Thursday, March 30, 2006

Episode 12 - Kuala Kangsar Ministry

Ok...continue from home alone before KKGH ministry~!

The next morning, I woke up quite early. Shuang was still in bed… I went to wash up and slipped out of the room. The boys and Juliana were still sleeping. Saw Joyce preparing some stuff in the kitchen. I took over cos’ she had stomach ache… Fried some eggs, and micro waved the sausages. When Joyce and I tried to wake the boys up, it was really a taxing job ler. So hard to wake them up one especially Timon. Yoh! Will merajuk like that. Hooi Siang also.. Dunno how many times have to call. Luckily Sammy and Eu Gin not that hard. We were at the verge of running late actually if they woke up any later. Bath so long sammo. After breakfast, some did the washing while some gathered all the visual aids. Then Aunty Nancy came to get us. Heehee… Boys had to follow Uncle Wiliiam to take a bus to Kuala Kangsar. Well, the journey there took around 45 minutes to 1 hour. When we finally reached, we get to se for the first time KKGH. It’s a house church. Wow… Made me feel like I’m in China where everyone (True Christians) gathered in a house to worship God. The boys haven’t reach yet. So we girls wandered around inside the church. Not very big but cozy. Hehe… And you know la… I bring my camera almost everywhere one. Even church people back in Malacca also commented on that. Hehe… So I asked Shuang and Hazel to pot like they were commenting on the kids coloring. Very nice feeling to see the drawings. Reminded me of the days when I used to help out in Malim Kindergarten. Haih~ Now cannot d lor…. But get to see back what kids usually do also quite satisfying d la. And Joyce memang cannot tahan see piano one… She just started to play the piano lor. Aiyak~! And sammo Juliana Khoo… Ae, GLO people…You all know her hobby la right… Haha… She was sleeping at a corner… Then wake up, then sleep again… Hahaha…. This girl ar….

Image hosting by Photobucket

Neway, the boys reached shortly after that. Timon wore a red tie with cartoons on it. We GLO people took our place at the first two rows. Their worship style was rather similar to MGC’s one. Asked Hooi Siang to request a song… If not wrong should be “Refiner’s Fire”. Really love that song. I cannot remember the girl’s name that played the piano. If anyone care to refresh my memory, please tag my board!! Then, there were kids coming in one by one. Aiyoooo…. So cute ler. Really cannot tahan. I must admit that I was rather distracted by them. I can’t even concentrate fully. After the breaking of bread, Timon stepped up to the pulpit to deliver his sermon. Haha… Sorry la Timon, but the sermon so short. But good enough la… More or less the sermon went like this.

“Brothers and sisters in Christ! Do you know what I am going to speak about today? blablabla~!”

Image hosting by Photobucket

Aiyak~! Sorry people, I really can’t do it like Timon. Maybe Shuang can la since she was the one helping to type the sermon out. I was only fixing the printer!!! Neway, after the morning worship, we had a light breakfast. Got to know some people. Very nice bunch of people there la. So friendly. Didn’t feel that awkward anymore after that.

Image hosting by Photobucket

There’s this uncle. I am so sorry that I can’t remember his name even though I talked to him a lot. While the singspiration leaders prepared the song sheets and stuff like that, I started taking pictures of the kids. There’s kid, I call him the US kid because he wore a shirt with a big US on it. That uncle told me that he very notty one. Hehe… More like mischievous and curious. Then another one called Maverick. A bright kid. I tell you, the children there were so adorable.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Sunday school started right after the uncle asked the children to settle down. We introduced ourselves (I feel strangely weird) and then Hazel took over the singspiration assisted by Joyce the pianist and Juliana the guitarist. Games were taken over by Hooi Siang and Sam. Really nice to see the children enjoying themselves during the game time… Got a few videos of it but don’t have sound one!!! So irritating. But I might post it. Then storytelling time. I took over assisted by Hazel and Hooi Siang. The story of Jonah. The kids were quite attentive lor. I was so glad I was not being a total fool when telling the stories. I felt that it went rather well actually. The visual aids worked very well. I think it was an excellent way of getting their attention. I asked some questions after that and Shuang gave out the stickers to those who were able to answer the questions. Maverick gathered the most stickers. Then for memory verse, Eu Gin and Joyce took charge. Eu Gin was so shy. I think he didn’t feel that comfortable around kids. After that we got more games and singspiration.

Image hosting by Photobucket

After the Sunday school ended, we took pictures with the children. The kids were so curious to see themselves in the digital camera.

Image hosting by Photobucket

And then they started to play around with the visual aids. Like wayang kulit like that cos they played at the wall there. After that, we took a group picture for remembrance before the kids left for home.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Then that uncle gathered us and thanked us for coming. He told us that the Sunday school almost died a few years ago but managed to be revived. The kids that we saw were all not rich and some don’t really get to see their parents one lor. Joyce and Siang told me they were very touched. I guess all of us were la. KKGH were lacked of volunteers. The girl that played the piano and the uncle (which is her father) traveled all the way to KK from Ipoh to worship every Sunday. Haih~ He asked us to pray for them. The assembly actually consist of 7 members only. And yet, they grew in Sunday school. I learned that if we put our hearts at something, God will certainly bless us in ways unexpected. Joyce and I talked about going back if got a chance. Joyce even mentioned about serving as a volunteer there.

I forgot to mention about this guy. He’s 19 years old but because of fever, he learned slower and is not like the kids his age. Hooi Siang and I talked to him and we gave him our numbers. When that uncle told me about his situation, I was… aiya…I dunno what to say la… It’s like my heart stuck at my throat. It’s just so hard to describe my feeling. Eh, I think I remember his name d. Uncle Khaw Guan ar… I dunno la… Maybe I should just call him Uncle Guan. Earlier on before the Sunday school starts, Uncle Guan mentioned some of the kids and their condition at home to me. Haih~! I salute these people to be able to have such deep compassion in them. We might have compassion but maybe just not enough to move us to do something about it.

