Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dang O no more d.... TT

Date : 29th June 2006
Time : 7.16PM
Listening to : Hopeful

Yesterday was "Prince turn into frog" last episode... My last time seeing Dang O a.k.a Shan Jun Hao... And Zi Qian and Ming Han! Sammo missed the 9PM show... So i slept at 12.30AM after helping mom and wok up at 2.45... Just in time to catch the repeat... Awwww.... SO sad.... But at lest i no need so susah payah try to catch a drama liao...buthen again... The same batch of actors minus Ming Han and Tian Yu will be acting in the 8tv 6PM drama "Magician of Love"... But i didn't watch that much...Only twice i think... Hehehe... I so miss Dang O show....

Yesterday, my sis talked to me on the phone... She talked to me about me going singapore... Haha..sound really interesting le. Get to go Rag Day. Dunno spelled this way not... Have to smuggle into her room sammo.... Heehee... I am excited...

Haih... TOA haven't reply me yet... Please reply soon man... i wanna faint liao.... Haih... Kla...dowan blog d... my neck very the pain... And yesh! Got a 1G pendrive for 100 bucks! Finally a pendrive!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006


Date : 25th June 2006
Time : 11.45 PM
Listening to : You are my King - Passion worship band

So tired…. Worked from 4 PM to 10.30PM today… Very tired ar! 3 days straight work like that… First day… worked from 12PM to 7.15PM like that… Then cabut-ed to Uncle Bonnie’s place for dinner. Almost caught my Dang O’s drama when my mom said we going home d. Reached home only, both of us went back to the office and continued with the Intericad. Taught my mom some basics. Worked till 11.45PM. Went home, did my Quiet Time, completed my game list and waited for my Dang O’s repeat at 2.30AM. Hehe… Must watch… Second day, worked from 12PM to 6PM then go Bible Study in Uncle Philip’s house. Then the next day, worked from 11AM until 3.45 PM… Had to miss Youth Bible Study! First class sammo… sedih la… But really can’t make it. I can’t get that Room 3 right. And mom wanted to see the design and 3D layout when she comes back. So I rushed like mad, checking the clock from time to time. Then sms-ed Geng Yi, asking if he going YM… Thank God he was going. Ran back home and less than 5 minutes he sampai d. So tired… Uncle Ivan shared with us what he felt inside during youth. He felt that we need to care about each other.

Uncle Ivan stepped down from the pulpit at around 5PM like that… Then Melissa drove Juliana and I home first cos’ they all will be going to Terangganu that night and I needed to go back to work. I worked with my mom, doing the modeling design and rendering till 8.30PM. Mom got dinner so get to go home early. Did my Quiet Time and then slept at 9 PM plus… (Yen said I gila can sleep so early…tired ok…more like exhausted) Woke up at 11PM to off the lights but can’t sleep. My back and shoulder aches like mad. Sapu ubat and then went downstairs for the massage chair. Really cannot tahan. All those sitting down working really not good for my bones. Haha… Watched Disney channel… “Archie and dunno what jughead” cartoon was rather amusing. Tried to sleep again at around 1AM but tossed and turned until two plus.

Woke up this morning feeling so drowsy. Church was like usual. I followed Jess’ car and we were the earliest there. First time man… Yen ajak go eat cheese cake in Secret Recipe. Hehe… Agreed immediately. Baby Sarah so cute… So tiny. One year old d still so kecik. Yen brought camera. When Sarah turned to look at Yen, she chuckled. Aww….

Yen played Daniel Powter’s song. Not bad. Hehe… El Sen came to introduce his cousins to us. They made us really blur with their ages and stuff like that. Auntie Yu Ming was back from GLO. Hooi Siang asked her to pass me a message. He said I still owe him a lesson in piano playing. FYI Siang… It was Hwei… I can’t play piano. And he said I am a drama queen. Haha… my whole church knew that. Didn’t go for devotion cos’ got a meeting with Uncle Rodney, Uncle David, Auntie Jennifer and Auntie Kiat Tin for the church’s Sports day. Was really afraid that my games weren’t up to satisfactory. Interrupted Yen’s devo’ group when I tried opening the cupboard that makes a lot of horrible noise. Her group turned to hushed me up. Haha… Kevin said I buat kecoh and I blamed it on CK since it was him who gave the game master job. -.-!!! But I had fun planning the games… stress a bit but not bad… Celine became our advisor on behalf of the children. Found the marbles and stopped to chat with Stephen for a while. And I really didn’t mean to ignore Kevin’s question! Too many people speaking at the same time!!!

