok... Sure got sound one..." Then he knocked sammo! Liaooooo... Begging him d until suddenly my phone rang...with sound... Liaoo...i couldn't stop laughing...He lagi ler cannot stop. Always also bully me...

Then we saw an old man with his right leg in chain and he holding the other end of the chain. His left cheek has a big wound and he was wandering along the road. I was very stunned. After we dropped my grandma back at my hse, he drove me to Pulau Gadong to buy my stuff. Then we saw a crowd at the side of the road. I thought it was an accident but Chien told me that it was that old man we saw. Very sad ler see him liddat. I wonder who did that to him. Haih~ All i can do was to pray for him but quietly of course cos' my this cousin like to say i read Bible like i read my textbook one. -.-! Neway, he very the cacat one... I mentioned about that man and he said i chained him up and whacked him until like that. Wah liaoo! What la! Bought duck rice again... That duck rice boy hor.... very very leng chai... Hahaha.... Ju will agree on this i think but his duck rice is superb la... No kidding...

Bac in the office... Thats where i need to attend to all my 3 bosses... My ma, my pa...and Uncle Benny. Sammo i cleared Alex's stuff... Yohh~ The more i clear the more i wanna die. He hid so many nonsense! Then the worst and yet funniest part wa working on Koperasi Budget Hotel summary. Mannnn... So many numbers. The more i count the more it became complicated. Uncle Benny said i gave him heart attack. The more both of us worked on it, the more we laughed. I was really frust actually...But everytime i lost where i was counting and start all over again, the more i laughed. I recounted more than 3 times actually although i told ppl onie 3 times. Liaooo~ Ppl lepas kerja pukul 6... Anak boss lepas kerja pukul 6.45PM... Still, i came 45 minutes late. Haha! Then the computer... the OFFICE COMPUTER! NO FILING SYSTEM ONE! Wanna find one simple file also so hard! He hor! Aaaarghhh~ Patience.... I told my mom that i can't find the file in the comp. and i very frust. Sammo the files piling on the table haven't clear. She laughed and said, "Die la u... his filing system very bad one~".... -.-!! Jeng! But i guess she knows that i won't scream or yell or show sour face or nething liddat. Ish~

But i must say hectic my life may be... i feel that i enjoy working today la...even though got a few frust moments. Really happy to be with my cousin... Haha... Got reason why i put him above others. Family history so no need to mention la~ At least not in blog.... Thank God i didn't die because of the figures in the accounts!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Episode 6 - It's all about fruits! Bananas in Pyjamas and Guava Song~

This is the episode six! Hope it's not too long... It's only like 1 1/2 page in Microsoft Word... Hehe... Enjoy.. Gosh... i think GLO Memories Down The Lane could take up to 20 episodes. Nevermind... I have two faithful readers which are my faithful Artwork and Craftwork. Well done my servants for reaching this far without a complain. Hahaha~

That Thursday night, we had our chapel service. That night itself we had to do some rehearsal for our practical ministry. I was so not ready so I asked Hazel to sub me for storytelling that night and I sub her for singspiration. Real darn timid man. Cisss… But she agreed also la. Thank God for her. Justin’s group came up with a sketch for the Sunday School… Also mute one. So funny. Titus and Soon Yi were the notty boys and Ee Ee was their mother. Melanie was the ‘dun main-main mia budak’ a.k.a kecik-kecik cili padi. Hahaha! Took mute videos of them. Don’t complain that it was soundless…it’s not like they spoke or anything like that. For Jacob's group... I guess everyone will remember the quote, "Sex, Drug and Rock and Roll!"~ At the end of the rehearsal, Auntie Lina told us she wants us to do visual aids for that storytelling. When she suggested some stuff, I wasn’t really listening cos’ my mind started to organize all the ideas I thought of. Hmmm~ Snapped some pics in the church also. After we were dismissed, group 3 went back to the library to finish up their assignment. Most of the rest went to cook their supper. Really cannot tahan Nat. He cooked the mee like… I dunno how to say la. He put hot water for the instant noodles and waited for the wax to melt. I offered to microwave for him but he didn’t wanna trust me wor! So geli… Haha… Okie la… I know everyone has their own style. Got once, I tried the mee… Tasteless one. Then he asked me to try Timon’s. At least better ler. He bising me. Haha… Neway, it was Justin, Sher Lynn and my turn to sweep the floor and throw rubbish. Sher Lynn swept the floor already so I went to get Justin to throw the rubbish. On the way out, I asked him how he was cooping with the SS thing. During rehearsal he seemed quite tensed. So all the walk back to the common room we talked about how he handle kids and stuff like that. Still looked very awkward when he demo and let me see how he‘s going to handle the kids. Then Sammy and I launched into another very ‘off’ topic. I think something to do with Justin one la. He looked so worried that Sammy would spill things out. I was like laughing man. Cannot be disturbed one this guy. He will have very big reaction. Ju will agree with me on this.

Shuang and her mee~

In case u guys wondering, that's Sam Lee with his tool to dig his mee with~

Kegembiraan yang tidak terhingga but still willing to pose before eating~
Someone must tell Sammy not to bully Siang and steal his food... Poor thing~

And Siang had to share food with Vincent, Haih..~

Our chefs in training~

Kaka’s issue… Very interesting. Juliana was known as Kaka in the camp and still is. Vincent was reading the sports section and I was reading section 2. Then suddenly Ju came and said, “Eh, Kaka la…” and Vincent went, “You know Kaka ar?”… Then they launched into football and Kaka’s stuff… Then dunno how this Vincent calls her Kaka already. -.-?? But that name sticks till today.

Hmmm~ That day Nat and I were chatting and I asked him whether he remembered about the guava song. That was a funny incident. Sammy was meddling with something and I think got on our nerves or something liddat… then Nat snatched up the guitar and started to serenade about Sammy and guava. Very (x3) funny. Sang in the tune of the song “stand by me” and “Don’t wanna miss a thing” and “Sugar” with lyrics composed by Nat… One day should just record it la. The lyric composed by Nat with Sugar tune went something like this. Very simple one. Guava…Oh guava, guava…. Haha. For stand by me… Hmm~ Roughly this : So Guava, Guava stand… by me… Oh stand... by me...~ But I still think the best one was the Don’t wanna miss a thing song… Can’t remember much. Should be something like this: I could stay awake just to see you sleeping… (Can’t remember here) I don’t wanna close my eyes… I don’t wanna fall asleep cos I miss you guava and I don’t wanna miss a thing. And even when I sleep again, the sweetest dream will never do cos I miss you guava and I don’t wanna miss a thing… The bridge: I don’t wanna miss one smile, I don’t wanna miss one bite… Lalala~ I give up la…I cannot remember. Only Nat can come up with stuff like this. All I could remember is we drove Sammy away. Eu Gin was there I think so for more info of those songs, maybe can ask Eu Gin… If he remembers la. It was really very funny… Even after I went back to my room, I was still laughing about it.

Uncle Lian played the guitar too! Hehe… but the guitars (We have like Sam Lee’s guitar, Ju.K’s guitar and another dunno who’s guitar) were soon taken over by Jacob, Sam and ahem~ Me… the poser… Not too bad you know… After all, just simply press some strings and take a pic…I would have looked like I played the guitar… Right?? Actually this was on Wednesday night after the prayer meet. And all these took place before Sam and the rest prayed for me. Well, sorry for not being in chronological order.

The Guitarists and ahem Mr.SS~
Distinguish the faker!

Week two was the week Kaka and I became Bananas in Pyjamas. Muahaha! Didn’t thought of this name till we went KLCC. We had the same pyjamas. Hmmm~ It was really funny when we first put them on… Sin Lan took pics of us while I was busy laughing at some videos and Kaka talking with Geng Yi on the phone. Cissss… She and her sinful camera… and my sinful camera also… Strange how we agreed on buying the same pj… But different color ok… So not that identical. It was really fun though!

