Friday, January 04, 2008

I am an oldies fan

Date : 4th January 2008
Time : 2.34am
Listening to : Lionel Richie - Ballerina Girl
Where : Malacca - LH

Just feel like writing. I replaced the blog skin with this minimal one for the time being. Anyway... currently addicted to a few songs...Nah..Not addicted... Just recollecting back some old songs.

Lionel Richie

Ballerina Girl
Easy like sunday morning
Three times a lady
Just for you
All night long
Endless love

Kenny Rogers
(I tell you this dude is so jiwang I salute him... King of jiwangness)

Buy me a rose
We've got tonight
I can't unlove you
She believes in me
You decorated my life
If I ever fall in love again
But you know I love you

Glen Campbell

Southern nights

James Taylor



I'm not in love

Engelbert Humperdinck
(This fella lae..always putus cinta one)

After the loving
The last waltz
There goes my everything
Am I that easy to forget
A man without love
The most beautiful girl

Neil Diamond

Sweet Caroline
September Morn
You don't bring me flowers
Song Sung Blue

Dan Fogelberg
(He recently passed away...only like one song though)


I mean... There are many other songs that I would be addicted to but oldies are just too many to list down. I am just one oldies fan but I am a noob in remembering names and titles. Anyway...I gtg.. Guess I will be back in KL tomorrow. Truly... Yen could be right...

Reasonable anti-KL freak.

Before I go... Would like to share some videos that I find interesting...My POV...But I know a few that hated them. Still.. My preference.

Happy Ending - Mika

Clumsy - Fergie


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