Was glad that I was finally able to pull away from the meeting when it ended. Yen was waiting d… Mana tau she was chatting with Kevin and Stephen. Can’t remember what they were talking about. I remember something about studying 5 hours straight. Stephen said he did that… mostly from 2 AM to 7 AM… I went -.-!.... No comment. And also about DOTA. I said I don’t play computer games… Kena tembak from that two fellas… Aih… Oh yea… Ah Lan came back for the weekend. Sin Yee and she will be baptized next week Sunday. Hopefully their father will approve and come for their baptism. Fooled around with Livia for a while and watched a chess competition between that two young kids, Ken and Joel. I dunno who won… Too busy with Sarah. Celine was giving suggestions about the baby. And I disturbed her cos’ I saw her conveying message to his bro (Joel) using hand signs and the message was really funny ler. It was during worship sammo. Totally cracked me up.

After church, I followed Yen go Tesco’s SR… GY supposed to join us after sending Sherene they all home. Mana tau he went Jusco instead…just like I expected. Nowadays I seemed to “expect” the right thing… So scary ok… Neway, Yen and I had quite a chat there. I had New York Cheesecake and Yen had Brownies Ice Cream…. So thick la the brownies…. Luckily Yen can finish them. I really can’t man… Go home got lunch sammo.

Reached home at 2PM. Sidai baju… Ate lunch and listened to Dr. Sean’s album. I like “As an incense” and “The love of the Cross”…. And then slept for a few minutes before taking a bath. Then cabut-ed to the office with mom at 4PM. Half way through room 3... mom reralized that all positioning was wrong... Aarghhhh!!! 3 days work gone like that... Nemind least get to practice... Sigh~...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Wrong room.... Trying to do better...

Then 6 PM my mom left to fetch my bro. She gave me diagrams of the furniture. Draw until siao man… But not so bad yet. When she came back, I had help from her to explain some of the measurements to me. My dad came to settle some insurance stuff with his cousin. My mom told me that both of them were very close, and she gave me an example. She said just like me and Chien Chien (Vincent)… Haha… My dad and her very kecoh one when together, just like me and my cousin. So funny… The meeting room from the designer room were of some distance but can hear their conver quite clearly. I can’t help laughing.

I started on the wardrobe cum study table. This one… really draw until gila… Sammo this programme’s file got a bit corrupted and need to be reinstalled. And all the stupid UCS settings need to be right or everything will turn out wrong which was exactly what happened to the wardrobe. Stress to the max man… Decided to go home at 10.30PM. My mom thought it was still 8PM. This week will be a very very hectic week for me. In the morning work. At night got Mr. Thomas Pomali talk on Leviticus 3. Hopefully my dad let me go and my mom won’t need me at night. Saturday got Sports Day. Aih…. Tomorrow have to finish room 5 and room 4. You know… Interior design not so easy…. I really don’t mind the work as long as my shoulder and back don’t give me problem… It leads to headache. Sigh~ But I am really glad God gave me this opportunity to help my mom lo. At least I am of some use instead of doing nothing at home. Tired but satisfied.

Tomorrow have to catch Dang O’s repeat. Missed it last Friday!!!! But thank God Sharonne’s friend got the CDs… I no need so bertungkus-lumus for the show d… I hope it’ll reach me soon! Dang O!!! 0.o

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Memory Test

The Memory Test
How Much Can You Remember?

chenli, you remembered 86% of the information in the Memory Test.

But research shows there's a lot you can do to improve your memory. And if you do, it can help you function in more ways than you'd think. There are 6 main types of memory, which help us interpret and store different types of information. You scored highest in numeric memory. That kind of memory allows you to remember things like phone numbers, numerical addresses, and dollar amounts. You probably also have a knack for recalling people's birthdays, phone numbers and important dates in history, too. But this represents just one of the six categories of memory that keep your mind sharp and allow you to function every day. How well did you do in the other areas? How can you improve your memory to make life easier and keep your brain active? What does the way you process information say about you?

Hey guys...Try this out... Very challenging... At least... to me.

