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Episode 3 - end of week one

Adoih~ Shuang aeroplaned me last nite... i mean V-day! How could you?! Neway...ok...this will be the rest of week one... i think dats all i can remember...

I got something to complain about GLO. How come boys’ dorm got water heater and air-con one?!? Have to bath with that cold water everyday. Yoh!!! Ish~ But at least we don’t have to share 2 toilets with so many people…

Auntie Lina gave us a briefing on the climb up to Maxwell Hill. I really dunno what to expect man. She told us that when we climb up the hill, fog may just suddenly come and we won’t be able to see anything at all, even our hand right in front our face. She told us not to move cos’ her friend did that and she fell off the edge and died… I went… “Die…” But Soon Yi told me that Auntie Lina exaggerated. I dunno…I prefer to listen to Auntie Lina for precaution sake. Hehe… She said it’ll be 4 hours climb… Pengsan… She said we can take the jeep up if we want but I really wanna climb. So, four of us decided to climb.

Had to wake up early to prepare. Auntie Lina really like a mother to us. She made sure we had our breakfast, water and necessities. The Malacca girls, Melanie, Sher Lynn and Juliana followed Uncle Lai Su’s car. The park was beautiful! It was drizzling. Some ppl followed the jeep so they didn’t have to wake up early. I think all hiked up except for Nat, Hazel, Eu Gin and Ee Ee. Nat (Nathanael) is this guy that I got to know during one of the meals. We chatted. He’s from Taiping but at that point, it seemed like he didn’t really wanna be in GLO. =) Anyway, we started hiking up. Soon Yi brought us up initially through a short cut which is through the jungle path. It was horrendous. I felt so weak. Juliana vomited 3 times. All her breakfast went out. I was rather taken back. I vomited once. And that’s because I didn’t drink my water properly! Haha…and Sam can say sammo, “Oii, stop moving! Breakfast come out d!”… What a joke… I really thanked God for all the help that was given to me and Juliana. Although everyone was younger than us, they climbed better. Really really thank God for Justin, Vincent and Timothy for their help. I was so happy to see the light at the end of the path. Was so tired. We took so many gila-ted pictures. Haahaa… The boys posed like they were answering nature call at the roadside. So funny… They had to scatter whenever the jeeps passed by. Then, we continue hiking up. This time using the road. Not as bad as the jungle path la but equally tiring. Supposed to follow groups one but in the end everyone went in different gangs. The only song that I kept on hearing during the earlier part of the road hike was a Chinese song and all that I was able to hear was these few words, “Ni far ru xue,”… I really don’t know what they were singing you know, I meant Timon, Vincent, Hooi Siang and Sam Lim. Btw, they can’t really speak Chinese except for Hooi Siang. Really man they all… But I found out that the song was actually sung by Jay Chou. I heard from the rest that Titus ran all the way up to the stop and he reached the place already while I was still half way up. How the heck did he do that?!? I hiked up with Juliana they all la but walked with Justin, a 19 year old lawyer to be guy. He really la…He wanted to learn Chinese but insisted that he was not a ‘banana’ (Chinese but dunno how to speak Chinese)… So funny… he kept on saying “ Wo shi 100% hua ren - meaning I am hundred percent Chinese. On the way up, he asked me to teach him a lil’ Chinese. I became his so-called sifu… Dahla my Chinese also quite rotten one…I really wondered how to help. Soon Yi, Justin, Soon Yi’s mom and Mel were bitten by leeches. Blood… Pengsan. Melanie almost flattened herself near the rock when she saw that leech on her leg. But then this Bell came to rescue her anyway… with her ever so powerful saliva. Hehe. We saw a little waterfall. Stopped to take some pictures. We were kinda separated from other people. Luckily Sher Lynn brought chocolates… Phew~ Her chocolates