Monday, January 21, 2008

Mom, Dad, I love you.

Date : 21st January 2008
Time : 4.13AM
Listening to : Maybe - Yiruma
Where : MC - Room

Gosh... it's late. Before I start, just wanna give a birthday shout out to Kah Joon and Bryan.

Happy Birthday!!!

Sigh... I love my parents. Just suddenly miss them a lot. Been wanting to tell them how much I love them but words sometimes really do get in the way. It's not easy and it's not hard. I just don't know how to say it. Sad isn't it. Kan baik if they read my blog? But such things like this is better done face to face. One day... I will say out loud to them.
Mom, Dad... I love you
Sigh... Wish I am back home disturbing my folks. What got over me... I dunnoe. I miss them.


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wahlui said...

yea it's so hard to tell them those words. i've tried using sms. not sure if it works. but at least it's better than nothing. XD