KKGH people~! Will really miss them!!
Before we went back to GLO, the boys attempted to coax Aunty Nancy to let them go back via the car lor. They said that it would be fair that way since they traveled by bus. Nyahnyahnyah! We won anyway. Aunty Nancy brought us back to Taiping and brought us for lunch. I was actually quiet restless cos’ Geng Yi messaged and said that he reached Taiping d. Waaa… I was so excited you know. I can’t wait to go back GLO. I can’t wait to see him. I can’t wait for Ju they all to come back to meet him! The first TRUE Malaccan ler! Tim Keong and Jun Yi tak kira la… Penang people ma. Aiyo… All four of us in the room were quite anxious to see a Malaccan le.

Okla...continue about meeting up with Geng Yi and about Court Case next time!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Food Hunt 3 - Breakfast on Sunday

Aiya..actually, not really a food hunt and it happened quite some time ago but for the sake of keeping, will just blog about it la...

Well, afew weeks ago, Juliana's parents bought yen, ju and i for breakfast before church service on Sunday...Adoih..have to wake up so early. Neway, the place very the near church only... Very old d that shop. The name of the place is Nam Thye. Last time still got beach and sea to teman us eat but now... haih~! Sad la... Government betul-betul merosakkan pemandangan... Hardly any beach left in Malacca now... Neway, like i mentioned, the place there pre-existed me... whatever the spelling may be la... Been there when i was young... We yearned for their Roti Bakar and Kopi for so long d... That time wanna go breakfast also tak jadi so, fulfilled la finally~!

On The Menu:-

Roti Bakar dengan Kaya (2 keping potong 3)
Roti Bakar takda Kaya (2 keping potong 3)
Teh Panas (3 Cawan)
Kopi Panas (1 Cawan)
Laksa (1 Mangkuk)

Image hosting by Photobucket

All in all... The roti bakar really really sedap... Really love it... Sammo that uncle so generous with the butter... Cold and hot at the same time... Super nice...

Therefore, In my opinion, Foodhunt Chapter 3 : Breakfast on Sunday should be rated as 5 stars!! Image hosting by Photobucket

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Goodie Bag!!

Like I said... I will blog on my Goodie Bag one... Heehee... So.. This is what I found in the bag~!

The Contents~!

Image hosting by Photobucket

The goodie bag and the contents~

Image hosting by Photobucket

They know that i like wrapping papers but i really was surprised that they actually bought them for me... So happie~

Image hosting by Photobucket

1st pic is a magnet.... Hehe... Then Bubble gum and nougat...Haven't even finish eating yet~

Image hosting by Photobucket

Pringles!!! And then got this coconut sweets made by Juliana~

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yum~! I really like these cookies... So nice... Hope to eat it again... *Hint*Hint*

Image hosting by Photobucket

And last but not least... This is the card made by Yen... So nice, so meaningful... Really really love it... Haih~

Thanks guys... Really love the gift...Thanks Ju or the wonderful cookies... Thanks Yen for that beautiful card... Thanks Hema and Ding also!!! Love you guys~!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bayar Hutang - My birthday! a.k.a Food Hunt Chapter 2~!

Okay... Hutang very long d but must write on this because I love my friends!!!! Very the much!!! Heehee... Ok... Here goes~!

Juliana and Hema came and fetched me after work on the 9th of March. Then we headed to MP cos' we planned to watch movie. I saw a big paper bag inside the car... Ahem... My birthday present... A goodie bag it seems... I cannot believe they actually bought me wrapping papers... Ahem..cos' i am very well-known for collecting them and i didn't notice the rest of the contents until i reached home. Called Yiding to join us... So long never see her kinda miss her also lor... She can't join us till 5 i think. So, Juliana, Hema and I went ot GSC ticket counter to buy the tickets. Actually wanted to watch Final Destination 3 one... Then suddenly Hema wants to watch Underworld 2 - Evolution... I tried to persuade buthen aiya... i lost also... But thank God i din watch FD3... Super horrible when i watched with Eu Gin and Juliana in KL... ok...skip that first... The movie starts at 5.05PM and we managed to secure a place for Yiding...

Ok... Movie Review:-

Kinda gory la actually... I sat in between Yiding and Ju and Hema beside Yiding... Luckily for Hema cos i would have strangled her for choosing this show instead of FD3 at that moment...but now thinking back...i love her soooo much for choosing this instead of FD3.... Hehe... The show was rather violent... It's about werewolves against Vampires... If not because Hema suddenly told me when i was arguing about FD3 that Scott Speedman from Felicity was acting in U2, I wouldn't have submitted. She totally shut me up just by saying that Scott Speedman was in it. Hahaha.... It's been ages since i saw him on screen. Btw... it's very violent. Juliana and i were like... doing neck exercise la...simply put in words, our heads turned automatically whenever they get violent.. So gory so gross.... sammo at the starting of the movie, Yiding and i were happily eating our bread when one of the vampires ripped of a werewolf's jaw.... -.-! Horrible*Horrible... But dunno why la... even though not my type of movie...i came to like this movie... Juliana and i were talking about ho violent this show was and we ended up admitting that we love this show... Ok... so the rating is..... 4 stars Image hosting by Photobucketla!

Ok, after movie, Yiding said she wanna go BumCity to buy something...nothing much la... But i know we ended in one of the music stores... Yiding and i were going crazy for this Ennio Morricone CDs cos' he's a vey good piano player.... And the worst thing is that his album very hard to find one lor...dunno bout elsewhere but in malacca... aiya...hard la! Then we found this shop that actually have Ennio Morricone albums!!! Waaa! So happy but we didn't buy...don't ask why cos' we dun have enuff cash la... But ahem... that boy seemed to have a crush on Yiding le.... Heehee... Habis... Tried to snap her pics on his camera phone... Aper la... No wonder Yiding dowan buy...muahaha....Ae, Ding...if u read this rite... Can consider what.... heeheeheee~!
Thn we went down to Kopi Chin to wait for Yen Mei.... Ordered some drinks... and this is the list... Can be recommended actually...Cos' Ju seemed to like it....

