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Episode 5 - Justin's 10 episodes~

Haih~ Finally added a chatterbox...teruk man wanna do. Cos i dun have exp. ma! Okok...Just now i read Nat's comment... I stole his chickens...not Vincent's. At least that cleared up. Also got one thing to add. Kaka and Lan Lan reminded me of the chapel class that i missed. Lan was rather excited when she came back. I remembered her showing me a very short video of *Mr.Y telling the story of his ahem... Miss P said he hugged it very tight worrr... I dunno~ Haiya... Too bad i missed it and too bad we had to delete it. This is what some of comments.

* I am sure GLO ppl know siapa Mr.Y and ahem but keep this out of public! Confidential yea, ppl...

Chen - says:
hat do u feel after u see *Mr.Y spoke about his ahem* in chapel class?
Miss P says:
in can see dat he has a lot of love in him
Chen - says:
Haha...really not
Miss P says:
Chen - says:
too bad e deleted it hor
Miss P says:

Ok la.... Justin bising-ed for episode 5 i shall feed him with this. Hahaha.... This is the first two episodes of Justin's 10 episodes show in GLO... Dedicated specially for Justin See Ken Jie.... Haha...

On Monday night, Uncle Lian gathered us in the church and briefed us on our weekend practical ministry. My group was supposed to do Sunday school and morning sermon in Kuala Kangsar Gospel Hall. The rest of the 2 groups were all assigned to Batu Gajah Gospel Hall. I was like, “Harrrr… I will be alone…”. What la! Then who wanna sleep with me?! Neway, back to the briefing. Uncle Lian asked for volunteer for Sunday School in BGGH storytelling I think. Then the person must be from group 3. Justin volunteered Jacob but the plan backfired. Uncle Lian chose Justin. Could see that Justin was really shocked lor. Then for group 1, Timon became the speaker. The Sunday school in KKGH later only we discussed. Then for group 2, they were in charge of Youth People meeting in BGGH. Sam became the speaker. I talked to Justin and he said he was not good with kids. Haha… kesian… I was assigned to do storytelling and Hooi Siang was supposed to help me when he comes back. Back in the common room, Juliana and I tried to help Justin. He said he can’t bring himself down to the children level like Jacob. So I asked him to show me how he would treat the children. Pengsan… If I were to be a small kid, I cry edi. Haha. So I demo a bit let him see how to talk to a child. He couldn’t do it you know. I really pity him…children was like his phobia you know.

On Thursday afternoon, we were supposed to gather for assignment. Tried to find for Timon cannot find him… Then someone told me he was washing “flags”… -.-! Ish~ we discussed some stuff and assigned works to each of us. Half way through, mom called. My group mates were like waiting. She said, “I heard from Juliana’s mom that you wanted to stay for another 11 days?”. She didn’t exactly sound that please. I asked, “Can or not? Cos’ left 11 days and the whole thing will finish d ma..”. I was filled with hopes man… Then she said up to me. Then I asked if dad was pleased or not. She then told me actually back home got a lot of stuff haven’t do for CNY. I felt guilty so I said if she wants me to go home, I will. Then she said, “Nemind la Nemind la…”. She didn’t sound pleased…again. My heart sank like mad. I was happy la in a way cos’ I could choose to stay but I felt sad cos’ she didn’t sound happy. As soon as I ended the conversation, Timon already asked if I could stay. I said yes and they kinda like cheered la. I mean, they prayed for me ma so they would have hoped that I could stay. I told them my dilemma la but how la they wanna help right? I didn’t do much for that assignment. Just compiled some stuff then I went out to read the book of Jonah d. I went out to the swing there and I tried so hard to read Joyce’s Bible on Jonah but I couldn’t concentrate. So I just resorted to swing myself on the swing, leaning back, and facing up. Was just trying to think. I felt like crying so much. The personal struggle of conscience, between learning God’s Word and being a good daughter; seriously stripped away part of my joyful self that day. I personally don’t think, even now that I am writing this; that nobody could understand that kind of feeling that I felt. Juliana was in the library doing assignment. I had no one to talk to. Tse Hwei and Lan were also busy with their assignments. I told them what happened briefly before I went over to the swing. I continued swinging slowly, looking up on the tree branches that gave me shade. I talked to God. I wanted Him to hear me so badly you know… Then I saw a little white butterfly flying over me. Very pretty lor… Then I prayed. I asked God to show me what I should do. I wanted Him to just tell me if it was okay to stay in GLO. If yes, let the butterfly turned back. But the butterfly didn’t turn back. So I was very disappointed. I was thinking, if turn back then I would have considered staying for only another week. But seeing that the butterfly didn’t even turn back, I was prepared to go home already. I know I should not just rely on this but I felt that way lor. So I closed my eyes, still leaning and facing up. I was quiet; I didn’t even try to talk to Him anymore. Didn’t want to think already. Then I opened my eyes, And I saw the white butterfly flew back. This time, with another white butterfly. Two white butterflies… I was like crying edi; thanking God for answering my prayer so clearly. I decided to stay. I remembered Joyce came and talked to me. But I can’t recall if that was or before I prayed about the butterfly thingy. You know, I really felt that God works in a very amazing way. I was really amazed… I am not being dramatic but He is just awesome….

