Monday, January 28, 2008

Short Update

Date : 28th January 2008
Time : 9.50PM
Listening to : Magical smile - 183 Club
Where : MC - Room

Wow...been so long since I last blogged here. Well, anyway... life's been busy. That day didn't manage to balik Malacca. Was so deeply disappointed but I guess it was a good thing. More work done in a way. And helped out with the Sunday school in church. The children so super adorable but so active to be under control sometimes. And had Bible studies also.

Assignments piling up. I guess it was my fault that I didnt manage my time well to tick them off the list asap. -.-! Still.... Actually really nothing much to say here. Yesterday GY, u and I went out for dinner. Went Taipan area. Naili Cafe. Cool place. The boss painted the stuff herself. Has so much personal touches. And I brought my bro new cam out to take some mamak pics for typo assignments. I had fun dat nite. Kla...Dowan talk much liao. Got assignments to do...Waiting for everyone to be up so we can gather in MSN chat room and do our assignments yang TERLAMPAU banyak tu.



Monday, January 21, 2008

Mom, Dad, I love you.

Date : 21st January 2008
Time : 4.13AM
Listening to : Maybe - Yiruma
Where : MC - Room

Gosh... it's late. Before I start, just wanna give a birthday shout out to Kah Joon and Bryan.

Happy Birthday!!!

Sigh... I love my parents. Just suddenly miss them a lot. Been wanting to tell them how much I love them but words sometimes really do get in the way. It's not easy and it's not hard. I just don't know how to say it. Sad isn't it. Kan baik if they read my blog? But such things like this is better done face to face. One day... I will say out loud to them.
Mom, Dad... I love you
Sigh... Wish I am back home disturbing my folks. What got over me... I dunnoe. I miss them.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have brainstorming sessions in my sleep!

Date : 19th January 2008
Time : 11.38PM
Listening to : My own typing
Where : MC - Room

I cannot stand it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's so crazy. It's only the end of the 2nd week but I feel like it's already my final 2 weeks. Migraine came way too early. I am not the only one feeling so. I've been hanging out at Tanyus and Selvia's place for assignments and we all felt the same. And you know what's worse? We've been dreaming about assignments and the last I heard from Wahyu was that he too dreamed that we were having brainstorming session. -.-! And I couldn't sleep without having tonnes of assignments brainstorming sessions running through my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like just now! I tried to sleep because tomorrow got church service but all I could thought of were WINDOWS! And all those odd stuff like smelly shoes, farmer and mamak. All assignments related themes. Gwaaarshhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ I am going mad I tell you. And to top all that up, we have to learn two comp language this term. HTML and Action Script 3.0.

Everytime I go for HTML class, I forgot Action Script... Everytime I go AS class, I forgot HTML. And it's pure mathematical for AS 3.0 in my opinion. You know, this term, I felt like I couldn't handle anything at all. Not even a single class and I really want to make it through the next term. It's really memeningkan kepala cos' everytime I close my eyes to catch some sleep, all I could thought off were possible ideas that I could use for my projects. And they have to invade my dreams. When will I be liberated and get some decent sleep?

Pray for me people. It is very much needed. Me and my fellow schoolmates. I guess I lose focus along the way here. Strangely, I thank God for Selvia. Somehow. Someway. But I cannot describe it. Maybe it's her reliance on God that made me feel that we all have hope. I guess head knowledge is really kinda useless sometimes if you don't have faith in what you believe in. She does. And I just have to have faith and know that
Have faith ChenLi!!! You can do it!!!!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

One Republic!

Date : 13th January 2008
Time : 12.28PM
Listening to : One Republic - Prodigal
Where : MC - Room

Wow...One Republic is my current obsession... Good songs they have there. Well, anyway... I had a great time at the gallery today. Nice time spent talking bout photography with Melissa. Well.. Won;t stay for long now..Have to attend church. I nak promo si One Republic nih... I like them.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Now that's a conspiracy...

Date : 10th January 2008
Time : 11.17AM
Listening to : Water dripping
Where : MC - Room

Classes started on Monday. Oh well, interesting. Learned HTML yesterday and man.... I foresee a little trouble or me. But I guess I can handle. By God's grace. =) Yenny from our Typography for Digital Media class was the same lecturer we had for Design Method 1. Lol..She's so funny wei. Interesting how we could bond with lecturers like that.

