Sunday, February 19, 2006

Food-Hunting:Chapter One & Project 3

Waaa... really cannot tahan... Just came back from dinner with Juliana, Yen and Melinda... Our not so regular gang. We headed to Kenny Rogers, Tesco branch. This Yen really tempter man... Neway, they were so late... Hmph~ waited for almost 15 minutes before they finally arrived. Steamed~

Neway, we came up with some crazee stuff and let me introduce u guys to the Production Crew:-

Drums Rollin~

First we have the Executive Producer - Teo Yen Mei a.k.a Kame-Kame (Tortoise in japs) :

Quoted as the Winner of Challenge~

Then we have our Chief Director - Melinda May Ong a.k.a Speaker

Quoted as the Waitress Screwer~

Third we have our Scriptwriter - Juliana Gomes a.k.a Kaka

Quoted as Crapper/Food Critic~

Lastly we have the Co-Producer : Wong Chen Li a.k.a Aunty

Quoted as The Psycho Prompter/Entertainer~ these are the players... We called this Kenny Rogers Fear Factor. With all of us so hopeful to fill our tummies with good food, we started our quest on the 19th February 2006 for food. We decided on Kenny Rogers Tesco branch. Took a four seater. Service was bad. This don't have...that don't have.... Even plain water don't have! But we trusted that KR will satisfy our rumbling stomachs. I ordered a Quarter Meal... I was very hungry. I even said to Ju, "Eh, will be full ar eat like that?" and she replied, "Nemind lo...if not full u can eat mine...".... WRONG ANSWER!!! We will see why later. Yen ordered Beef Spaghetti. Juliana asked for Macaroni and Cheese after her orders were rejected again and again because of their food shortage.. Bengang~ Mel ordered her potatoes salad. The food came and as usual, going out with Kame-Kame, we can't dig in until she took pics of our food. So, our tasks were to finish up our food which, in our record... We never fail... And the outcome is :-

Exec. Producer ~ Yen



Verdict : Thumbs Up! Well done! Task completed~

Scriptwriter ~ Ju



Verdict : A Fist. No thumbs up nor down. Almost done. Task failed~

Co-Producer ~ Chen



Verdict : Thumbs Down! Not done. Task Failed miserably!~

Chief Director ~ Mel

Dunkin Donuts~

Verdict : Excellent! Completed the task of buying Dunkin Donuts from KL~

Okay...So i failed... I didn't struggled as badly as Ju... Both of us had to go for a walk before we came back and try to eat again. Dieee~ As for the other two...They enjoyedtheir food i see... Cis... Juliana was the most quotable person there. I can name a few...If i have the sound clip and approval from da players, i may include it in the blog. Let's see... She said...

#1 : I always thought God can help me through this...*quoted Phil 4:13
#2 : Finally, God sent an angel to feel me... Macaroni tasted different when somebody feed me
#3 : What an idiotic food!
#4 : Psalm 23(Changed the words) ~ *I won't include the false doctrines...haha

More or less like this la... But it's definately ranked No.2 in my list of bad food! Maybe not for my group who rated this as No.1. I've tasted something worse than this but they were equally hard to eat.

~Winners of Bad Food!~

Champion : GVKM (Mee Goreng) -.-!
1st Runner Up : Kenny Rogers Tesco Branch (esp. macaroni + cheese)
2nd Runner Up : KLCC Secret Recipe (Beef Lasagna, Chicken Cordon Bleu)

The list may change as me and my gang continue our food hunting activity! I can actually name a few good spots to eat...esp. supper...

1. Tmn Asean Mamak (though i stomach ache b4)
2. MGC's neighbour Mamak (Fries darn banyak)
3. Secret Recipe Melaka Raya!!!! this is the chapter one of our food hunting for year 2006. I believe there's more to come.

I mentioned Project 3 in the title. Our Project 1 was on NY eve... We did some photo editing which sent the ppl in our church laughing. Our Project 2 was on Aaron's makan night. We went to JJ's fountain and got ourselves wet...dripping wet and went back to Aaron's place. So for Project 3... We had an irregular fren, Melinda to join us.... Haih~ Trolley madness... Had a funny video of SOMEBODY riding in Tesco's trolleys and SOMEONE pushing her around with SOMEBODY commenting on the situation and with SOMEONE capturing the whole situation in camera. Hehe~ Shan't reveal who but i can say this is the craziest thing i've ever seen. Guess being too happening in a small town called Malacca could be a lil' too weird to be true. Until the next project... and another food hunting day... Tata~!

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