Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Food Hunt 3 - Breakfast on Sunday

Aiya..actually, not really a food hunt and it happened quite some time ago but for the sake of keeping, will just blog about it la...

Well, afew weeks ago, Juliana's parents bought yen, ju and i for breakfast before church service on Sunday...Adoih..have to wake up so early. Neway, the place very the near church only... Very old d that shop. The name of the place is Nam Thye. Last time still got beach and sea to teman us eat but now... haih~! Sad la... Government betul-betul merosakkan pemandangan... Hardly any beach left in Malacca now... Neway, like i mentioned, the place there pre-existed me... whatever the spelling may be la... Been there when i was young... We yearned for their Roti Bakar and Kopi for so long d... That time wanna go breakfast also tak jadi so, fulfilled la finally~!

On The Menu:-

Roti Bakar dengan Kaya (2 keping potong 3)
Roti Bakar takda Kaya (2 keping potong 3)
Teh Panas (3 Cawan)
Kopi Panas (1 Cawan)
Laksa (1 Mangkuk)

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All in all... The roti bakar really really sedap... Really love it... Sammo that uncle so generous with the butter... Cold and hot at the same time... Super nice...

Therefore, In my opinion, Foodhunt Chapter 3 : Breakfast on Sunday should be rated as 5 stars!! Image hosting by Photobucket

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