Thursday, January 10, 2008

Now that's a conspiracy...

Date : 10th January 2008
Time : 11.17AM
Listening to : Water dripping
Where : MC - Room

Classes started on Monday. Oh well, interesting. Learned HTML yesterday and man.... I foresee a little trouble or me. But I guess I can handle. By God's grace. =) Yenny from our Typography for Digital Media class was the same lecturer we had for Design Method 1. Lol..She's so funny wei. Interesting how we could bond with lecturers like that.

Anyway, things had been quite good here. Now that classes started already, I don't loath KL as much already. Oh, and yeah, we have to create a blog or risk letting our fellow lecturers reading our personal one like this one for our Web Design class. It's to post our assignments and researches for our projects. So guys, visit the blog yea and please, please give constructive criticism for improvement. There will be more links there that will bring you to my classmates' blog. Please comment as well. It will really do us good. ABurstOfIdeaBubbles

I didn't want to share this blog. Haha... Cos if I do... I cant really complain about work anymore. Heeheehee... Anyway... I didn't mention about the cheesecake that Ju and I did the day before I came back to KL. HAhahaahah! It didn't set! But it was delicious though. And we had a great time doing it. And we named it Lava Cheese. Sharma liked it too. And no matter what that "gerbil" said, (not Sharma) I stand by my opinion that it tasted fantastic. There, dispute all you want.

And Rin has been trying to get people to believe that everything is a CONSPIRACY! Wow! Haha...

1. Roti Canai will cease to sell soon. That's a conspiracy.
2. She met ZY. That's a conspiracy.
3. My bro and Helmi...ahem... That's a conspiracy.

The most absurd of all... CHEN"S WEARING A SKIRT! Now, THAT's conspiracy. Hahahaah! And one thing that's not conspiracy, which I think she will definitely disagree with me is... her senior is in my SEA class. Hahahahaah! Man Rin.... Sorry...I couldn't help it. I just have to add salt to injury.

Alright, I have to to go KLCC d. Meeting Melissa and Evelyn at Petronas Gallery. Zheng will be coming along. K... Like how Selvia would put it... Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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