Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is one point of my life where i feel that my life is out of control. So much contradiction. So many things based on a lie I'm feeding myself everyday. And yet all these while, I know lies will never set me free.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I moved

Date : 10th October 2009
Time : 10.16PM
Listening to : Backpacking Around Europe - Yuna
Where : Room - Bandar Utama

Yeap, I moved to BU. So you won't see me blogging from Room - MC anymore. Had a tough time packing everything up and a tough time watching people leave. Pretty lonely here in BU I must admit.

Work was alright. Haven't gotten myself busy yet. Hung out with Dee yesterday along with Hong, Fadzil and Uncle Kennie. :) It was great meeting them. And nice stay over at Dee's place last night.

I've been occupying myself with work and think less of other things. No one to hang out around here so just go to work and come back and sleep. And keep to the unusual time of sleeping before 1AM during work days. XD Weird eh?

Yeah yeah..this blog is dead. There are many things that I wanted to say but I don't think it's fitting for anyone to know. So I tend to write more in the other blog. So bear with the silence for a while more. I shall get back to blogging, soon? If there's anything interesting la that is.

Talking bout interesting, I haven't even blog about my grad camp yet. Haha. See la how. Ta!