Monday, December 11, 2006

I am tagged... Bongok...


These are the rules of the tag:

* The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.

* Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.

* Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.

* If you are tagged the second time.There is NO need to do this again.

* Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

Chen speaks from now on:-

Ok... Firstly, perfect lover? Wah piang... A bit too gila to say there's such person... Secondly, i don't do tag but since Eu Gin tagged me and so did shuang... ( Glo-ians think alike), haiya... i go along with it la... Thirdly, i will redefine what is a perfect lover. Let's just say significant other la har.... lover very the cheesy la. Lastly, i will not tag anybody. Even if i tag i will tag those who was tagged already. Haha...

Gender : Male la... adoih...

1. He must be a Christian. A real one. A Christian that will remind me of my spiritual walk with God. Loves God more than me.

2. A person that doesn't swear like it doesn't mean a thing. I find swearing too vulgar for my taste though i will not impose it on my friends.

3. Will know what my favourite flower is without me telling him. (I know it's crazy but i don't care)

4. This one ar...very hard to get one la... He must be able to make me feel like it's ok to be liked and not make me run away.

5. I somehow like gentle and patient people and yet funny at times. Hmmm...

6. A person who cares but not too much.

7. A person that loves me but doesn't tell me that usual way. I dunno how la... haiya...

8. Lastly, I want him to know i am rather defensive and i don't like to be liked. If he is the one, then he should be able to draw me nearer rather than further. I don't do relationship but if he is the one then i will step out of that defensive zone. If not, give up and move on.

There. Out of that 8, 4 are normal. To me la... Haiya.. Dunno la... Right now, i just wanna be alone. If i am born with that problem then let me be. Don't push it. When i am defensive i don't talk to you for days or weeks one. Ignore me when i am defensive.

Nobody to tag.

Back in last

Date : 11th December 2006
Time : 12.43PM
Listening to : Nothing...air-cond?
Where : Office

Ok...i am glad to be back. I am glad i finally get to sleep after 3 days straight never sleep. Continue from my previous post, after i finished typing, i continued with my illustrator but then i ter-nap for 2 hours. not exactly sleep cos i was too anxious but also can say sleep because that's a defination of sleep to me. Then when i jolted up and noticed i let 2 hours slipped away like that i went straight to work but my brain was dead. Really scary. I dunno how to describe but my brain like malfunction. I cannot understand some simple commands. I dunno la... so scary and i staggered to the kitchen to have some coffee with Zheng. Then we continued work until almost time to pass up our assignmnets but we wee still at home... Panicked so terribly i thought i will fail. Then when i was about to pass up my work after mounting them on board and stuff, my printed work kena gum! THAT WILL BE THE LAST TIME I TRUST UHU STICK! I am going to use art gum from faber castle from now on. Cis... So panic liao. Ran all the way up to 2nd floor, to design department and i saw Nicky and Li wen there and many many other students. Btw...i was late for 1/2 hour from the due time d. I asked Nicky if i need to print my work back and he asked me to ask Li wen. So i did and he looked at my work for a while, checked his watch and finally said, "You want to print you go and print la," Phew! Sweat! So i did and when i came up again, nobody was there except nicky and li wen. They were collecting everything edi. I didn't panic or what cos i did asked li wen for permission to print my work back. So i sat down and mount my work again. And aaarhhhhhh! nicky then said, "After this all work considered late" and he grinned. Waaaaaaa.... Purposely make me so stressed one. Cis...Takper... Takper.... tak heart attack sudah. He was kidding of course. I dont believe he is that mean.

After submission, zheng, dany and i headed back to my place for a while before we took KTM just behind my house, intending to stop at kl sentral and then take lrt to KLCC. Planned to get Chris' really belated and christmass present. Something that has Mark Rothko work on it. Planned to go Page One in Kinokuniya. So, we took the KTM...But we talked so much we missed Sentral's station which that two claimed to be Sentul station. Wahaha... nemind... we eventually got out at the next station which was the Kuala Lumpur station. I tell you, i am just as new as that two when it comes to travelling beyond Sentral's station. And guess what, because we overshot our station, our tickets weren't valid anymore and i had to talk the guard into letting us out. cis... Ok.. we did managed to get out. And boy, i was so glad to see LRT station across the street in which i realized God had been SO gracious cos i found out that we were actually at Pasar Seni. Doink man. Made our way there and took the train to KLCC and we went to Page One. Found a couple of Rothko stuff and ended up buying her a Rothko errr....forgot what was that. Nemind. Did some of my Monalisa research there. Zheng and I were surprised we actually knew some of the artists and their art work there. Thanks to history class la. Then we went to makan. We got to know that Shah Rukh Khan were at TGV and i really wanna see him but i couldn't. I later found out that it was salman khan from the newspaper. Cis...Luckily i didn't waste my time waiting for salman khan. We went frenzy over food but i was totally broke. Saw Ella, one of the Malaysian singers in Bukhara restaurant. hmm.... And one very wahahaha... cute waiter named Remy. Gila liao. Took several pictures of Danny in a cups.