Bored.... Take tests...

Your Brain is 53% Female, 47% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve
Bengang.... Almost a male liao.... Hahaha!

Your Hidden Talent

You are both very knowledgeable and creative.
You tend to be full of new ideas and potential - big potential.
Ideas like yours could change the world, if you build them.
As long as you don't stop working on your dreams, you'll get there.
I like this...True or tipu one i don't really mind... Hehe~

Playing around with programmes....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hmmm... My first combi work from Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Ulead PhotoImpact 10... Not that bad la.... Quite easy to handle for small stuff like this... But i still got tonnes to learn.

I was like thinking... This Calvin and Hobbes picture looks familiar... Then i browsed through my pictures then i found yen and Ju.... Errr... I just had to put them together... Laughed my heart out man...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This one ler... It was taken in Thailand... My favourite picture... The yellow contrasted with everything so i decided to just grayscale it lor. And painstakingly recolour the bananas... OooOoh...i love bananas!

*I will update asap with pics from Thailand!*



It was October again… Nothing changed and yet, nothing remained. How ironic… After all these time, I never thought I’ll be back here. The kopitiam was still there but Uncle Chan was not. The big, old tree with a tire swing was still standing but no more barefooted children playing gasing anymore. The old “jambatan” still served faithfully, getting people across but no longer were there any naughty boys waiting by the side, whistling at girls.

I felt my fingers wrapped tightly around my bag straps as I saw an old wooden house coming into sight. A rush of nostalgia hit me. It’s empty now… Nobody that I know of remained… Yes. I left one October, years ago. I took short feeble steps toward the dilapidated building that I once called home. I traced my fingers along the wall. Pieces of old paint came off, falling gently like snowflakes. I never did understand why Ah Boy painted the outside wall white. He wanted it and so I let him.

I ascended the aged patio stairs with extreme gentleness. Each step was accompanied with an awful creak. I entered the living area, lighted only by a hint of sunlight stole in through the holes in the curtains. I pulled the curtains aside, letting the sun flood the whole room with her light. I soaked myself in the light for a moment. Relishing the childhood moments when we were still so carefree… so young… so happy… so different. The sun was hurting my eyes… it made cry. I turned away and shifted my attention to a tiny room across the hall.

Ah Boy’s room… Ah Boy’s sanctuary…

I walked hastily into this well lighted room, thanks to the veranda that linked with the room. It was Ah Boy’s favorite place in the world. Ah Boy loved planting. Ah Boy loved animals. I ran my fingers on the table, leaving trails of clean lines on the dusty surface. I climbed up Ah Boy’s so called bed which was actually just a plank with a worn mat on it. Dirty it may be but I sat on it. Using the side of my balled fist, I rubbed the dust off the wall. With black charcoal, I saw Ah Boy’s drawing on it… A happy family…

“Kor… Ah Boy draw this… This..” Ah Boy with slight difficulties tried to convey the meaning of his drawing to me. His hand pointed at a figure with thin mustache shakily.
“ T-This… Ah Boy draw Papa… Mama t-this. M-Mama beau… beautiful…” He shifted the position to a figure in a dress. Ah Boy took a deep breath before he continued. Pointing at a stick figure, holding another tiny figure’s hand, Ah Boy said to me… “ Ah Boy… Kor… You h-hold Ah Boy… Bring Ah Boy go… go school… Teach Ah Boy h-how to c-catch f-f-fish… Ah Boy s-sayang Ah Kor…”I stroked his head. I wanted to say something but my heart was at my throat. Before I could say anything, Ah Boy tightened his grip on my hand. “ Ah Boy want stay with Ah Kor…” A single tear rolled down my cheek.

I recalled that conversation with Ah Boy without any difficulties because I left him the very next day. I left him in school like I always did every morning. Ah Boy trusted me. Ah Boy loved me. I loved Ah Boy. He was a very different kid in the village. Ah Boy grew in size but never in mind. He will always remain as a seven year old to himself, all villagers and myself. I had to leave. I felt compelled to leave but Ah Boy had nobody else but me. Papa and Mama were gone. I needed to see the world. I was confined in the village for too long. I had to leave. And I did… I left Ah Boy.