were great man… And we ran out of water d even though Jacob brought extra. Sin Lan carried our one and only bag with her and this Tse Hwei and Lan climbed so much faster than us! Haih~ Then this Bell… She found a leech near the side of the road. She picked it up with a stick and put it on her arm (she was wearing a jacket)… I could see that she was very fascinated. I wouldn’t believe her if she told me she did not go form six… Earlier, this Soon Yi landed himself in a very dangerous situation. He decided to take a short cut and was stuck there. What a situation. And Jacob was so far away yet and the only guy there was Justin and he was having a leg cramp! What a time to have leg cramp?!?! Nobody to save Soon Yi but thank God Jacob came in time before anything happened. Raining sammo…so slippery… *Sweat* We soon met up with Vincent, Sam, Sammy, Timon and Hooi Siang after that. Justin ran off somewhere d. This fella and Ju.K… betul-betul gila. They raced each other running uphill. Towards the later part of the hike, I got really exhausted. I can’t climb d… I wanted to just roll down real bad. We stopped the jeep several times but it’s always full. Nat so bad! He waved and gave me that goofy grin when I chased the jeep (for dramatic effect). Waaaa… I stopped so many times and sat in the middle of the road. At the end, left Jacob, Bell, Ju, Timon, Vincent, Hooi Siang, Sammy, Samuel Lee, Melanie, Melissa, Sher Lynn and me. Just wanna be very honest about this. If without this Timon, Sammy, Sam, Vincent and Hooi Siang asking us to sing along, I don’t think I can climb up to the top of Maxwell Hill. They really semangat lor. Called them the semangat gang. So different from the youths in Malacca. Called Jess half way. Literally begging for help man… Haha… She can laugh sammo and say she climbed KK before… waaaaaaaaaaa!!! Melissa felt quite sick during the hiked. It’s really funny lor cos I held her hand, Hooi Siang gave her a back support and Vincent sheltered her with the umbrella. How nice hor? The umbrella also got history one. This Vincent really crazee… he wanted to be Mary Poppins so that he can fly and reach the top faster. Real lawak. We sang all the way up… songs of praise. I love the song ‘Hail, Lion of Judah’…. Got one time after we knew left only one kilometer, someone sang, “One more kilometer” in the Lion of Judah tune… So lawak. Juliana and I were together all the time. Really thank God for her also… Thank God for her company. At least we both have each other even though we were the weakest there!!! The hike was really tough for us both. I wouldn’t wanna do that again for only 2 reasons. First: It’s tough. Second: Brings back too much wonderful memories that I will not experience again. Very nostalgic. Haih~. I really think there’s really a reason why the jeeps were always full and can’t take us in. I think God wants me to know that Christian life is just like hiking up Maxwell Hill. Very steep, very tough but worth it when we reached the top. And along the way, there’re people like the semangat gang that encouraged us to finish the race. It was indeed a great experience and a lot of lessons to learn. I thank God for not letting me up any of the jeeps although I still can’t forget that goofy grin and wave that Nat flashed at me! Jeng! I also recall the moment when we stopped in the middle of the road and they sang ‘Hari Ini’… Took a mute video of it. A bit pointless but their actions in the video tells us much about what they were doing. Gosh… really miss all these so much. But in the end, we did reach the top. Can’t really see much but I got to really know a lot of ppl there better. Also have to thank Hooi Siang for helping me when I have leg cramp. I have so many ppl to thank along the way. Neway, we did reach the top by foot. Still remember the time when Jacob stopped a jeep that was on the way down asking how much longer to reach the stop. And the man said, “Lagi 15 minit jalan”… Waaa… Ju and I were so happy. So happy!! The view was so beautiful. Saw Sin Lan and Tse Hwei waiting for us already.

