Monday, January 28, 2008

Short Update

Date : 28th January 2008
Time : 9.50PM
Listening to : Magical smile - 183 Club
Where : MC - Room

Wow...been so long since I last blogged here. Well, anyway... life's been busy. That day didn't manage to balik Malacca. Was so deeply disappointed but I guess it was a good thing. More work done in a way. And helped out with the Sunday school in church. The children so super adorable but so active to be under control sometimes. And had Bible studies also.

Assignments piling up. I guess it was my fault that I didnt manage my time well to tick them off the list asap. -.-! Still.... Actually really nothing much to say here. Yesterday GY, u and I went out for dinner. Went Taipan area. Naili Cafe. Cool place. The boss painted the stuff herself. Has so much personal touches. And I brought my bro new cam out to take some mamak pics for typo assignments. I had fun dat nite. Kla...Dowan talk much liao. Got assignments to do...Waiting for everyone to be up so we can gather in MSN chat room and do our assignments yang TERLAMPAU banyak tu.



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