I went out to the veranda. I had to breathe. I hated the past. I hated what I did. I know I need to find Ah Boy back. The outside world is a bad place… a terrible place to live when you know you have done something terrible like leaving your mentally incapable brother alone. Seven years… Where to start? But I was still very…very… Hopeful.

I was still dwelling in my own guilty past when a potted plant at the corner of the veranda caught my eyes. I touched the soil. It was still wet. I looked up the sky. The sun was shining brightly. Somebody was here. Ah Boy!

It was as if something came upon me. I went around the house frantically calling for Ah Boy. I felt a deep desperation in me. I was screaming inside for just a hint of Ah Boy’s whereabouts.

“Kor… Ah B-Boy p-play hide seek… Ah Boy w-will hide in cupboard… Ah Kor m-must find A-Ah Boy…”I chuckled at Ah Boy’s ignorant foolishness. The cupboard was the biggest furniture we had. It did not worry me when Ah Boy decided to stay there. There was plenty of room and openings for air circulation. Once, I found Ah Boy sleeping in it. He was always in hiding if I was away without informing him. It was as if my absences meant just another hide and seek game for my brother. I always told Ah Boy that my absence was not just a simple game of hide and seek. It meant that Ah Kor had something important to do but Ah Boy never did understand.

My heart thumped wildly against my chest. I had to put pressure on my chest with my palm to lower the speed. I was shaking so violently by the time I was standing in front of the cupboard that I collapsed on the floor. I pulled myself together… I could not be frail at moments like this.

“Ah Boy… You in there?”

I waited for an answer. I was hopeful for an answer. I was yearning for an answer. I needed an answer. But nothing came.

“Ah Boy… Ah Kor… Ah Kor’s back…”


I reached out for the cupboard’s door. I halted just when my fingers touched the solid wood. I was really afraid of what I would find inside. Yet, I mustered all my courage and opened the door. It was as if the door longed to be opened. I looked inside and I wanted to die. A mixture of emotion overwhelmed me… Hatred… Regrets… Sorrow…

“Ah Boy… Ah Kor will teach you to write… Now listen to me carefully, alright?”
Ah Boy shifted his position a couple of times, feeling restless about venturing into something that he had not done before. He was really nervous but he needed to learn the basics before going to school. Before long, Ah Boy managed a few words… Though slow, Ah Boy began to learn how to communicate through writings… Not well… not perfect but enough.

The truth was just too hard for me to handle. Afraid as I may be, I was hoping to see Ah Boy inside. Hoping that everyday he would come by and wait for me inside. Instead, I saw a cupboard of Ah Boy’s feeling. Written with charcoal, Ah Boy started writing to me when I did not come for him.

Ah Kor… Why you never come?
Ah Kor… Ah Boy wait very long….
Ah Kor…. Ah Boy lonely…
Ah Kor… Ah Boy scared dark…
Ah Kor… Ah Boy wait some more…
Where is Ah Kor?
Ah Kor… Where Ah Boy dinner…
Ah Kor… Ah Boy hot…
Why a lot sweat, Ah Kor?
Head very pain… Where you Kor?
Boy tired to write…. Kor must find Ah Boy….
Kor late find Ah Boy but I still sayang Kor…
Kor… Ah Boy write last… Ah Boy going sleep… See Mama Papa…

I found drawings on the cupboard. A happy family…. Ah Kor holds Ah Boy’s hand… They said men don’t cry… But that evening, I did… What is it that made me so heartless that I left my brother alone? It was apparent to me that he stayed in the cupboard until somebody found him lifeless and brought him away. Have you heard of a heart that was so broken that it could hardly feel anything else but pain? It was that very day when I found Ah Boy’s writings that my heart and feelings snapped. My abilities to smile and to be happy perished with Ah Boy.

I sat at the patio stairs, staring blankly at the sky. I was drowning in my emotions when a young lad stopped in front of me. I thought he was just a passerby until he took a seat beside me. I turned to look at him. He smiled.

“Don’t say a thing. I really don’t know what happened here seven years ago but I was charged to give this to the person that enters this house…”

He handed me a worn envelope, unopened… I tried to control my hands from shivering as I opened the envelope. A chain slipped out of the envelope.

Ah Boy’s identity chain…

I recognized that chain the moment I laid my eyes on it. I gave it to him so that he would not be lost without any identification on him. I checked the envelope for more. A letter was inside. The paper yellowed over the years.

