Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Episode 6 - It's all about fruits! Bananas in Pyjamas and Guava Song~

This is the episode six! Hope it's not too long... It's only like 1 1/2 page in Microsoft Word... Hehe... Enjoy.. Gosh... i think GLO Memories Down The Lane could take up to 20 episodes. Nevermind... I have two faithful readers which are my faithful Artwork and Craftwork. Well done my servants for reaching this far without a complain. Hahaha~

That Thursday night, we had our chapel service. That night itself we had to do some rehearsal for our practical ministry. I was so not ready so I asked Hazel to sub me for storytelling that night and I sub her for singspiration. Real darn timid man. Cisss… But she agreed also la. Thank God for her. Justin’s group came up with a sketch for the Sunday School… Also mute one. So funny. Titus and Soon Yi were the notty boys and Ee Ee was their mother. Melanie was the ‘dun main-main mia budak’ a.k.a kecik-kecik cili padi. Hahaha! Took mute videos of them. Don’t complain that it was soundless…it’s not like they spoke or anything like that. For Jacob's group... I guess everyone will remember the quote, "Sex, Drug and Rock and Roll!"~ At the end of the rehearsal, Auntie Lina told us she wants us to do visual aids for that storytelling. When she suggested some stuff, I wasn’t really listening cos’ my mind started to organize all the ideas I thought of. Hmmm~ Snapped some pics in the church also. After we were dismissed, group 3 went back to the library to finish up their assignment. Most of the rest went to cook their supper. Really cannot tahan Nat. He cooked the mee like… I dunno how to say la. He put hot water for the instant noodles and waited for the wax to melt. I offered to microwave for him but he didn’t wanna trust me wor! So geli… Haha… Okie la… I know everyone has their own style. Got once, I tried the mee… Tasteless one. Then he asked me to try Timon’s. At least better ler. He bising me. Haha… Neway, it was Justin, Sher Lynn and my turn to sweep the floor and throw rubbish. Sher Lynn swept the floor already so I went to get Justin to throw the rubbish. On the way out, I asked him how he was cooping with the SS thing. During rehearsal he seemed quite tensed. So all the walk back to the common room we talked about how he handle kids and stuff like that. Still looked very awkward when he demo and let me see how he‘s going to handle the kids. Then Sammy and I launched into another very ‘off’ topic. I think something to do with Justin one la. He looked so worried that Sammy would spill things out. I was like laughing man. Cannot be disturbed one this guy. He will have very big reaction. Ju will agree with me on this.

Shuang and her mee~

In case u guys wondering, that's Sam Lee with his tool to dig his mee with~

Kegembiraan yang tidak terhingga but still willing to pose before eating~
Someone must tell Sammy not to bully Siang and steal his food... Poor thing~

And Siang had to share food with Vincent, Haih..~

Our chefs in training~

Kaka’s issue… Very interesting. Juliana was known as Kaka in the camp and still is. Vincent was reading the sports section and I was reading section 2. Then suddenly Ju came and said, “Eh, Kaka la…” and Vincent went, “You know Kaka ar?”… Then they launched into football and Kaka’s stuff… Then dunno how this Vincent calls her Kaka already. -.-?? But that name sticks till today.

Hmmm~ That day Nat and I were chatting and I asked him whether he remembered about the guava song. That was a funny incident. Sammy was meddling with something and I think got on our nerves or something liddat… then Nat snatched up the guitar and started to serenade about Sammy and guava. Very (x3) funny. Sang in the tune of the song “stand by me” and “Don’t wanna miss a thing” and “Sugar” with lyrics composed by Nat… One day should just record it la. The lyric composed by Nat with Sugar tune went something like this. Very simple one. Guava…Oh guava, guava…. Haha. For stand by me… Hmm~ Roughly this : So Guava, Guava stand… by me… Oh stand... by me...~ But I still think the best one was the Don’t wanna miss a thing song… Can’t remember much. Should be something like this: I could stay awake just to see you sleeping… (Can’t remember here) I don’t wanna close my eyes… I don’t wanna fall asleep cos I miss you guava and I don’t wanna miss a thing. And even when I sleep again, the sweetest dream will never do cos I miss you guava and I don’t wanna miss a thing… The bridge: I don’t wanna miss one smile, I don’t wanna miss one bite… Lalala~ I give up la…I cannot remember. Only Nat can come up with stuff like this. All I could remember is we drove Sammy away. Eu Gin was there I think so for more info of those songs, maybe can ask Eu Gin… If he remembers la. It was really very funny… Even after I went back to my room, I was still laughing about it.

Uncle Lian played the guitar too! Hehe… but the guitars (We have like Sam Lee’s guitar, Ju.K’s guitar and another dunno who’s guitar) were soon taken over by Jacob, Sam and ahem~ Me… the poser… Not too bad you know… After all, just simply press some strings and take a pic…I would have looked like I played the guitar… Right?? Actually this was on Wednesday night after the prayer meet. And all these took place before Sam and the rest prayed for me. Well, sorry for not being in chronological order.

The Guitarists and ahem Mr.SS~
Distinguish the faker!

Week two was the week Kaka and I became Bananas in Pyjamas. Muahaha! Didn’t thought of this name till we went KLCC. We had the same pyjamas. Hmmm~ It was really funny when we first put them on… Sin Lan took pics of us while I was busy laughing at some videos and Kaka talking with Geng Yi on the phone. Cissss… She and her sinful camera… and my sinful camera also… Strange how we agreed on buying the same pj… But different color ok… So not that identical. It was really fun though!

That's all for episode 6... Hope to be back with the next episode soon! Enjoy, Artwork! And Nat, stop calling me pig if you dowan ganas remarks from me... Siang quoted me as ganas in his blog okie~ So dun play-play... Hehehe~

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