Monday, June 26, 2006


Date : 25th June 2006
Time : 11.45 PM
Listening to : You are my King - Passion worship band

So tired…. Worked from 4 PM to 10.30PM today… Very tired ar! 3 days straight work like that… First day… worked from 12PM to 7.15PM like that… Then cabut-ed to Uncle Bonnie’s place for dinner. Almost caught my Dang O’s drama when my mom said we going home d. Reached home only, both of us went back to the office and continued with the Intericad. Taught my mom some basics. Worked till 11.45PM. Went home, did my Quiet Time, completed my game list and waited for my Dang O’s repeat at 2.30AM. Hehe… Must watch… Second day, worked from 12PM to 6PM then go Bible Study in Uncle Philip’s house. Then the next day, worked from 11AM until 3.45 PM… Had to miss Youth Bible Study! First class sammo… sedih la… But really can’t make it. I can’t get that Room 3 right. And mom wanted to see the design and 3D layout when she comes back. So I rushed like mad, checking the clock from time to time. Then sms-ed Geng Yi, asking if he going YM… Thank God he was going. Ran back home and less than 5 minutes he sampai d. So tired… Uncle Ivan shared with us what he felt inside during youth. He felt that we need to care about each other.

Uncle Ivan stepped down from the pulpit at around 5PM like that… Then Melissa drove Juliana and I home first cos’ they all will be going to Terangganu that night and I needed to go back to work. I worked with my mom, doing the modeling design and rendering till 8.30PM. Mom got dinner so get to go home early. Did my Quiet Time and then slept at 9 PM plus… (Yen said I gila can sleep so early…tired ok…more like exhausted) Woke up at 11PM to off the lights but can’t sleep. My back and shoulder aches like mad. Sapu ubat and then went downstairs for the massage chair. Really cannot tahan. All those sitting down working really not good for my bones. Haha… Watched Disney channel… “Archie and dunno what jughead” cartoon was rather amusing. Tried to sleep again at around 1AM but tossed and turned until two plus.

Woke up this morning feeling so drowsy. Church was like usual. I followed Jess’ car and we were the earliest there. First time man… Yen ajak go eat cheese cake in Secret Recipe. Hehe… Agreed immediately. Baby Sarah so cute… So tiny. One year old d still so kecik. Yen brought camera. When Sarah turned to look at Yen, she chuckled. Aww….

Yen played Daniel Powter’s song. Not bad. Hehe… El Sen came to introduce his cousins to us. They made us really blur with their ages and stuff like that. Auntie Yu Ming was back from GLO. Hooi Siang asked her to pass me a message. He said I still owe him a lesson in piano playing. FYI Siang… It was Hwei… I can’t play piano. And he said I am a drama queen. Haha… my whole church knew that. Didn’t go for devotion cos’ got a meeting with Uncle Rodney, Uncle David, Auntie Jennifer and Auntie Kiat Tin for the church’s Sports day. Was really afraid that my games weren’t up to satisfactory. Interrupted Yen’s devo’ group when I tried opening the cupboard that makes a lot of horrible noise. Her group turned to hushed me up. Haha… Kevin said I buat kecoh and I blamed it on CK since it was him who gave the game master job. -.-!!! But I had fun planning the games… stress a bit but not bad… Celine became our advisor on behalf of the children. Found the marbles and stopped to chat with Stephen for a while. And I really didn’t mean to ignore Kevin’s question! Too many people speaking at the same time!!!

Was glad that I was finally able to pull away from the meeting when it ended. Yen was waiting d… Mana tau she was chatting with Kevin and Stephen. Can’t remember what they were talking about. I remember something about studying 5 hours straight. Stephen said he did that… mostly from 2 AM to 7 AM… I went -.-!.... No comment. And also about DOTA. I said I don’t play computer games… Kena tembak from that two fellas… Aih… Oh yea… Ah Lan came back for the weekend. Sin Yee and she will be baptized next week Sunday. Hopefully their father will approve and come for their baptism. Fooled around with Livia for a while and watched a chess competition between that two young kids, Ken and Joel. I dunno who won… Too busy with Sarah. Celine was giving suggestions about the baby. And I disturbed her cos’ I saw her conveying message to his bro (Joel) using hand signs and the message was really funny ler. It was during worship sammo. Totally cracked me up.

After church, I followed Yen go Tesco’s SR… GY supposed to join us after sending Sherene they all home. Mana tau he went Jusco instead…just like I expected. Nowadays I seemed to “expect” the right thing… So scary ok… Neway, Yen and I had quite a chat there. I had New York Cheesecake and Yen had Brownies Ice Cream…. So thick la the brownies…. Luckily Yen can finish them. I really can’t man… Go home got lunch sammo.

Reached home at 2PM. Sidai baju… Ate lunch and listened to Dr. Sean’s album. I like “As an incense” and “The love of the Cross”…. And then slept for a few minutes before taking a bath. Then cabut-ed to the office with mom at 4PM. Half way through room 3... mom reralized that all positioning was wrong... Aarghhhh!!! 3 days work gone like that... Nemind least get to practice... Sigh~...

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Wrong room.... Trying to do better...

Then 6 PM my mom left to fetch my bro. She gave me diagrams of the furniture. Draw until siao man… But not so bad yet. When she came back, I had help from her to explain some of the measurements to me. My dad came to settle some insurance stuff with his cousin. My mom told me that both of them were very close, and she gave me an example. She said just like me and Chien Chien (Vincent)… Haha… My dad and her very kecoh one when together, just like me and my cousin. So funny… The meeting room from the designer room were of some distance but can hear their conver quite clearly. I can’t help laughing.

I started on the wardrobe cum study table. This one… really draw until gila… Sammo this programme’s file got a bit corrupted and need to be reinstalled. And all the stupid UCS settings need to be right or everything will turn out wrong which was exactly what happened to the wardrobe. Stress to the max man… Decided to go home at 10.30PM. My mom thought it was still 8PM. This week will be a very very hectic week for me. In the morning work. At night got Mr. Thomas Pomali talk on Leviticus 3. Hopefully my dad let me go and my mom won’t need me at night. Saturday got Sports Day. Aih…. Tomorrow have to finish room 5 and room 4. You know… Interior design not so easy…. I really don’t mind the work as long as my shoulder and back don’t give me problem… It leads to headache. Sigh~ But I am really glad God gave me this opportunity to help my mom lo. At least I am of some use instead of doing nothing at home. Tired but satisfied.

Tomorrow have to catch Dang O’s repeat. Missed it last Friday!!!! But thank God Sharonne’s friend got the CDs… I no need so bertungkus-lumus for the show d… I hope it’ll reach me soon! Dang O!!! 0.o


[yEn] said...

cool..interiort stuff..wad programme u use to draw?

Chen said...

Intericad 3000 and Render... Too bad ar... This programme anti piracy kao kao one... defler got one donker per registry... w/o that donker cannot use the programme at all...

Jackson said...

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