That's all for episode 6... Hope to be back with the next episode soon! Enjoy, Artwork! And Nat, stop calling me pig if you dowan ganas remarks from me... Siang quoted me as ganas in his blog okie~ So dun play-play... Hehehe~


Actually, today worked with ma again... Adoih~ That guy was sacked/let go/quit... whatever but i know it's not exactly good news to me but it's okay la...Better than rotting at home... Neway... I received some feed back on the kenny roger's fear factor blog :

Mr. Katsumoto says:
oh, yeah.. aunty, I must say I rili enjoy yr blog
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
yea, and i rili enjoy writing and providing u with ur nightly news
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
crazee enuf?
Mr. Katsumoto says:
Mr. Katsumoto says:
yea, especially the kenny rogers thing
Mr. Katsumoto says:
I have heard a great deal of crazy things ppl do & the one I & my frens do
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
that one was horrible
Mr. Katsumoto says:
but nothing compares 2 what u did
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
i din pull all that off by myself ok
Mr. Katsumoto says:
that's just beyon normal human standard
Mr. Katsumoto says:
walau.. I'm sure many ppl were looking at u ppl rite?
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
erm~ i dunno...i was holding the camera
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
i wasn't IN the trolley
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
I wasn't the PUSHER
Mr. Katsumoto says:
oh, in dat case, I think most of the shoppers will just think of u ppl as from a production company
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
erm~ haha..i doubt that...i actually have that video
Mr. Katsumoto says:
can send me?
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
haha..NO WAY
Mr. Katsumoto says:
I wanna watch also
Mr. Katsumoto says:
Huh? Me? Busy? Dying? says:
i will die
Mr. Katsumoto says:

* Mr. Katsumoto's real name has been changed

Adoih~ Takper la... Neway... Episode 6 coming up! Writing!

Paperworks~ Not for me... Gonna fight for Interior Design course!

Haih~ Yesterday worked with my mom. I woke up and decided to go over to the office to buat kacau a bit... Mana tau Alex never come and my mom asked me to sub in for him. I admit that i onli needed to do maybe like 1/4 of his job but i mmg not catered to do paperworks one ma. Struggle* Struggle*... Haih~ Sammo have to do accounts. Simple accounts but equally as bad as form 5 PA. Yerrr~Sammo things were so messed up because that guy didn't organize all those stuff. Wanna find some stuff also can make me pening d. He should have a trolley beside him so that his table won't be like a paper factory. Wanna put da' laptop also need to dig hole. Then when i tried to print the account statement and quotation... That stupid printer gimme problem! Waaaa! Dahla got a terrible headache (late nite onlining + the memeningkan mia accounts)... I only wanna printtttttttt.... In the end have to write. Haih~ Ju came and get the follow-up book and some forms... Talked to her also blur blur. Nemind laaa... Today after go school for some scouters stuff then will go see what my mom want me to do sammo.. No accounts please!!! *Pray hard*

I walked home after that. Took a panadola and i watched Justice League with my brothers. Liaooo... Batman and Wonderwoman were defeated... Stewpig one. I didn't watch finish... Don't tell me Superman came to the rescue again...Why not Flash ler? We went dinner after that. Wah...So very the bahagia. Found another nice place to eat. Porridge House. I waited for like approximately 30 minutes before the food actualy arrived. I was very very hungry. Then everytime they took the food out, (Picked the wrong place to sit...at the entrance)...it wasn't for us. Then everytime they brought a nice looking dish, my dad will say, "Har...You want that one also?".... hahaha.... Actually yes but i laughed anyway. Let's see what we ordered. Sambal sotong+prawns,Sze Chuan vege, Potatoes leaves, Chicken legs' skins (Uekk~I didn't eat this) and Kong Pao fish pieces... Adoih~ The names not nice one but the food were excellent. Nyak nyak nyak~ After all those paperworks... get to eat all these...worth it...very worth it... Oh yea, earlier on, Siang put his nick as : Eat to live...or live to eat?... Obviously live to eat maaa... Can't wait for another food hunting day...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Food-Hunting:Chapter One & Project 3

Waaa... really cannot tahan... Just came back from dinner with Juliana, Yen and Melinda... Our not so regular gang. We headed to Kenny Rogers, Tesco branch. This Yen really tempter man... Neway, they were so late... Hmph~ waited for almost 15 minutes before they finally arrived. Steamed~

Neway, we came up with some crazee stuff and let me introduce u guys to the Production Crew:-

Drums Rollin~

First we have the Executive Producer - Teo Yen Mei a.k.a Kame-Kame (Tortoise in japs) :

Quoted as the Winner of Challenge~

Then we have our Chief Director - Melinda May Ong a.k.a Speaker

Quoted as the Waitress Screwer~

Third we have our Scriptwriter - Juliana Gomes a.k.a Kaka

Quoted as Crapper/Food Critic~

Lastly we have the Co-Producer : Wong Chen Li a.k.a Aunty

Quoted as The Psycho Prompter/Entertainer~

Okay...so these are the players... We called this Kenny Rogers Fear Factor. With all of us so hopeful to fill our tummies with good food, we started our quest on the 19th February 2006 for food. We decided on Kenny Rogers Tesco branch. Took a four seater. Service was bad. This don't have...that don't have.... Even plain water don't have! But we trusted that KR will satisfy our rumbling stomachs. I ordered a Quarter Meal... I was very hungry. I even said to Ju, "Eh, will be full ar eat like that?" and she replied, "Nemind lo...if not full u can eat mine...".... WRONG ANSWER!!! We will see why later. Yen ordered Beef Spaghetti. Juliana asked for Macaroni and Cheese after her orders were rejected again and again because of their food shortage.. Bengang~ Mel ordered her potatoes salad. The food came and as usual, going out with Kame-Kame, we can't dig in until she took pics of our food. So, our tasks were to finish up our food which, in our record... We never fail... And the outcome is :-

Exec. Producer ~ Yen



Verdict : Thumbs Up! Well done! Task completed~

Scriptwriter ~ Ju



Verdict : A Fist. No thumbs up nor down. Almost done. Task failed~

Co-Producer ~ Chen



Verdict : Thumbs Down! Not done. Task Failed miserably!~

Chief Director ~ Mel

Dunkin Donuts~

Verdict : Excellent! Completed the task of buying Dunkin Donuts from KL~

Okay...So i failed... I didn't struggled as badly as Ju... Both of us had to go for a walk before we came back and try to eat again. Dieee~ As for the other two...They enjoyedtheir food i see... Cis... Juliana was the most quotable person there. I can name a few...If i have the sound clip and approval from da players, i may include it in the blog. Let's see... She said...

#1 : I always thought God can help me through this...*quoted Phil 4:13
#2 : Finally, God sent an angel to feel me... Macaroni tasted different when somebody feed me
#3 : What an idiotic food!
#4 : Psalm 23(Changed the words) ~ *I won't include the false doctrines...haha

More or less like this la... But it's definately ranked No.2 in my list of bad food! Maybe not for my group who rated this as No.1. I've tasted something worse than this but they were equally hard to eat.

~Winners of Bad Food!~

Champion : GVKM (Mee Goreng) -.-!
1st Runner Up : Kenny Rogers Tesco Branch (esp. macaroni + cheese)
2nd Runner Up : KLCC Secret Recipe (Beef Lasagna, Chicken Cordon Bleu)

The list may change as me and my gang continue our food hunting activity! I can actually name a few good spots to eat...esp. supper...

1. Tmn Asean Mamak (though i stomach ache b4)
2. MGC's neighbour Mamak (Fries darn banyak)
3. Secret Recipe Melaka Raya!!!!

Okay...so this is the chapter one of our food hunting for year 2006. I believe there's more to come.

I mentioned Project 3 in the title. Our Project 1 was on NY eve... We did some photo editing which sent the ppl in our church laughing. Our Project 2 was on Aaron's makan night. We went to JJ's fountain and got ourselves wet...dripping wet and went back to Aaron's place. So for Project 3... We had an irregular fren, Melinda to join us.... Haih~ Trolley madness... Had a funny video of SOMEBODY riding in Tesco's trolleys and SOMEONE pushing her around with SOMEBODY commenting on the situation and with SOMEONE capturing the whole situation in camera. Hehe~ Shan't reveal who but i can say this is the craziest thing i've ever seen. Guess being too happening in a small town called Malacca could be a lil' too weird to be true. Until the next project... and another food hunting day... Tata~!

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Episode 5 - Justin's 10 episodes~

Haih~ Finally added a chatterbox...teruk man wanna do. Cos i dun have exp. ma! Okok...Just now i read Nat's comment... I stole his chickens...not Vincent's. At least that cleared up. Also got one thing to add. Kaka and Lan Lan reminded me of the chapel class that i missed. Lan was rather excited when she came back. I remembered her showing me a very short video of *Mr.Y telling the story of his ahem... Miss P said he hugged it very tight worrr... I dunno~ Haiya... Too bad i missed it and too bad we had to delete it. This is what some of comments.

* I am sure GLO ppl know siapa Mr.Y and ahem but keep this out of public! Confidential yea, ppl...

