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Episode 1 - Memories recollected!

Hmmmm~ Actually i posted this stuff in friendster blog d but i think better do it here...Friendster blog a bit troublesome...put one post terus send emails to ppl...Kena bising from ppl wait... Babu just sound me for this last night.... Pig he! Okok... so let me just cut and paste from friendster... got two parts...

Memories recollected
Haih~...Come to think about it...almost one year never write d but nemind la... Came back from GLO 18 days ago i think... I know...dah lama dah... But really learned alot of things there... Actually, i've got so much things to write about GLO. Hmmm~ Don't think can fit everything here cos' i very the 'cheong hei' one... I am still writing on the 2nd week for my personal keeping...well, i hope i can remember most of the things but briefly, i would just like to jot down some highlights here first before i kinda maybe put down what happened in a small town name taiping... Well, i made a lot of friends. Most...actually all younger than me except for...say...Hazel,Bell,Juliana Gomes,Jacob and...ahem..of course Ee Ee. Ok, let's not be mean. But I didn't feel left out la cos' these ppl...very friendly...and they didn't actually fail to remind me how "aunty" I was! And the name still sticks... And if i am not wrong, ONG HOOI SIANG started calling me aunty first! Okok..not that i mind anyway... Hehe... Hmmm~ The morning devotion wasn't hard to adapt to since we do it every sunday but the thing is, it's like 7.30AM and we have to wake up at at least 7.00AM to do our personal devotion! Yohh~ Tough man... sammo ask me to sleep at 10.30PM... Don't think i can lo... That's the very rule that i never fail to break every single night... -.-!! Nemind... I shall insert a few stuff that i wrote about GLO the other day.

First part of week 1:-

Reached GLO on Sunday (1st Jan 2006)… Honestly fell in love with the place. Felt rather sad that I have to go back after one week. Been labeled as a “bad negotiator” back home cos’ I negotiated until my dad decided to only let me stay for one week. -_-!!!
But I tried to make do with everything. Introduced to Auntie Lina by Tse Hwei’s dad. Well, our room was quite a surprise. Double deckers!!! Jeng! I was asked to take the upper bunk because I need to climb only for one week… Cizzz…I ended up climbing for four weeks. Neway, Belinda came and intro herself. She’s the first student that we met. After that went out eat dinner with Uncle Philip (Hwei’s dad) they all. Can’t eat much…stomach problem.Before Uncle Philip they all went back, we gathered for a little prayer. Really really hoped that I could stay till the end of module one. I was really tired. The night before, Juliana and I stayed over in Yen Mei’s place. I hadn’t even packed a single thing and we were supposed to leave after church service. Couldn’t even sleep because I laughed too much. I literally was awake the whole night. Thanks for the picture editing that we made. Project no.1 for year 2006. It was so funny. So when I reached GLO, I was totally knocked out. I slept but Ju woke me up and we met Bell, Joyce and Hazel.

The next day, those who reached GLO the day before gathered together for breakfast. Auntie Lina asked us to introduce ourselves. Most of them from Penang. Then, someone sounded like Jun Yi spoke. Didn’t catch his face. Found out that it was Vincent that sounded like him. Auntie Lina told us we’ll have to help her to do some holes covering thingy. I dunno if we really had fun doing that job or not. Hehe... Still remember me complaining that girls have to carry heavy buckets and guys just flatten holes. Haha…and Samuel Lee replied, “Hello, God only blessed me with two hands okay?” Haahaa… Then, cars started streaming in bringing some of the students. Well, some cheered for their friends. Remember seeing a very tiny girl. She’s Melanie. And Justin came to introduce himself also. We had briefing after that and Ee Ee, the oldest student there hushed me cos’ I asked Juliana some questions. Tuish… -_-!!! --->Hazel teaches one.