Ming Han…
We tried to find you but we failed. We do not know why you left our kampong and
we do not understand why you left Ah Boy behind. When we found Ah Boy, it was too
late… We did not know you left. We did not know Ah Boy was in that house alone. But
we know someday you will be back… By then, I believe most of the kampong people
would have chosen to leave. Ah Boy’s absence sent a sort of emptiness that we could
not explain. But Ming Han… just know that we forgive you…

Uncle Chan

I buried my face in my palms. The pain… the guilt… They were unbearable. I turned to the stranger for some comfort.

“I watered the plant on the veranda… I felt an urge to… I don’t know why… But it never dies… So, stranger… Even though I do not know what happened… I believe the owner of that plant want you to know he was never gone…”

He reached for my hand, gave it a tight squeeze and took his leave. I closed my eyes for a while… Trying to just capture the very last time Ah Boy squeeze my hand the same way that stranger just did.

I crossed the old “jambatan”, carrying the pot of plant with me. As I walked along that stretch of wooden planks, I knew that Ah Boy have already forgiven me. The searching was done. The hide and seek was finally over.

Really outdated offline blog - Thailand trip

Date : 3rd June 2006
Time : 10.26PM
Listening to : He’s everything you want (Vertical Horizon)

Phew…ok…finally get to write down about things that happened….. Thailand trip was really an experience… Went to this pub named West Side Saloon… Hmmm… There was this great band there… Really love the way they played… Hehe… Well, on the way back that time, my sis got this terrible horrible stomach ache… Haih…so kelian I see her like that. I really do know how that feels cause I experienced that before. Ok…. I will write a lil on my Thai trip…

I went to Hatyai. I was really excited since it was my first time out of Malaysia… Macam Kambing masuk kandang lembu liddat. Hehe…. The hotel I stayed was something Season Hotel.. Really can’t remember… We reached there around 9AM (Malaysia time) which was 8 AM in Thailand. Sat a Tuk-tuk to the hotel. Went to eat breakfast in this dim sum shop. Hehe.. Rather different from Malaysia. Anyway… I was really quite surprised ler. I’ll tell you why later. Neway, we went to this morning market after that. Hmmm.. didn’t quite like it but I flashed smiles like nobody business when I got into a massive jam… of course, the polite kind of smile… not that smile…. Aaaah…whatever… People there speak hokkien one ler…I guess for tourism purpose la…. We walked back to the hotel area to put down my big white bag…aiyooo…really cannot tahan.. Then we walked around lor… My dad and Uncle Benny decided to go back to the hotel to sleep. Well, we girls, namely my mom, sis, aunty Nancy and me walkd around shopping. Found some really nice shirts… well, I won’t resort to using that word “cute” cos’ I really don’t want anything cute on me but then again, I find these few Sesame Street characters shirt which were really…ahem… adorable. I saw Elmo from outside and started going crazy. Well, I know…Melaka some time ago had a shirt like that but I did not “live” to see it… Haih…we then cabut-ed back to the hotel.. I longed for a massage but I really cannot tahan ppl touch me.. I scared I laugh until ppl cannot tahan me..haha… but I ended going for a leg massage… The girl that massaged me was a really nice girl la… I was watching this thai show on tv while she massaged my leg… The show was really funny and I laughed.. she thought I felt ticklish…well, no… although there were times when I really feel geli and stuff like that but I came out victorious! It was a really nice feeling after that… Went back to the hotel room to take a bath and “pang sai”… Kakaka… Well, the massage triggered it… well, I thought… Since my sister and mom were sound asleep and I dowan to disturb my sis by climbing up the bed, I took the book “God’s Smuggler” by Brother Andrew down to the lobby to read. One thing I like about the lobby was that it was covered with glass wall… and I can see everything outside… The Tuk-tuk…the ppl who passed by and stuff like that… I guess not many knew that I really love Thai language although I am really clueless about the language.. I only know “Pom lakh Khun”…You guys figure out what’s that la. I only know that before I went Thailand… But coming back, I learned another one…. errr..ok…I can’t remember… Hehe…