Anyway, things had been quite good here. Now that classes started already, I don't loath KL as much already. Oh, and yeah, we have to create a blog or risk letting our fellow lecturers reading our personal one like this one for our Web Design class. It's to post our assignments and researches for our projects. So guys, visit the blog yea and please, please give constructive criticism for improvement. There will be more links there that will bring you to my classmates' blog. Please comment as well. It will really do us good. ABurstOfIdeaBubbles

I didn't want to share this blog. Haha... Cos if I do... I cant really complain about work anymore. Heeheehee... Anyway... I didn't mention about the cheesecake that Ju and I did the day before I came back to KL. HAhahaahah! It didn't set! But it was delicious though. And we had a great time doing it. And we named it Lava Cheese. Sharma liked it too. And no matter what that "gerbil" said, (not Sharma) I stand by my opinion that it tasted fantastic. There, dispute all you want.

And Rin has been trying to get people to believe that everything is a CONSPIRACY! Wow! Haha...

1. Roti Canai will cease to sell soon. That's a conspiracy.
2. She met ZY. That's a conspiracy.
3. My bro and Helmi...ahem... That's a conspiracy.

The most absurd of all... CHEN"S WEARING A SKIRT! Now, THAT's conspiracy. Hahahaah! And one thing that's not conspiracy, which I think she will definitely disagree with me is... her senior is in my SEA class. Hahahahaah! Man Rin.... Sorry...I couldn't help it. I just have to add salt to injury.

Alright, I have to to go KLCC d. Meeting Melissa and Evelyn at Petronas Gallery. Zheng will be coming along. K... Like how Selvia would put it... Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Just because...

Date : 8th January 2008
Time : 12.49AM
Listening to : Making love out of nothing at all - Air supply
Where : MC - Room

Ok... Results got messed up for my class. But everything's settled now. And I am proud to say I did good. =) *Grinz*

Moral : B+
Digital Media I : A-
Design Method : A
Visual Fund. I : A
Typography : A

Thank God for the result. Well, anyway, had my first class, Visual Fundamental 2. Had a test. Lawak man. Anyway, only 10 people in the class today. A couple of people failed. That's sad.

Strange. Today I realized that things changed. Of course, it's welcomed. I am pretty unsure if we will be as buddy as last time but I am quite certain that I actually disapprove with what had happened back at your home. I will certainly put it behind though. It's settled. Not my business to interfere anyway. Strange. I couldn't be bothered. Was it a way for me to detach? I guess not. I am detached. Nah... What's dead will remain dead. Like I told a good friend of mine yesterday, I was pretty sure it was dead. But yesterday it was certified. Yeah, we had a good laugh about it.
Having felt such liberated feeling, I could not help but to feel sorry for the other person. Not that I could help after all. SO I shall shut up now before I start offending a good friend. I've been critical. You know sometimes it's hard to find the right words to say. If I said nothing, would I appear to be indifferent even though there were tonnes of things I wanted to say. You know how sometimes you are just so tired of showing that you care and then when you finally come to your senses and you stopped, and somebody just have to say something to test you. And no, I won't show that I care because it's exhausting and I am really sick of it. If I haven't done enough to show that I cared, I am not going to say that I was wrong. Because you clearly knew that I do care. I don't have to show it for you to know. I don't understand why you asked. I couldn't last 15 minutes talking to you without having hundreds of thoughts in my head figuring out who you are. And knowing that I have that thought running through my head made me feel like I just got ran over by thousands of bicycles. I have failed as a friend. It's like a thick fog that remained in my head whenever I see you. Too foggy to make out what to say. So I reckoned I should just leave. I mean why should I even be affected by that right? Too nosy perhaps. Or perhaps I was just too disappointed in myself for not knowing better. Not knowing you better. No, I could have known better.


Monday, January 07, 2008

You made me shiver in frustration

Date : 7th January 2007
Time : 2.17am
Listening to : Daughtry - Over You
Where : MC - Room

I am angry. I am upset. I am disturbed and most of all, I am sad. I want to tell you right in your face that you should have known better but that's pretty harsh isn't it? And you know that I will not do so. I am upset cos' things went this way. But I have nothing to say. Because I don't know what to say. How am I suppose to react to that?