Took a few snapshots. So many poses this Hooi Siang, Vincent, and Timon. The last pic Jacob joined them…

Waaa… I think I’m being so detailed but what the heck…Nemind one. Hehe. We had our lunch up there. Those who went up by jeep took the lunches together with them. Lunch was nasi lemak but Lan Lan packed some bread with sausages and mayo and peanut butter… Haih~ Bahagia la got her… I see the bread also I so happie… Took some snapshots there also. Was really glad that I made it to the top by foot somehow. At least can say I conquered one of the hills in Malaysia… If only they named it Gunung Larut or Maxwell Mountain…Then I can say I conquered one mountain d… Haiya… Wasted… Remembered pretending to punch Nat when taking pics. So crazee… Juliana and Hooi Siang actually compared whose eyes were bigger.
I wouldn’t wanna judge this but Shuang said Juliana should have bigger eyes than Siang. Went down by jeep. Eu Gin and I nearly fell out of the van. That was so scary! If we were to really fall off, we’ll be totally run over by the jeep behind us. Phew… Thank God that we were safe. When we reached the foot, we saw auntie Lina and Uncle Lai Su they all waiting d. Vincent looked sick. Adoih~ Kesian…

Was really tired lo when we came back to GLO. Auntie Lina said we must take our rest. Got YP (Young People) meeting sammo after that. But it was really nice you know during the YP. Dr. Tan chaired the meeting. Uncle Daniel also was there. We were divided into groups. My group mates were Nat, Vincent, Justin, Titus, Juliana Khoo, Sin Lan, Bell and a few more with the some of the Taiping youths. We had to act out one of the parables in the Bible without speaking. It’s a mute acting. Really funny. We got the Prodigal Son thing. Ju’s group got The Good Samaritan while Hwei’s group got The Rich man and Lazarus. It was really funny to see Timothy acting as Lazarus even though we can’t really figure out what the parable was. He died with his legs folded one and toppled over… Haahaa! Really lawak man… So cartoon. For our group, Vincent acted as the father, Nat as the prodigal son, Titus as the other son, Justin as the farmer, a Taiping youth as servant, Ju K., Bell and I became the ahem… so-called ‘jolly’, notty girls and the rest became pigs… Haahaa… sampat man… It was really hilarious you know… Really cannot tahan. This Nat and Vincent acted the front part already so funny. Vincent gave each of his ‘sons’ a pat on their backs and Nat pushed his head. Then Nat motioned to his dad for his money and so Vincent took out his wallet and Nat snatched it away. Vincent pretended to cry…Haahaa! So funny. Then Nat pretended to go jolly and we three girls came out and layan him la… He really took out Vincent’s money and gave us. I acted until I laughed squatting down on the floor. Really lawak sial… In the end, when reached the part where he doesn’t have any money already, he motioned us to go over to him so that he could ask us back for his money. Bell pretended to be mad. That was really funny lor. The pigs’ part also very lawak ler. All crawling on the floor. I see Sin Lan also I wanna laugh. Justin always also like wanna scold Nat like that because he stole the pigs’ food. But I think by far the funniest part for me was the two sons with the father one. Titus was using the dustpan as a hoe when Vincent welcomed Nat back. Titus threw the dustpan away and went over to them. Made a few motions and after he acted to be mad la. He goes and jumped up and down in frustration. It was so hilarious I could not stop laughing. At that point I really tak sangka he was the funny sort. He really has a serious look.

Sunday! (The blog is too long, need divider... Sorry folks)
Sunday service was earlier than MGC’s. It was 8.30 AM. I went blur blur waking up early for service. Have to wear veil again. Haih~ Tak biasa la… Have to get adjusted with the way service was conducted there. A bit different. Actually I thought I’ll have aches everywhere from the climb up Maxwell Hill. But surprisingly… takda sakit. Hehe… Wonder why don’t have… -o-?? We were supposed to conduct Sunday school that week. Actually we thought got storytelling one mana tau takda. So last minute they had to switch me to conduct games from storytelling. Was very glad actually cos’ when discussed about all these I volunteered for storytelling. I thought I would be okay. Then I started to panic cos’ I had no experience at all. I messaged Mark to ask for help. Then he really la… No word to describe. Made me feel more helpless. Tak guna mia Mark! I still can quote him man! He replied, “If I give you the story then it wouldn’t be you already, it would be me..”… Some sort like this la. Pengsan.

