Saturday, March 04, 2006

Episode 10 - The Big Secret!

Okay, let me just take a commercial break and let’s get into the topic of the boys’ dorm. It stinks. Real bad… Every time we play table tennis or something like that, if the wind is blowing at the wrong direction, the stench will hit us like somebody hitting you with a big frying pan… Whoosh~ Even a rat died inside the dorm because of the smell you know… (Someone told me this… dunno Eu Gin or Nat)…. We don’t know what caused the smell until the third week. (Be back into this in later episodes) We girls never seen the dorm before because of rules la… Hse B ppl can enter Hse A up to the kitchen only… But Hse A ppl cannot enter Hse B… Sheesh… Nevermind… The atrocious smell drove us away anyway… It’s a mixture of soiled socks and stinky shoes and blablabla~… unidentified items…. Dunno la… But I think the word atrocious is the word to describe the smell la whether it’s relevant or not for this word to be applied to some sort of a smell. Hehe… I genuinely wanna salute the guys for tahan-ing all this smell for the whole three weeks man and also for Hoong Cheong to be able to withstand this torment. But somehow they got used to the smell anyway. Immuned…

Okay… Commercial break over d…. *Deep Breath* Okay… This is where the Big Secret starts la. I don’t know how many people actually knows about it especially the flagbearers. So, Joyce and I were still wondering if it’s wrong to just go ahead and compare Sam’s shirt to see if the size was right. We can’t ask Hazel and we can’t ask Shuang and the boys weren’t around so we just grabbed the keys and quickly run towards Hse B! Aaaah! Torture* Torture*…. Fumbled with the keys and we noticed a hint of that smell again. But what the heck.. we will make it quick… and so we thought~ haih~ Then when we open the door only.... Wah lao... I was like thinking... Worth it mer for love? Hahaha... Horrible me.... Okay… So… we were attacked by this strong “scent”… I dunno what to call it la… But I think the sight of the boys’ dorm in the real picture was… indescribable. Yes, I’ve heard that boys memang dunno how to tidy things up one… I’ve got like 2 brothers at home so I wouldn’t be surprised if the GLO boys are messy but the sight was like so different from my brothers’ room!~ Yohhh~ I was so sorry to help Joyce out la… Really man… What crossed my mind when I saw the living hall was that the boys changed there… Right there and the clothes they just strewn it around on the sofas… Adoih~ That’s one thing. Then another thing is that I felt that I was on some sort of a beach or something like that cos’ the floor was filled with sand… Sheesh~ And then we entered the boys’ sleeping quarter la. I was like telling Joyce… “Ae, Joyce… fast fast! I dying d!” Then Joyce were like… “Okay Okay… Must find Sam’s sleeping bunk first..”… She was so cool and relaxed while I have to coop with another sight in the boys’ sleeping quarter… Torment* Torment* Really don’t know which bed is whose…. But surprisingly… Sam’s bed was the neatest… haha… And Joyce were saying something like… “ Good boy…” Muahaha…. Good boy…Fold his blankie and stuff like that. Well, there were a few easily recognized bed… Erm… Namely Vincent’s (Because of one thing la~), Nathanael’s (Because of his “new” shirt he always claim to be clean), Timon’s (Because he sleeps beside Cent), Sammy’s (Because of his jeans) and Sam Lee’s (Because of his folded shirt)…. And from there I found out that Nat got a chao chao also… Hahaha… although doesn’t qualify yet since it’s not two year-old and above… Standard age from Kaka… So darn clean one the chao chao… Neway…. The sleeping quarter wasn’t as bad as the living hall la. All I know was that I didn’t wander around. I just stood right beside Sam’s bed and waited for Joyce, shifting from one leg to another… Lickily the shirt was just right. Then after that, we off the lights and went out to the hall… Okay, another dismaying sight. On the shoes cupboard, we saw a whole bunch of socks… soiled socks piling on top of each other…. And the shoes scattered somewhere below the cupboard. And then when we looked to our right, we saw the dining chairs all pulled out and the table filled with food stuff, the wrappings and blablabla~… Then Joyce and I looked at each other and haih~….

I dunno why la… We just go search for brooms and we started sweeping the floor. Then we saw the dustbin over-flowing with rubbish… Stress*Stress*…. Then we cannot find plastic bags so Joyce went over to House A to get it while I continue to discover more and more “treasures” as I swept the floor. I saw Mr.X’s shirt lying at one corner like a cloth rag like that… Haih~ Then I swept the floor underneath the dining table. Regret* Regret* I pulled one of the chairs and I saw… neatly spread out on the chair were the flags of various colors. Why oh why… Why me? Why not Joyce???? I dowan help people d la!!!! I was like… “ My goodness….” Tutup mata… Walked out for a while…waiting for Joyce to come back. And when she finally came back, she brought back reinforcement… Hazel and Shuang. Should see their reactions… The sight is one thing, the smell is one thing…anxiety is another thing! I wanna get out as soon as possible because the boys were coming home d… Called Tim a couple of time to make sure of their location. We just got to work as fast as we could… sweeping all the way from the hall to the sleeping quarters. Actually wanted to clear the table until Joyce reminded us that we can’t afford to make such a big difference in the dorm cos’ they would have suspected something…. But they can always say it’s Tim Keong and Ian who helped them to clean up what right??? Nola… Too impossible d… So we just leave the table alone… We took out the rubbish I think… Won’t be too suspicious la. And then, Joyce and I found out something also… Somebody slept in Hoong Cheong’s room while he was gone. And we found the new bed sheets on the living room sofa…. The one that we gave Group 1 boys on Friday during clean up… Wah lao… Did they change the bed sheet for Hoong Cheong or not??? Horrible*Horrible*

I pulled the dining table’s chair to show Shuang the flags. The way she laughed can die man… Then when she swept the sleeping quarter, she was like looking and looking until something blinded her… Lime green one… Sorry la Shuang… I tak nampak… I just wanna finish sweeping then cabut go die… Totally suffocating… Sammo we closed the door cos’ scared ppl see… But we opened the window to air the room also… Sorry la guys… If got mosquitoes… Dowan u all to die so fast. After doing all we can do, we cabut-ed as fast as possible. Didn’t help much… more like getting heart, lungs and brain attack one shot. Eyes also partially blinded….

After we finally dumped ourselves on the couch, we started to think of the visual aids and listen to some songs. Actually… I remembered wrongly in epi 9… I bathed after the ahem… trip…. to you know where…. Then, when I came out, I saw my dinner on the table d. Spaghetti! From Avena Café~ Not bad la…But got stomach ache after that…

K...continue later! Have to go D-Paradise d!!!

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