Saturday, February 18, 2006

And so we went KLCC...

Whao~ What a tiring day... Juliana and I went to KL yesterday. Followed my parents and Uncle Benny up cos' they have....i think 3 meetings... Spent our whole day in KLCC... not exactly la... Okay, let's see if i can remember everything...

The night before, i slept at around 2.00AM and samo i lost my handphone! Sheesh... I can't remember where i put it... After prayer meet, my hp missing d... So i guess it'll be in church... *I hope! Wishing real hard~* Okay, so the next morning, i slept until so nice, the phone in my room rang. My mom then came into my room and told me Juliana called and said, "Ae, what time already? Still dowan to wake up?".... Then i answered the call and Juliana said she was coming over to my place now. I faster went and change... Haih~ No alarm clock... Now onli i realised my handphone is my sole source of alarm. Nemind... Okay, let's jump to the journey. We stopped for breakfast... But on the way up, my stomach ached like MAD! Ju and i needed to go toilet so Uncle Benny brought us to this car display centre and we used the toilets there. From what i heard from Juliana and Uncle Benny later, Uncle Benny tried to scare me while i was in the toilet. He wanted to wait outside the door and hold a very very bushy broom right in front of my face. -.-!! He hor.... Luckily making bomb saved me.... Muahaha! Tak keluar-keluar from the toilet and in the end he gave up. Then all the way up KL, my parents were like answering so many calls. Yoh~ Ju said next time i will be like that. I dowan~!! Eu Gin messaged Kaka at around 10.00AM like that and told us that he's going KLCC to meet us d! I was gosh...we haven't even left Malacca yet. But in the end he stayed in his dad's office first. Nenek was sick...So cannot meet us.

Okla... Let's talk about our arrival. Dad stopped us at the carpark lift there. When the lift stopped, Ju and i hopped into it. Then dunno which buttons to push. Very the stupid one... No guide as in what floor is what.... Then suddenly the lit doors opened again and a bunch of people swarmed in... Stress... Luckily they stopped at the C floor of the shopping mall. We came out only we saw Dunkin Donuts d. We made our way up the escalators. Wanted to go Kinokuniya. I remembered it to be on the top most floor. We saw Secret Recipe on the way. Ju calle Eu Gin to tell him that we arrived d and we'll wait for him at the bookstore. Can't really make out what he replied. Neway, i saw a book that i was interested in... "The Glass Palace"... Asian Literature... RM39.90... Phew~ Dunno wanna buy not... Then i brought Ju up to the top floor of that bookstore... Dieeee~.... My paradise. All those Interior Designing and Photography books. Ju said don't tempt myself cos' the more i see the more i wanna fight my way to be an ID. Haih~ Nemind la... While waiting for Eu Gin, we read some stuff there. Eu Gin called and said he also sampai d. I picked a Garden themed photography book and sat behind a bookshelf to read. I told Kaka i wanna hide. Haha... She laughed. But anyway, when Eu Gin reached, i popped outta my hiding place before he even asked for me.

We went out of that bookstore and jalan-jalan... Really didn't where to go. I bought a darn expensive 2 scoops ice cream for RM8.40! Stupid me.... Say hi sammo.... >.<>