Ice Milk Coffee a.k.a Kopi Susu Ais ( RM3.00 )
Iced Tea a.k.a Teh Ais ( RM3.00 )
Iced Milk Tea a.k.a Teh Susu Ais ( RM3.00)
Iced Milk Milo a.k.a Milo Susu Ais ( RM3.20)

When Yen finally joined us, she gave me an envelope... the RBS one... *blur* Nemind... she asked me to open at home... Then Ju drove us to Simply Pasta! Finally man...we get to try this food outlet.... Located at Melaka Raya... Just opposite Fulltank Cafe and Beside Secret Recipe. Finally... Finally....

This is where Foodhunt Chapter 2 starts.... Like usual, birthday girl will belanja la... hehe... Last year Ju brought us to Secret Recipe and Yen invited us over to her hse for dinner. And this time, mine will be in Simply Pasta! Yeh~! Yen told me we finally fulfilled her dreams.... Btw...actually, may i correct, fulfill ALL of our dreams.... Next will be Simply Fish!

Ok...So, this is what we had on that night~!


Baked Oyster~!

Rating : 5 stars Image hosting by Photobucket
Price : RM16.90

Main Course

Baked White Fish with Pasta~!

Ordered by : Teo Yen Mei Image hosting by Photobucket
Rating : 5 stars Image hosting by Photobucket
Price : RM 15.90+RM 4.00(With an Apple Coke -pic not available-)

Salmon Cajun with Pasta~!

Ordered by : Hema Priya Image hosting by Photobucket
Rating : 5 stars Image hosting by Photobucket
Price : RM 17.90+RM0.30 (With ice water-pic not available-)

Grilled Sirloin Cap. with Pasta~!

Ordered by : Wong Chen Li Image hosting by Photobucket
Rating : 5 stars Image hosting by Photobucket
Price : RM 18.90+RM0.30 (With ice water-pic not available-)

Yellow Devil~! Grilled Prawns with Pasta~!

Ordered by : Juliana Tasha Gomes Image hosting by Photobucket
Rating : 4 stars Image hosting by Photobucket
Comment : She wants fatter prawns
Price : RM5.90 + RM15.90

Ice Lemon Tea~! Chicken Picatta with Butter Rice~!

Ordered by : Lim Yi Ding Image hosting by Photobucket
Rating : 4 stars Image hosting by Photobucket
Price : RM4.50 + RM12.90

So, all in all....we would say the food was fantastic... The price was okay... Totaled up to RM124.75....i think it's worth the price la....I mean the food. Hehe... We took some pictures there... Which, some of them were rather crazy... I found out that Yen and Ju fell in love with the same guy... The chef of the restaurant.... Dah la short...sammo fat.... Dunno why they like.... Hmmm~! Hehe...nola...actually that's the patung in front of the restaurant... can't upload the pics la but can be seen at the pics above lor....hehe

After that... we headed to The Stadhuys square there la... Nothing to do also... Almost fell into the temptation of Satan according to the choice of words from Yen... Ahem..... But Yen, nemind... we are super good kids... Satan can't make us fall in that area one... Hehe....

We decided to go over to Paradise Cafe, Just beside Bert's Cafe.... Haiya... They all made me confuse... I thought that two were the same cafe.... It's located at Klebang there... Okla that place...but very sleepy d... Ordered some drinks there... Can't remember what we ordered la but Hema ordered Carrot Juice... I took something with Pineapple and Passion Fruit i think... aiya.. can't remember d...but i know it totaled up to RM31.50... We passed the drinks around... Hmmmm~!.... Yen one tasted weird actually...but she likes it... We had horror movie preview part 1...hahaha... and also Ju's "mixing drinks" video... Ahem.... Nemind...won't publish here....

I dunno what time we went home but it was before twelve la... And i found out what was in the goodies bag.... But i didn't actually have time to look thru until like one week later.... cos' i went up to KL and then when i came back i went for the Scouters and Brownies thingy d... So, i just wanna thank Juliana, Hema and Yen Mei for this goodie bag and yiding for coming to celebrate lor... Hehe... Love you guys!!!

I'll blog on the contents of the goodies bag later... Stupid blogspot fella suddenly cannot upload pic... I must publish the pics la...cos' i love the goodies bag so much~!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Ghost of You - My Chemical Romance

Ppl~! This song very nice ler... sorry la...too much lyrics in the blog d...but really nice maaaa~!

I never said I'd lie in wait forever
If I died we'd be together
I can't always just forget her
But she could try

At the end of the world
Or at the last thing
I see..
You are
Never coming home
Never coming home
Could I? Should I?
And all the things that you never ever told me
And all the smiles that are ever ever...

Ever...Get the feeling that you're never
All alone and I remember now
At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies
She dies

At the end of the world
Or at the last thing I see
You are
Never coming home
Never coming home
Could I?
Should I?
And all the things that you never ever told me
And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me
Never coming home
Never coming home
Could I?
Should I?
And all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me
For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me

If I fall…If I fall…(Down)

At the end of the world
Or at the last thing I see
You are
Never coming home
Never coming home
Never coming home
Never coming home
And all the things that you never ever told me
And all the smiles that are forever gonna haunt me
Never coming home
Never coming home
Could I? Should I?
And all the wounds that are forever gonna scar me
For all the ghosts that are never gonna...