The next day, we had Drawing class. Gave Chris the present and she loved it. I cabut-ed early and went home. Got some sleep and then started on my History project, "My Monalisa".... Haiyo... Took me the whole night. Then had to rush 2 A2 size figure sammo. Thank God i managed to finish. I wanted to give up so many many many times you know. I was so tired i eventually went to sleep before i finished my second and then woke up at seven to continue. I was a bit gila after that. had figure drawing test that day. After class, Boon Tiong said he wouldn't be teaching us and so is Siao Fan. aaawwww... Too bad cos we do like them. He said we got good learning spirit. So yeah... And then whole bunch of them wanted to lepak, celebrating our freedom. I was ike thinking... what freedom... End of the term d and yet BT still give us assignments to do. 8 human figures. Siao.... Nemind... neway, they headed off to Sunway Pyramid, expecting me to join them but when i walked my own way, James and Zheng called out for me. I told them to go first, i will join them later. I told them i got something to do but tehn again, what la i have to do? It's our final day d. Still, i walked off to the main block, entered the lobby, read on the Da Vinci kids stuff then get out and walked towards SP but met BT on the way. He smiled and said, 'Hey, Chenli..." ok..he didn't promounce it right but i was definately shocked that he knew my name. Cos i don't ask him that much questions in classes and was in fact rather insignificant in class considering the fact that i don't really have my work pinned up on board that often. Maybe noise contributor yes... I smiled and wave goodbye. Went to SP and walked off a lone although i do know where they were. I saw Sunway lagoon mascots giving christmas treats to children. I sat at the fountain there. I tell you, i do need a break from people. Not that i don't like them or something. I just feel suffocated la har. Dunno how to say. Then i went to the railings there and looked down. I saw everyone at the restaurant chatting and stuff. Haiya... I was like... Nemind la... i feel like leaving and go home and sleep. Still, i did go down and was surprised to find danny there. I asked him what were hedoing there and he asked me the same. Neither of us wanna say anything and i said, "Let's join them" and he nodded but we took only a few steps and he said, "I don't really feel like going there now...i wanna go for a walk,". I said that was what i feel also and so we turned the opposite direction and wah lao... we saw James. He asked what were we doing there. Speechless. He said he'll go back and report. We laughed but eventually, he went back there and Danny and I walked off. Talked to Danny and stuff la before we joined them. Danny left a couple of minutes later. I waited till they were done. They wanted to go to te arcade, i decided to leave. Ting pulled me aside and asked me about some stuff which i knew from the start what was it. One simple thing. I just don't feel like talking him. That's all.

Went home and packed. Mom and my uncle came up to get our stuff. Met with dad in car. Went for dinner and go home. Received a couple of unbearable sms-es. I am not that kind of girl to be flattered like that so don't do that. I don't like it because i can't stand it. Neway, i was glad to be home. Slept around 12.00AM. Honestly, i didn't really sleep well.. I kept on waking up. It seems like i forgot how to sleep properly without waking up now and then cos thats what i did when i have assignments. Went to church. It was great of course. But i do feel detatched like no longer part of the people who serves in the church. Aaah... i dunno. Thank God for Ah Derk and Sharma there when they were practicing for Christmas. Was surprised to know that Sharma actually knew Nicky and probably Li Wen if Li Wen has an english name that goes by Evan? Nevermind. At least i knew why Nicky likes to take photographs. He is the church's photographer.

I am such a freak you know? Ever since i went to kl i so try not to swear and stuff. Not that it was unsuccessful but then again i stumbled at times you know. Ok...List of words to be outta my mouth.

1. Shit
3.Hmmm... the F word not applicable cos' i don't use it.
4. What the hell! (This one real cham la...i used it everyday...aiyoooo)

I don't care la if Zheng and James call me like a nun or not i just feel that it's affecting the way i think also so yeah... Out you go.