So when they switched me to games, I was really happie. I decided to steal from Kevin. The superheroes game that he taught the children back in Malacca. I think the kids enjoyed them.
Uncle Lai Su looked very happy watching all of us conducting the class. I think Jacob was really good with kids. After that, the kids were separated into their own age group and the GLO students who were supposed to take over the classes followed the kids into the respective rooms. I wanted to join the pre-school kids’ class but too full d so I resorted to joining the oldest class. Vincent, Timothy and Melanie conducted the class. The topic was about Satan. Justin, Juliana and Sin Lan joined that class too. After service we were allowed to go out and take our lunch. Waited for my roommates they all in the common room. We wanna go McDonald. So chatted with the people there awhile while I waited. Most wanted to try KLG… They were like asking why dowan to go KLG and stuff like that…Sammo they said McDonald can be found anywhere in Malaysia. And I said I dowan to go KLG…Malacca don’t have McDonald. Vincent asked, “Hah? Serious ar? Don’t bluff,” Of course I continued with this stupid act…Haahaa… I insisted la and he turned to tell Timon that Malacca don’t have McDonald. Haahaahaa… Ae, it was really funny. Towards the 3rd week only they found out that Malacca has McDonald… But I seriously dowan to go KLG… Didn’t sound that nice… But they told me the burger there was really huge… Ish~ Nemind! I enjoyed my McDonald anyway! Timon said he dowan friend us already. Hahaha… Funny guy. So, all four of us followed Soon Yi’s mom to McD and later we were joined by the Bukit Mertajam girls (Melissa, Sher Anne, Shuang and Jen), Soon Yi and Titus. This Melissa and Soon Yi a bit crazee la…they saw a hamper stand there and asked me to take a picture, pretending that Soon Yi was handing over the hamper to Melissa. Gosh… Funny la that two. They wanted to go bowling after that but Ju, Hwei, Sin lan and I didn’t wanna go so we went jalan-jalan abit. We went to some shoes shop to buy myself a pair of slippers. If I continue wearing that slippers I brought (got 5-6 years old d), I think I will one day land on my butt. Oh, yea… and then Sin Lan asked us to enter this shop. Then Ju and I saw stripped pajamas. OoOooo… Interesting. Ju and I each bought one. So darn cheap. Then we walked past a shop selling sweets la. So actually we wanted to buy one. But I saw that guy watching TV you know… and I went blur… We were like standing there watching TV. Liaooo… (influence from Nat and Sam Lee), this kinda thing….only Malaccans crazy enuff to do this. And for info sake, we weren’t kicked out from the shop or anything like that. We left by our own freewill. Ahem… Took some pictures at a pasar borong liddat in front of the store… Kena caci from some dong dong malay guy…Lucky never set me off… Stopped at a cafĂ© named Avena, I think and ate cheese cake. Really missed Secret Recipe’s cheese cakes man…. esp. marble cheesecake and New York cheesecake… And we had an urgent need to buat bomb! Hahahahaha!! Then we walked back to GLO. Passed by a small clinic and saw an accident victim bleeding like mad… We actually stopped for a while to watch you know…So crazee… Juliana or Hwei pointed out that even though that guy was badly injured, is family was grinning all the way… man… So strange… Real rotten la we all… We noticed that the pavement was kinda waxed. Then we continued walking until we saw a guy waxing the pavement. Quickly jumped off and walk on tar road. If not… dunno whether he will wax our faces not.

