Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Episode 2 - Getting to know some ppl~

Hey! I am back after like.... 5 minutes... Very cheong hei.... i know... so this is the 2nd part...Later i am so going to continue with the third part... Still doing it. Hope to post it by tonite!!! goes...

GLO - 2nd episode!!

Haih~ Really sien man... So decided to write episode 2! Muahaha! So here goes..
Lectures were really nice. Uncle Chin was the lecturer. Was rather surprised to see the lecture hall. A very small attic. Took my place together with Juliana behind Hwei and Lan. Timothy and Vincent sat behind us. Don’t really know them yet that time. I thought Timon was a serious guy… Man… I was so wrong. -o-! Uncle Chin did his lectures in a very interesting way. Benefited a lot. Then he likes to ask questions and gives us points for the 2 groups(left and right row)… Then this Ee Ee so keng one...answer and answer…Waaa…Our secret weapon. Nathanael was my memory verse partner. Haha… Still remember our last verse, “Why do you call me Lord, Lord but do not do what I say?” and he said, “Why do you call me leng chai, leng chai but do not do what I say?”… Pengsan… Sammo he dun like to memorize one lor I think… We had a competition between two groups la…the left row and the right row. Had a choral speaking thingy about our memory verses. Man… So last minute and so funny… Especially the actions and stuff like that. Soon Yi became the house and we became the ‘elements of nature’… I esp. love the part where we were supposed to act crashing down… Indescribable… Forgot whose idea was that but it was great man… The last day of the lecture, Uncle Chin showed us a couple of tricks. Saw before d… So I nudged that two fellas behind me to watch
the heart one… It was really mind-boggling in a way. Towards the end of the week, I truly wanted to stay for another week…actually I wanna stay for the whole month but I didn’t wanna be greedy. So I prayed la and Auntie Chin and the rest of my group members and uncle Lai Su also prayed. Hooi Siang told me he can’t come for week 2 because her mom wasn’t feeling well so he had to go back and help. So we prayed that he will be able to join us for week 3…I mean, join them. And the power of prayer was really ‘keng’ man! My dad approved! I was so happie man! Praise God! On the last day of the week one lecture, got a time of sharing. I decided to share. I shared about how prayers really worked la. I announced that I was able to stay for one more week but some misheard me. They thought I was staying for a month. And I decided to mention how depressed I was when I first came because I knew nobody and everybody seemed to know everybody except us four! But I admitted that I was glad that things really took a great turn. I mentioned Hooi Siang because he was really the first person that I actually got to know as a friend in GLO. Just now only asked Siang how we actually met. Then he reminded me. I really couldn’t remember until he told me. Went something like this. It was the first day of lunch. When Hooi Siang wanna walk through a small gap, he bumped into me. At first I said sorry and he said, “Sorry no cure money will do..”. Then according to Siang, I terus say, “What sorry no cure? You fei li me!!!”…. Erm…haha…Dunno la… This is the conversation.


it is at the first day where lunch time...


when i want to walk tru a small gap den bump into u~ n at first u say soree n i say soree no cure money will do~ then u terus say wat soree no cure? u fei li me!!!

tat is wat happen

The mosquitoes there were vicious man! That blood-sucking insects! Cissss… Auntie Lina told us on the day we arrived that the mosquitoes here very horrible one… I was thinking, “Aiya! Mosquitoes only….” So arrogant…Bodoh… I found out how bad they were when we played that piggy back game. Yohhh~ Really hated that game… I don’t like to be piggy-backed. Sammo that time I was standing in the field and the mosquitoes just made their stops on me and sucked me! Waaa! Donkey!!!! They made me feel like their regular petrol stop you know…Hungry then come refill… Those creatures… Then that dong game. Yerrr… Still remember that time this Hooi Siang lowered his back d… I was like, “Har! You ar? I dowannnn!”… Haha… Then he got a shock and said, “Waaa…Aunty ar…dowan ler!”… Kakaka… I actually volunteered to piggy back this Shuang cos she so tiny. But this Juliana.K said she’ll carry me. Yohhh~ I asked Sammy to take part and carry Ju.K so I dun have to play, he refused…Wah seh… Bengang… When the other groups started moving edi we haven’t even move. Although the other two teams already reached the finish line, we still didn’t wanna give up and wanna reached the end. Go group one! At least got 2 marks!!!! Haha…

Really missed Captain Ball when in GLO. But after being bitten like mad by that frenzy of mozzies…I decided not to join them for our first CB match in GLO. I just took some pictures. Adoi… This Timon…betul-betul SS (syok sendiri)…. Like to take pictures one… He can pose in the middle of the game for me to take his pic. -.-?? Haha…Aperla… Then I went over to the church hall and joined Hazel, Joyce, Nat and Eu Gin. Sang some songs. Waaa… Nat can sing one. This Joyce can play real well. This bunch of talented ppl. Musical talented. I am a handicap in this…

Got one night this Hazel, Melanie and Bell were preparing for Sunday School memory verse box. Went out to buat kacau abit. Then this Justin promote his chipsmore… Apala this budak…Like chipsmore so much. Sammo he always put on his serious face… Dunno what la he say… He always have that one ringgit chipsmore packets in the car and stuff liddat. Even took a picture with the chipsmore packet. Haha…Ok…i asked him to pose one… Man… This kinda thing also I go remember. Diary writing skill. Muahaha! That night itself, the four of us in our room did something really funny… Cannot be revealed here! I love FAB soap! That thing saved me from that horrendous rice smell! Ah Hwei!!!! I almost died of suffocation… I didn’t expect it to be that bad. Haha!
Okla...stop here...penatnyerrr.... Sambung tomorrow. Now chatting about justice league... Lex luthor so gaya!!! i mean smallville one... Not that botak fella in that cartoon... At the same time, i am driving Tim Keong crazy... Muahaha!

So this is all that i posted in friendster so far...glad to find a proper blogspot... Friendster a bit too limiting d... have to go work on episode 3!! Oh yea... the one in orange will be the one in friendster...

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