At night, we went to eat shark fin…and crab…and the nasi goreng there really superb la…. We went West Side Saloon after another round of shopping…. It was that night that my sis learned to love the pineapples there… They gave them very nice asam powder to go with it… I don’t like it that much. We shopped like mad for our friends… but trust me oh kawan-kawan ku…nothing much to buy there lerrrrrr………. I am really sorry for not bringing back any gifts! In West Side, I managed to be in time to catch a Thai song… after that all English songs d. There was this guy who sang Desperado (One of my favorites songs by Engelbert) really nicely…. My sis and I left for the hotel accompanied by Uncle Benny at around eleven plus I think… Man... was late for Quiet Time…. Actually…not exactly cos I did it in the bus that morning… Btw… I did not mention about the bus ride… I got the worst seat ever… Right behind the conductor’s bed…which left me with very little space for my leg and the air-con at night was horribly cold…Although they did gave us the blanket , it did not exactly help…my sis gave me her jacket. Thank God for her…. By morning, I saw that all the surrounding air-cons were pointing at MY direction… What a surprise that I did not freeze to death.

The next morning, we ate dim sum again…. at the different shop. It was drizzling. The char siu pau very small ler…but nice… The waiter there had really big eyes you know… My mom then noticed the wall. I will call that the Wall of Memories lor cos everyone who came to that shop will signed on it. Hehe… However, we did not. I remember a message that says, “Came here with a lot of money, went home without any”…. Haha… Really… And we also noticed the picture where they caught a very big fish and somehow God led us to notice this mermaid on the rock figure on the shelf which was exactly where we wanted to go but don’t know how to tell the Tuk-tuk driver…Oh yea, our faithful Tuk-tuk driver was a guy named William… We’ll just call him Uncle William la… He very nice one cos’ he’ll wait in front of the hotel for us… Felt guilty after that cos we ended up taking a van there instead of the Tuk-tuk cause it was raining and my parents intended to go uphill to the temple which I really think the Tuk-tuk can’t possibly bring us. And so, we went to Songkhla in this big luxurious van… My dad was especially fond of this van. Hehe… Really fond of it….

I slept all the way to Songkhla after the first 20 minutes or something like that. That 20 minutes, I got a glimpse of the other part of Thailand… I saw their University and their community park and I see their king’s face everywhere… I thought he was that young until I found out that he was turning 70 this year by the end of my trip…. Betul-betul kena tipu… Haha… Anyway, our first stop was at this beach…I think it’s Somai Beach ler… I have a big possibility of being wrong ok… Neway, it was very windy… and cooling… I noticed that the rocks were all black… I really thought it was due to pollution but my mom told me it as like that…. My sis abit ahem… sot-sot…took pics of a dog there…Good photographer I would say… Neway, the main attraction there was the Mermaid on the rock statue… There was a legend behind it… Here goes:

“There was this fisherman who saw this beautiful mermaid coming her hair on the rock one night… Err… I guess it was a full moon… I can’t remember… sorry for the cacat-ed story telling… Well, anyway… this fisherman tried to get close and he frightened this mermaid away… And so for a long time he tried waiting for this mermaid to come back but she never did… And after like so long d… a sculptor decided to make this bronze (Pure bronze) statue to remember this legend… My mom told me that she took a picture with this statue when she was a teen… Hmm.. We girls decided to keep this going…we’ll have the girls in our family to come here in the future…. We then went to look in the shops nearby… Hehe…my dad really funny… He tried on a hat and asked my sis to take a pic of it… Then while we were looking at the stuff displayed in the 2nd shop, he came again with a different hat… and we took a pic of it….. and then another….. and it went on until he finally found his favorite hat… which, we later noticed that it had a tiny ribbon with pink lining on it… I mean, was that an implication that it’s meant for ladies? Well, I guess not, since it was almost unnoticeable. I bought a cap too… a red one… I love red! Talking bout a cartoon family….