I joined Melissa, Shuang, Soon Yi, and Jacob for a chat that Sunday evening. Then suddenly they decided to play truth or dare… Wah seh… These ppl. Kena me once. Dared me to kiss Justin’s hand. Gila… They called Justin over when he was playing basketball. At first both of us refused but in the end I did it neway. Pui! Then Melissa kena. We dared her to sniff Soon Yi’s smelly shoe. We caught it on camera. Haha… Gross. Then she kena again. This time they dared her to ask one of the guys playing basketball if he can show her his ‘flag’ which means underwear. I laughed like mad! I suggested that she choose Vincent because he more sporting ma. So we followed her over to the court la. Even before she asked Shuang and me giggled like mad d. Then Melissa asked, “Vincent, can I ask you a question?” and Vincent came over and said, “What lame question, faster say,” Then Melissa said, “Can you show me your flag please?” and immediately after that I fell to the ground and laughed like mad again… Waaa… I tell you, it was darn hilarious man… After that, I heard Melissa screamed and ran back to the common room and I followed. They told me Vincent pulled down his pants a little and actually showed her. I don’t know how much la but that wasn’t our intention at all you know. We only wanted her to ask. Haahaa… They thought they caught everything in camera but alamak… They didn’t…malfunction. Wasted… We couldn’t stop laughing. We stopped the game after that. It was hilarious. Just the other day I chatted with Shuang online… She said she saw… it was grey… Muahaha!!!! Thanks Shuang for the info. Vincent going to sue me for this…

Actually, that day we can’t wait for the Sg. Ara people to come lo cos’ Sin Yee’s was part of the group that was going to perform in TGH. I was talking to Eu Gin and Hooi Siang I think when they arrived. The bus knocked down the telephone wires. Was so happie to see Sin Yee. But shortly after they arrived, Hooi Siang had to go already. Really felt sad actually cos’ I got to know him so much better during the first week. Hazel, Juliana.K and I sang him a few songs…of course jokingly… Hmm~ what song… let’s see… Leaving on a jet plane… Auld Lang Syne… I think. Waved until he was out of sight. Haih~ But he said he’ll try to be back by the end of 2nd week before I go off.( That time didn’t have permission to stay for the rest of the course yet) Then I loitered around near the swing there before I went to change for the Sg. Ara Christmas presentation in the church. Vincent came to me saying, “Chenli, I heard you got a bear right? Can borrow?” Blur blur… I said no… Haha… But eventually I gave my bear to him cos’ he almost settled with someone else’s. I really wondered what he was going to do with it. I took the front pew with Sin Lan. Sin Yee acted as Mother Mary. A very different version from normal play. There were a few hilarious part in that play but I was seriously surprised when Vincent suddenly burst out onto the stage carrying MY bear a little lower than his armpit. I was like thinking, “What? That’s why he needs my bear ar?” Tuish… -.- But that’s not really the surprising part la. I was really surprised to see him in the play. Neway, the guy who acted as Caesar (I think) was really funny man. His spear kept on bending… I just couldn’t stop laughing. Kejang man my stomach. Heehee… After the play, we had a light supper. I didn’t eat much la. But I know I stole a few pieces of fried chickens from someone… I can’t remember who… Dunno Nat or Vincent. Nemind la… I talked to Sin Yee for a while before I struck up some conversation with Nat. Irritated him for a while… Whatever that he did I will imitate him. Then Joyce joined us. So lawak man we three. Then we walked out and joined Eu Gin, Soon Yi, Melissa, Shuang, Bell, Hazel, Jacob they all outside near the children’s tunnel. I remembered Eu Gin talked to Hooi Siang on the phone. Haha… Accused Eu Gin wrongly. Talked to Hooi Siang for a while. Felt a bit strange not listening to him making noise. Hehe. He said, the girl that supposed to help the mom don’t know how to handle the computer. Earlier on before he left, he told some of us his job in his mom’s shop. Trust me; it was really, really funny and strange too. I believe Eu Gin will back me up on this. “Ah boy, ho cheng bo?”… Waaaa… Very the funny.