How Great is Our God - Chris Tomlin

The splendor of a King,
clothed in majesty
Let all the earth rejoice
All the earth rejoice

He wraps himself in Light,
and darkness tries to hide
And trembles at His voice
Trembles at His voice

*How great is our God,
sing with me How great is our God,
and all will see
How great, how great is our God

Age to age He stands
And time is in His hands
Beginning and the end
Beginning and the end

The Godhead Three in One
Father Spirit Son
The Lion and the Lamb
The Lion and the Lamb

How great is our God,
sing with me
How great is our God,
and all will see
How great, how great is our God

Name above all names
Worthy of all praise
My heart will sing

How great is our God (x2)
How great is our God,
sing with me How great is our God,
and all will see How great, how great is our God (x3)

Youth Meeting~Finally!

Yesterday went for youth meeting! So happie!!! Finally man...But my cousin fetched me there and it was a hell of a ride man.... too bad juliana left for YP around 3pm cos have to fetch the MMU-ians.... Haih~ When i reached there at 4pm they also haven't reach. Only saw CK there with his guitar...but i saw a few Bibles on the pews lor....*strange*strange Nemind... Then CK asked me go to the store room to get him a table..cable...something with a -ble...can't hear but i went towards the store neway and then out of a sudden Tse Hwei jumped out and scared me... wah lao!!! Chong Keat!!! Pakat-ed with ah hwei to scare me! Tak gunerrrrr! Nemind heeeee.....

Then Geng Yi and Yen reached at the same time... Aiyo...dunno how many tmes i tell Geng Yi that i wasn't involved in the Children Ministry but still he asked me if the Children's Hour off that day cos i get to go YP... >.< Told us he going Kulim for a few eeks... Kena whacked from him so may times sammo.... Sheesh... "child abuse"...haha.... So sampeat-ed sammo... he said, "Chenli! Your hair long d!"...haha..but really feel like so long never see him d lo.... then kacau-ed him a bit until he took his shoes to throw at me...muahaha! I hide behind Aaron a.k.a Brain...heehee... i was Pinky...Tuish!

Pinky and the Brain~
Pinky and the Brain~
One is a genius the other insane~
And Pinky and the Brain~
An Pinky and the Brain~

Haha... Cacat sial.... Sammo always gaduh with him one... And so everytime see him, i'll start off with... "So Brain...What are we going to do tonight?" And he says, "The same thing we do every night... We'll take over the world!".... Muahaha! Cacat but funny... And when Uncle Anthony brought all the MMU-ians and Ju there, we started our singspiration. Aaron song-lead... Super nice la the songs.... I especially like the song "How great is our God"... Super nice... And some more the worship so semangat... And plus...i really super semangat also yesterday...maybe because i finally get to watched drama series la... the day before i so tired...haha..dunno what got over me...

After worship, Geng Yi announced that he and Uncle Ivan had some miscommunication that Uncle Ivan thought it was next week that he was supposed to speak when it was this week... we ended up having no speaker... Geng Yi then asked us to spend 10 minutes in prayer for the Easter Cantata. Then after that, we gathered at the youth room and we played Killer... Cool!!! Ju and i kept on doing sam lee's killer style...hehe.... we sat in a circle and as usual geng yi will be the person with the card 'Q'...he'll be the chairperson. The game goes like this:-

The Killer

Q - Chairperson
Ace - Killer
K - Police
J - Spy
3 - Doctor
7 - Citizen

The chairperson will randomly distribute a card to a player each. Nobody can show their card to anybody. The chairperson will ask everyone to close their eyes. Then he will ask the killers to open their eyes. Killer choose a person to be killed w/o speaking while everyone closes their eyes. The killers will signal to the chairperson who they choose to kill. Then they close their eyes. The chairperson will call for the polices to open their eyes and choose a person to catch. Then They will close their eyes. Then he will ask for the doctors to open their eyes and choose someone to heal...which in our case usually heals themselves la.... hehe... After that they closes their eyes Then the spies will be asked to open their eyes and choose someone they think is the killer and the chairperson will signall to them whether they spied correctly or not. Then the chairperson will ask everybody to open their eyes... Te citizen will not be choosing anything during the close eyes session... They only take part in voting for a person that the majority thinks who the killers are. This is where the game gets interesting because everyone will try to accuse a person and some tried to defend themselves.

Ok... So, i get the Ace card. I am a killer.... So when the game starts, i found out that my killer gang were Jeremy, Timothy, Jessica and Qi Qi... Haha... We killed Livia... When GY asked to vote for someone to be out at the first round, Stephen accused CK to be the killer and claimed that he's the spy which i do not think so. Hehe... Then the thing gets interesting cos i tembak-ed that Timothy is the killer... muahaha! Betrayal case #1.... Then Jessica backed me up. Stephen kept on pining on CK and claimed to be a spy... Then i say, "Stephen, dun lie... i'm the spy...i spied correctly, Tim is the killer..." Muahaha! In the end Tim was voted out. Then the 2nd starts... Then we the killers betrayed Qi Qi and she's voted out...Jermy was caught to be the Killer. Then left me and jessica only... Hahaha! Very funny... I kept on claiming to be a spy and so did Stephen... In the end Kevin said, "Chenli! Don't lie!!! U not a spy!"...Muahaha... Then the next round, me and jess killed him.... cos we know he's a spy ma... but cis... Juliana and Yen betrayed me...they voted me out to be the killer.... For those who's dead, we cannot show our cards or talk but we usually break the rules... and we dun have to close eyes... Found out that stephen, CK and yen were the polices while Aaron and ju were the doctor. Stephen commented that everyone around him died... haha..which is very true...earned him the name of "sou pa seng".....heehee.... Juliana was a bad doctor...cos i later found out that she knew jessica was the killer and kept on healing her... cissss....and she betrayed meeee!!!

We had captain ball after that... cis...ganas betul..Timothy got injured... hehe.... But he's ok.... we really had fun man in YP. Especially captain ball. Thats the all-time favourite game man... Sammo this Aaron called me butterfingers.... >.<>

Juliana, Yen and I went for ice pat-poh after's a dessert shop la... all those ice ice stuff.... so nice... ate 2 cups of ice cream and 2 plates of ice-cream peaches... sooooo nice...... it all totaled up to rm16.... nyak nyak nyak...satisfiednyer..... we went back yen's place after that. Buat kcau a whole before goin out for dinner with ju's parents. GY and Aaron ajak go yam cha but lat la...malas.... went home watch drama after that..... Yeh! So nice!

