Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have brainstorming sessions in my sleep!

Date : 19th January 2008
Time : 11.38PM
Listening to : My own typing
Where : MC - Room

I cannot stand it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's so crazy. It's only the end of the 2nd week but I feel like it's already my final 2 weeks. Migraine came way too early. I am not the only one feeling so. I've been hanging out at Tanyus and Selvia's place for assignments and we all felt the same. And you know what's worse? We've been dreaming about assignments and the last I heard from Wahyu was that he too dreamed that we were having brainstorming session. -.-! And I couldn't sleep without having tonnes of assignments brainstorming sessions running through my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like just now! I tried to sleep because tomorrow got church service but all I could thought of were WINDOWS! And all those odd stuff like smelly shoes, farmer and mamak. All assignments related themes. Gwaaarshhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ I am going mad I tell you. And to top all that up, we have to learn two comp language this term. HTML and Action Script 3.0.

Everytime I go for HTML class, I forgot Action Script... Everytime I go AS class, I forgot HTML. And it's pure mathematical for AS 3.0 in my opinion. You know, this term, I felt like I couldn't handle anything at all. Not even a single class and I really want to make it through the next term. It's really memeningkan kepala cos' everytime I close my eyes to catch some sleep, all I could thought off were possible ideas that I could use for my projects. And they have to invade my dreams. When will I be liberated and get some decent sleep?

Pray for me people. It is very much needed. Me and my fellow schoolmates. I guess I lose focus along the way here. Strangely, I thank God for Selvia. Somehow. Someway. But I cannot describe it. Maybe it's her reliance on God that made me feel that we all have hope. I guess head knowledge is really kinda useless sometimes if you don't have faith in what you believe in. She does. And I just have to have faith and know that
Have faith ChenLi!!! You can do it!!!!


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