Saturday, December 06, 2008

The dog who made me cried

Date : 4th December 3008
Time : 6.54PM
Listening to : Early Edition
Where : TV Room - Malacca

It was pretty emotional. I visited Jackie as soon as I reached Malacca. It was really a heart-breaking sight. He hardly moved. He was thin and shivering. His fur was a coat of messy and coarse hair. He looked at me for a while before reclining back to his curled up position in the cage, In his entire stay with us, we've never locked him up in such small cage except for the first dew days. I heard from my mom that the doctor said he cried at night because of pain. It was really heart-wrenhing. The doctor told my dad just now that the ulcers and blisters now spreaded to his kidneys and intestines. Asked if it is life-threatening, he said it is to early to tell. I stroked him, crying at the same time. You have no idea how horrible it is to see him that way.

I cried all the way home. When I reached home, I called Wen to open the door but he wasn't home. He asked about the dog and I cried again. And my youngest bro opened the door for me. This is the first time I felt that my home lost some sort of life. Usually when I came home from KL, my dog will run to me and pounced on me. Today, it was quiet. The food bowl was empty. His biscuit treat left untouched on his pillow. The rubber ball sat alone on the floor. Even the sight of the "kutu" container sent me crying again. My youngest bro hasn't seen Jackie for 2 days already and he misses him a lot. He cried pretty badly cos he felt that he shouldn't have gone to Singapore a few weeks ago. He said he should have stayed home with Jackie instead. But even if he did not go Sg... Jackie might still be like this. The other brother, Wen, he cried too and he blamed himself also. he said proably because he was careless when he applied the pest ointment on him. Crap... we were all crying. But when both of them cried, I stopped. Sigh... Mom was pretty sad also. She said that's why we shouldn't have gotten a dog. Cos if something happens to him, we'll all be like what we are now.

I know it's stupid to even talk like he's human or something. But then again, he's really part of our family. He even took family picture with us for my sis' grad studio shot. We all really love him a lot. I really want him to feel better. I don't want him to cry in pain alone at night. And I don't want to see my bros cry also. Sigh... But in the first place, I shouldn't have cried that bad in front of them.

Home is really quiet without you. Come home soon Jackie... Jack, our neighbor's dog misses you too.

Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.


update: He responded today when my parents and bros visited him. I guess it's really good then. Prayed darn hard bout it. Thx for those who prayed.

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