K la about D-Paradise later

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Episode 11 - Home Alone

Sorry ppl...for the delay of epi 11... Ah Shuang bising-ed d...Muahaha! Actually i went KL a few days so cannot blog...sammo dat stupid blogspot say i have no permission to view MY own BLOG.... Gila rite? Neway... Continue from where i left off..which is at the night before Kuala Kangsar Ministry...

At night, Hazel, Shuang and I continued with the visual aids. Hazel thought of a brilliant idea of putting chopstick on each of the character so that we could move them around easily. So cool ler… The drawings also turned out to be really well lor. Then we asked Timon to help us take a pic of our dirty hands but he includes his hands in it… Tak gunaaaaa….We decided to have the boys to come over to Hse A to sleep… Outside at the living hall la of course… Hehe… All the girls decided to cramp in Hazel and Joyce’s room. Then Hooi Siang, Sammy and Eu Gin sat on the floor to work on their games props and Hazel and Joyce went over to the church to practice the songs. I was super sleepy man that night. I helped Hooi Siang they all that time I kept on ‘toink~’ and slept on the floor… Then Hooi Siang will just pull me up and ask me to continue… Tak guna… Sammo he told us ghost stories sammo. Wah lao… Real donkey… Ok! I admit… I super Scrady-cat one… Even when I watched horror movie I will miss ¾ of the movies one. Then I closed my ears la cos I dowan listen ma but this Siang real horrible and terrible… He forced me to hear until I yelled for Hazel to rescue me and Joyce finally saved me… Phew… Ae… His stories darn freaky ok… Those who wants the full story can ask sammy or eu gin...i had some "transmission" problem....hehehe...

Then after we finished everything, we packed all the needed stuff at one side. Left only Timon working on his sermon aided by Shuang. We laid down the mattresses for the boys. Hazel and Joce retired to bed rather early. I took out Yen’s Discman and my book and started to read while listening to the songs la. Then Sammy and Siang stole my VA! Wah! Dong~!!! Hugged sammo… Yerrrr…. Geli… Ju.K also took out her book to read. Well, she found…. or maybe Siang found a passage that was rather funny though I can’t remember what. Then this Eu Gin and Sammy decided to sleep and yeah…they fell asleep fast. Timon still doing his last minute job. And I shifted from the sofa to the dining table there. Siang joined me after that and I passed him an earphone. So I took a side and he took the other. He was drawing and I was reading until we heard a weird starting of a song…and guess what… it’s the Black Eye Pea song…My Hump…Yerrr…. I didn’t know how dirty the lyric was until that night le…Don’t ask me why…cos’ I just happened to listened intently to the lyric. Can’t help laughing lo and Shuang sing out the song without listening le… Liaooo… She memorized everything man…
Then we tried to dig from Ah Siang who he liked la…Hehe…I mean Shuang and me… Then this Timon buat kacau…asked me fix printer… Sheesh… Takper… Tried to fix but cannot… geram sial… Then I said, “Pray la…pray…” Then he macam tak dengar only… Then I prayed la…diam-diam of course but still the printer buat hal… I gave up and he tried fixing again. Every time the printing starts, it’ll print the previous document…meaning the song list. Yohhh~! Menggeramkan. While Timon tried to fix, I joined Shuang to try to dig from Ah Siang again… Muahaha… So kelian but ahem~…of course la…both of us more or less knew who was that girl la… Just want some “mouth confession” only…But before I get any digging done… Timon bising-ed again and then we tried to fix the printer…Geezzz~ Irritating printer…. But in the end we managed to get the printer to print the right thing after we restarted the computer. Haiz~…. But by then when I tried to continue my digging expedition, I felt very sleepy liao…. I grabbed my bear and book and entered my room… I dunno why ler I entered my room instead of Hazel’s. I left the lights on cos honestly…ahem…Siang spooky stories scared me…. I slept on Ju’s be cos’ I malas wanna climb and I hugged my bear so tight, closed my eyes and tried to sleep… Cisss… Ong Hooi Siang… Dong ghost stories…. I dunno around what time Shuang came into my room with her pillow and said she’ll join me and sleep on Hwei’s bed which is on top of Lan’s bed… I was actually quite groggy by then. We off the lights and went to sleep. Muahaha! At least got teman… Thanks Shuang! If not then I think GLO electricity bill will shoot up…hehehe…. Juliana slept outside on the sofa… Hmmm~ Like jaga like that…muahaha!

Ends here wun putus-putus when i continue on the ministry on sunday...hehe....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Debt!!!!!

Hua! So long never blog... i missed so many events leeerrr... Nemind... I promise myself to blog asap on all these:-

1. D-Paradise trip
2. My Birthday
3. Trip to KL with Juliana
4. Working with the Brownies and Scouters (OoH~ So cute~ I found one very the hansem 10 yr old there.... Oh no! Aku jatuh cinta~ Kakaka!)
5. Result taking (Shucks~!) -.-!!

But before that... i shall continue with episode 11 lorrrr.... Hehehe.... Next post ok? Write now... Yeh!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

A song dedication~

And I'd give up forever to touch you,'
Cause I know that you feel me some how.
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be,
And I don't want to go home right now.

And all I can taste is this moment,
And all I can breathe is your life,
And sooner or later it's over,
I just don't want to miss you tonight.


And I don't want the world to see me,'
Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am.

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming,
Or the moment of the truth in your lies.
When everything feels like the movies,
Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive.


And I don't want the world to see me,
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am.

And I don't want the world to see me,
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am.
I just want you to know who I am.
I just want you to know who I am.
I just want you to know who I am......

