Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Date : 13th February 2008
Time : 8.01PM
Listening to : Changing partners
Where : MC - Room

Perrrrr.... CNY yang takder visiting. Got la... But not as kao as last year but takper la... Janji siap assignment. Really gila this term. The night I was to travel back KL, i cried like dunnoe what babi-ted mia orang. I just couldn't stop lah! I really thought of quitting school lae. I was quite serious about it. But really, really by God's grace.... Assignment completed! Thank GOD!!!

Anyway... Really nothing much to update about and I really don;t want to complain about how super stress giler life is here. Anyway. Hazmeer, our DM2 lecturer had lunch with us today. Lawak man. And Sel and I hung our "experiment" at the Student Lounge already.

Ok...I have something to tell I guess... I kinda find my life meaningless in away. Sometimes I wonder why I work so hard for. Really serve no purpose sometimes. Maybe it does a but I really tader drive nak live on la. Gila kan my talk? Dunnoe la. I am not suicidal ok. Onli takder drive jer. I just wanna stay home with my mom and dad la. Entah kenaper. And it's kind of bad here in KL. I hardly talk to Zheng ok...And she is my hsemate. Approx 10 steps away from my room. I no time ker aper i dunnoe la. It's just so weird when I talked to her. Abit strange. Even Zafri you know. .. Maybe we just don't hang out that often anymore. Guess my workload is killing my r'ship with ppl one by one lah. There are so many things that I couldn't be bothered now. T.T!

Kla...lazy d...bye.

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