Chen - www.frozenstrawberry.blogspot.com says:
hat do u feel after u see *Mr.Y spoke about his ahem* in chapel class?
Miss P says:
in can see dat he has a lot of love in him
Chen - www.frozenstrawberry.blogspot.com says:
Haha...really not
Miss P says:
Chen - www.frozenstrawberry.blogspot.com says:
too bad e deleted it hor
Miss P says:

Ok la.... Justin bising-ed for episode 5 d...so i shall feed him with this. Hahaha.... This is the first two episodes of Justin's 10 episodes show in GLO... Dedicated specially for Justin See Ken Jie.... Haha...

On Monday night, Uncle Lian gathered us in the church and briefed us on our weekend practical ministry. My group was supposed to do Sunday school and morning sermon in Kuala Kangsar Gospel Hall. The rest of the 2 groups were all assigned to Batu Gajah Gospel Hall. I was like, “Harrrr… I will be alone…”. What la! Then who wanna sleep with me?! Neway, back to the briefing. Uncle Lian asked for volunteer for Sunday School in BGGH storytelling I think. Then the person must be from group 3. Justin volunteered Jacob but the plan backfired. Uncle Lian chose Justin. Could see that Justin was really shocked lor. Then for group 1, Timon became the speaker. The Sunday school in KKGH later only we discussed. Then for group 2, they were in charge of Youth People meeting in BGGH. Sam became the speaker. I talked to Justin and he said he was not good with kids. Haha… kesian… I was assigned to do storytelling and Hooi Siang was supposed to help me when he comes back. Back in the common room, Juliana and I tried to help Justin. He said he can’t bring himself down to the children level like Jacob. So I asked him to show me how he would treat the children. Pengsan… If I were to be a small kid, I cry edi. Haha. So I demo a bit let him see how to talk to a child. He couldn’t do it you know. I really pity him…children was like his phobia you know.

On Thursday afternoon, we were supposed to gather for assignment. Tried to find for Timon cannot find him… Then someone told me he was washing “flags”… -.-! Ish~ we discussed some stuff and assigned works to each of us. Half way through, mom called. My group mates were like waiting. She said, “I heard from Juliana’s mom that you wanted to stay for another 11 days?”. She didn’t exactly sound that please. I asked, “Can or not? Cos’ left 11 days and the whole thing will finish d ma..”. I was filled with hopes man… Then she said up to me. Then I asked if dad was pleased or not. She then told me actually back home got a lot of stuff haven’t do for CNY. I felt guilty so I said if she wants me to go home, I will. Then she said, “Nemind la Nemind la…”. She didn’t sound pleased…again. My heart sank like mad. I was happy la in a way cos’ I could choose to stay but I felt sad cos’ she didn’t sound happy. As soon as I ended the conversation, Timon already asked if I could stay. I said yes and they kinda like cheered la. I mean, they prayed for me ma so they would have hoped that I could stay. I told them my dilemma la but how la they wanna help right? I didn’t do much for that assignment. Just compiled some stuff then I went out to read the book of Jonah d. I went out to the swing there and I tried so hard to read Joyce’s Bible on Jonah but I couldn’t concentrate. So I just resorted to swing myself on the swing, leaning back, and facing up. Was just trying to think. I felt like crying so much. The personal struggle of conscience, between learning God’s Word and being a good daughter; seriously stripped away part of my joyful self that day. I personally don’t think, even now that I am writing this; that nobody could understand that kind of feeling that I felt. Juliana was in the library doing assignment. I had no one to talk to. Tse Hwei and Lan were also busy with their assignments. I told them what happened briefly before I went over to the swing. I continued swinging slowly, looking up on the tree branches that gave me shade. I talked to God. I wanted Him to hear me so badly you know… Then I saw a little white butterfly flying over me. Very pretty lor… Then I prayed. I asked God to show me what I should do. I wanted Him to just tell me if it was okay to stay in GLO. If yes, let the butterfly turned back. But the butterfly didn’t turn back. So I was very disappointed. I was thinking, if turn back then I would have considered staying for only another week. But seeing that the butterfly didn’t even turn back, I was prepared to go home already. I know I should not just rely on this but I felt that way lor. So I closed my eyes, still leaning and facing up. I was quiet; I didn’t even try to talk to Him anymore. Didn’t want to think already. Then I opened my eyes, And I saw the white butterfly flew back. This time, with another white butterfly. Two white butterflies… I was like crying edi; thanking God for answering my prayer so clearly. I decided to stay. I remembered Joyce came and talked to me. But I can’t recall if that was or before I prayed about the butterfly thingy. You know, I really felt that God works in a very amazing way. I was really amazed… I am not being dramatic but He is just awesome….

I went into the common room and I told hazel I wasn’t really sure about my storytelling so she gave me a piece of paper with some details on it. I read it and then went over to the library to find Juliana. I sat down and talked to her la. This Justin was like sitting beside her. So he said he should just leave us alone and I told him that he didn’t have to leave la cos’ it wasn’t something that was meant to be a secret. Then he told us that he will not listen to anything la. So lawak la this budak. Then I told Juliana about my doubts la. I didn’t tell her about the butterflies yet. Then this Justin told me a story about his friend. Very encouraging. Then I told Ju about the butterflies and she was like, “See, two. So clear the signs!”… Yea, so clear… After that, Ju told me about Justin and Ee Ee stuff. I wasn’t defending Justin lor but Ee Ee memang was a hard person to get along with. It was really a hard situation to explain in words. In short, it was really funny the way Justin expressed himself. But I think he felt guilty lor cos’ during dinner time he offered the seat next to him to her. And he was being so nice to her all of a sudden. I sat opposite of Justin during dinner. I did not sit with the Ju they all. Ju.K was on Justin’s left and Ee Ee right. I was sitting with I dunno who d. I think Soon Yi. Then while I was eating, I saw Justin signaling at me. I was really puzzled. He tilted his chair backward and started to do some motions with his hands but whenever Ee Ee looked he would stop. Then I cannot tahan, I laughed because it really did look very funny. So he pretended to take water for me and he came over to my side and started whispering something. I couldn’t hear him that well. All I could catch was…chicken…toink…saliva… Stuff like that la. He gave up. So after dinner I went and ask him la. Then he told me the story. Roughly, he said this: “Just now Ee Ee asked for chicken so I gave her the last piece. Then she peeled with her fingers. And you know la, she eats with her fingers and I saw that her fingers got touch the mouth and so must have touched saliva. (He added some illustration). Then she peeled the chicken already, she toink the other half to my plate. (At this point, I was really laughing like a mad cow already… Toink! That is a funny word to substitute any word lor!). You can laugh sammo! I was looking at the chicken. I tried to throw the chicken over to Ju.K but her plate was too far away. Ee Ee kept on like looking so it is not nice to not eat what people gave you right? And so I popped it into my mouth and drank a lot of water. (I was laughing real bad d at this point). What is done is done.” Phew… That was quite a joke ler. Seriously lor. And we labeled him with Ee Ee soon after. I remembered him telling Hoong Cheong and Ju.K and she could not stop laughing also. He was complaining to Auntie Lina also and she was also laughing. Every time he told a person and every time he reached the part where he said “Toink!”, I would be laughing already. He said that I really fancy that word. No, I don’t. It’s just so funny! You must understand ler… This fella talk… he very serious one. That’s what so funny la! He then asked me, “Do you know what she did to me?”… I asked him to say and he proceeded to the next story. He said that there was once when he was having flu or something like that la (I can’t remember). Then Ee Ee asked him to try her oil. I tell you, the oil stinks man. He of course declined la but Ee Ee insisted so he took a little la and Ee Ee thought him how to apply. So he just followed what Ee Ee said and he applied almost all over his face. He even demonstrated for us to see. He said he cried because it stung his eyes. I was literally on the floor rolling edi with Ju.K. It was so funny. He looked so serious when he told us the story. He didn’t even realize how he looked when he told us. He said, “You all can laugh sammo!”… Come on! We can’t help it! Anyway, our outburst definitely drew a lot of curious eyes. Sher Anne asked me what happened and I asked her to ask Justin… Erm… Justin said the whole thing started to spread around d…Haha.

Kla kla...episode 6 later!

And so we went KLCC...

Whao~ What a tiring day... Juliana and I went to KL yesterday. Followed my parents and Uncle Benny up cos' they have....i think 3 meetings... Spent our whole day in KLCC... not exactly la... Okay, let's see if i can remember everything...