Dedicated to an unseen, untouchable and "when i tutup mata only can see" person.... Super hard to dream... Liaooo.... Fantasy* Fantasy*...Blink Blink....

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

When I am lost in your eyes - Gibson Debbie

So jiwang man... Super nice~

I get lost in your eyes
And I feel my spirits rise
And soar like the wind..
Is it love that I am in?

I get weak in a glance
Isn't this what's called romance?
And now I know'
Cause when I'm lost I can't let go

I don't mind not knowing what I'm heading for
You can take me to the skies...
It's like being lost in heaven
When I'm lost in your eyes

I just fell,
don't know why
Something's there we can't deny...
And when I first knew
Was when I first looked at you

And if I can't find my way
If salvation seems worlds away
Oh, I'll be found
When I am lost in your eyes

I don't mind not knowing what I'm heading for
You can take me to the skies...
Oh it's like being lost in heaven
When I'm lost in your eyes

I get weak in a glance
Isn't this what's called romance?
Oh, I'll be found
When I am lost in your eyes

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cocktail - Lesson 1's lesson is my blog's name!

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

1 1/2 msrs. light rum
1/2 msr. strawberry liqueur
Juice of 1/2 lime
5 strawberries
crushed ice
1 maraschino cherry

Blend rum, liqueur, lime juice and 3 of the strawberries with plenty of crushed ice in blender until almost frozen... Paham? Pour unstrained into a large goblet. Garnish with remaining strawberries and cherry.

Oh... it comes with the instruction : Serve with short, thick straw....

Why short, thick straw????

I caught this on camera!

A tribute to Capati and Rambutan.... yam yam~

That's why la.... When go jalan-jalan must watch out ma.... see got paparazi or not... Hahaha... Ae, Baboon*... Now this is what u call, ".....and chen u wait!!!!...walao ur blog even worse...!!" Hhahaha... K-lo...i'll live up to my title... Too small la... must make bigger liao.... ok... next blog...wanna cabut go sleep d... Tata~!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Chilling Out~

I seriously need a break from everything... Went to D-Paradise in Alor gajah, Malacca today.... Won't start on this yet... maybe some other time but strongly recommended for visit but can be quite costly goin individually... But went there as a guest today so FOC everything... Serious FOC...Entrance, tour guide, buggy, OA presentation, Passion fruit drinks... All FOC... Real great la... Ppl wear entry bands i wear guest band... thanks to Agnes... Salute man working with her... Rox to the max la this place... Wanna go again... Go in detail later maybe...

And i came home at around 10.45PM just now and i found out that my male cat made a female cat pregnant and she gave birth in the same room the male's cat mother gave birth last time... Wah liaooo... 2 generation straight... 4th birth in my hse... Waaa... Need a break... Really need a break...

Aih~ I really need to chill out real bad... can't tahan d... First, something bout XXX status... Aih~ Of all things to do... Cisss... Wrong person gila! No more terjunam liao... Die also climb back... No fall fall d... Wong Chen Li tough one! Yeh! K K... a bit sot d~ Thats why i need chilling out! "See Hum" also cannot help me! Sheesh~ Must eat more "see hum" but scared got stomach ache but the Singaporeans friends love it so i totally stuffed myself together... But stupid tot really spoilt me day la... No more north! All south... Yeh! Die also climb back!!!!! I am so going to stay south! Oh gosh~ Leave me alone man... Let's see... 2 months break onie come back one more round... diff person sammo...How to handle?! Cannot la... Die also dowan... REJECT!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Episode 10 - The Big Secret!

Okay, let me just take a commercial break and let’s get into the topic of the boys’ dorm. It stinks. Real bad… Every time we play table tennis or something like that, if the wind is blowing at the wrong direction, the stench will hit us like somebody hitting you with a big frying pan… Whoosh~ Even a rat died inside the dorm because of the smell you know… (Someone told me this… dunno Eu Gin or Nat)…. We don’t know what caused the smell until the third week. (Be back into this in later episodes) We girls never seen the dorm before because of rules la… Hse B ppl can enter Hse A up to the kitchen only… But Hse A ppl cannot enter Hse B… Sheesh… Nevermind… The atrocious smell drove us away anyway… It’s a mixture of soiled socks and stinky shoes and blablabla~… unidentified items…. Dunno la… But I think the word atrocious is the word to describe the smell la whether it’s relevant or not for this word to be applied to some sort of a smell. Hehe… I genuinely wanna salute the guys for tahan-ing all this smell for the whole three weeks man and also for Hoong Cheong to be able to withstand this torment. But somehow they got used to the smell anyway. Immuned…