We went back to SR after that. This time when we saw the Banana in Pajamas, i started saying to Ju, "So, B1... Where are we going to eat B1?"... She laughed cos both of us have the same stripped pajamas bought in Taiping. She replies, "Yes, B2... we are having our lunch in SR, B2..."... We gave Eu Gin the Teddy role. Gila-ted sial... We even discussed if bananas have genders or not. Luckily we found a place in SR. Ju and Eu Gin ordered Chicken Gordon Bleu and i ordered Beef lasagna. Really not like in Malacca one. The chef there was horrible la. -.- Waste money... Not to mention we found a Thai Restaurant that was so much cheaper and nicer after lunch. Yoh! Eu Gin brought us to Dewan Philharmonik Malaysia... Earlier on, my dad said he will arrived in 20 minutes. So, our plan to watch movie tak jadi d. Thats why we ended up in that philharmonic thing. We went out to the balcony and chatted. Eu Gin pointed out to us the place he had his school prom. He complained that the food not nice. Hahaha. My dad called again and told me he won't be there early d... We have like 2 hours sammo. So i told him we goin to watch movie and he said ok. And we rejoiced! But the joy was shortlived cos' my mom called less than 15 minutes later and told me that it's better that we don't watch movie... -.-~ Haih~ So, Eu Gin suggested that we just go out to the entrance. We saw across the road a big building with the sign 'Avenue K'... OoOoh~ Curious.... But Eu Gin said it's not ok for us to cross over the road just like that. We have to find an underground tunnel or something like that. Haih~ So, i suggested that we try the LRT underground path. While we walked along a very busy tunnel, a guy stopped Ju and asked if she can speak chinese.... Liaooo....pushed to me... Sammo i dunno how to reject people one...So was stucked with for like 10 minutes or so listening to him asking questions and talking about Herbalife stuff... *Sweat*.... Ok, after we were off the hook, we found ourselves INSIDE Avenue K already... Surprise...surprise.... So we took the right tunnel anyway. We took 2 escalator up to the main hall. What a shopping centre. So empty, so dim, so quiet... I guess not really developed yet but it was really well- polished. We took our seats in front of the Hugo Boss shop. What a chat we had there. Spend almost one hour there. It's really quiet and there were hardly anybody there. Tried to imitate the pose of a wallpaper model... Muahaha! Ju cheered... How very supporting Kaka! Eu Gin asked me to pose like the other model on the wall next to it. I pointed out that i will pose like the one behind him... Both of them turned and burst out laughing. That pose was really impossible to imitate not to mention very the geli... Sammo, if i pose like that, i won't be able to walk back to KLCC d... All in all, we really did talked a lot. Since Eu Gin and I can't make it for the reunion of GLO, i decided to go for ALIF college open day on the 4th March. Then i can meet up with Eu Gin and he'll bring me to One Utama! Then i can go to IKEA! Muahaha! Then stay for a night and join him in his church for Sunday service... Haih~ Too bad can't go reunion but this will do la. Kaka... haihyo... Ju.... see how la you...better go reunion or Nat will slaughter you like a pig... Muahaha.

We walked back to KLCC after like an hour or so.... We headed back to Kinokuniya. We went upstairs again and i grabbed a few ID books and flipped through them, sitting on the floor. Chatted quite a bit. It was raining outside man... Eu Gin had to go home d at that time... It was 5.00PM. Haih~ So sad when he was about to leave. Haih~ Eu Gin, nevermind one... we will meet again. I shall tag you as the first non-malaccan Glo-ians i met back. So, now left 22 more to go! After he went off, my mom called and told me she's in KLCC's lift d. So, Ju and i stayed upstairs and looked out the windowa and talked. Haih~ Really can't believe we're going Uni d... We still think KL life is not for us. Dahla we mmg crazee bunch... KL wun allow us to do carefree stuff like what we did in Malacca with Yen and Hema. Where la in KL we can run into fountains and get ourselves wet at night... This kinda stuff... only malacca can do...and onli ppl like us (The ppl with crazee ideas) can do... Go more life like this d... Sedih mia sedih... No more all eat day! No more movie nights! No more stupid videos! No more pasar malam! Aaaaaah! And most of all no more going bonkers together d! Okay~ Dont think... don't think....