To be very honest, my roommates and I felt very out of place cos’ everyone seemed to know each other already and we felt quite lost. In fact, the only thing that really cheered us up was the lectures and the time we spent together in our room. Yea, that’s when my gila-ness spilled out. They are quite used to it. =) Felt quite miserable and at that time, I was real glad that I didn’t have to stay for one month. Juliana said that she didn’t wanna stay on for the next week. That was the first 2 days. Whenever Geng Yi called, I would be so happy. Felt so good to hear from home. He was really thoughtful. I failed as a mixer! I mean, nobody knew Wong Chen Li as a girl who cannot make friends easily. Okay, maybe not that easily but I definitely never fail this bad before you know. I felt like a radio rosak. I can’t speak… Stress man…

After that, I dunno how, things turned out to be much better. I guess it’s the games that actually brought everything into places. Divided into 3 groups. I was in group 1, Ju in group 3 and Hwei together with Sin Lan in group 2. My group members are : Shuang, Timothy(Timon), Hooi Siang, Juliana Khoo, Hazel(Nenek), Joyce(Jagung), Samuel Lim(Sammy), Eu Gin(Mango) and of course me… also known as Aunty. Buat geram onli… Hehe… Our first few games were all about team building. One of them was building the strongest and tallest tower. We took the first place. It’s really an awkward tower in my view. There was a cone hanging at the tip, you can’t blame me for staring at it non-stop. Joyce and Hazel were really busy doing the stand. I really dunno what I did to help. Just here and there I guess. Timon and Sammy made the main pole and Hooi Siang did the cones… and we only used one. Haahaa… Wasted his effort only. All I know was every time someone touches the pole, Timon will be saying, “Don’t press! Not so hard!” Quite scared to touch. Haha. Group 2 decided to use Nat as their tower and wrapped him up with newspapers. And he came tumbling down neway…suffocated I guess… Hehe. Sam Lee took over. The drawing game was really tough… I wanted to roll on the floor and laugh. I partnered with Eu Gin (a very quiet guy at first) and we really had difficulties lo…But managed to scrape through also la. Our group managed to come first again. Got another one, supposed to be a board game but use humans one. Went really blurred man… I can’t really remember who actually helped the team to figure out the puzzle but we won anyway… These were the games conducted by Michael from Life Chapel. He came with Hoong Chong. This Juliana hor… earned me the name Bubu… Goodness me and he never stopped calling me that. He went back after 3 days I think but came back on the fourth week.

Our first week group devotion was with Uncle Lai Su. He is such a nice guy. For me to wake up early is a bit hard but since all my roommates are waking early, I feel the need to do so also lo… Doing personal devotion at 6.50AM everyday is no joke man… But it’s a great start for the day. Haih~ dunno how many alarms to wake up man. Always me the last to wake up. At 6.15AM, Hwei’s phone will ring…and she’ll jump down from her bed… then at 6.30AM ju’s ringtone will start bising-ing d…yoh…until today I cannot tahan that tone… sheeshh… So groggy…
I still remember the day Joyce fried rice for us. Waaa… this girl, dun play play… Can cook one…Not only Joyce can cook…towards the rest of the weeks, I found out a couple of chefs actually. Heehee… Auntie Lina brought chickens and stuff for the rice. Joyce kena tease…muahaha…so bad la they all. But the rice turned out very nice. In GLO, cannot diet one….eat all the time.
8.30 – Breakfast
10.30 – Tea Break
1.30 – Lunch
6.30 – Dinner
10.30 – Supper
Don’t look us no up on supper. See the people eat can pengsan one. Haha. During one of the breakfasts, I got to know Melissa Keong. She’s Timothy’s sister (Tim Keong in MGC). Okay, back to week one stuff. I dunno how la I made a very good friend called Hooi Siang. I overheard him telling Sin Lan his name backed up with long elaboration of his name. Haha. Hooi Siang in Chinese means “know how to think”, that’s why I can remember his name. He called me aunty. Cisss… Group 1 had to chair the first prayer meet. Timon was the chairperson. Not bad. =D Prayer meeting there is very different from MGC one. No group prayers one and there’ll be a sermon. I prefer praying groups. Felt very strange cos’ have to wear veil. Not used to dressing formally to prayer meeting.
Ok...take up too much space i think continue next time laaa~ Have to go defend my kingdom in Utopia d!!!! Man~ Lee kah joon... if u ever stumble upon this, i just wanna tell u, next time don't provoke me cos u know very well i will telan one! See la... i am so stuck edi...Cisss... Anyway, haih~ I'm sure i'll write more about GLO even though quite lapuk d but i think it's really worth remembering. =)

Those in blues are from friendster blog one so adapt to it la! Ok... second part in another post!

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