Okay… Commercial break over d…. *Deep Breath* Okay… This is where the Big Secret starts la. I don’t know how many people actually knows about it especially the flagbearers. So, Joyce and I were still wondering if it’s wrong to just go ahead and compare Sam’s shirt to see if the size was right. We can’t ask Hazel and we can’t ask Shuang and the boys weren’t around so we just grabbed the keys and quickly run towards Hse B! Aaaah! Torture* Torture*…. Fumbled with the keys and we noticed a hint of that smell again. But what the heck.. we will make it quick… and so we thought~ haih~ Then when we open the door only.... Wah lao... I was like thinking... Worth it mer for love? Hahaha... Horrible me.... Okay… So… we were attacked by this strong “scent”… I dunno what to call it la… But I think the sight of the boys’ dorm in the real picture was… indescribable. Yes, I’ve heard that boys memang dunno how to tidy things up one… I’ve got like 2 brothers at home so I wouldn’t be surprised if the GLO boys are messy but the sight was like so different from my brothers’ room!~ Yohhh~ I was so sorry to help Joyce out la… Really man… What crossed my mind when I saw the living hall was that the boys changed there… Right there and the clothes they just strewn it around on the sofas… Adoih~ That’s one thing. Then another thing is that I felt that I was on some sort of a beach or something like that cos’ the floor was filled with sand… Sheesh~ And then we entered the boys’ sleeping quarter la. I was like telling Joyce… “Ae, Joyce… fast fast! I dying d!” Then Joyce were like… “Okay Okay… Must find Sam’s sleeping bunk first..”… She was so cool and relaxed while I have to coop with another sight in the boys’ sleeping quarter… Torment* Torment* Really don’t know which bed is whose…. But surprisingly… Sam’s bed was the neatest… haha… And Joyce were saying something like… “ Good boy…” Muahaha…. Good boy…Fold his blankie and stuff like that. Well, there were a few easily recognized bed… Erm… Namely Vincent’s (Because of one thing la~), Nathanael’s (Because of his “new” shirt he always claim to be clean), Timon’s (Because he sleeps beside Cent), Sammy’s (Because of his jeans) and Sam Lee’s (Because of his folded shirt)…. And from there I found out that Nat got a chao chao also… Hahaha… although doesn’t qualify yet since it’s not two year-old and above… Standard age from Kaka… So darn clean one the chao chao… Neway…. The sleeping quarter wasn’t as bad as the living hall la. All I know was that I didn’t wander around. I just stood right beside Sam’s bed and waited for Joyce, shifting from one leg to another… Lickily the shirt was just right. Then after that, we off the lights and went out to the hall… Okay, another dismaying sight. On the shoes cupboard, we saw a whole bunch of socks… soiled socks piling on top of each other…. And the shoes scattered somewhere below the cupboard. And then when we looked to our right, we saw the dining chairs all pulled out and the table filled with food stuff, the wrappings and blablabla~… Then Joyce and I looked at each other and haih~….

I dunno why la… We just go search for brooms and we started sweeping the floor. Then we saw the dustbin over-flowing with rubbish… Stress*Stress*…. Then we cannot find plastic bags so Joyce went over to House A to get it while I continue to discover more and more “treasures” as I swept the floor. I saw Mr.X’s shirt lying at one corner like a cloth rag like that… Haih~ Then I swept the floor underneath the dining table. Regret* Regret* I pulled one of the chairs and I saw… neatly spread out on the chair were the flags of various colors. Why oh why… Why me? Why not Joyce???? I dowan help people d la!!!! I was like… “ My goodness….” Tutup mata… Walked out for a while…waiting for Joyce to come back. And when she finally came back, she brought back reinforcement… Hazel and Shuang. Should see their reactions… The sight is one thing, the smell is one thing…anxiety is another thing! I wanna get out as soon as possible because the boys were coming home d… Called Tim a couple of time to make sure of their location. We just got to work as fast as we could… sweeping all the way from the hall to the sleeping quarters. Actually wanted to clear the table until Joyce reminded us that we can’t afford to make such a big difference in the dorm cos’ they would have suspected something…. But they can always say it’s Tim Keong and Ian who helped them to clean up what right??? Nola… Too impossible d… So we just leave the table alone… We took out the rubbish I think… Won’t be too suspicious la. And then, Joyce and I found out something also… Somebody slept in Hoong Cheong’s room while he was gone. And we found the new bed sheets on the living room sofa…. The one that we gave Group 1 boys on Friday during clean up… Wah lao… Did they change the bed sheet for Hoong Cheong or not??? Horrible*Horrible*

I pulled the dining table’s chair to show Shuang the flags. The way she laughed can die man… Then when she swept the sleeping quarter, she was like looking and looking until something blinded her… Lime green one… Sorry la Shuang… I tak nampak… I just wanna finish sweeping then cabut go die… Totally suffocating… Sammo we closed the door cos’ scared ppl see… But we opened the window to air the room also… Sorry la guys… If got mosquitoes… Dowan u all to die so fast. After doing all we can do, we cabut-ed as fast as possible. Didn’t help much… more like getting heart, lungs and brain attack one shot. Eyes also partially blinded….

After we finally dumped ourselves on the couch, we started to think of the visual aids and listen to some songs. Actually… I remembered wrongly in epi 9… I bathed after the ahem… trip…. to you know where…. Then, when I came out, I saw my dinner on the table d. Spaghetti! From Avena CafĂ©~ Not bad la…But got stomach ache after that…

K...continue later! Have to go D-Paradise d!!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Episode 9 - Home alone + Winter Sonata

Before Auntie Lina left with Uncle Lai Su and the GLO-ians, she told us that we will have to take our own lunch and dinner for that day and breakfast for Sunday. She also reminded us that we would have to be back by 4 PM…. I think..if I got the time right…. Hehe~ After the people were gone, we still haven’t quite have the place all by ourselves… Jun Yi and the people he came with were still around. Haha~ After they’ve left, we started planning where to eat and stuff like that. Haih~ You know ar… This Timon… He took a pic with Tim Keong and asked if they looked alike. What kind of question is that? Neway, Shuang and I asked Timon and Hooi Siang to give us the “seducing look”…. And we took a video of it in my camera and eventually pulled Sammy along… This Shuang tak guna la… Fail man~ Belum buat edi ketawa… cis…. It was a hilarious video though although it may not match up to most of the rest la…

Juliana and Hazel, with perasan-ted "body builder"

And so, we decided to go eat McDonald… That’s the nearest anyway… So we all got ready and went out to wait for the boys… Then we waited and waited and in the end we sat at the swing together with Eu Gin… I don’t know how come they can bath so long one la. We waited for Timothy and Sammy I think. Haih~ Nemind… After they FINALLY came out from the boys’ dorm, we walked to McDonald… guided by the only Taiping fella left, Juliana Khoo… Ahem~ Then we noticed got TWO person, a girl and a boy wear same colored shirt and pants worrrr…. So secocok… Speechless la… Both also SS one… But suddenly forgot their name… Haha… We didn’t go directly to The Store though. We made a stop at Popular to buy some stuff. This Sammy and Hooi Siang… they took this opportunity to go play some video games upstairs from Popular I think… Bought a set of children stationeries for the KK kids. Earlier, Hazel or Joyce bought stickers from SUFES also for the kids…. Then very cacat one la… Joyce and Timon saw a very cute bottle on sale there… Haha… So funny… Took a pic of it. The line was so long laaa… So sien… Neway, after we bought those stuff, we have to wait for Hooi Siang and Sammy. I forgot who went to find them but in the end only Hooi Siang came down and we can’t find Sammy… Cisss…. Nevermind la… We chatted while waiting for him neway. Shuang, Zel, Ju.K and I talked something about visiting each other’s place after GLO… Hehe… Looks like it’s not going to happen for quite some time yet. Haiya… And this Ju.K kept on passing her raisins around.