Two weeks ago, our lecturer, Li Wen brought us to the paper factory. Chris, Rin, Zheng and I crammed in ames' Volvo. wahaha... So lawak the car. Neway, we were stuck in the lift. Rin was claustrophobic. Let me count who were inside that lift. Li Wen, Chris, Bryan, Zheng, Rin, Amir, James, Hailam, Michelle Lim, Ting Wei, Zafri, me... Practically everyone except for David, Sathom and danny. Rin started crying and we were consoling her. Was joking also about Amir, my maid... didn't repair the lift and stuff. It was kinda like scary cos the outer door of the lift wouldn't open and the inner door couldn't close back. It was opening and closing half way but couldn't then jolted open again.. A couple of times la. Li Wen tried to pry open the door from the inside and david from the outside and Chris said, "Chen, it's time to do the God thing..." Sigh... I was doing the God thing. And i don't want to call it the God thing. All i did was pray and it's by God's grace that God provided me with everything that i needed . So i prayed out loud. Nothing happened but the atmosphere weren't that heavy with fear la. We were still oking around and Chris was taking pictures of us inside and i was still with Amir on the maid thing. he really acted like my maid that day. Wahaha... We named her Minah. Then the door still wouldn't open and they asked me to do the God thig again... -.- and i said, "I am doing the God thing..." And after a while, the door opened. I wasn't that surprised la to be honest cos' I really have the faith that the door will open. Don't need any firemen to come and save us. I know we will get out. And I thanked God aloud. waaaa.... I was glad we could get out cos Rin was really in distress already.

I do wish David and Michelle will be able to join us for camp but if not, it's ok. Neway, Ding msg-ed this morning telling me that Sin Du's birthday today so asked me to go. Dunno yet. See how la. Haiya... later have to post on Eu Gin's tag. -.-! Takper la...


Illustrator driving me mad.

Date : 7th December 2006

Time : 1.16 AM

Listening to : Don’t dream it’s over – Sixpence None the Richer

Where : Room – KL

Yeala… Don’t dream it’s over… Cis… Sedih la… I haven’t finish my Illustrator project. Due at 1.00PM… Aiyo…Zheng at my place too… Both of us naik gila d. Real gila…dunno how to finish… Yoh….this will affect our design one lecture class lor… So far I saw only us got all excellent…ceh wah… dowan kembang.. I think Christine probably got all excellent too… And we will be jeopardized Li Wen’s class!!!! Thank God I like Li wen… If not… *frown*…

Got back our Design One compilation. Was the first one to got back. Darn shocked to see my evaluation form. All Excellent wei… Gila… So shocked. Then I thought, aiya…surely got a lot ppl get one la… Mana tau I saw only Zheng got… Didn’t see Christine’s. Thank God for His blessing man. Then today was our Finished Art pop up project…. Darn susah man. Zheng and I didn’t sleep a wink doing it. Cut out pop up stuff until our finger blue black like that. Sakit wei. Was really glad it finished d. But I was disappointed with my work la. Like so empty like that. I was scared William will scold. So when I present that time, I was rather speechless with my concept and he asked to see it and he didn’t even say a thing. I went, “Tuish!” -.-!!! Takper…takper… I can live with disappointment. Then he gave us extra day to touch up, thanks to James. Still, I refused to touch up d… I wanna do my illustrator… (And I am still blogging) Then I handed in and I asked William, “William, you want me to add stuff on mine? Is it to empty for you?” And then he said, “ Oh,… Yours very detailed d. Go back and have a good rest” I was like… Wow…. He’s not mad. Wahahahaha… So happie man… But it was detailed la for the house. A lot of cutting skills needed. Thank You God!

Communication Skills final presentation requires us to come up with an advertisement for a product. I chose Kotex. Wahaha… Mine was simple la… Scored an A-. Okla..satisfied…At least my score sheet this term got 3 A- and the rest A. I think so…The ad went like this…

Scene 1 : From the top view, a lush green canopy of Amazon could be seen.

Scene 2 : Camera zoom into the jungle and focus on two jungle trekkers, one man and one woman. They were approaching the Amazon river.

Scene 3 : Then the camera zoom back out to the top view of the canopy. A manly scream is heard and in effect, birds flew out of the jungle.

Scene 4 : Camera zoom back in and shows that the man fell into the Amazon river and a short clip of a swarm of piranhas approaching him.

Scene 5 : Camera focused on the woman who was in shocked but quickly regained her composure. She dropped all her belongings and jumped into the river bravely.

Scene 6 : Then camera zoom in to focus on both of their faces. The man looks shocked but the woman looks proud.

Scene 7 : The camera then will zoom out a bit to show the river. It was all dried up with the piranhas half dead.

Scene 8 : Tagline appears with Kotex product. Tagline is : “Kotex : The Power to Absorb”

I originally came up with accident scene that has a lot of blood and Kotex was used to dry it up but Gary said it was too gory. My ideas for this then came from Danny when he mentioned bout swimming pool and I told Zheng bout my piranhas ideas and she gave me some suggestions. Scared man when I presented. Next term got drama class. Thank God it’s still Gary.

Design One’s paper bag project, I did only one instead of the requested two by I-Ching. No time la. Sorry I-Ching! Too bad she’s leaving d. Neway, Paper Bag was on Dunkin Donuts. Going crazy with the donuts man.

I got my Monalisa project sammo!!! Wah! Sien liao…. Kla…gtg…have to cont my illustrator. Ta!