Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Paperworks~ Not for me... Gonna fight for Interior Design course!

Haih~ Yesterday worked with my mom. I woke up and decided to go over to the office to buat kacau a bit... Mana tau Alex never come and my mom asked me to sub in for him. I admit that i onli needed to do maybe like 1/4 of his job but i mmg not catered to do paperworks one ma. Struggle* Struggle*... Haih~ Sammo have to do accounts. Simple accounts but equally as bad as form 5 PA. Yerrr~Sammo things were so messed up because that guy didn't organize all those stuff. Wanna find some stuff also can make me pening d. He should have a trolley beside him so that his table won't be like a paper factory. Wanna put da' laptop also need to dig hole. Then when i tried to print the account statement and quotation... That stupid printer gimme problem! Waaaa! Dahla got a terrible headache (late nite onlining + the memeningkan mia accounts)... I only wanna printtttttttt.... In the end have to write. Haih~ Ju came and get the follow-up book and some forms... Talked to her also blur blur. Nemind laaa... Today after go school for some scouters stuff then will go see what my mom want me to do sammo.. No accounts please!!! *Pray hard*

I walked home after that. Took a panadola and i watched Justice League with my brothers. Liaooo... Batman and Wonderwoman were defeated... Stewpig one. I didn't watch finish... Don't tell me Superman came to the rescue again...Why not Flash ler? We went dinner after that. Wah...So very the bahagia. Found another nice place to eat. Porridge House. I waited for like approximately 30 minutes before the food actualy arrived. I was very very hungry. Then everytime they took the food out, (Picked the wrong place to sit...at the entrance)...it wasn't for us. Then everytime they brought a nice looking dish, my dad will say, "Har...You want that one also?".... hahaha.... Actually yes but i laughed anyway. Let's see what we ordered. Sambal sotong+prawns,Sze Chuan vege, Potatoes leaves, Chicken legs' skins (Uekk~I didn't eat this) and Kong Pao fish pieces... Adoih~ The names not nice one but the food were excellent. Nyak nyak nyak~ After all those paperworks... get to eat all these...worth it...very worth it... Oh yea, earlier on, Siang put his nick as : Eat to live...or live to eat?... Obviously live to eat maaa... Can't wait for another food hunting day...

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[yEn] said...

hey hey...mayb i cant eat chicken i can eat frogs' leg...taste like chicken neways..kakakaa.....drool*