The night before, i slept at around 2.00AM and samo i lost my handphone! Sheesh... I can't remember where i put it... After prayer meet, my hp missing d... So i guess it'll be in church... *I hope! Wishing real hard~* Okay, so the next morning, i slept until so nice, the phone in my room rang. My mom then came into my room and told me Juliana called and said, "Ae, what time already? Still dowan to wake up?".... Then i answered the call and Juliana said she was coming over to my place now. I faster went and change... Haih~ No alarm clock... Now onli i realised my handphone is my sole source of alarm. Nemind... Okay, let's jump to the journey. We stopped for breakfast... But on the way up, my stomach ached like MAD! Ju and i needed to go toilet so Uncle Benny brought us to this car display centre and we used the toilets there. From what i heard from Juliana and Uncle Benny later, Uncle Benny tried to scare me while i was in the toilet. He wanted to wait outside the door and hold a very very bushy broom right in front of my face. -.-!! He hor.... Luckily making bomb saved me.... Muahaha! Tak keluar-keluar from the toilet and in the end he gave up. Then all the way up KL, my parents were like answering so many calls. Yoh~ Ju said next time i will be like that. I dowan~!! Eu Gin messaged Kaka at around 10.00AM like that and told us that he's going KLCC to meet us d! I was like...my gosh...we haven't even left Malacca yet. But in the end he stayed in his dad's office first. Nenek was sick...So cannot meet us.

Okla... Let's talk about our arrival. Dad stopped us at the carpark lift there. When the lift stopped, Ju and i hopped into it. Then dunno which buttons to push. Very the stupid one... No guide as in what floor is what.... Then suddenly the lit doors opened again and a bunch of people swarmed in... Stress... Luckily they stopped at the C floor of the shopping mall. We came out only we saw Dunkin Donuts d. We made our way up the escalators. Wanted to go Kinokuniya. I remembered it to be on the top most floor. We saw Secret Recipe on the way. Ju calle Eu Gin to tell him that we arrived d and we'll wait for him at the bookstore. Can't really make out what he replied. Neway, i saw a book that i was interested in... "The Glass Palace"... Asian Literature... RM39.90... Phew~ Dunno wanna buy not... Then i brought Ju up to the top floor of that bookstore... Dieeee~.... My paradise. All those Interior Designing and Photography books. Ju said don't tempt myself cos' the more i see the more i wanna fight my way to be an ID. Haih~ Nemind la... While waiting for Eu Gin, we read some stuff there. Eu Gin called and said he also sampai d. I picked a Garden themed photography book and sat behind a bookshelf to read. I told Kaka i wanna hide. Haha... She laughed. But anyway, when Eu Gin reached, i popped outta my hiding place before he even asked for me.

We went out of that bookstore and jalan-jalan... Really didn't where to go. I bought a darn expensive 2 scoops ice cream for RM8.40! Stupid me.... Say hi sammo.... >.<>

We went back to SR after that. This time when we saw the Banana in Pajamas, i started saying to Ju, "So, B1... Where are we going to eat B1?"... She laughed cos both of us have the same stripped pajamas bought in Taiping. She replies, "Yes, B2... we are having our lunch in SR, B2..."... We gave Eu Gin the Teddy role. Gila-ted sial... We even discussed if bananas have genders or not. Luckily we found a place in SR. Ju and Eu Gin ordered Chicken Gordon Bleu and i ordered Beef lasagna. Really not like in Malacca one. The chef there was horrible la. -.- Waste money... Not to mention we found a Thai Restaurant that was so much cheaper and nicer after lunch. Yoh! Eu Gin brought us to Dewan Philharmonik Malaysia... Earlier on, my dad said he will arrived in 20 minutes. So, our plan to watch movie tak jadi d. Thats why we ended up in that philharmonic thing. We went out to the balcony and chatted. Eu Gin pointed out to us the place he had his school prom. He complained that the food not nice. Hahaha. My dad called again and told me he won't be there early d... We have like 2 hours sammo. So i told him we goin to watch movie and he said ok. And we rejoiced! But the joy was shortlived cos' my mom called less than 15 minutes later and told me that it's better that we don't watch movie... -.-~ Haih~ So, Eu Gin suggested that we just go out to the entrance. We saw across the road a big building with the sign 'Avenue K'... OoOoh~ Curious.... But Eu Gin said it's not ok for us to cross over the road just like that. We have to find an underground tunnel or something like that. Haih~ So, i suggested that we try the LRT underground path. While we walked along a very busy tunnel, a guy stopped Ju and asked if she can speak chinese.... Liaooo....pushed to me... Sammo i dunno how to reject people one...So was stucked with for like 10 minutes or so listening to him asking questions and talking about Herbalife stuff... *Sweat*.... Ok, after we were off the hook, we found ourselves INSIDE Avenue K already... Surprise...surprise.... So we took the right tunnel anyway. We took 2 escalator up to the main hall. What a shopping centre. So empty, so dim, so quiet... I guess not really developed yet but it was really well- polished. We took our seats in front of the Hugo Boss shop. What a chat we had there. Spend almost one hour there. It's really quiet and there were hardly anybody there. Tried to imitate the pose of a wallpaper model... Muahaha! Ju cheered... How very supporting Kaka! Eu Gin asked me to pose like the other model on the wall next to it. I pointed out that i will pose like the one behind him... Both of them turned and burst out laughing. That pose was really impossible to imitate not to mention very the geli... Sammo, if i pose like that, i won't be able to walk back to KLCC d... All in all, we really did talked a lot. Since Eu Gin and I can't make it for the reunion of GLO, i decided to go for ALIF college open day on the 4th March. Then i can meet up with Eu Gin and he'll bring me to One Utama! Then i can go to IKEA! Muahaha! Then stay for a night and join him in his church for Sunday service... Haih~ Too bad can't go reunion but this will do la. Kaka... haihyo... Ju.... see how la you...better go reunion or Nat will slaughter you like a pig... Muahaha.

We walked back to KLCC after like an hour or so.... We headed back to Kinokuniya. We went upstairs again and i grabbed a few ID books and flipped through them, sitting on the floor. Chatted quite a bit. It was raining outside man... Eu Gin had to go home d at that time... It was 5.00PM. Haih~ So sad when he was about to leave. Haih~ Eu Gin, nevermind one... we will meet again. I shall tag you as the first non-malaccan Glo-ians i met back. So, now left 22 more to go! After he went off, my mom called and told me she's in KLCC's lift d. So, Ju and i stayed upstairs and looked out the windowa and talked. Haih~ Really can't believe we're going Uni d... We still think KL life is not for us. Dahla we mmg crazee bunch... KL wun allow us to do carefree stuff like what we did in Malacca with Yen and Hema. Where la in KL we can run into fountains and get ourselves wet at night... This kinda stuff... only malacca can do...and onli ppl like us (The ppl with crazee ideas) can do... Go KL...no more life like this d... Sedih mia sedih... No more all eat day! No more movie nights! No more stupid videos! No more pasar malam! Aaaaaah! And most of all no more going bonkers together d! Okay~ Dont think... don't think....

Ok! Next! After waiting for so long we decided to go dowanstairs and read magazine. Then Ju said, "Eh, is that your Uncle Benny?"... Oh, yea...it was him. He brought us down a floor to Grill Chili & Bar... Wow~... I saw my dad there. Beside that Chili is Coffee bean. My mom was inside Coffee Bean and my dad in Chili... How starnge is that? Neway, my dad 'chia' us eat. He said the food comes in a big portion. So, ju and i decided to try Nachos with beef topping. Whie waiting, we took some pics with my dad's camera. Haih~ Earlie on dun have camera so never take with Eu Gin. Ju and i shifted over to non-smoking area. I was totally surrounded by smokers... Yerr... Hate it. We sat near the window. Waaaa... When the food came... so bahagia..so nice...so much cheese...not like that stupid SR lasagna.... So very the nice!!! I wanna eat again! But darn expensive. My mom joined my dad after that. Ju and i sat alone at the non-smoking area... Romantisnyer... Aunty & Kaka.... Muahaha! The smoothies tasted a lil' weird but it was nice la. We took a short video each for Eu Gin. Since he seemed so sad to leave just now. Haha... Haven't send to him. After we ate, we went jalan sammo....adoih~ Tried to find Dunkin' Donut but cannot find... Instead we took pics of Tellytubies and Bananas in pyjamas.... We'll see how Eu Gin will laugh about this. Kakakaka! We found DD after that. Never buy anything also. Sien d so we went to Kinokuniya again! I decided to buy The Glass Palace. Ju said she knows i am going to read it if i buy so it won't go to waste. So i buy lor... And i saw a book entitled.... ahem... not to be revealed... Took a pic of that book and we are going to send to Eu Gin and some selected GLO people... Hahaha! Maybe i will even post it in my photo album when i have it... Then we went back to Chili which is just downstairs. I went in only i saw my dad smiled d... I know what he ws going to say d... He said, "You all go walk sammo la... Another hour or so...okay?".... Liaooo.... Tired la wei.... Haha... On the way out of Chili, we bumped into my mom. She asked me what was the plan and i told her. She suggested that we just sit at the table downstairs since we were so tired d. 100% agreed. Tried to get started on my new book but i can't. So when ju and i almost head back to Kinokuniya (AGAIN!), my mom said we should just go watch movie... She will 'chia' us... Waaa....talking about being bahagia... So, we headed to TGV, just next to Chili and bought tickets for Big Momma 2... 7.40PM show. Got like 1/2 hour before the show start so we headed to Kinokuniya...upper floor...again.... Haih~ Picked a few ID books and we sat on the floor...again....to read. Called Nat cos we were so very bored! That chatterbox....or maybe that laughingbox! When he and Kaka talked ar...liaooo... Kaka laughed and talked a lil' too loud...nak pengsan sial...see her laugh also i wanna laugh. We talked to Auntie Lina also cos he was at GLO. She received our gift.... So happie.

