Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Episode 7 - The Food have arrived!!!

Week two was also the rough game week. Hoong Cheong gathered us inside the church hall like usual at 4 PM on Monday…(sorry…not chronological again… Suddenly popped up) At first group 3 had to share about their personality… Surprisingly, all four of us in the room have different personality.
Lan = Choleric
Hwei = Melancholic
Ju = Phlegmatic
Me = Sanguine
Nampaknyer we all have different roles. Neway, after that, Hoong Cheong gave each group some hard boards and tapes and ect… Then he asked us to make the armor of God… Okie~
Joyce was our fighter… For group 2 we have Sin Lan and group 3 we have Melissa. Haih~ Let’s not get into detail who did what but the fight was… amazingly rough… I am so glad I was not the one in that Arena of War man… I sure die one… Lembik macam mashed potato.
But it was really fun to watch. Caught videos of it… yes… mute one… again… The “costumes” were recycled for the chapel class… AND for the KK Sunday school visual aids… Hehe~

Friday was the last day we saw Uncle Lian. I really do think he has the gift of discernment. Hmmm~ After lecture on Friday, he terus cabut-ed without telling us. Aper ni… But he is by far my favorite lecturer cos’ he talked very enthusiastically. Very hard to fall asleep one. Neway, Friday… what happened ar… Oh… hehe… interesting week. Week 2 was the most interesting week. On every Friday, Auntie Lina assigned each group to clean up one place. Last week we were supposed to clean up the lecture hall. But Timon and Joyce cleaned up way before we knew it. So, Eu Gin and I decided to help out group 2. Then I went over to the library and I saw Titus acting like a Spiderman. Wah seh… This guy… betul-betul unpredictable one. This week we were supposed to clean up lecturer’s rooms. Hmmm~ It was a really fun experience. Instead of using the mop, Hazel and I used the shower head and sprayed the kitchen floor. We sprinkled some AJAX on the floor and the whole floor got soapy. I wonder what Auntie Lina will say when she knew what we were doing. When we entered the lecturer’s room, we were like… “Waaaa… The pillow so nice… the bed so nice… air-con sammo….” I almost fell asleep on the bed together with Ju.K. It was during the clean-up that I found out that Andrew’s good friend in US is Ju.K’s elder sister. Wow… What a small world…. Hey, @lch… if you happened to read this, just wanna tell you thanks for your call. Come home fast! Neway, we made a bucketful of AJAX + water for Eu Gin to mop the rooms’ floor while Shuang, hazel and I tried to push the water out of the drainage from the kitchen. Hahaha~! The hole was like covered with hair… Uek~ Uncle Lian’s hair…(Quoted from Shuang)… Very the geli ler! I had to pick them up. -.-! We assigned Timon and Siang to clean up Hoong Cheong’s room in the boy’s dorm. Then Eu Gin complained that we put to much AJAX into the bucket cos’ the bucket was brimming with foams d. Haha… Sorry, my fault Eu Gin! It was really funny looking at his blur face. Then from there we girls, namely Hazel, Shuang and I interrogated Eu Gin about the ‘fruits’… Muahaha! We knew Shuang was rambutan very long d…. But hazel… Honeydew?! Hahaha! That’s a new thing. And I finally dug out from him who was Mango although we exceeded his 3 guesses. I mean, Eu Gin vs. Aunty + Shuang…. Aunty sure win one… I cukup ganas… Hahaha! Sammo got reinforcement from Shuang. But we promised not to reveal to anybody.




Guava~ Jagung~


But still, Bell and Sher Lynn I think started to come up with a list of Vegetables names for the boys. I wasn’t involved so I won’t know who is what vege la. But I know somebody told me that Vincent was carrot. Why in the world carrot anyway? Aiya~ I dunnola. I only know I was so tired that I went to bed straight. Sammo our room ppl were so excited that day cos’ Tim Keong was coming! Happy not because he coming alone but because hw was bringing food from home! Muahaha~ Ju’s home cooked to be more precise. I was sleeping so nyenyak-ly when Sin Lan suddenly came jumping in announcing Tim’s arrival. I was so groggy when I went out to meet him. I can’t even remember if I did. I went back to sleep after that. So tired laaa. But when Ju came in with the “pigs in the blanket”… Really cannot tahan… have to attack d… Sammo got cheese cakes… Talking about being bahagia… 100% ‘xing fu’ man… Got home made pizza sammo… Talked to Tim during dinner. Still with the same hairstyle… Still cannot tahan Kaka and me. Still speechless when kena tembak. Still very lawak. Muahaha!

On Friday night, Auntie Lina gathered us all together for a talk. Haih~ Very the scared. She asked us to share our personal testimonies… Adoih~ While she were explaining… My phone kept on ringing… Gosh… It was Hooi Siang. He was supposed to be back that night. Then while Auntie Lina was explaining…. the phone rang… in the end I shut it. Adoih~ Sorry la Siang… No choice. He ended up calling Auntie Lina. Haha… Auntie Lina can’t pick him up so he had to take a taxi back to GLO from the bus station in Kamunting. When he came though the door… hehe… almost everyone cheered la. Good to see him back la… Really. Homecoming King… in all other sense of words la….

I'll continue about what happenned after Siang came back in Episode 8 k and no pics... later onli put~ Tomorrow have to work and i am dying d~

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