Then dad and I walked somewhere else and a lady stopped us, persuading my dad to buy this really not very nice chain… Hehe… We saw this ice-cream man with his ice-cream cart nearby… Coconut ice-cream. Seemed like he’s famous for that ice-cream… We took a pic with him but I really don’t like his ice-cream… He mixed the nuts, rice, sea coconut and blablablah inside… Aiyo…How to eat…super sweet sammo…. Then all of us except dad who stayed behind to admire the van, went to take a look at another statue. This statue featured a cat and a mouse with a pearl in his hands… Ok.. legend says :

Oh wait… I really can’t remember… maybe internet can provide the answer… really sorry guys…. But it was about how cat and mouse became enemies… I guess it had something to do with the pearl. Okla.. I’ll try to briefly retell the whole thing la har… Ok, long long time ago… the dog, cat and mouse were together inside this ship… and all three of them wanted to escape… And there was this pearl believed to be able to do something la…I cannot remember laaa… but since the cat and dog were too big to sneak in and steal the pearl, they asked the rat to do it… The rat asked for his benefit and they told him that he could join them or something like that la… *I really cannot remember* So after he stole it, all three of them jumped off the ship and swam for shore… And the cat was thinking that he might as well get near to the rat and make sure he doesn’t run away with the pearl… So as the cat swam closer, the rat got scared… He thought the cat was after him… In the end they both drowned… (Ahem… I can’t remember what became of them)… As for the dog.. I remember this the most… He made it to the shore but out of tiredness, he died… Wah lao… He died ler after swimming so far… Really man… He turned into a mountain after that which I conveniently forgotten the name. Hehe. Legends… Can be ridiculous….

Me and my mom walked further down and decided to turned back and we saw the rest of them crowding near this pillar… Hmmm.. I’ll call that pillar the 5 Senses Pillar cause it has this 5 senses craved on it which are eyes, ears, mouth, nose and limbs…. So… 5 senses! Great sculptor they have in Thailand…

Back in the van, we went up this hill and there was this elephant god or something like that…visited many temples actually… well, part of the tour… Actually, the surrounding really nice especially near this big statue of Kuan Yin…. Great view you know…. Really nice… Took many pics la…. Actually suppose to go for the “Ah Kua” show…. Aiyerrr… Luckily didn’t…. And all the time in the car my dad asked this guide… I still remember his name… We call him Sang… his first name sounded like Chulalongkorn… Haha! My dad asked this guide the name of this particular seafood snail…. From HoiKeng become HoiWan… And he recommended us to HearKui…. I tell you… To remember this name got technique one… Luckily my sister learned Thai language… For lunch, we ate Thai food upon my sister’ suggestion… I was really thinking… Come to Thailand never eat thai food, a bit too incomplete right?

The seafood was great… but it came with great cost le… We sat Uncle William’s Tuk-tuk to HearKui and the HoiWan finished d… My dad decided to change venue and there also don’t have… *He really wanted to eat that*… Then Uncle William brought us to another and there also don’t have… Awww…. My sis and I went poor dad…. Haha… Then we decided to go back to HearKui… Upon finishing our food, we saw the baby elephant my sister spotted in the Tuk-tuk. My sis and I went there, they gave us three packets of sugar canes… I tell you, I am more afraid of the elephant more than the albino big snake in the Red Square! He so rough…. He grabbed the whole plastic bag from my sis and swallowed it.. I really prayed that he won’t die of it… He very funny la… He stole ppl’s vegetable one… The owner also quite bad la… pinched him to make him do some tricks… Anyway, a funny thing occurred… while my sis and dad stood on either side of him to take picture, the elephant turned to my father’ side and sneezed and my dad ran away… It was so hilarious! My dad had black spots on him after that and I did not manage to catch that on camera…awwww…. It was really funny ler… I can’t stop laughing. But ppl there told us that it’s a good luck thing… Well… a blessing from him since ppl there worship elephants some times…. Neway, the food there was superb… I ate raw oyster… And I felt like ewww…. The adults laughed at me… Sheesh… at my expression of course…

The night was filled with window shopping…hehe… Anyway, my mom really liked this tissue holder cum toothpick holder there ler… she tried to purchase it but don’t have… Anyway, earlier on, we girls (Four of us) sat at the walkway staircase and had a chat with this lady.. She’s really nice… She got 2 children… a 5 year old and a 10 year old… She’s rather pretty actually… And we saw this little boy who liked to dance to the music… So cute ler… He wouldn’t dance and merajuk when his dad wouldn’t join him.. Hehe… We went to West Side a while before heading back to the hotel cause we had to drop Aunty Nancy there with my dad and Uncle Benny… Awww…. Got a last glimpse at that cool electric guitarist… Back in the hotel, we entered the lift with this bellboy… Kakaka… He very funny la… My sis disturbed him say he handsome in Thai after he struck a conversation with us, he was so shy… aiya… cannot describe cos’ I din see it … My sis showed me… Hehe… He got a girlfriend we found out cos he came up to our floor to meet her… No wonder he so shy… My sis thought me some thai language about “Handsome”, “Really handsome”, and “very very handsome”… BUT… I forgot liao… Hahaha!

