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Episode 9 - Home alone + Winter Sonata

Before Auntie Lina left with Uncle Lai Su and the GLO-ians, she told us that we will have to take our own lunch and dinner for that day and breakfast for Sunday. She also reminded us that we would have to be back by 4 PM…. I think..if I got the time right…. Hehe~ After the people were gone, we still haven’t quite have the place all by ourselves… Jun Yi and the people he came with were still around. Haha~ After they’ve left, we started planning where to eat and stuff like that. Haih~ You know ar… This Timon… He took a pic with Tim Keong and asked if they looked alike. What kind of question is that? Neway, Shuang and I asked Timon and Hooi Siang to give us the “seducing look”…. And we took a video of it in my camera and eventually pulled Sammy along… This Shuang tak guna la… Fail man~ Belum buat edi ketawa… cis…. It was a hilarious video though although it may not match up to most of the rest la…

Juliana and Hazel, with perasan-ted "body builder"

And so, we decided to go eat McDonald… That’s the nearest anyway… So we all got ready and went out to wait for the boys… Then we waited and waited and in the end we sat at the swing together with Eu Gin… I don’t know how come they can bath so long one la. We waited for Timothy and Sammy I think. Haih~ Nemind… After they FINALLY came out from the boys’ dorm, we walked to McDonald… guided by the only Taiping fella left, Juliana Khoo… Ahem~ Then we noticed got TWO person, a girl and a boy wear same colored shirt and pants worrrr…. So secocok… Speechless la… Both also SS one… But suddenly forgot their name… Haha… We didn’t go directly to The Store though. We made a stop at Popular to buy some stuff. This Sammy and Hooi Siang… they took this opportunity to go play some video games upstairs from Popular I think… Bought a set of children stationeries for the KK kids. Earlier, Hazel or Joyce bought stickers from SUFES also for the kids…. Then very cacat one la… Joyce and Timon saw a very cute bottle on sale there… Haha… So funny… Took a pic of it. The line was so long laaa… So sien… Neway, after we bought those stuff, we have to wait for Hooi Siang and Sammy. I forgot who went to find them but in the end only Hooi Siang came down and we can’t find Sammy… Cisss…. Nevermind la… We chatted while waiting for him neway. Shuang, Zel, Ju.K and I talked something about visiting each other’s place after GLO… Hehe… Looks like it’s not going to happen for quite some time yet. Haiya… And this Ju.K kept on passing her raisins around.

After we found Sam, we headed straight for The Store… McDonald was just near the entrance there. I really can’t remember what I ate neway… but I think I talked more than I eat lor. Sam was really nice to share most of his curly fires with us. Haha… But honestly, I think we ate a lot of it. Muahaha~ So bad la we all. Chatted with Siang a lot there. Ahem~ Got to know many things. This guy also cukup emo la… Then, I think we overshot our curfew and then all of us were really wondering if we should go home or not but we decided to stay neway. Haha… I mean, it was raining! We can’t walk home right? Auntie Lina won’t scold us for not wetting ourselves what right? But luckily she didn’t call to check on us or something like that… if not~

Siang and Juliana~

Sam donating his drinks~


Eh? Same coloured shirt la~

Makan*Makan~ Eu Gin and ice-cream~

After filing our stomach with all those junks, we decided to just walk around in The Store. I got separated from my group when I went to buy shampoo for my roommates… But I found no difficulty in finding them after that cos’ I can hear Hooi Siang’s voice very clearly… I really can’t exactly remember what they were talking about but I can remember that it was something funny…or is it not? Goodla…. got such group members… No need walkie-talkie also can find them d… We planned to buy some stuff for supper actually but in then end we scattered to go buy our stuff first. Joyce and Zel accompanied me to buy something. Shuang and Timon dunno lari go where together… Ahem~ Sammy, Siang and Ju.K and Eu Gin also dunno cabut-ed go where… Haih~ But Zel , Joyce and I took our time by looking at the shoes displayed. Then we got bored so we went downstairs we started to fill the trolley with stuff… Talking about choosing stuff, really can pengsan one… Especially the Campbell Mushroom Soup thingy. Hazel and I were helping Joyce to think if she should buy the bigger can or smaller can…. Must be cukup for 2 person one ok… Ahem… You guys know la… Enough said d…

Then we met up with the rest. Sammy wanted to buy a shirt so we also hang around there la. Then Joyce was thinking of buying a shirt for Sam Lee… Everyone has a different opinion of colors… But I think she ended up buying…. erm… I can’t remember…Maybe red or something like that. And then we had to wait for Timon and Siang to finish choosing their shirts also… Juliana cannot tahan that we took a pic of her kicking their butts... Hahaha! Adoih~ Very the funny one they choose. Can enter the changing room together sammo. Then Sam Lim so jahat. He took a pic of them through the upper gap of the door. Hahaha! I dunno if he kept that. All the commotion… Even the counter girl was laughing. She was even more surprised to learn that we were from different parts of Malaysia. And so, the conclusion is… Siang and Timon bought black, Joyce bought red and Sam bought blue… All with the SAME design… Haha… Per la… Sam triggered the whole shirt thingy…. Then we started walking home…. Along the way, I chatted with Eu Gin. Yerr… They were so horrible… They crossed the road without me and Eu Gin… Cisss… Tak guna… Walked so fast sammo…

Going home !!~

When we reached GLO, we saw Uncle Lai Su’s car parked in front of House A… Liaooo… Berdegup-degup our hearts… Then we didn’t see Uncle Lai Su… We saw Nat’s father instead. He brought a bunch of rambutans for the GLO-ians. So nice of him. Then we saw Tim Keong and Ian (Oh, I forgot to mention Ian earlier)… We were still keeping a look out for Uncle Lai Su until Tim Keong passed me the boys’ dorm keys and Ian drove off with Uncle Lai Su’s car….
……………………………. (Bengang)
Kena tipu… But Uncle Lai Su trusted Tim with that car man… Muahaha… But understandable la… he wasn’t behind the steering wheel…

Okay… So here comes the interesting part… GLO Winter Sonata. Let me introduce you to our cast… (Though I can’t really figure out who’s playing which part)…

First, we have Ong Hooi Siang…

Then we have Timothy Ng….

I don’t know who cycled around GLO with the old bicycle first. I think it was Siang… Then start la that two fetching one another. Caught a short video of it… And captured 2 pictures of this couple… Romantis betul… I edited the video a little bit… I am still considering whether to post or not the video but thinking back… better not… I mean after I’ve shown Kaka the video, she was like laughing like what like that…. So, to save all those stomach aches… Let just keep it la ok?

Haih~ So romantic... Jeles giler laaaa.... Haha~

Then, we discussed about dinner…. Zel, Shuang, Joyce and I were really sien to go out d so Ju.K brought the boys out to eat and ta pao for us… Hardly one hour we came back, they have to go out eat dinner again…. But they really wanted to go out lor… I mean the boys. Eu Gin was like complaining that it was so bored to stay home. Ok… After the five fellas went out, Hazel and I started to discussed a LIL’…only a lil’ bit of the visual aids… Then after that, this Shuang and Hazel bising-ed say they wanna bath d… So, left me and Joyce only. Joyce can’t bath first cos’ she’s at the same room as Hazel and I bathed d… Then after that, she said she wanna compare the shirt that she bought with Sam’s shirt… Well, we can’t find any lying or hanging around the house cos’ they stayed different house from us. Then, I saw the keys Tim Keong passed to me. *Deep Breath*

Okay...sorry ppl...stop here first... i can't write on for back with epi 10...promise u guys with the truth! I think more or less u guys know la k...

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