We headed to TGV after that. My first TGV tickets. My first time watching in cinema not in MP malacca. Adoih~ So much better than GSC's seating. The show was unbearable. SO very funny. I cannot tahan Malcolm man... So geli... After movie, we were reunited with Uncle Benny. Waited for my mom who was on the way to meet us. We dunno where my dad went. My father's friend (just met) joked say he saw my dad with 2 gals. So i played along and i said we should call my dad and arned him that my mom comin d... He laughed... He said tak sangka i so sporting. Muahaha! Got ppl say i sporting?! Wanna kembang liao. More like i crazee... not sporting. Ju will agree on this... Right not kaka? haha. Neway, when everyone gathered d, my parents chatted for a while. Then i saw a girl wearing a tank top with Donal Ducks nephews printed on them. I told Ju, "Ae, Ju... Can u see my husband's nephew? That means my nephew also la..." She became blur... The i pointed out to her. She laughed. Hahah! I love Donald Duck! Aaaah! I love Donald Duck!

So tired... by the time we start traveling from KLCC, it was around 10PM d. We stopped by this stall with varieties of Wan Tan Mee for dinner/supper. I still remember the name. Sg. Besi Wan Tan Mee... Hehe...After that we travelled home... Reached home at around 12.30AM. And i still went onlined. Betul-betul gila. And i just have one thing to say. Wanna play Aunty not so easy one ok, Penangnites (Selected ones)? Keep working on it ACBI! Meeting tonite... If no outsiders.... Great night last night. Hehe~

Haih~ So thats all for yesterday. Today got youth meeting...so long never go d... Liaooo.... I left around 1/2 before YM. Better go prepare. Anyway, Episode 5 on the way d! OoOohh~ Can't wait. Shall have photo album soon!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Episode 4 - Beginning of week 2... Mystery of Mr.X...

Haih~ Dunno i crazee or Shuang went bonkers already yesterday. After Justin left the chat room, we started on the topic of GLO website. Were really excited. Actually, we started out on Tripod.com... but that donkey server... slower than kura-kura (quoted from shuang).... Really cannot tahan... In the end we switched to freewebs.com... It's better la...But Shuang!!!! I give up la!!!! I can't do it! So, you do it.... for tonite...Haha.... Mannn...we stayed up till 5.00AM... for the 2nd time edi...betul-betul OWL... Neway, Bell said my blog too long...i agree... Haha... So i shall have more episodes but shorter one...

Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says:


Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says:

adding episode four

Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says:

hang on

eesnekeijnitsuj says:


Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says:


~bel indah~ says:

any1 who can read finish ur episodes.. .. very keng!!

Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says:


Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says:


Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says:


Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says:

neway, episode four very the boring

There u go....got warning d...episode 4 very boring one... Anyway...we have an issue on episode 3... Shall get into it later...OK..here goes...the boring episode 4...

Week 2

So, week 2 was Uncle Lian’s week.
Heehee~ Asked him to pose...
He came to our church before so I could remember him. I dreamt about him actually before he came to GLO. I dreamt that he told me to stay in GLO for two years because I am a prophet of God…That was so strange because in my dreams he was especially nice to me but not to the others. How very strange… Uncle Lian came in the afternoon… But he told Auntie Lina to ask us to read the four gospels during the first lecture. So we all thought we can read them in our room, ahem… besides stealing some time to sleep… Hehe…But during breakfast Auntie Lina told us to go to the lecture hall and Hoong Cheong will watch over us while we read on the gospels… We groaned like mad… I think Soon Yi asked Auntie Lina if we can read them in our rooms… Of course the answer was a no… Neway, we obeyed anyway and took our time walking to the lecture hall. Felt so sleepy actually while reading the gospels. I chose the Gospel of Luke. Juliana was doing Matthew. Phew~ Was so glad when Hoong Cheong let us go for our break. I think by then Uncle Lian reached d. He was the one who gave a talk on the book of Joel in MGC. I didn’t go for the first part that time…hehe. His lecture was really interesting. I was really alert lo. He even has a section for sleepy ppl. He said if we sit there we are allowed to sleep. But a lot of assignments to do. So tiring ler…. Really memenatkan… Remember got one night my group and Ju’s group decided to do our assignment in the church. We took the left corner of the church. Split into 3 sub groups. Hazel, Sammy and I were to do the gospel of Matthew. Timon, Shuang and Eu Gin share the same table with us but doing the gospel of Luke. Joyce and Ju.K sat somewhere else doing Mark. I wanted Luke one!

Aiyak~ Can't really see that he's
red here... But i got witnesses!
Hazel... Rajin hor? Bluff one!
Haha! pose jer...
Really do assignment one ok~
But that dong dong Timon die die also wanting Luke… Cisss… This Sammy kept on trying to take Shuang and Timon together. Waaa…tak sangka this Timon so fast go red one. Like living tomato liddat.

I missed Uncle Lian’s class (2nd lecture) on Wednesday. I was so sick man the night before. I don’t why but I felt really terrible. I woke up anyway at the usual time and did my personal devotion. Then I checked that I had a few minutes to take a short…very very short nap. But I couldn’t get up for the group devotion so I asked Juliana to informed one of my group members that I couldn’t make it la. Then during breakfast, I think Sin Lan brought in some stuff for me lo. She was really nice you know. Sometimes I think she took care of us more than we took care of her. Really glad that she came for this school. Neway, I didn’t go for the first lecture together with the rest. I went late. In fact, I was so late that I stayed only for half an hour I think before Uncle Lian dismissed us. Group 2 had to prepare for the chapel class, something that I really looked forward to. Actually, really wanted to stay for week two mainly because I wanna see the kids. But after he dismissed us, the rest went for a short tea break. I went straight to bed. I felt horribly sick. Yohhh~ Honestly horrible. I couldn’t wake up. Then, Ju asked me whether I wanna go for Chapel Class or not…surprisingly I declined. I cannot tahan. I continued sleeping. Almost went KO d. Haha. Auntie Lina came in and checked on me. She asked me to take certain medicine. I missed lecture 2 anyway. I slept all the way until lunch time. I felt better a bit after taking the pills. So weird…I didn’t even make noise. So unlike me…. Okay la…I do keep quiet okay… Towards evening, I felt so much better d…got sore throat. Lan showed me the pictures of the kids…

