Sunday, January 06, 2008

First black, now coloured?????

Date : 6th January 2008
Time : 11.59am
Listening to : Rule the world - Take That
Where : Mentari Court - Room

First, I was black listed. That was last term. Now this term they have to try something funny also. Now they are kind enough to colour code my grades. And I really dunnoe what's going on. Only on Monday will I find out. I cannot figure out why lae. The 3 subs that they colour coded me are Typography (Of all subjects...Sharon told us we passed ok), Digital media I (My Blankie failed me?!...Aah...Who knows) and Visual Fund (Liang Feng! DId you fail me? Nooooooooo....)... But anyway... I am pretty sure about typo...but not really on the other two. Who knows right..But seriously, I was thinking in the car, is it even possible for me to fail? But again...siaper la tau...

Aih...I am finally back. Back in Kl. Dunnoe what this term will bring. Well, I am sure things changed. Which is good. Vacation? Was good. But I missed Jackie. Bah... Dat dude licked me awake on the day I was to leave. Man... He's been a good companion.

Anyway... These are a few songs that I've been listening to.

Daughtry - Over You
Take That - Rule the World
Creed - With arms wide open

Anyway, nothing much to say or blog about. So I shall take my leave. Bye!


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