Sure, it doesn't concern me and what right do I have voicing over this matter? I said if you need to talk, you can come to me. Yes, I know in a way I turned out to be a cold fish after that. Sorry. I feel bad but one thing I learned over this vacation is that I couldn't possibly be wrong in every aspect. In this case, I want to believe that I wasn't wrong. I wished I could have been a better friend and help you get out from this mess. But honestly, I am at lost at what I could do or say. Believe me, you will not want me to say a word. I mean I was so angry and upset that I couldn't stop shaking for some time. But now that I've calmed down, I know I have a role to play. If you happen to read this, listen to what I have to say.

Stand up. Apologize. Fix things up as best as you can. Be rational... Be Well.

I want to be a good friend. But I don't know how far I will go in this matter but you know, really... What's broken will remain broken unless you want to do something about it. I don't know about the others so I cannot say for sure. But if it's guilt that you feel, only forgiveness can wash that away. May not be the things that you want to hear. Again, I am sorry.

I really want you to be well. But if I happen to be a terrible person to confide to, tell me. Then maybe I will stop being such a horrible person.

Lastly, our conversation didn't exactly go well. Like I said, I have no idea or whatsoever on what to say. Maybe when we finally meet, things will fall into place.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

First black, now coloured?????

Date : 6th January 2008
Time : 11.59am
Listening to : Rule the world - Take That
Where : Mentari Court - Room

First, I was black listed. That was last term. Now this term they have to try something funny also. Now they are kind enough to colour code my grades. And I really dunnoe what's going on. Only on Monday will I find out. I cannot figure out why lae. The 3 subs that they colour coded me are Typography (Of all subjects...Sharon told us we passed ok), Digital media I (My Blankie failed me?!...Aah...Who knows) and Visual Fund (Liang Feng! DId you fail me? Nooooooooo....)... But anyway... I am pretty sure about typo...but not really on the other two. Who knows right..But seriously, I was thinking in the car, is it even possible for me to fail? But again...siaper la tau...

Aih...I am finally back. Back in Kl. Dunnoe what this term will bring. Well, I am sure things changed. Which is good. Vacation? Was good. But I missed Jackie. Bah... Dat dude licked me awake on the day I was to leave. Man... He's been a good companion.

Anyway... These are a few songs that I've been listening to.

Daughtry - Over You
Take That - Rule the World
Creed - With arms wide open

Anyway, nothing much to say or blog about. So I shall take my leave. Bye!


Friday, January 04, 2008

I am an oldies fan

Date : 4th January 2008
Time : 2.34am
Listening to : Lionel Richie - Ballerina Girl
Where : Malacca - LH

Just feel like writing. I replaced the blog skin with this minimal one for the time being. Anyway... currently addicted to a few songs...Nah..Not addicted... Just recollecting back some old songs.

Lionel Richie

Ballerina Girl
Easy like sunday morning
Three times a lady
Just for you
All night long
Endless love

Kenny Rogers
(I tell you this dude is so jiwang I salute him... King of jiwangness)

Buy me a rose
We've got tonight
I can't unlove you
She believes in me
You decorated my life
If I ever fall in love again
But you know I love you

Glen Campbell

Southern nights

James Taylor



I'm not in love

Engelbert Humperdinck
(This fella lae..always putus cinta one)

After the loving
The last waltz
There goes my everything
Am I that easy to forget
A man without love
The most beautiful girl

Neil Diamond

Sweet Caroline
September Morn
You don't bring me flowers
Song Sung Blue

Dan Fogelberg
(He recently passed away...only like one song though)


I mean... There are many other songs that I would be addicted to but oldies are just too many to list down. I am just one oldies fan but I am a noob in remembering names and titles. Anyway...I gtg.. Guess I will be back in KL tomorrow. Truly... Yen could be right...

Reasonable anti-KL freak.

Before I go... Would like to share some videos that I find interesting...My POV...But I know a few that hated them. Still.. My preference.

Happy Ending - Mika

Clumsy - Fergie


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Something is wrong with the template

Date : 3rd January 2007
Time : 12.59pm
Listening to : TV?
Where : Malacca - LH

Okay...something wromng with my blog template. No worries... Will try to fix it up asap. If not... Gah...I dunnoe...

Anyway, Prayer Meeting was fun. And we got to know that one of the church members is getting married and I got the confirmation from that person himself. Well, it's on year that I graduate so really nothing to rush about. Anyway, after prayer, we went for supper at tengkera. was so breezy. And quite cold. It was noisy.

AND!!!! I got the recipe for cheesecake! Yeh! But...haih...I dunnoe if i will ever do it right. Maybe I will ask Ju to come over later today.