Ok! Next! After waiting for so long we decided to go dowanstairs and read magazine. Then Ju said, "Eh, is that your Uncle Benny?"... Oh, was him. He brought us down a floor to Grill Chili & Bar... Wow~... I saw my dad there. Beside that Chili is Coffee bean. My mom was inside Coffee Bean and my dad in Chili... How starnge is that? Neway, my dad 'chia' us eat. He said the food comes in a big portion. So, ju and i decided to try Nachos with beef topping. Whie waiting, we took some pics with my dad's camera. Haih~ Earlie on dun have camera so never take with Eu Gin. Ju and i shifted over to non-smoking area. I was totally surrounded by smokers... Yerr... Hate it. We sat near the window. Waaaa... When the food came... so much cheese...not like that stupid SR lasagna.... So very the nice!!! I wanna eat again! But darn expensive. My mom joined my dad after that. Ju and i sat alone at the non-smoking area... Romantisnyer... Aunty & Kaka.... Muahaha! The smoothies tasted a lil' weird but it was nice la. We took a short video each for Eu Gin. Since he seemed so sad to leave just now. Haha... Haven't send to him. After we ate, we went jalan sammo....adoih~ Tried to find Dunkin' Donut but cannot find... Instead we took pics of Tellytubies and Bananas in pyjamas.... We'll see how Eu Gin will laugh about this. Kakakaka! We found DD after that. Never buy anything also. Sien d so we went to Kinokuniya again! I decided to buy The Glass Palace. Ju said she knows i am going to read it if i buy so it won't go to waste. So i buy lor... And i saw a book entitled.... ahem... not to be revealed... Took a pic of that book and we are going to send to Eu Gin and some selected GLO people... Hahaha! Maybe i will even post it in my photo album when i have it... Then we went back to Chili which is just downstairs. I went in only i saw my dad smiled d... I know what he ws going to say d... He said, "You all go walk sammo la... Another hour or so...okay?".... Liaooo.... Tired la wei.... Haha... On the way out of Chili, we bumped into my mom. She asked me what was the plan and i told her. She suggested that we just sit at the table downstairs since we were so tired d. 100% agreed. Tried to get started on my new book but i can't. So when ju and i almost head back to Kinokuniya (AGAIN!), my mom said we should just go watch movie... She will 'chia' us... Waaa....talking about being bahagia... So, we headed to TGV, just next to Chili and bought tickets for Big Momma 2... 7.40PM show. Got like 1/2 hour before the show start so we headed to Kinokuniya...upper floor...again.... Haih~ Picked a few ID books and we sat on the read. Called Nat cos we were so very bored! That chatterbox....or maybe that laughingbox! When he and Kaka talked ar...liaooo... Kaka laughed and talked a lil' too loud...nak pengsan sial...see her laugh also i wanna laugh. We talked to Auntie Lina also cos he was at GLO. She received our gift.... So happie.

We headed to TGV after that. My first TGV tickets. My first time watching in cinema not in MP malacca. Adoih~ So much better than GSC's seating. The show was unbearable. SO very funny. I cannot tahan Malcolm man... So geli... After movie, we were reunited with Uncle Benny. Waited for my mom who was on the way to meet us. We dunno where my dad went. My father's friend (just met) joked say he saw my dad with 2 gals. So i played along and i said we should call my dad and arned him that my mom comin d... He laughed... He said tak sangka i so sporting. Muahaha! Got ppl say i sporting?! Wanna kembang liao. More like i crazee... not sporting. Ju will agree on this... Right not kaka? haha. Neway, when everyone gathered d, my parents chatted for a while. Then i saw a girl wearing a tank top with Donal Ducks nephews printed on them. I told Ju, "Ae, Ju... Can u see my husband's nephew? That means my nephew also la..." She became blur... The i pointed out to her. She laughed. Hahah! I love Donald Duck! Aaaah! I love Donald Duck!

So tired... by the time we start traveling from KLCC, it was around 10PM d. We stopped by this stall with varieties of Wan Tan Mee for dinner/supper. I still remember the name. Sg. Besi Wan Tan Mee... Hehe...After that we travelled home... Reached home at around 12.30AM. And i still went onlined. Betul-betul gila. And i just have one thing to say. Wanna play Aunty not so easy one ok, Penangnites (Selected ones)? Keep working on it ACBI! Meeting tonite... If no outsiders.... Great night last night. Hehe~

Haih~ So thats all for yesterday. Today got youth long never go d... Liaooo.... I left around 1/2 before YM. Better go prepare. Anyway, Episode 5 on the way d! OoOohh~ Can't wait. Shall have photo album soon!

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