Haih~ So very cute these kids...
The kids...
I felt like punching myself for missing all those stuff, knowing that I wouldn’t stay for the rest of module one. That night, after prayer meeting, I felt a very strong desire to stay for the rest of module one. When I prayed to God in the first week, I asked God to let me stay for the 2nd week. Then I was allowed. Then my roommates said later pray for the rest of the weeks. I told them this exact line, “Waaa… God gave me an inch; wanna ask for a yard ar? Cannot…” I really thought I would be satisfied. But I can honestly say I wasn’t lor. I felt so scared to pray the same thing again. But earlier this week, Juliana asked her mom to help out la which I felt quite scared also. But after prayer meeting, some people asked me whether I could stay or not. But I told them I haven’t asked. So Jacob gathered everyone and asked Sam Lee to pray for me. I was really grateful you know. After the prayer, there was a short moment of silence. Then Sam said, “So?”… I asked, “So, how?”… Then he replied, “So? Go call la!”. Hahaha! So funny. I was so stupiak man. I laughed and went into my room. Inside the room, I was alone praying before I called. But nobody picked up the phone. In fact right, I was the one who didn’t really wait for someone to pick up the call. But neway, if they see a miscall they would have called back so I assumes that they were already sleeping. So I went out to the common room again. Vincent asked how was it la. I pretended sad for a moment. So assumptions started flowing d before I told them that I wasn’t able to talk to my parents yet. Sat with someone near the door, waiting and waiting for their phone call. Meddled with Nat’s Bible while waiting (He leaves his Bible everywhere… I can name a few common spot namely the coffee table, sofa and the arm rest of the twin sofas). I dunno how to describe my feelings at all. I knew I would be totally disappointed if I couldn’t stay any longer. Hooi Siang said he would try to come back before I leave for Malacca. At least, I think it wouldn’t be that bad la since I would still be able to say goodbye to him. Without him in GLO, I have nobody to really talk to except my roommates and nobody to bising me. That time didn’t really know anyone that very very well yet even though we could joke around like mad. But still, I’ve got so many other people that I really want to get to k now them better. I can’t just say hi and bye and leave as if this bunch of people haven’t touch my life at all. Though only 2 weeks and I barely knew them that well, I still felt the sense of friendship between every one of us. I really really longed to stay. But I didn’t even get a single call that night. I was rather relieved. I don’t like bad news…=)

So...thats all for episode four...Bell complained it's too long.... Haha... Anyway... The big issue is... who is Mr.X? I will not reveal... Here's the history...stupid msn shut down just no...

EuGin says:

would anyone care to share who's Mr X's?

Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy!www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says:

OK...ppl...again...i declare...i shall not reveal who is MR.X

EuGin says :

we noela u gt an A

~bel indah~ says :

wat she write bout mr x?

EuGin says :

u shud chk it out for urself..

Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says :

no mr.x issue

EuGin says :

aroun ep 3

Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says :

protected name shall not be revealed

EuGin says :


~bel indah~ says :

tell lah i lazy to read

eesnekeijnitsuj says :

hi aunty

eesnekeijnitsuj says :

wat's up

Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says :

they are discussing about mr.x

Chen- Hey Glo-ians... read my blog...enjoy! www.frozenstrawberry86.blogspot.com says :

and i shall not reveal

So..while i am writing this...the debate has stop.... so glad.... phew...kla..sambung episode 5 later... Bye~

Episode 3 - end of week one

Adoih~ Shuang aeroplaned me last nite... i mean V-day! How could you?! Neway...ok...this will be the rest of week one... i think dats all i can remember...

I got something to complain about GLO. How come boys’ dorm got water heater and air-con one?!? Have to bath with that cold water everyday. Yoh!!! Ish~ But at least we don’t have to share 2 toilets with so many people…

Auntie Lina gave us a briefing on the climb up to Maxwell Hill. I really dunno what to expect man. She told us that when we climb up the hill, fog may just suddenly come and we won’t be able to see anything at all, even our hand right in front our face. She told us not to move cos’ her friend did that and she fell off the edge and died… I went… “Die…” But Soon Yi told me that Auntie Lina exaggerated. I dunno…I prefer to listen to Auntie Lina for precaution sake. Hehe… She said it’ll be 4 hours climb… Pengsan… She said we can take the jeep up if we want but I really wanna climb. So, four of us decided to climb.

Had to wake up early to prepare. Auntie Lina really like a mother to us. She made sure we had our breakfast, water and necessities. The Malacca girls, Melanie, Sher Lynn and Juliana followed Uncle Lai Su’s car. The park was beautiful! It was drizzling. Some ppl followed the jeep so they didn’t have to wake up early. I think all hiked up except for Nat, Hazel, Eu Gin and Ee Ee. Nat (Nathanael) is this guy that I got to know during one of the meals. We chatted. He’s from Taiping but at that point, it seemed like he didn’t really wanna be in GLO. =) Anyway, we started hiking up. Soon Yi brought us up initially through a short cut which is through the jungle path. It was horrendous. I felt so weak. Juliana vomited 3 times. All her breakfast went out. I was rather taken back. I vomited once. And that’s because I didn’t drink my water properly! Haha…and Sam can say sammo, “Oii, stop moving! Breakfast come out d!”… What a joke… I really thanked God for all the help that was given to me and Juliana. Although everyone was younger than us, they climbed better. Really really thank God for Justin, Vincent and Timothy for their help. I was so happy to see the light at the end of the path. Was so tired. We took so many gila-ted pictures. Haahaa… The boys posed like they were answering nature call at the roadside. So funny… They had to scatter whenever the jeeps passed by. Then, we continue hiking up. This time using the road. Not as bad as the jungle path la but equally tiring. Supposed to follow groups one but in the end everyone went in different gangs. The only song that I kept on hearing during the earlier part of the road hike was a Chinese song and all that I was able to hear was these few words, “Ni far ru xue,”… I really don’t know what they were singing you know, I meant Timon, Vincent, Hooi Siang and Sam Lim. Btw, they can’t really speak Chinese except for Hooi Siang. Really man they all… But I found out that the song was actually sung by Jay Chou. I heard from the rest that Titus ran all the way up to the stop and he reached the place already while I was still half way up. How the heck did he do that?!? I hiked up with Juliana they all la but walked with Justin, a 19 year old lawyer to be guy. He really la…He wanted to learn Chinese but insisted that he was not a ‘banana’ (Chinese but dunno how to speak Chinese)… So funny… he kept on saying “ Wo shi 100% hua ren - meaning I am hundred percent Chinese. On the way up, he asked me to teach him a lil’ Chinese. I became his so-called sifu… Dahla my Chinese also quite rotten one…I really wondered how to help. Soon Yi, Justin, Soon Yi’s mom and Mel were bitten by leeches. Blood… Pengsan. Melanie almost flattened herself near the rock when she saw that leech on her leg. But then this Bell came to rescue her anyway… with her ever so powerful saliva. Hehe. We saw a little waterfall. Stopped to take some pictures. We were kinda separated from other people. Luckily Sher Lynn brought chocolates… Phew~ Her chocolates were great man… And we ran out of water d even though Jacob brought extra. Sin Lan carried our one and only bag with her and this Tse Hwei and Lan climbed so much faster than us! Haih~ Then this Bell… She found a leech near the side of the road. She picked it up with a stick and put it on her arm (she was wearing a jacket)… I could see that she was very fascinated. I wouldn’t believe her if she told me she did not go form six… Earlier, this Soon Yi landed himself in a very dangerous situation. He decided to take a short cut and was stuck there. What a situation. And Jacob was so far away yet and the only guy there was Justin and he was having a leg cramp! What a time to have leg cramp?!?! Nobody to save Soon Yi but thank God Jacob came in time before anything happened. Raining sammo…so slippery… *Sweat* We soon met up with Vincent, Sam, Sammy, Timon and Hooi Siang after that. Justin ran off somewhere d. This fella and Ju.K… betul-betul gila. They raced each other running uphill. Towards the later part of the hike, I got really exhausted. I can’t climb d… I wanted to just roll down real bad. We stopped the jeep several times but it’s always full. Nat so bad! He waved and gave me that goofy grin when I chased the jeep (for dramatic effect). Waaaa… I stopped so many times and sat in the middle of the road. At the end, left Jacob, Bell, Ju, Timon, Vincent, Hooi Siang, Sammy, Samuel Lee, Melanie, Melissa, Sher Lynn and me. Just wanna be very honest about this. If without this Timon, Sammy, Sam, Vincent and Hooi Siang asking us to sing along, I don’t think I can climb up to the top of Maxwell Hill. They really semangat lor. Called them the semangat gang. So different from the youths in Malacca. Called Jess half way. Literally begging for help man… Haha… She can laugh sammo and say she climbed KK before… waaaaaaaaaaa!!! Melissa felt quite sick during the hiked. It’s really funny lor cos I held her hand, Hooi Siang gave her a back support and Vincent sheltered her with the umbrella. How nice hor? The umbrella also got history one. This Vincent really crazee… he wanted to be Mary Poppins so that he can fly and reach the top faster. Real lawak. We sang all the way up… songs of praise. I love the song ‘Hail, Lion of Judah’…. Got one time after we knew left only one kilometer, someone sang, “One more kilometer” in the Lion of Judah tune… So lawak. Juliana and I were together all the time. Really thank God for her also… Thank God for her company. At least we both have each other even though we were the weakest there!!! The hike was really tough for us both. I wouldn’t wanna do that again for only 2 reasons. First: It’s tough. Second: Brings back too much wonderful memories that I will not experience again. Very nostalgic. Haih~. I really think there’s really a reason why the jeeps were always full and can’t take us in. I think God wants me to know that Christian life is just like hiking up Maxwell Hill. Very steep, very tough but worth it when we reached the top. And along the way, there’re people like the semangat gang that encouraged us to finish the race. It was indeed a great experience and a lot of lessons to learn. I thank God for not letting me up any of the jeeps although I still can’t forget that goofy grin and wave that Nat flashed at me! Jeng! I also recall the moment when we stopped in the middle of the road and they sang ‘Hari Ini’… Took a mute video of it. A bit pointless but their actions in the video tells us much about what they were doing. Gosh… really miss all these so much. But in the end, we did reach the top. Can’t really see much but I got to really know a lot of ppl there better. Also have to thank Hooi Siang for helping me when I have leg cramp. I have so many ppl to thank along the way. Neway, we did reach the top by foot. Still remember the time when Jacob stopped a jeep that was on the way down asking how much longer to reach the stop. And the man said, “Lagi 15 minit jalan”… Waaa… Ju and I were so happy. So happy!! The view was so beautiful. Saw Sin Lan and Tse Hwei waiting for us already.