I did my Quiet time in the bath tub cos’ it would be terribly weird to do it in the presence of my family…. Anyway, my sis and I bought this really nice salt and pepper shaker… It’s 2 ghosts hugging…. Darn adorable….

Ok… Finally… the day we were supposed to go home… we went to the wet market… Hmmm… Really an eye opener ler… The fishes were still alive jumping splashing water like nobody’s business… I would say that it was really a spectacular sight… I mean the market because it was definitely very different from Malaysia’s. On the way back, we passed by this chemical shop… My dad stopped to look…. I know ( of course I know) that my dad loves his job when he worked in Zuelig, a chemical product company… I won’t elaborate on this… I think only I know about something that I can’t tell of about this which is really frustrating at times… Aaah… let’s drop this.

Well, I won’t talk about our journey home… But my sis had a terrible tummy ache! I was like praying so hard for her ler… But I felt like God did not hear until I realized something really important… Call me donkey or something la but I really feel that I got closer to my sis through this ler although at my sister’s painful expenses la… =) I am glad about this trip… I bonded with my family better… Really… Especially my sister lor… Hehe…. kla… What a long post… cabut first! And ppl… if I remained silent… bear in mind… I am not involved in any extreme makeover neither am I hao lian and neither am I under the custody of the ISD ß (Justin)… I am simply cut off from the access of internet….


Aih... Can't believe i'm back to work... Well, i saw it coming yesterday when that freelance designer Azri messed things up with Intericad... And i could see that mom going to tembak me say i go learn d never go practice... Now have to pay RM200 for each view... And sammo she said if i was really sure that i want become ID i should have gone 2 years ago.... I went dot dot dot... Haha... Okla... Nemind la...i will go practice la... So here i am... still dunno what to do.... Blur man...

Was really busy these couple of weeks. Had driving lessons...ahem...finally but still haveb't pass yet so can't drive ppl around yet. Sammo have to prepare for Church's Sports Day and a Christian debate. I have to go Singapore sammo! Can't wait to see my sis. Have to settle my "nest" in KL which is...aiyo...headache... Can't believe I'll be seeing Hoong and Ding there too. I even had dreams that Evelyn going to stay in the same place too.... Phew.... Hopefully will get along well with Mel.

Been doing some cards too. Just can't help it... So many ideas popping out and i must bring out that idea... But then again... I just can't seem to find the time... Yah... I admit.... I watched too many dramas liao.... Namely my "The Prince turned into frog".... I thought it was stupid with their animations and stuff like that but then again i was wrong... Nemind with my Dang O.... I drives my friends crazy and Mel drove me crazy yesterday! Calling right at the moment when Dang O starts and she wouldn't let me go!!! Aaaah! And she had the joy of laughjing at my restlessness! How could she... I mean... Mel!!!!! Haih... but then again.... Mel got into a conflict with Eddy, our apartment consultant... Some kind of a problem la....I will stay out of this.... But all solved now...

Leaving for TOA in another 2 months... Some may say it's still a long way to go... But i'll say it's coming fast lo! I can't believe i'll be leaving first... Yah.... I scared la..... I don't like KL ler... I mean seriously... I don't like KL... But TOA is a place i really want to be. I hope my application comes through... Haih~!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


You Are 18% Evil

You are good. So good, that you make evil people squirm.
Just remember, you may need to turn to the dark side to get what you want!
Ooh.... 18%? Hehe.... I thought it'll be 81%... anyway...can't be trusted completely one la... i mean i admitted to ahem ahem and ut came down to 18?

Dope betul....

haih...looks like if i don't post anything my chat box will be used as a forum to tembak me led by mr. Shannon lim...well...the reason why i can't update my blog is because... I can't online ...DUH! Aiyo...ppl...i am still as chatty as ever and i did not do any extreme makeover...claimed by shannon... Aiyooo...anyway...can anonymous and paikia newbie tell me who u guys ar? aih.... ppl..i will TRY to blog asap ok and shannon! I not HAO LIAN!