After we found Sam, we headed straight for The Store… McDonald was just near the entrance there. I really can’t remember what I ate neway… but I think I talked more than I eat lor. Sam was really nice to share most of his curly fires with us. Haha… But honestly, I think we ate a lot of it. Muahaha~ So bad la we all. Chatted with Siang a lot there. Ahem~ Got to know many things. This guy also cukup emo la… Then, I think we overshot our curfew and then all of us were really wondering if we should go home or not but we decided to stay neway. Haha… I mean, it was raining! We can’t walk home right? Auntie Lina won’t scold us for not wetting ourselves what right? But luckily she didn’t call to check on us or something like that… if not~

Siang and Juliana~

Sam donating his drinks~


Eh? Same coloured shirt la~

Makan*Makan~ Eu Gin and ice-cream~

After filing our stomach with all those junks, we decided to just walk around in The Store. I got separated from my group when I went to buy shampoo for my roommates… But I found no difficulty in finding them after that cos’ I can hear Hooi Siang’s voice very clearly… I really can’t exactly remember what they were talking about but I can remember that it was something funny…or is it not? Goodla…. got such group members… No need walkie-talkie also can find them d… We planned to buy some stuff for supper actually but in then end we scattered to go buy our stuff first. Joyce and Zel accompanied me to buy something. Shuang and Timon dunno lari go where together… Ahem~ Sammy, Siang and Ju.K and Eu Gin also dunno cabut-ed go where… Haih~ But Zel , Joyce and I took our time by looking at the shoes displayed. Then we got bored so we went downstairs we started to fill the trolley with stuff… Talking about choosing stuff, really can pengsan one… Especially the Campbell Mushroom Soup thingy. Hazel and I were helping Joyce to think if she should buy the bigger can or smaller can…. Must be cukup for 2 person one ok… Ahem… You guys know la… Enough said d…

Then we met up with the rest. Sammy wanted to buy a shirt so we also hang around there la. Then Joyce was thinking of buying a shirt for Sam Lee… Everyone has a different opinion of colors… But I think she ended up buying…. erm… I can’t remember…Maybe red or something like that. And then we had to wait for Timon and Siang to finish choosing their shirts also… Juliana cannot tahan that we took a pic of her kicking their butts... Hahaha! Adoih~ Very the funny one they choose. Can enter the changing room together sammo. Then Sam Lim so jahat. He took a pic of them through the upper gap of the door. Hahaha! I dunno if he kept that. All the commotion… Even the counter girl was laughing. She was even more surprised to learn that we were from different parts of Malaysia. And so, the conclusion is… Siang and Timon bought black, Joyce bought red and Sam bought blue… All with the SAME design… Haha… Per la… Sam triggered the whole shirt thingy…. Then we started walking home…. Along the way, I chatted with Eu Gin. Yerr… They were so horrible… They crossed the road without me and Eu Gin… Cisss… Tak guna… Walked so fast sammo…

Going home !!~

When we reached GLO, we saw Uncle Lai Su’s car parked in front of House A… Liaooo… Berdegup-degup our hearts… Then we didn’t see Uncle Lai Su… We saw Nat’s father instead. He brought a bunch of rambutans for the GLO-ians. So nice of him. Then we saw Tim Keong and Ian (Oh, I forgot to mention Ian earlier)… We were still keeping a look out for Uncle Lai Su until Tim Keong passed me the boys’ dorm keys and Ian drove off with Uncle Lai Su’s car….
……………………………. (Bengang)
Kena tipu… But Uncle Lai Su trusted Tim with that car man… Muahaha… But understandable la… he wasn’t behind the steering wheel…

Okay… So here comes the interesting part… GLO Winter Sonata. Let me introduce you to our cast… (Though I can’t really figure out who’s playing which part)…

First, we have Ong Hooi Siang…

Then we have Timothy Ng….

I don’t know who cycled around GLO with the old bicycle first. I think it was Siang… Then start la that two fetching one another. Caught a short video of it… And captured 2 pictures of this couple… Romantis betul… I edited the video a little bit… I am still considering whether to post or not the video but thinking back… better not… I mean after I’ve shown Kaka the video, she was like laughing like what like that…. So, to save all those stomach aches… Let just keep it la ok?

Haih~ So romantic... Jeles giler laaaa.... Haha~

Then, we discussed about dinner…. Zel, Shuang, Joyce and I were really sien to go out d so Ju.K brought the boys out to eat and ta pao for us… Hardly one hour we came back, they have to go out eat dinner again…. But they really wanted to go out lor… I mean the boys. Eu Gin was like complaining that it was so bored to stay home. Ok… After the five fellas went out, Hazel and I started to discussed a LIL’…only a lil’ bit of the visual aids… Then after that, this Shuang and Hazel bising-ed say they wanna bath d… So, left me and Joyce only. Joyce can’t bath first cos’ she’s at the same room as Hazel and I bathed d… Then after that, she said she wanna compare the shirt that she bought with Sam’s shirt… Well, we can’t find any lying or hanging around the house cos’ they stayed different house from us. Then, I saw the keys Tim Keong passed to me. *Deep Breath*

Okay...sorry ppl...stop here first... i can't write on for back with epi 10...promise u guys with the truth! I think more or less u guys know la k...