Then a few of the girls like Ju, Melanie, Hazel and me gathered together in the common room and we chatted. Then reached the topic of my bear. I really dunno how I blurted out that I’ve got a name for my bear and I said VA. They asked what did VA means and I replied, “Vincent’s Armpit”… Gosh, I really dunno where all these came from you know... I mean, okla… I’m always labeled as the crazee one… Things just popped out from nowhere. But that was how my bear got a name… Yes, Vincent complained about it. =) Kena from him… “Ae, VA is with me la…Lame/Gay la you!”….

But I think during this week I got to know Joyce and Hazel better. Usually if got free time we’ll spend some time in the church. Hmmm~ I think I taught Hazel a new song, ‘Your love’…and she taught me a new song, ‘First love’…. Not Utada Hikaru one… That is like so Nat. But I really like the song ‘It’s your blood’… Hmmm~ Oh yea, got to know Mel better also. She was the first person to ever step into our room for assignment discussion. She is like so tiny. Haha. Easily squashed. But I think she finally noticed how sampat-ed we are. Interesting intro… And yeah…talking about stupid stuff that I did… I imitated a number of people… Well, friends in Malacca… you know how sampat-ed I can be… It’s really a bad way of introduction but should be rather entertaining and yet strongly not suggested for my friends to take this approach. Hmmm~ We were talking about Mr. Bean… Let me see who were there… Justin just confirmed with me he was there, I remember Melanie, Hazel (I wun forget that one), Juliana Gomes, Juliana Khoo and Nat I think… Then Kaka just started to ask me to imitate Ah Wong and Fei Mao… Liaoooo… I went bonkers anyway. Anyway, I guess the result wasn’t that bad… So I interviewed one of the main candidates for this experiment : Mr. X… Figure out who Mr.X… very easy one… give u guys a hint. He’s not 18 this year.

*Mr.X says:

but just place my name as mr. X ok?

Chen - This is what i think. We should pray for the persecuted churches!!! We really can sustain them with prayers... says:

Ae, *Mr.X...How did u feel after i imitated ah wong and fei mao?

*Mr.X says:

I like Mr. X very much

Chen - This is what i think. We should pray for the persecuted churches!!! We really can sustain them with prayers... says:


*Mr.X says:

cool, u r so natural

Chen - This is what i think. We should pray for the persecuted churches!!! We really can sustain them with prayers... says:

liaooo...i was hoping for chenli went bonkers

So, I guess this kinda intro didn’t go as bad as I thought…. Hmm~ Maybe should ask Nenek. She laughed the loudest one. Until stomach ache… Yohhh~ Talking about being bonkers…

One more awkward incident. Ju.K and 2 more person were playing carom… I think Shuang was one of them. Erm… Mr. X asked me not to reveal his name but those who were there would have remember how Ju.K almost… ahem… Mr.X… Very hard to describe… She shot that carom and kena… Nemind…dowan elaborate. Took a mute video of him and…it didn’t exactly looked right.Anyway… This is what Mr.X feel…

Chen - This is what i think. We should pray for the persecuted churches!!! We really can sustain them with prayers... says:

and also..u remember erm...ju.k kinda like play that charem game, and shot at UR wrong place,,,,was it on the first week?

*Mr.X says:

ya.. that was a painful experience

Chen - This is what i think. We should pray for the persecuted churches!!! We really can sustain them with prayers... says:

is that how u spell that game?

*Mr.X says:
well, I must admit though that it's not as painful as juli khoo's hit

* Those with this sign means Mr.X’s has been changed for privacy purpose. Requested by Mr.X himself.

Haih~ All in all… Week one was a very get-to-know-you week… I must admit there were many different type of style. But I guess this is all that I can remember. So people, I am going to close this chapter of week one. But in case something pops up and I remember anything I will definitely post it. And if got anything to add probably u guys can drop a comment or what. I am wearing my bullet-proof vest edi so wanna tembak…tembak la… Haahaa… but help me to remember anything that I couldn’t remember ok? Continue about week 2 later.

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