Anyway, won't be blogging for a couple of days maybe. But then again...maybe not... Ok..I have to get back to packing...


Wednesday, January 02, 2008's welcome 2008?

Date : 2nd January 2008
Time : 1.35am
Listening to : Nothing interesting
Where : Malacca - Living Hall

So, it's 2008. Didn't feel that much a difference. I spent my last few moments of 2007 with Ding, Shan and Chuan. It's not how I thought it would be. I planned to usher in the new year with Ju and Yen but I guess it just didn't work out.But no sweat... Anyway, New Year eve was quite fun hanging out with them. Actually, my cousin and I went for a movie with Shan and Chuan at around 4.30pm. We watched National Treasure 2. It was good. Then we had dinner in Tengkera. Chuan totally cracked us up with his 'sediiiih' past. Then Shan drove my cousin home. Then picked Ding up. Headed towards Jonker. Went Calanthe and had quite a time there. I went in to the art and crafts section and chatted with the auntie there. The regular auntie not there. I was supposed to get a necklace fixed. Actually I don't need to bother. But I might as well get it done. But lately...I just couldn't be bothered. The day I came back from KL, the necklace was left unattended on the desk. And everytime I brought it out to be fixed, it will be Monday. Calanthe is closed. And everytime it's open, I left it at home. I guess it really doesn't matter anymore. But I really should get it fixed.

Anyway, I am way off track now. I met Melinda there. After that the 4 of us headed back towards the car. Couldn't find the fried ice cream there. I am a tad bit disappointed. Anyhow, summary of the night in jonker would be :-
a) had quite a laugh near the stage
b) had quite a laugh at Calanthe
c) had quite a laugh along the way's all about laughing. Then at around 11.30pm, we headed to Rivera Bay Hotel and we got there to the beach just in time to usher in the new year and fireworks. Spent the rest of the night there at the beach. The hotel management threw a party there. It would be good if they carried on with the rock and roll music. But they just had to ruin the whole thing with techno and the DJs interrupting every few seconds. And Shan's attempts to push me in the water were quite unsuccessful. But Ding and I got quite a few X-Tiaks and performances from Chuan. -.-! Happie New Year everyone.

I was supposed to search for my old written works just now. And as usual, I made a detour from my original plan. I started reading my journal again. Man, I was really quite a dramatic person. You will not believe how many times I fell flat on my mom's bed laughing my heart out. I mean, come on! I have quite an interesting boring life. As ironic as it may sound, it is! But now I must say it is quite adorned with a lot of things now. And as hard as it is for that Zafri to believe, I am really quite toned down in KL compared to Malacca. So... it's quite safe to say I haven't really settle down in KL yet. Sad to say... I mean, really... sad to say.

On the brighter side... by the way, everything is on the brighter note... I think, 2008 is going to be a great year. For a start, we found a new mamak place that serves good burger. Truly I hope things will be great for everyone. And yeah, I stumbled upon my very first spiritual diary. How far have I strayed. You know, I read 1 John 5:3-5...

3This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome, 4for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. 5Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.
It's just hard to explain what these verses did to me but as little as I may know about life and things that revolve around it, I know God is good. Yes, God is good.

Oh, good news. I'm a grand-aunt now. My sister's chinchilla just gave birth to a baby a couple of weeks ago. This is Pip!

Adorable right? I miss his mom too. Ok...I admit I don't know Pip's gender. But anyway, I miss Pebble (his mom) and I haven't met his dad actually. But one day I will. Oh...speaking of animals... I can't post Jackie's picture up yet. Cos I couldn't get the snapshots transferred. Don't ask. Ok... Just some random snapshots here.

This is the ketiak fights that we had.

This ding and I. Nice and proper. Oh, btw..this wasn't new year eve.

This is our little chirstmas tree still not fully drowned with the presents yet.

And this is the edited one...



Ok..Gender switch.

Now... I am really tired of waiting for the photos to load...So, I will just stop here. Btw...Don't watch Date Movie. I am serious.

On a really sad note... I have to leave Malacca on Saturday morning. A change of plan due to my bro locking both padlocks and Zheng having no key for one of them. Kinda sad cos it changed my plan to stay for the weekend. Since Adrian is planning a game for all of us. Sigh... I guess... This couldn't count for a bad start eh? Cos I got to know it on 31st December 2007. That's...a bad end... Thank God!