Took a few snapshots. So many poses this Hooi Siang, Vincent, and Timon. The last pic Jacob joined them…

Waaa… I think I’m being so detailed but what the heck…Nemind one. Hehe. We had our lunch up there. Those who went up by jeep took the lunches together with them. Lunch was nasi lemak but Lan Lan packed some bread with sausages and mayo and peanut butter… Haih~ Bahagia la got her… I see the bread also I so happie… Took some snapshots there also. Was really glad that I made it to the top by foot somehow. At least can say I conquered one of the hills in Malaysia… If only they named it Gunung Larut or Maxwell Mountain…Then I can say I conquered one mountain d… Haiya… Wasted… Remembered pretending to punch Nat when taking pics. So crazee… Juliana and Hooi Siang actually compared whose eyes were bigger.
I wouldn’t wanna judge this but Shuang said Juliana should have bigger eyes than Siang. Went down by jeep. Eu Gin and I nearly fell out of the van. That was so scary! If we were to really fall off, we’ll be totally run over by the jeep behind us. Phew… Thank God that we were safe. When we reached the foot, we saw auntie Lina and Uncle Lai Su they all waiting d. Vincent looked sick. Adoih~ Kesian…

Was really tired lo when we came back to GLO. Auntie Lina said we must take our rest. Got YP (Young People) meeting sammo after that. But it was really nice you know during the YP. Dr. Tan chaired the meeting. Uncle Daniel also was there. We were divided into groups. My group mates were Nat, Vincent, Justin, Titus, Juliana Khoo, Sin Lan, Bell and a few more with the some of the Taiping youths. We had to act out one of the parables in the Bible without speaking. It’s a mute acting. Really funny. We got the Prodigal Son thing. Ju’s group got The Good Samaritan while Hwei’s group got The Rich man and Lazarus. It was really funny to see Timothy acting as Lazarus even though we can’t really figure out what the parable was. He died with his legs folded one and toppled over… Haahaa! Really lawak man… So cartoon. For our group, Vincent acted as the father, Nat as the prodigal son, Titus as the other son, Justin as the farmer, a Taiping youth as servant, Ju K., Bell and I became the ahem… so-called ‘jolly’, notty girls and the rest became pigs… Haahaa… sampat man… It was really hilarious you know… Really cannot tahan. This Nat and Vincent acted the front part already so funny. Vincent gave each of his ‘sons’ a pat on their backs and Nat pushed his head. Then Nat motioned to his dad for his money and so Vincent took out his wallet and Nat snatched it away. Vincent pretended to cry…Haahaa! So funny. Then Nat pretended to go jolly and we three girls came out and layan him la… He really took out Vincent’s money and gave us. I acted until I laughed squatting down on the floor. Really lawak sial… In the end, when reached the part where he doesn’t have any money already, he motioned us to go over to him so that he could ask us back for his money. Bell pretended to be mad. That was really funny lor. The pigs’ part also very lawak ler. All crawling on the floor. I see Sin Lan also I wanna laugh. Justin always also like wanna scold Nat like that because he stole the pigs’ food. But I think by far the funniest part for me was the two sons with the father one. Titus was using the dustpan as a hoe when Vincent welcomed Nat back. Titus threw the dustpan away and went over to them. Made a few motions and after he acted to be mad la. He goes and jumped up and down in frustration. It was so hilarious I could not stop laughing. At that point I really tak sangka he was the funny sort. He really has a serious look.

Sunday! (The blog is too long, need divider... Sorry folks)
Sunday service was earlier than MGC’s. It was 8.30 AM. I went blur blur waking up early for service. Have to wear veil again. Haih~ Tak biasa la… Have to get adjusted with the way service was conducted there. A bit different. Actually I thought I’ll have aches everywhere from the climb up Maxwell Hill. But surprisingly… takda sakit. Hehe… Wonder why don’t have… -o-?? We were supposed to conduct Sunday school that week. Actually we thought got storytelling one mana tau takda. So last minute they had to switch me to conduct games from storytelling. Was very glad actually cos’ when discussed about all these I volunteered for storytelling. I thought I would be okay. Then I started to panic cos’ I had no experience at all. I messaged Mark to ask for help. Then he really la… No word to describe. Made me feel more helpless. Tak guna mia Mark! I still can quote him man! He replied, “If I give you the story then it wouldn’t be you already, it would be me..”… Some sort like this la. Pengsan.

So when they switched me to games, I was really happie. I decided to steal from Kevin. The superheroes game that he taught the children back in Malacca. I think the kids enjoyed them.
Uncle Lai Su looked very happy watching all of us conducting the class. I think Jacob was really good with kids. After that, the kids were separated into their own age group and the GLO students who were supposed to take over the classes followed the kids into the respective rooms. I wanted to join the pre-school kids’ class but too full d so I resorted to joining the oldest class. Vincent, Timothy and Melanie conducted the class. The topic was about Satan. Justin, Juliana and Sin Lan joined that class too. After service we were allowed to go out and take our lunch. Waited for my roommates they all in the common room. We wanna go McDonald. So chatted with the people there awhile while I waited. Most wanted to try KLG… They were like asking why dowan to go KLG and stuff like that…Sammo they said McDonald can be found anywhere in Malaysia. And I said I dowan to go KLG…Malacca don’t have McDonald. Vincent asked, “Hah? Serious ar? Don’t bluff,” Of course I continued with this stupid act…Haahaa… I insisted la and he turned to tell Timon that Malacca don’t have McDonald. Haahaahaa… Ae, it was really funny. Towards the 3rd week only they found out that Malacca has McDonald… But I seriously dowan to go KLG… Didn’t sound that nice… But they told me the burger there was really huge… Ish~ Nemind! I enjoyed my McDonald anyway! Timon said he dowan friend us already. Hahaha… Funny guy. So, all four of us followed Soon Yi’s mom to McD and later we were joined by the Bukit Mertajam girls (Melissa, Sher Anne, Shuang and Jen), Soon Yi and Titus. This Melissa and Soon Yi a bit crazee la…they saw a hamper stand there and asked me to take a picture, pretending that Soon Yi was handing over the hamper to Melissa. Gosh… Funny la that two. They wanted to go bowling after that but Ju, Hwei, Sin lan and I didn’t wanna go so we went jalan-jalan abit. We went to some shoes shop to buy myself a pair of slippers. If I continue wearing that slippers I brought (got 5-6 years old d), I think I will one day land on my butt. Oh, yea… and then Sin Lan asked us to enter this shop. Then Ju and I saw stripped pajamas. OoOooo… Interesting. Ju and I each bought one. So darn cheap. Then we walked past a shop selling sweets la. So actually we wanted to buy one. But I saw that guy watching TV you know… and I went blur… We were like standing there watching TV. Liaooo… (influence from Nat and Sam Lee), this kinda thing….only Malaccans crazy enuff to do this. And for info sake, we weren’t kicked out from the shop or anything like that. We left by our own freewill. Ahem… Took some pictures at a pasar borong liddat in front of the store… Kena caci from some dong dong malay guy…Lucky never set me off… Stopped at a cafĂ© named Avena, I think and ate cheese cake. Really missed Secret Recipe’s cheese cakes man…. esp. marble cheesecake and New York cheesecake… And we had an urgent need to buat bomb! Hahahahaha!! Then we walked back to GLO. Passed by a small clinic and saw an accident victim bleeding like mad… We actually stopped for a while to watch you know…So crazee… Juliana or Hwei pointed out that even though that guy was badly injured, is family was grinning all the way… man… So strange… Real rotten la we all… We noticed that the pavement was kinda waxed. Then we continued walking until we saw a guy waxing the pavement. Quickly jumped off and walk on tar road. If not… dunno whether he will wax our faces not.

