Monday, December 11, 2006

Illustrator driving me mad.

Date : 7th December 2006

Time : 1.16 AM

Listening to : Don’t dream it’s over – Sixpence None the Richer

Where : Room – KL

Yeala… Don’t dream it’s over… Cis… Sedih la… I haven’t finish my Illustrator project. Due at 1.00PM… Aiyo…Zheng at my place too… Both of us naik gila d. Real gila…dunno how to finish… Yoh….this will affect our design one lecture class lor… So far I saw only us got all excellent…ceh wah… dowan kembang.. I think Christine probably got all excellent too… And we will be jeopardized Li Wen’s class!!!! Thank God I like Li wen… If not… *frown*…

Got back our Design One compilation. Was the first one to got back. Darn shocked to see my evaluation form. All Excellent wei… Gila… So shocked. Then I thought, aiya…surely got a lot ppl get one la… Mana tau I saw only Zheng got… Didn’t see Christine’s. Thank God for His blessing man. Then today was our Finished Art pop up project…. Darn susah man. Zheng and I didn’t sleep a wink doing it. Cut out pop up stuff until our finger blue black like that. Sakit wei. Was really glad it finished d. But I was disappointed with my work la. Like so empty like that. I was scared William will scold. So when I present that time, I was rather speechless with my concept and he asked to see it and he didn’t even say a thing. I went, “Tuish!” -.-!!! Takper…takper… I can live with disappointment. Then he gave us extra day to touch up, thanks to James. Still, I refused to touch up d… I wanna do my illustrator… (And I am still blogging) Then I handed in and I asked William, “William, you want me to add stuff on mine? Is it to empty for you?” And then he said, “ Oh,… Yours very detailed d. Go back and have a good rest” I was like… Wow…. He’s not mad. Wahahahaha… So happie man… But it was detailed la for the house. A lot of cutting skills needed. Thank You God!

Communication Skills final presentation requires us to come up with an advertisement for a product. I chose Kotex. Wahaha… Mine was simple la… Scored an A-. Okla..satisfied…At least my score sheet this term got 3 A- and the rest A. I think so…The ad went like this…

Scene 1 : From the top view, a lush green canopy of Amazon could be seen.

Scene 2 : Camera zoom into the jungle and focus on two jungle trekkers, one man and one woman. They were approaching the Amazon river.

Scene 3 : Then the camera zoom back out to the top view of the canopy. A manly scream is heard and in effect, birds flew out of the jungle.

Scene 4 : Camera zoom back in and shows that the man fell into the Amazon river and a short clip of a swarm of piranhas approaching him.

Scene 5 : Camera focused on the woman who was in shocked but quickly regained her composure. She dropped all her belongings and jumped into the river bravely.

Scene 6 : Then camera zoom in to focus on both of their faces. The man looks shocked but the woman looks proud.

Scene 7 : The camera then will zoom out a bit to show the river. It was all dried up with the piranhas half dead.

Scene 8 : Tagline appears with Kotex product. Tagline is : “Kotex : The Power to Absorb”

I originally came up with accident scene that has a lot of blood and Kotex was used to dry it up but Gary said it was too gory. My ideas for this then came from Danny when he mentioned bout swimming pool and I told Zheng bout my piranhas ideas and she gave me some suggestions. Scared man when I presented. Next term got drama class. Thank God it’s still Gary.

Design One’s paper bag project, I did only one instead of the requested two by I-Ching. No time la. Sorry I-Ching! Too bad she’s leaving d. Neway, Paper Bag was on Dunkin Donuts. Going crazy with the donuts man.

I got my Monalisa project sammo!!! Wah! Sien liao…. Kla…gtg…have to cont my illustrator. Ta!



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