Sunday, March 19, 2006

Youth Meeting~Finally!

Yesterday went for youth meeting! So happie!!! Finally man...But my cousin fetched me there and it was a hell of a ride man.... too bad juliana left for YP around 3pm cos have to fetch the MMU-ians.... Haih~ When i reached there at 4pm they also haven't reach. Only saw CK there with his guitar...but i saw a few Bibles on the pews lor....*strange*strange Nemind... Then CK asked me go to the store room to get him a table..cable...something with a -ble...can't hear but i went towards the store neway and then out of a sudden Tse Hwei jumped out and scared me... wah lao!!! Chong Keat!!! Pakat-ed with ah hwei to scare me! Tak gunerrrrr! Nemind heeeee.....

Then Geng Yi and Yen reached at the same time... Aiyo...dunno how many tmes i tell Geng Yi that i wasn't involved in the Children Ministry but still he asked me if the Children's Hour off that day cos i get to go YP... >.< Told us he going Kulim for a few eeks... Kena whacked from him so may times sammo.... Sheesh... "child abuse"...haha.... So sampeat-ed sammo... he said, "Chenli! Your hair long d!"...haha..but really feel like so long never see him d lo.... then kacau-ed him a bit until he took his shoes to throw at me...muahaha! I hide behind Aaron a.k.a Brain...heehee... i was Pinky...Tuish!

Pinky and the Brain~
Pinky and the Brain~
One is a genius the other insane~
And Pinky and the Brain~
An Pinky and the Brain~

Haha... Cacat sial.... Sammo always gaduh with him one... And so everytime see him, i'll start off with... "So Brain...What are we going to do tonight?" And he says, "The same thing we do every night... We'll take over the world!".... Muahaha! Cacat but funny... And when Uncle Anthony brought all the MMU-ians and Ju there, we started our singspiration. Aaron song-lead... Super nice la the songs.... I especially like the song "How great is our God"... Super nice... And some more the worship so semangat... And plus...i really super semangat also yesterday...maybe because i finally get to watched drama series la... the day before i so tired...haha..dunno what got over me...

After worship, Geng Yi announced that he and Uncle Ivan had some miscommunication that Uncle Ivan thought it was next week that he was supposed to speak when it was this week... we ended up having no speaker... Geng Yi then asked us to spend 10 minutes in prayer for the Easter Cantata. Then after that, we gathered at the youth room and we played Killer... Cool!!! Ju and i kept on doing sam lee's killer style...hehe.... we sat in a circle and as usual geng yi will be the person with the card 'Q'...he'll be the chairperson. The game goes like this:-

The Killer

Q - Chairperson
Ace - Killer
K - Police
J - Spy
3 - Doctor
7 - Citizen

The chairperson will randomly distribute a card to a player each. Nobody can show their card to anybody. The chairperson will ask everyone to close their eyes. Then he will ask the killers to open their eyes. Killer choose a person to be killed w/o speaking while everyone closes their eyes. The killers will signal to the chairperson who they choose to kill. Then they close their eyes. The chairperson will call for the polices to open their eyes and choose a person to catch. Then They will close their eyes. Then he will ask for the doctors to open their eyes and choose someone to heal...which in our case usually heals themselves la.... hehe... After that they closes their eyes Then the spies will be asked to open their eyes and choose someone they think is the killer and the chairperson will signall to them whether they spied correctly or not. Then the chairperson will ask everybody to open their eyes... Te citizen will not be choosing anything during the close eyes session... They only take part in voting for a person that the majority thinks who the killers are. This is where the game gets interesting because everyone will try to accuse a person and some tried to defend themselves.

Ok... So, i get the Ace card. I am a killer.... So when the game starts, i found out that my killer gang were Jeremy, Timothy, Jessica and Qi Qi... Haha... We killed Livia... When GY asked to vote for someone to be out at the first round, Stephen accused CK to be the killer and claimed that he's the spy which i do not think so. Hehe... Then the thing gets interesting cos i tembak-ed that Timothy is the killer... muahaha! Betrayal case #1.... Then Jessica backed me up. Stephen kept on pining on CK and claimed to be a spy... Then i say, "Stephen, dun lie... i'm the spy...i spied correctly, Tim is the killer..." Muahaha! In the end Tim was voted out. Then the 2nd starts... Then we the killers betrayed Qi Qi and she's voted out...Jermy was caught to be the Killer. Then left me and jessica only... Hahaha! Very funny... I kept on claiming to be a spy and so did Stephen... In the end Kevin said, "Chenli! Don't lie!!! U not a spy!"...Muahaha... Then the next round, me and jess killed him.... cos we know he's a spy ma... but cis... Juliana and Yen betrayed me...they voted me out to be the killer.... For those who's dead, we cannot show our cards or talk but we usually break the rules... and we dun have to close eyes... Found out that stephen, CK and yen were the polices while Aaron and ju were the doctor. Stephen commented that everyone around him died... haha..which is very true...earned him the name of "sou pa seng".....heehee.... Juliana was a bad doctor...cos i later found out that she knew jessica was the killer and kept on healing her... cissss....and she betrayed meeee!!!

We had captain ball after that... cis...ganas betul..Timothy got injured... hehe.... But he's ok.... we really had fun man in YP. Especially captain ball. Thats the all-time favourite game man... Sammo this Aaron called me butterfingers.... >.<>

Juliana, Yen and I went for ice pat-poh after's a dessert shop la... all those ice ice stuff.... so nice... ate 2 cups of ice cream and 2 plates of ice-cream peaches... sooooo nice...... it all totaled up to rm16.... nyak nyak nyak...satisfiednyer..... we went back yen's place after that. Buat kcau a whole before goin out for dinner with ju's parents. GY and Aaron ajak go yam cha but lat la...malas.... went home watch drama after that..... Yeh! So nice!

K la about D-Paradise later

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