I joined Melissa, Shuang, Soon Yi, and Jacob for a chat that Sunday evening. Then suddenly they decided to play truth or dare… Wah seh… These ppl. Kena me once. Dared me to kiss Justin’s hand. Gila… They called Justin over when he was playing basketball. At first both of us refused but in the end I did it neway. Pui! Then Melissa kena. We dared her to sniff Soon Yi’s smelly shoe. We caught it on camera. Haha… Gross. Then she kena again. This time they dared her to ask one of the guys playing basketball if he can show her his ‘flag’ which means underwear. I laughed like mad! I suggested that she choose Vincent because he more sporting ma. So we followed her over to the court la. Even before she asked Shuang and me giggled like mad d. Then Melissa asked, “Vincent, can I ask you a question?” and Vincent came over and said, “What lame question, faster say,” Then Melissa said, “Can you show me your flag please?” and immediately after that I fell to the ground and laughed like mad again… Waaa… I tell you, it was darn hilarious man… After that, I heard Melissa screamed and ran back to the common room and I followed. They told me Vincent pulled down his pants a little and actually showed her. I don’t know how much la but that wasn’t our intention at all you know. We only wanted her to ask. Haahaa… They thought they caught everything in camera but alamak… They didn’t…malfunction. Wasted… We couldn’t stop laughing. We stopped the game after that. It was hilarious. Just the other day I chatted with Shuang online… She said she saw… it was grey… Muahaha!!!! Thanks Shuang for the info. Vincent going to sue me for this…

Actually, that day we can’t wait for the Sg. Ara people to come lo cos’ Sin Yee’s was part of the group that was going to perform in TGH. I was talking to Eu Gin and Hooi Siang I think when they arrived. The bus knocked down the telephone wires. Was so happie to see Sin Yee. But shortly after they arrived, Hooi Siang had to go already. Really felt sad actually cos’ I got to know him so much better during the first week. Hazel, Juliana.K and I sang him a few songs…of course jokingly… Hmm~ what song… let’s see… Leaving on a jet plane… Auld Lang Syne… I think. Waved until he was out of sight. Haih~ But he said he’ll try to be back by the end of 2nd week before I go off.( That time didn’t have permission to stay for the rest of the course yet) Then I loitered around near the swing there before I went to change for the Sg. Ara Christmas presentation in the church. Vincent came to me saying, “Chenli, I heard you got a bear right? Can borrow?” Blur blur… I said no… Haha… But eventually I gave my bear to him cos’ he almost settled with someone else’s. I really wondered what he was going to do with it. I took the front pew with Sin Lan. Sin Yee acted as Mother Mary. A very different version from normal play. There were a few hilarious part in that play but I was seriously surprised when Vincent suddenly burst out onto the stage carrying MY bear a little lower than his armpit. I was like thinking, “What? That’s why he needs my bear ar?” Tuish… -.- But that’s not really the surprising part la. I was really surprised to see him in the play. Neway, the guy who acted as Caesar (I think) was really funny man. His spear kept on bending… I just couldn’t stop laughing. Kejang man my stomach. Heehee… After the play, we had a light supper. I didn’t eat much la. But I know I stole a few pieces of fried chickens from someone… I can’t remember who… Dunno Nat or Vincent. Nemind la… I talked to Sin Yee for a while before I struck up some conversation with Nat. Irritated him for a while… Whatever that he did I will imitate him. Then Joyce joined us. So lawak man we three. Then we walked out and joined Eu Gin, Soon Yi, Melissa, Shuang, Bell, Hazel, Jacob they all outside near the children’s tunnel. I remembered Eu Gin talked to Hooi Siang on the phone. Haha… Accused Eu Gin wrongly. Talked to Hooi Siang for a while. Felt a bit strange not listening to him making noise. Hehe. He said, the girl that supposed to help the mom don’t know how to handle the computer. Earlier on before he left, he told some of us his job in his mom’s shop. Trust me; it was really, really funny and strange too. I believe Eu Gin will back me up on this. “Ah boy, ho cheng bo?”… Waaaa… Very the funny.

Then a few of the girls like Ju, Melanie, Hazel and me gathered together in the common room and we chatted. Then reached the topic of my bear. I really dunno how I blurted out that I’ve got a name for my bear and I said VA. They asked what did VA means and I replied, “Vincent’s Armpit”… Gosh, I really dunno where all these came from you know... I mean, okla… I’m always labeled as the crazee one… Things just popped out from nowhere. But that was how my bear got a name… Yes, Vincent complained about it. =) Kena from him… “Ae, VA is with me la…Lame/Gay la you!”….

But I think during this week I got to know Joyce and Hazel better. Usually if got free time we’ll spend some time in the church. Hmmm~ I think I taught Hazel a new song, ‘Your love’…and she taught me a new song, ‘First love’…. Not Utada Hikaru one… That is like so Nat. But I really like the song ‘It’s your blood’… Hmmm~ Oh yea, got to know Mel better also. She was the first person to ever step into our room for assignment discussion. She is like so tiny. Haha. Easily squashed. But I think she finally noticed how sampat-ed we are. Interesting intro… And yeah…talking about stupid stuff that I did… I imitated a number of people… Well, friends in Malacca… you know how sampat-ed I can be… It’s really a bad way of introduction but should be rather entertaining and yet strongly not suggested for my friends to take this approach. Hmmm~ We were talking about Mr. Bean… Let me see who were there… Justin just confirmed with me he was there, I remember Melanie, Hazel (I wun forget that one), Juliana Gomes, Juliana Khoo and Nat I think… Then Kaka just started to ask me to imitate Ah Wong and Fei Mao… Liaoooo… I went bonkers anyway. Anyway, I guess the result wasn’t that bad… So I interviewed one of the main candidates for this experiment : Mr. X… Figure out who Mr.X… very easy one… give u guys a hint. He’s not 18 this year.

*Mr.X says:

but just place my name as mr. X ok?

Chen - This is what i think. We should pray for the persecuted churches!!! We really can sustain them with prayers... says:

Ae, *Mr.X...How did u feel after i imitated ah wong and fei mao?

*Mr.X says:

I like Mr. X very much

Chen - This is what i think. We should pray for the persecuted churches!!! We really can sustain them with prayers... says:


*Mr.X says:

cool, u r so natural

Chen - This is what i think. We should pray for the persecuted churches!!! We really can sustain them with prayers... says:

liaooo...i was hoping for chenli went bonkers

So, I guess this kinda intro didn’t go as bad as I thought…. Hmm~ Maybe should ask Nenek. She laughed the loudest one. Until stomach ache… Yohhh~ Talking about being bonkers…

One more awkward incident. Ju.K and 2 more person were playing carom… I think Shuang was one of them. Erm… Mr. X asked me not to reveal his name but those who were there would have remember how Ju.K almost… ahem… Mr.X… Very hard to describe… She shot that carom and kena… Nemind…dowan elaborate. Took a mute video of him and…it didn’t exactly looked right.Anyway… This is what Mr.X feel…

Chen - This is what i think. We should pray for the persecuted churches!!! We really can sustain them with prayers... says:

and also..u remember erm...ju.k kinda like play that charem game, and shot at UR wrong place,,,,was it on the first week?

*Mr.X says:

ya.. that was a painful experience

Chen - This is what i think. We should pray for the persecuted churches!!! We really can sustain them with prayers... says:

is that how u spell that game?

*Mr.X says:
well, I must admit though that it's not as painful as juli khoo's hit

* Those with this sign means Mr.X’s has been changed for privacy purpose. Requested by Mr.X himself.

Haih~ All in all… Week one was a very get-to-know-you week… I must admit there were many different type of style. But I guess this is all that I can remember. So people, I am going to close this chapter of week one. But in case something pops up and I remember anything I will definitely post it. And if got anything to add probably u guys can drop a comment or what. I am wearing my bullet-proof vest edi so wanna tembak…tembak la… Haahaa… but help me to remember anything that I couldn’t remember ok? Continue about week 2 later.