I went into the common room and I told hazel I wasn’t really sure about my storytelling so she gave me a piece of paper with some details on it. I read it and then went over to the library to find Juliana. I sat down and talked to her la. This Justin was like sitting beside her. So he said he should just leave us alone and I told him that he didn’t have to leave la cos’ it wasn’t something that was meant to be a secret. Then he told us that he will not listen to anything la. So lawak la this budak. Then I told Juliana about my doubts la. I didn’t tell her about the butterflies yet. Then this Justin told me a story about his friend. Very encouraging. Then I told Ju about the butterflies and she was like, “See, two. So clear the signs!”… Yea, so clear… After that, Ju told me about Justin and Ee Ee stuff. I wasn’t defending Justin lor but Ee Ee memang was a hard person to get along with. It was really a hard situation to explain in words. In short, it was really funny the way Justin expressed himself. But I think he felt guilty lor cos’ during dinner time he offered the seat next to him to her. And he was being so nice to her all of a sudden. I sat opposite of Justin during dinner. I did not sit with the Ju they all. Ju.K was on Justin’s left and Ee Ee right. I was sitting with I dunno who d. I think Soon Yi. Then while I was eating, I saw Justin signaling at me. I was really puzzled. He tilted his chair backward and started to do some motions with his hands but whenever Ee Ee looked he would stop. Then I cannot tahan, I laughed because it really did look very funny. So he pretended to take water for me and he came over to my side and started whispering something. I couldn’t hear him that well. All I could catch was…chicken…toink…saliva… Stuff like that la. He gave up. So after dinner I went and ask him la. Then he told me the story. Roughly, he said this: “Just now Ee Ee asked for chicken so I gave her the last piece. Then she peeled with her fingers. And you know la, she eats with her fingers and I saw that her fingers got touch the mouth and so must have touched saliva. (He added some illustration). Then she peeled the chicken already, she toink the other half to my plate. (At this point, I was really laughing like a mad cow already… Toink! That is a funny word to substitute any word lor!). You can laugh sammo! I was looking at the chicken. I tried to throw the chicken over to Ju.K but her plate was too far away. Ee Ee kept on like looking so it is not nice to not eat what people gave you right? And so I popped it into my mouth and drank a lot of water. (I was laughing real bad d at this point). What is done is done.” Phew… That was quite a joke ler. Seriously lor. And we labeled him with Ee Ee soon after. I remembered him telling Hoong Cheong and Ju.K and she could not stop laughing also. He was complaining to Auntie Lina also and she was also laughing. Every time he told a person and every time he reached the part where he said “Toink!”, I would be laughing already. He said that I really fancy that word. No, I don’t. It’s just so funny! You must understand ler… This fella talk… he very serious one. That’s what so funny la! He then asked me, “Do you know what she did to me?”… I asked him to say and he proceeded to the next story. He said that there was once when he was having flu or something like that la (I can’t remember). Then Ee Ee asked him to try her oil. I tell you, the oil stinks man. He of course declined la but Ee Ee insisted so he took a little la and Ee Ee thought him how to apply. So he just followed what Ee Ee said and he applied almost all over his face. He even demonstrated for us to see. He said he cried because it stung his eyes. I was literally on the floor rolling edi with Ju.K. It was so funny. He looked so serious when he told us the story. He didn’t even realize how he looked when he told us. He said, “You all can laugh sammo!”… Come on! We can’t help it! Anyway, our outburst definitely drew a lot of curious eyes. Sher Anne asked me what happened and I asked her to ask Justin… Erm… Justin said the whole thing started to spread around d…Haha.

Kla kla...episode 6 later!

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